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The J-HARM’s Advertisement.

A vendor has a small chance of giving an advertisement for the several items and objects, including the J-HARM, similarly to the Slosh-O-Matic when it is to dispense human remains. According to the advertisement, the company that produces the J-HARM called Crudson’s Automation. The advertisement reads as follows:

«Crudson’s Automation

Height-Assisted Relocation Mechanism Series 4!

A classic BlackWheel industrial device re-imagined by Crudson’s Automation; the J-HARM, or Height-Assisted Relocation Mechanism!

Why waste money on pointless safety? If it gets the job done for less, you’re a winner!

The all new Series 4 comes with less radioactive paint and catapulting than previous models.

Secondary Objectives

The employee of the month award hanging on a wall.

Each level has one or more Stacking Areas — designated locations for the player to place the crates and barrels found scattered throughout the level. In some levels there are also stacking areas for medical waste, wet-floor signs, and cryogenic storage containers. Stacking areas are marked by a painted outline on the floor with a word indicating the type of object to be placed there. Different paint colors are used to indicate the type of object to gather. Most commonly it is light-orange or yellow for crates and boxes, a lighter yellow for wet-floor signs, blue for barrels, and green for medical waste or containers. However, because colors can vary by level, it is highly recommended that the player always read text written on the paint line itself to learn what should be stored in which area, rather than relying on colour. Painted lines may sometimes be difficult to read or partially obscured or «weathered» by the environment.

Although stacking items is not needed to obtain an acceptable score, it is counted as bonus points toward the player’s score, much like filling out the Punchout Reports.

Doing an acceptable job plus utilizing all stacking areas can theoretically earn the player the Employee of the Month Award in the Office, even if the cleanup job itself was not at 100%. Earning the Employee of the Month Award unlocks a Steam achievement for the Player. Earning the Award twelve times, unlocks the «Employee of the Year» achievement.

Types of Stacking Areas


Crate stacking areas are marked with the word «Crates» and outlined with an orange painted border. All types of crates and cardboard boxes shown below count for orange crate areas.

Metal Crate (dark)

Metal Crate (light)

Black metal crate

Yellow crate

Orange crate

Round crate

Cardboard box (white)

Cardboard box (white)

Cardboard box (brown)

Cardboard box (brown)

Medical Crates

Medical Crate

Medical Crates are unique in that they have their own, separate stacking area. Medical Crate areas are marked with the word «Crates» and outlined with a green painted border (whereas all other crate areas have orange borders). Green painted crate areas accept only medical crates, and medical crates only count in green crate areas. If no green crate area is present, medical crates will award no bonus points, and can be ignored.


Barrel stacking zones are marked with the word «Barrels» and outlined with paint that is blue or bright yellow. Barrels must always be placed upright (whether inside a stacking area or not), or the player will receive a minor penalty and related Ending Message. Barrels not stacked upright in a barrel stacking area do not give bonus points.

As of v1.092, the only level in which there are multiple barrel stacking zones of different colors is Unearthly Excavation. In this level, only yellowish biohazard barrels should be stacked in the yellow zone, and only blue barrels should be stacked in the blue zone. Barrels of any type may be stacked in Bob’s secret area. In all other levels there is only one barrel stacking area, or all barrel stacking areas are outlined in yellow. Thus, all barrels can be placed in these areas.

Two new barrels were introduced with the v1.092 update: yellow barrels that are similar to blue barrels, and green metal acid barrels. These new barrels appear only in The Office (where there are no stacking areas) and Uprinsing (where there is only one stacking area for all barrels).

Blue barrel

Yellow barrel

Biohazard barrel

Explosive barrel

Acid barrel

Medical waste

Medical waste box

A Medical waste stacking area is found only in Caduceus, though medical waste boxes can be found in other levels. The stacking area in Caduceus is marked with the word «Med-Waste» and painted a bright neon green paint.

Medical waste boxes are square green boxes with black covers on top and bottom. One side reads «Medical Waste» and the other side reads «Biohazardous Material». The other two sides have a biohazard symbol.

Cryogenic storage canisters

Cryogenic storage canister

Cryogenic storage canister stacking areas are only found in Cryogenesis and Evil Science, though the objects themselves can be found in other levels. The stacking areas are marked with the word «Nitrogen» (confusingly enough) and painted dark blue.

Failure to stack cryogenic storage canisters in Cryogenesis will result in a penalty, as stacking the canisters in that level is not optional. In Evil Science, stacking them is optional.

Cryogenic storage canisters do not need to be stacked in barrel stacking areas, as they give no bonus points there.

Wet-floor signs

Wet-Floor sign

A wet-floor sign stacking area is found only in Evil Science, though wet-floor signs themselves can be found in other levels, and are dispensed by many vendors. The wet-floor sign stacking area in Evil Science is marked with the word «Signs» and is outlined by bright yellow paint. Eight wet-floor signs must be stacked to receive full bonus points. (Note that this is fewer than the number of wet-floor signs present upon starting the level.)

Paper Advertisements

The following is a complete list of advertisements found across all levels of Viscera Cleanup Detail, as of v1.092. Four new advertisements were added with v1.1, exclusive to The Vulcan Affair DLC (images pending).





Laser Welder


What A Load Bin Dispensor

BitterMan 500 Computer

Big John

Spartan Phoenix


Big Banger Radio

HVC Mk9 Lightning Gun

Solar Flare

VHS Palace(House of Horror)

Woodchipper(House of Horror)

The Cask of Amontillado(House of Horror)

The Dark Sacrament(House of Horror)

Trial-period expiry notice

The vendor’s trial-period expiry notice.

This advertisement suggests that the vendor operates by creating objects from energy, much like the replicator seen in the Star Trek franchise. This would also explain why the interior of the vendor appears to be completely empty when its doors open to dispense an item. As they seem to operate in much the same way, the Slosh-O-Matic and What A Load Disposal Bin machine may function using similar methods. It should be noted that the appearance of this message does not signify any change in the player’s operation of the device, since there is no way for the player to upgrade the vendor.

The document reads as follows:

Your iVend Supply Machine trial period has expired. Please consider upgrading for the low price of *899999 Vaders!With the full version you get:–Unlimited access to our synthesizer database.–24/8 sub-light call-line support, with highly trained technicians ready to serve you–Immediate cessation of Spam vending protocols.–Creation software, create and share your own molecular-assembly plans.–Si-Fi support; connect anytime, anywhere, anyhow. You can even link with other iVend devices with ease!Upgrade now, what are you waiting for!iVend, we’re dedicated creationists hard at work.

Level Briefings


Note that any misspellings appear in-game.

Reports indicate that considerable damage was incured, and various anomalous events transpired, following the crisis.You should therefore expect any number of obstructions related to the work of the facility, including possibly functional «matter transitioning» equipment.Be aware of ongoing operations as well; important work must never cease!This newly constructed operational facility has substantial credit value attached to it, so you are to be exceptionally cautious in your undertakings.Conduct yourself in a manner worthy of continued employment.

Respawn Brief

It has come to our attention that one of your peers as died under mysterious circumstances within the facility.We are sending you in as a replacement.Details are lacking, so proceed with caution.The facility is bristling with hazards related to the incident as well as sensitive equipment, much of which is of substantial worth.Pay Careful attention to your colleagues; they are not to be trusted!Have the facility properly cleaned and orderly as quickly as possible, or your evaluation may be unfavourably looked upon.

Tips and Trivia

  • Uprinsing was added with the v1.092 update. It introduced a new game mechanic: Graffiti which must be cleaned up with vials of acid

    The v1.092 update also introduced two new barrels, a new brown skin for the white cardboard box, a new skin for the metal crate, and a bottled beer called «Bloatenstein». These items can be found in Uprinsing and in The Office.


  • Uprinsing is one of 4 Levels in which the names on PIDs

    One of the PIDs (located in the basement in the hallway) is named «Seymour Skinner», which is a reference to a character of the same name from the American television series «The Simpsons».

    are not randomized.

  • One of the bullet holes in the central office is glitchy. Located just inside and to the right of the doorway, the bullet hole seems to require the player to aim the Laser Welder

    This bullet hole is reportedly fixed in v1.1.

    above and to the right of the bullet hole to weld it.

  • The v1.145 update added a «throw» key (default E on keyboards, B on XBox controllers) to make breaking vials of acid easier, especially when using a controller.

House of Horror DLC Achievements

Image Achievement Description Notes/Tips
House of Honor Clean the entire House of Horror level
Lost in Space and Time Get consumed by an inter-dimensional crack in space-time Walk into the portal in the basement of the log cabin. (You will be killed.)
Back From Whence It Came Destroy the Bad Banger Throw the Bad Banger into the Woodchipper, portal, or cabin fireplace. The radio can also be destroyed with tools like the Laser Welder, which can be brought via the Janitor’s Trunk.
Not Quite A Lumberjack Destroy 200 items in the woodchipper
Bad Dreams on Helm Street Collect the clawed glove and return it to your office In one of the second floor rooms.
Harroween Collect the white mask and butcher knife and return them to your office In the garage.
Never Put It On Collect the ring and return it to your office Found next to a body by the iron gate.
The Shimmering Collect the axe and return it to your office Stuck in the bathroom door on the second floor.
Thursday the 12th Collect the mask and machete and return them to your office The machete is stuck in a tree in the first wooded area (next to the iron gate) with the mask hanging off of it.
Wicked Unliving Collect the chainsaw, boomstick, cursed hand and the evil book and return them to your office The gun and hand are in the cabin (the hand is behind a crate on the bookshelf), the chainsaw is in the cabin cellar, and the book is on the underground altar.

Level-Specific Objects

Some maps may contain unique crates and barrels that are not found anywhere else. This is simply done for design purposes as these new objects are meant to fit with the theme of the level, regardless sometimes they follow certain rules different than the objects found on any map.


Contains three crates not found on any other level. One of them is a new recolor of the metal crate while the other two are a recolor of the white cardboard boxes, depicting the Aerospace Sanitation Inc. logo instead of Omnicorp. These crates are stacked on orange-colored stacking areas.

Metal crate (light)

Cardboard box (brown)

Cardboard box (brown)

Core Sample

Contains two crates not found on any other level. One of them is another recolor of the metal crate while the other has a completely new design with caution labels on its side and top. These crates are stacked on red-colored stacking areas.

Metal Crate (red)

Sample Crate

House of Horror

Contains two crates not found on any other level. They are more simpler reskin of the white and brown cardboard boxes, containing less designs and no branding logos. These crates are stacked on orange-colored stacking areas.

Cardboard Box (beige)

Cardboard box (beige)

The Vulcan Affair

Contains two new crates and three new barrels. The crates are made of wood and come in two different shapes: Cuboid and rectangular cuboid. The barrels are almost counterparts to the three metal barrels in the base game, they contain the following warnings: Explosive and high radiation, poison and hazardous, flammable. The crates are stacked on orange-colored stacking areas, while the barrels go in yellow-colored stacking zones.

Wooden crate

Wooden crate

Explosive barrel

Poison barrel

Flammable barrel

Level Briefings


Given the nature of what occured at this department, we will keep this curt; clean up the residual fallout of the incident, or you shall find yourself in some very dark waters indeed..See to it that the organic evidence, the failings of security ‘personel’ and the various «writings» are all scrubbed vigourously from existence!I suggest, with utmost surety, that you do not in any way, however slight, disobey your instructions..

Respawn Brief

It would seem a former colleague of yours has perished on the work-site under strange circumstances.Therefore we are sending you in to replace them.You are to take over the operation, and ensure the facility be sanitized without delay!Make no mention of what you find. A lack of discretion will incur a harsh penalty.Remember that you are under evaluation, and failure to perform an adequate cleanup will reflect very negatively on your record.Caution is also advised, as unconfirmed reports suggest remaining employees may be potentially hostile.


  • The J-HARM appears to use the same handles as the What A Load Disposal Bins, only with two extra handles.
  • Currently, the J-HARM appears on most levels with hard to reach places, such as Athena’s Wrath, Caduceus, Evil Science, Rust-Station East and Unrefinery. It is also present in certain other levels, however.
  • The J-HARM’s name (Janitor HARM) is a play on the poor quality and cheapness mentioned in the flyer for the device.
  • The J-HARM was implemented in version 0.38.
  • The J-HARM is equipped with two small stabilizers on either side of the device. When the J-HARM is picked up, these stabilizers will retract until the device is dropped again. It should be noted that these stabilizers have no contact area, and can be deployed even if the J-HARM is placed directly beside a wall or other object.
  • Viewing the J-HARM’s screen, one can see the text ‘v2.0’, possibly referring to ‘version 2.0’.
  • As is the case with all other objects, the J-HARM can be melted with the Laser Welder.
  • It should be noted, that although this area appears empty, no object of any kind may be placed into the machine’s scaffolding when the machine is extended.
  • It is interesting to note that the last button pressed on the J-HARM’s screen appears as a light-blue. Each screen is independent from another, meaning the last button pressed on one screen will remain light blue even if a different one is pressed on the other screen.
  • The J-HARM won’t function correctly when tipped over, and will not respond to any of the player’s inputs until the object is placed the correct way up.
  • It should be noted that the player cannot lift the device while it is extended.
  • When the top of the J-HARM is about the player’s height away from a ceiling, it will stop, and display the word «obstructed» on its screens. This occurs even if the player is not standing on the device during operation.
  • During ascension and descension, there is a certain probability that the J-HARM will become «jammed» or also display the word «error» on its screen.
    • When the device becomes jammed, one must simply press another button on the screen.
    • However, when the device displays the error message, the J-HARM will violently shake its platform before eventually «snapping» and moving the platform at high-speeds in the direction it was initially travelling, potentially spilling anything carried on this platform. Although this cannot be entirely avoided altogether, this effect is far more prominent on the machine’s faster settings, so it is recommended that those not be used unless the player is the only passenger on the device.

      The J-HARM suspended in the air due to a glitch.

  • A glitch may cause the J-HARM to «reposition» itself while saving and reloading a level. The extent of which can vary from a slight tilt to floating in the air at an odd angle. However, the J-HARM can be retrieved by simply touching it with any object or even shooting it with the Laser Welder, causing it to fall to the ground.

Level Briefings


Despite the catastrophic events that unfolded within this excavation site, you will perform your job with utmost delicacy and discretion.Unicorp officials will be inspecting the site this week, so work with haste to clean, sanitize and neaten the facility.Failure to complete your work here within the time frame will result in termination of your contract, possibly more…Do not be alarmed by any residual entities or artifacts that remain as a result of the events; it is your duty to conduct yourself professionally despite such obstructions.

Respawn Brief

You are being hired as a replacement for a deceased colleague.Your fellow employee is presumed to have been devoured by an unidentified lifeform, exercise caution when performing your assigned duties.Above all, avoid angering your co-workers, and ensure the facility is clean and orderly.Do this and you may yet join the permanent staff, however dangerous they may be.

Игра Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage

Симулятор уборщика. Вы смотрели фильм «Никита»? Вам наверняка запомнился сюжет о «чистильщике», задачей которого является ликвидация улик преступлений, включая отпечатки преступников, и тел самих жертв. Его задачей было подчистить всё, что может навести полицию на след исполнителей очередной мокрухи.


Авторы игры – создали неординарную ситуацию, где вам предстоит выступить в роли этого самого чистильщика. Оригинальность сюжета заключается в том, что вы не станете подчищать и исправлять огрехи какого-нибудь агента 007. Вы будете выполнять более ответственную миссию – ликвидировать следы преступления разбушевавшегося Санта Клауса, который по невероятным причинам потерял над собой контроль, и перебил несколько десятков своих приближённых эльфов.


Вам предстоит избавиться от улик и следов преступления главного любимца всех детей планеты. Не выдержав психологического давления всё возрастающих потребностей современных детишек, и обремененный давлением налоговых служб, Санта – принял критическую дозу алкоголя, и – это привело к весьма плачевным и трагическим событиям. Результатом того, что бравый старичок потерял над собой контроль – стала гибель многих его подчинённых. Пострадали даже всем известные летающие олени, не говоря уже о десятках трупов ни в чём не повинных эльфов. В игре Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage , скачать торрент которой возможно на нашем сайте, вам поручается миссия спасения имиджа Санты в глазах общественности, и в первую очередь – детей, которые ему доверяют.

Интересные факты

Очень неординарный и непохожий ни на что другое игровой проект. Эту игру можно смело охарактеризовать – не для слабонервных, поскольку в процессе уборки вам доведётся столкнуться с некоторыми анатомическими подробностями растерзанных в беспамятстве Сантой жертв. Не рекомендуется для пользования беременным женщинам.

Особенности Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage

  • Вы попадаете в дом самого Санты – это поистине уникальная возможность!
  • Вам следует ликвидировать все следы его преступления.
  • Используйте сверхмощные моющие средства, для ликвидации луж крови, оставленных на паркете и коврах.
  • Не забывайте о собственной защите. Используйте защитные резиновые перчатки, респираторы и прочие средства защиты от опасных химических веществ, к использованию которых вам придётся прибегнуть, в ходе протирания луж крови трупов эльфов и мозгов растерзанных оленей.

Системные требования

  • Операционная система: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • Процессор: 2.4GHz Dual core CPU
  • Оперативная память: 2 Гб
  • Видеокарта: 512MB Shader Model 3.0 Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or AMD Radeon HD 3870
  • Звуковая карта: Совместимая с DirectX 9.0c
  • Свободное место на жёстком диске: 700 Мб

Об игре

  • Год выпуска: 2013
  • Жанр: Симуляторы
  • Разработчик: RuneStorm
  • Издатель: RuneStorm
  • Язык интерфейса: Английский
  • Язык озвучки: Английский
  • Таблетка (Кряк): Вшита (ALI213)
  • Платформа: на РС

Информация о торренте

  • Ничего не вырезано, не перекодировано;
  • Игра обновлена до поледней версии;
  • Простая и быстрая установка.
  • Тип издания: RePack

Data Logs

Date: 29/11/2184
Time: 09:31 GST
Identification: Mrs. Ruth Fielder
Title: Workforce Liason

It’s been three months since my appointment as liason.I was led to believe I’d be working with savages and degenerates, but it’s just not true.At first they were distrustful, but they soon opened up to me.These people suffer, I see it day by day.The work they do, it’s horrible!I can’t imagine having to clean up an alien’s digestive organs everyday, and without the slightest sympathy.The rumored tale of «Bob» seems to have done much to inspire them lately.I could hardly believe it at first, but it makes sense.They’ve let me in on their secret. A plan to get management’s attention. Something has to be done, I see that now…

Date: 03/12/2184
Time: 12:10 GST
Identification: Mr. Anderson
Title: Operations Manager

Yet again my department’s falling behind because of this damn sanitation crew I have to work with.They’re getting increasingly stubborn when assigned to one of the many incidents that come through my office.Things are getting fractious, I can feel it.I know what the guidelines say about signs of «discontent», but I just don’t have the time for a complete staff overhaul.The numbers don’t look good, so as long as they continue working, I’m not going to risk taking this higher up.

Date: 06/12/2184
Time: 13:45 GST
Identification: Adam Jefferson
Title: Office Worker

I had a rather…unpleasant encounter downstairs with one of those sanitation drones this morning.The office bathroom was fully occupied after last night’s office-party curry, forcing me to use the downstairs one.This filthy guy in his overalls starts shouting at me, asking all sorts of things I didn’t have the answers to, and throwing beer bottles at me.How the hell did they get beer?I really don’t like those damn guys being so close to us up here.Management must do something about this!

Date: 06/12/2184
Time: 16:32 GST
Identification: Elizabeth Whitehall
Title: HR Manager

What a day! First there was the aftermath of Mrs. Parawati’s curry, and now I’ve had multiple reports of «run-ins» with the sanitation personnel.Something is definitely up with them, and that does not bode well.Ugh, I suppose I’ll have to run this by their representative, Mrs. Fielder.Ever since she was employed as liason, she’s started to «identify» with the lot of them. It’s highly irregular.Well, I’ll just have to bite the bullet and run this through her. She better get them in line before the higher-ups hear about this, or we’re all in for it.

Date: 09/12/2184
Time: 14:52 GST
Identification: Mrs. Ruth Fielder
Title: Workforce Liason

I think I’ve made a mistake, a terrible mistake.Management hasn’t come, and it’s the third day already…I shouldn’t have thrown my lot in with these guys.Management has no intention of giving us what we want.I’ve been trying to mobilize everyone to secure the doors and stay alert, but they have no discipline.I fear it’ll make us easy pickings.What the hell was I thinking! I’m even wearing their goddamn outfits for christ-sake!Shit, there it is again. That noise…Fuck it, I’m getting downstairs. It’s way too exposed up here.

Забавная детская игра

Карта — Cleaning Simulator;

Ссылка на симулятор из видео с Бекстом — Fast Food Simulator.

Эту карту можно назвать детской только из-за одного дизайна и общего оформления. Дополнительная музыка создает атмосферу приятного летнего денька, позволяя игроку окунуться в удивительный мир. Карта привлекает своей необычностью и проявляется она не только в начале, но и на протяжении всего игрового процесса.

Помимо бесплатной версии, пользователи могут внести реальные средства. За них можно купить инструменты, позволяющие быстро убирать. Так же, можно подключить радио, которое будет постоянно проигрывать различные мелодии. Их можно услышать практически в любом места на карте, убирая быстрее и выполняя различные задания от неигровых персонажей.


Items offered by the vendor will vary from level to level. There is always a small chance of receiving a paper advertisement instead of the requested item.

The following is a complete list of items offered by the Vendor across all levels of Viscera Cleanup Detail:

Alien Embryo(Incubation Emergency)

Beacon(The Vulcan Affair)

Broom(Core Sample)

Candle(House of Horror)

First Aid Supplies

Green Solar Flare(Penumbra)

Jack’o lantern(House of Horror)


Light bulb(Incubation Emergency)

Pizza slicer

Plant seed(Hydroponic Hell)

Quantum Bin(Core Sample)

Solar Flare

Spartan Phoenix(Revolutionary Robotics)

Spartan Phoenix ammo(Revolutionary Robotics)

Toilet seat

Vial of Acid(Uprinsing)

Wet-floor sign

Work-Site Light

Workshop level trivia: If a vendor is coded to dispense items other than those found dispensed by the vendor in normal levels (this can be done using the included UDK level editing software), those items will appear by default as blank or black icons on the devices screen. They may also appear as other objects or a traffic light if properly coded to do so. The item’s title will also read «debris» by default.

Забота о тех, кто не умеет убирать

Игры про уборку учат заботиться о тех, кто рядом. Дети постарше с удовольствием помогают наводить порядок малышам, ведь не всему карапузы могут научиться сразу

Расставлять по местам игрушки для них великий труд, и наглядный пример в этом архиважном деле никогда не помешает

Очень поучительными и познавательными являются и те игры, где уборку приходится проводить в клетке у любимого попугайчика или морской свинки. В благодарность хозяину зверушки начинают радоваться и всячески выказывать свою признательность. Даже молчаливые рыбки помашут своим спасителям хвостиками, ну а аквариум будет сиять как зеркало и радовать глаз.

К сожалению, четвероногие друзья просто не могут убрать за собой сами. Так уж повелось, что за ними ухаживают люди. Именно здесь дети как раз и проявляют заботу о животных, приводя в порядок клетки любимых домашних питомцев или вольеры в цирке или зоопарке. Как тут не вспомнить слова маленького принца любившего повторять, что мы в ответе за тех, кого приручили. Играть в уборку очень весело и увлекательно, а к тому же еще и полезно.

Возникающее у юных любителей чистоты чувство ответственности и проявление требовательности не только к окружающим, а и к самим себе, на ряду с прочими навыками, являются хорошим заделом на будущее. Ведь если разобраться, то чисто вовсе не там, где часто убирают, а там, где у каждой из вещей изначально есть свое место, и если, играясь, детям удастся понять это, то в реальности на уборку будет уходить не так уж и много времени.


The central room in Unearthly Excavation

With a large layout, machines spread out across the map, and a plethora of hazards, Unearthly Excavation is arguably one of the most challenging levels in the game.

The map consists of a series of rooms and chambers of varying sizes. The area is divided by two separate locked gates, each requiring a passcode.

The player spawns in a small room containing the level’s main Stacking Areas, at the far end of the map. A staircase leads down to a larger room containing the Slosh-O-Matic and a Pit Monster. Another set of stairs leads up to the first Keypad-protected gate. Past this is a large T-shaped hallway containing the Vendor and What A Load Disposal Bins machine. (The Big Banger Supernova can be found here as well.)

The hallway opens into a very large, sunlit circular central chamber surrounding the level’s second (and largest) Pit Monster, as well as a spiral staircase leading up to a smaller room with the Incinerator and Punchomatic. Behind a gate in the Incinerator room is a hidden storage room, containing several crates, barrels, mining explosives, two Stacking Areas, and a small closet area behind a door. This closet contains several important items, such as Bob’s remains and the Red Keycard. Items in this hidden area are not reflected in the player’s score until it is unlocked.

Back in the central chamber, behind another locked gate is a long dirt tunnel branching off and into a large dirt-cavern. This cavern contains the third Pit Monster, an alien structure, and the Alien Artifact.

Original Map Source

Starting Area

Main Area

Cave Area

Map Key
  • WAL = What A Load Disposal Bins dispenser
  • Slosh = Slosh-O-Matic
  • LW = Laser Welder
  • PID = Personal Identification Device
  • SA = Stacking Area
  • Punch = Punchomatic
  • BB = Big Banger radio

Other Uses

Two unusable mops in their niche in the Office.

Using the mop on or near an object will push the object away from the impact point, so some degree of care must be taken to keep from inadvertently knocking objects over or sending them flying in an unpredictable direction.

Using the secondary trigger (right-click by default) will cause the player to swat with the mop, hitting walls or objects with much greater force. This method will not remove any mess, but it can be used to «sweep» small objects together (in the absence of a Broom).

The mop may be used to free objects stuck in tight spaces or partially clipped in the level’s geometry.  The force of the mop may affect objects on the other side of a solid wall, cleaning mess or freeing stuck objects.  (This is particularly useful in Uprinsing, where objects may become wedged under desks.)  Either trigger (left- or right-click) may be used for this purpose.

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