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Интересные факты[]

  • Рувика озвучивает Джеки Эрл Хейли, наиболее известный своими ролями Роршаха в фильме «Хранители» и в перезапуске «Кошмаров на улице Вязов» 2010 года. Подобно Фредди Крюгеру, на теле персонажа множество красных шрамов, а также он мучает своих жертв, прежде, чем убить.
  • Поскольку большая часть игры происходит в собственном мире Рувика, многие из этих мест являются искажёнными безумием версиями мест из его воспоминаний. Предполагается, что населяющие мир «враги» ранее были испытуемыми пациентами.
  • Общая слабость всех врагов к пламени является результатом травматического опыта Рувика. Оказывается, что и сам Рувик, как враг, уязвим для огня, несмотря на то, что оружие его не берёт.
  • Одно из воспоминаний показывает нам, что Рувик умеет играть на пианино.


Chapter 3: Resonances

Anima is first encountered in Chapter 3, although she appears to have been present in Union before Sebastian’s arrival. Several corpses can be found around the district with journal entries that describe being pursued by an unknown force, including a Mobius Soldier who barricaded himself inside an otherwise impenetrable garage. The first direct encounter with Anima occurs at 336. Cedar Avenue where she appears behind Sebastian as he attempts to leave the house. Forced into a nightmarish version of the hospital, he manages to elude the creature and escapes back to Union.

An optional encounter also occurs during this chapter in a small storage shed opposite the North Safe House. A hallucination is triggered upon entering the shed, where Anima violently pounds against the door for a few seconds, after which the hallucination ends and Sebastian finds himself transported outside with the door, now locked. Another optional encounter occurs inside the shack with the workbench just north of Krimson Market. The hallucination triggers when attempting to leave the shack.

Lastly, a brief, but characteristic paranormal event could be observed in one of the abandoned train cars just adjacent to Krimson Maket. If Sebastian goes between the train cars, with Krimson Market on his right, and enters the upper right one, he would find a Residual Memory of a civilian who were chased by an unknown entity. Immediately after this, exit the train car and enter the lower left one instead, then walk up to the middle of the caboose. The screen will take on a blue hue and the corpse in the middle of the car will jerk up, before going limp and dissolving into a pool of Green Gel.

Chapter 7: Lust for Art

Anima’s second encounter occurs in Chapter 7 in the Juke Diner. After witnessing the last memories of a man committing suicide to escape the creature stalking him, Sebastian is attacked when examining a nearby jukebox and forced into another hallucination. Despite Anima’s attempts to disorientate him using the environment, he manages to escape her once more.

An optional encounter during this chapter occurs at the storage just south of Post Plus. After breaking into the building and securing the Full-barreled shotgun, the shed’s interiors begins to glow blue and become unusually cold, thus heralding the wraith’s arrival. Anima will stand blocking the exit, and the only way out of this sequence is to run directly at her, or let her come to the player. This is notably one of a very small handful of times (and the only one that’s not a cutscene) where coming into direct contact with Anima doesn’t result in immediate death. It should be noted that once the world has reverted, any enemies in the area will rush inside, including the Lament that wanders around the perimeter of the supply room, so dispatching all enemies beforehand is highly recommended.

Chapter 11: Reconnecting

Anima makes a final appearance in Chapter 11 in the Restricted Labs of the Marrow, ambushing Sebastian as he attempts to escape the underground facility and violently throws him into a final hallucination. Seemingly frustrated with Sebastian’s continued survival, she begins to attack him more violently, blocking his path with debris and using her telekinesis to expose him from behind cover. Sebastian manages to evade her one final time and finds himself, as he was in Beacon, muttering about how it was his fault and he can’t escape. Sebastian realises he needs to stop blaming himself for what happened, and move past Beacon, shooting his doppelganger in the head. This frees Sebastian from Anima and she is not seen for the rest of the game.


In addition to the scripted encounters, Anima can manifest randomly as Sebastian explores Union. A bright light will precede her arrival and nearby enemies will vanish from the area, which will then take on a blue hue and become surrounded with a thin layer of mist. The glitch-like effect will start to affect the player’s vision of Sebastian and their surroundings, with Anima’s singing giving the player another sense of her proximity to them. To escape Anima, the player must move out of her proximity until the environment returns to normal, which will cause her to vanish.

Anima can manifest anywhere except Safe Houses. However, she does sometimes make a brief appearance outside of O’Neal’s Safe House if players return there (and save and reload the game) after initially encountering her at 336 Cedar Avenue. While her singing can be heard and the visual distortion effect can be observed from the Safe House, she does not actually enter it, nor can she be seen anywhere outside.


Gameplay in The Evil Within 2 is much streamlined from the clumsy and uncomfortable mechanics of the first game. For starters, movement is greatly smoothed out, allowing Sebastian to better maneuver his surroundings either during combat or when sneaking with greater finesse. The cover mechanics from the Kidman DLCs from the first game have been implemented into this game as well, which allows Sebastian to brace against covers and even peek out at enemies and rounding corners to get away from them with ease. Gunplay is also improved as well, with a nearly tripled amount of unique firearm types compared to the first game.

Partially eschewing the linear design of the first game, The Evil Within 2 consists of several hubworlds that comprise the townscape of Union with rather great freedom, giving him much more options to go about completing his objectives while allowing for more creative opportunities with the placement of collectibles and side stories. As well as this, several side missions can be given by NPC’s which will grant the player resources and even weapons for completing them.

Green Gel returns, serving the same purpose as the first game to upgrade Sebastian’s stats such as movement speed, stamina maximum health and resistance to damage, as well as being able to grant new abilites such as slow down time while shooting, stealth attack from cover, and give him a chance to automatically dodge certain attacks. However it can no longer be used to upgrade weapons, instead, weapons parts can be collected to and spent to increase weapons’ Firepower, Rate of Fire, Capacity and Reload Speed.

The crafting of crossbow ammunition has been expanded upon from the first game, to include crafting of all ammunition types. Each type of ammo needs specific resources. Ammo can be crafted at work benches, or in the field for a higher resource cost.

First Person Mode


The Evil Within 2 in first-person

An additional feature of The Evil Within 2 is the ability to play the game in a complete first-person perspective. Originally added to the game engine as a one-time gimmick in Chapter 4, the mode was accessible via a console command and proved popular among players. As a result of this, Tango Gameworks have officially included the option to the game via Update 1.04, with additional tweaks to weapon animations and Stealth Kill prompts to address the noted flaws encountered prior to the patch.

First-person mode can be toggled on and off in the Options menu. Perspective change will take place midway through the first chapter, and the game will occasionally switch to third-person during scripted segments, but otherwise the first-person experience will be near-seamless.


Theodore’s powers seem to be associated with fire and brimstone, likely to reflect his nature as a wrathful leader. His words were very persuasive in the real world due to being a master manipulator, but are greatly amplified in STEM, capable of reaching into people and corrupting them with their guilt. He was also capable of reaching into the memories of his targets and bringing out their fears, as well as manipulating enemies and locations to use them to his advantage.

Despite his tall and imposing stature, Wallace was not a trained fighter, as he avoided engaging Sebastian in any physical confrontation. However, he kept a sword hidden within his cane for self-defense and surprise attacks.


During combat, Neun serves as a beefed-up Haunted that attacks mainly with his fists and rushing charges in tandem with his brother. He also has a grab move that hoists Sebastian up by his head as he crushes to deal heavy damage, though this can be interrupted if Joseph shoots him. Should he manage to grab Sebastian while the player is low on health, Neun will execute an instant-kill attack.

Despite his armored head, Neun still takes increased damage when shot there, and scoring a headshot as he charges has a chance to stun him briefly. Hard-hitting weapons like the Shotgun and Sniper Rifle are recommended, though the latter only when there are ample cover to use. If led carefully, thrown Grenades can also damage him greatly, and the Agony Crossbow is useful if managed.

Страшно или нет?

The Evil Within 2 — это хоррор на выживание, а поэтому главная цель данной игры, как и любого другого ужастика, вызвать у игрока чувство страха. К сожалению, назвать новый продукт от Tango Gameworks крайне страшным нельзя

Да, в игре есть гнетущая атмосфера, призывающая с дикой осторожностью передвигаться по локациям, но того количества пугающих ситуаций, которые были в первой части, сиквел не имеет

Есть несколько моментов, которые можно назвать по-настоящему страшными, но их слишком мало, чтобы в полной мере удовлетворить жаление быть напуганным. С другой стороны, игра подкупает совсем другими вещами, такими как гибкий геймплей, позволяющий экспериментировать со способом прохождения, интересный сюжет с ответами на многие вопросы из оригинала, а также разнообразие врагов, стычки с которыми всегда производят бурю эмоций.

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  • Upon encountering her, make sure to take the steps of studying her patrol path when she is near. This will allow you to evade her and prevent you from letting her catch you off guard.
  • If outside in the overworld and not in any interior space, she can simply be avoided by moving away from her immediate area. This will follow with a white flash, indicating that you are safe from her.
  • Anima will hum to the tunes of Clair de Lune when not hostile, which will become progressively louder as she closes the distance between herself and Sebastian.
    • The DualShock 4 controller’s built-in speaker amplifies this humming, which will grow louder the closer the camera is pointed to her general direction, thus giving players on PlayStation 4 a clearer indication of Anima’s whereabouts. PC players can set up Steam to use a DualShock 4 controller and give them the advantage of knowing what her general direction is as well.
    • The screen will distort visibly when Anima is dangerously close. One can use this as an indicator as to where she is, though in some cases seeing the distortion means it’s already too late to run away.
  • Always keep a healthy distance away from Anima and stay out of sight regardless of how sneaky you are, as she is very prone to randomly turning around and backtracking for a short distance. This can be especially problematic during the latter two sequences, where Sebastian must break from cover at times in order to make it to the exit.
  • Be careful where you step. Glass and bottles are a dead indicator of where you are at. She will immediately lurch towards the noise that you mistakenly generated within earshot.

In general, you want to listen for cues that can indicate her presence. Sometimes, she will quietly say «Sebastian» slowly. This will alert the player that she knows where Sebastian is.


  1. Completing all three of the primary encounters with Anima rewards the player with Sebastian’s old police revolver, which was his primary weapon in The Evil Within. Upon completing the final sequence in The Marrow’s Restricted Labs, Sebastian will be holding the revolver in his hand once control is regained.


Ruben Victoriano was a child prodigy but also mentally disturbed. Despite his young age, he made strong advancements in the fields of psychotherapy though his methods, as Jimenez states were inhumane in doing so. Regardless of his severely strained relationship with his father and anti-social, often twisted behavior, Ruvik loved his sister dearly. The fire that killed her and horrendously scarred him caused his psyche to completely warp. After the accident he was locked away from society by his father and plagued by schizophrenic hallucinations of Laura. His hatred and madness eventually consumed him until he murdered his parents to claim their fortune and further boost his research.

Due to being cut off from society, Ruvik, whilst retaining his original brilliance also lost all humanity and became a complete sadist. The Administrator even describes him as “a serial killer masquerading as a scientist“ on account of his love for torture, traps and assuring that his victims were fully aware of the horrible experiments he committed on them. Nevertheless, Ruvik still has the same love for his sister and his reasoning for creating the STEM system was so he could live out his days with Laura with his own skin. However, Jimenez implies that Ruvik’s love for her was “incestuous“ or at least bordered on that.

Somewhat understandably, Ruvik developed a strong hatred of MOBIUS due to using his machine, betraying him and also stripping away his flesh leaving him as a brain. Even The Administrator showed a fear if Ruvik was ever able to escape due to the vengeance he would reap on the organisation because of his lack of morality and restraints. Whilst trapped within STEM even though Ruvik hated his imprisonment he also enjoyed his conscious influence over reality and lack of restraints which caused him to become more smug and confident as he believed that people within his own mind were nothing but his own playthings to toy with, Sebastian, Joseph, and Kidman in particular because of their vain attempts to stop him.

Ruvik‘s incredible psychological genius gives him great introspection into his victims desires and how he can manipulate this inside of them for his own amusement to see them suffer further. He claimed to Sebastian that he knew what he “craved“ and “feared” and Ivan Diaz claims that Ruvik knew he had to know the truth about STEM and this is what led to his death by the latter. Despite his sharp memory of his previous life, Ruvik’s memories are greatly distorted by his hatred, sadism and madness. He regards the area they did experiments on him as a gruesome torture chamber, the STEM system as his own brain and the Victoriano mansion is explicitly with the areas he performed his experiment.

The Consequence

She later returns in The Consequence. She is first seen when Juli goes to the locker area of Safe Haven. There is a table with the black cat sitting on it with a record player playing classical violin music, right next to it Shade, she is turned away from Juli, she is on her knees and shivering. When Juli gets close to her you hear her laugh and she turns around shining her light at Juli. When the screen turns white you hear her say «Kidman» as opposed to Leslie.

Shade reappears in Chapter 3 in the dark as Juli searches for the generator to power the lights. It is encountered sitting at the back of a room at the end of the hall, motionless, its light flickering at the wall. Its light reveals a hidden door on the wall. But as soon as Juli opens it, Shade comes to life, chasing Juli through a few rooms before being lost when Juli enters a vent. From behind the wall next to the vent, Shade can still be heard calling Leslie’s name. Almost immediately after Juli exits the vent, Shade returns, pursuing her through one last room before being left behind by the elevator. As Juli escapes, Shade punches through the elevator’s roof with a high-heeled shoe.

At the end of the chapter, Juli is transported to a dark hall after making her way through the rubble of the city. At the end of the hall, Shade appears, swinging her light around wildly and screaming. With her handgun, Juli shoots Shade’s light, shattering it and rendering the creature temporarily blind. After a while, the light turns back on, and Juli must shoot the light one more time, which kills Shade and sends her light rolling away. Juli approaches the now defeated Shade and says «Did Ruvik send you? Well I hope he gets the message.» She then smashes the light by stomping on it, finishing Shade off.


The Haunted appear as mutilated or rotting walking corpses festooned with various nails and glass shards pinned into their flesh, along with having barbed wires or chains wrapped around their bodies. The Haunted bear bluish-white glowing eyes and are clad in the tattered remains of their clothing, though the masked variant encountered later on have relatively more intact apparel.

In The Assignment and The Consequence, a unique variant of the Haunted is featured instead. These ones, while are relatively intact compared to Ruvik’s other minions, have glowing sores and pustules throughout their bodies that change colors depending on their current status. Normally white when docile, these Haunted can glow yellow if they became alerted to Juli Kidman’s presence, and red when they are hostile. Some of these Haunted may have large clusters of boils on their bodies, which indicates that they turn into a Cadaver when killed.


MOBIUS’s detailed origins is a mystery. The organisation itself is an enigma with an agenda to dominate the world and those living in it. According to Marcelo Jimenez in an audio log, the organization has been in business for more than a century, with unimaginable wealth and vast networks of spies and connections at their beck and call. Their current grand scheme is the total enslavement of the world’s population using the STEM system, the designs of which were stolen from the reclusive Ruvik.

However, as powerful as it may be, MOBIUS itself is very secretive in its agenda, usually preferring to influence the world from the shadows instead of overt dominion. Indeed, one does not simply ask to join the enigmatic organisation, but must be invited. They can go to great lengths to erase their own tracks, usually by pulling strings. While there have been exceptions, these individuals were only inducted because of their skills that might prove valuable to the organisation’s schemes. To prevent defection, all MOBIUS personnel are required to undergo a procedure that implants a killswitch into their cranium that can be activated by a high-ranking official.

MOBIUS’s head of operations is The Administrator, though he himself seems to answer to a higher ruling council only known as «the Superiors».

The Assignment

Before the events of The Evil Within, a young Kidman is given a choice: Join MOBIUS or rot in jail. She chose to join MOBIUS, claiming it wasn’t a hard choice for someone out of their teens. Kidman was given an apartment in Krimson City and a job at the KCPD. Kidman was told by MOBIUS that she would have to enter STEM in order to retrieve Leslie, even against his will due to the fact he has compatible brainwaves with Ruvik and could be controlled to power STEM. MOBIUS had some precautions taken so Kidman would not become a Haunted. Kidman was chosen due to the fact she was «disposable» in the eyes of The Administrator.

The Consequence

MOBIUS retrieved the bodies of Marcelo Jimenez and Oscar Connelly and took an unconscious Joseph to an unknown location, leaving Sebastian to think Joseph was dead. They pulled the plug on the Beacon STEM and used it to build a new STEM system.

The Executioner

A man is given the opportunity to save his daughter from the Beacon STEM, but first must eliminate the many creatures to prevent his daughter from losing memory, and is given control of The Keeper in order to do so.

The Evil Within 2

Three years after the events of the first game, MOBIUS had created a new version of STEM, using the mind of Lily Castellanos as a core. At some point, however, the world inside STEM began to collapse. When the strike team sent to retrieve the Core stopped responding, MOBIUS enlisted the help of Sebastian Castellanos, who had initially assumed his daughter had perished in a house fire prior to the events at Beacon.

In the last chapter of The Evil Within 2, Myra Castellanos replaces Lily Castellanos as the STEM’s core. In the real world, Kidman mounts an attack on MOBIUS while preparing to broadcast a signal from Myra that would destroy the Cerebral Chips of every MOBIUS member. Once Sebastian and Lily escape STEM, Myra initiates the signal, and Kidman broadcasts it, killing every member of MOBIUS who has the implant in their brain, ultimately resulting in the organization’s complete destruction.

The Consequence

Ruvik first appears in the second DLC, when he turns Sebastian into a haunted. Juli almost shoots Seb, but when she sees Ruvik she shoots him instead. When she does, Ruvik teleports away.

Later, there is a scene that was included in the main game but not the DLC, where Juli is driving a school bus, and Ruvik appears standing in the middle of the road. He lifts his hand and causes the bus to lift off the ground and crash into nearby buildings, but that’s the second time she sees him.

Then when she gets up after the bus crash, she finds multiple paintings of him. They repeat things that he’s already said. And they spread his influence around through floating red droplets. Juli can use fire to burn them and stop him from spreading his influence through the building and try to control Leslie.

After she deals with them, her and Leslie go out into a park. Leslie begins to flash into Ruvik continentally. She tries to shoot him but is stopped by Sebastian.

After that Ruvik is finally seen in the climax, when Leslie approaches Ruvik and Ruvik liquefies him.


  • During the tunnel encounter right before the actual fight, the Quell will be waiting for Sebastian in one of the holes above him. Walking underneath its roost will cause it to grab Sebastian and initiate a quick-time event. Alternatively it could be shot to scare away, as its head is plainly visible if one looks up.
  • The Quell cannot catch the player with its sliding attack if they circle strafe in place.
  • The Quell is vulnerable to being frozen via , which can be used to allow the player to line up some shots with powerful weapons like the Magnum or Sniper Rifle, or tag it with an Explosive Bolt.
  • During its cloaked phase, the Quell will constantly hiss and excrete its slime, letting observant players know where it is. The larval spawns it creates can also be used to track it down, as all it does while invisible is generating them and waiting for Sebastian to come in range.
    • As such, the larval spawns can be farmed indefinitely for ammo and other supplies.
    • The Quell will start spawning the first batch of larvae before it leaps away to hide. Shooting these while they are being spawned will deal damage to the parent creature.
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