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Golden Lockjaw appearing in the office.

Golden Freddy’s texture when he appears in The Office.

The Desk.



Lockjaw in The Office.

Lockjaw twitching in the Office.


Ditto, animated.

Freddy in The Office.

Golden Lockjaw standing in the office in Night 6

Lockjaw walking across the hall.

Kitty FazCat running across the hall.

Freddy running across the hall.

Bonnie running across the hall.

Koly running across the hall.

Sally running across the hall.

Kitty FazCat poking her head out of the vent.

Sally peeking from under the desk.

Ditto, animated.

The lever for the smoke.

A still frame of the smoke

The smoke animated.

The locker’s texture.


The Return to Freddy’s 5

Game Title

The Return to Freddy’s 5 was formerly known as The Return to Freddy’s: Remastered and The Return to Freddy’s: Rebooted.

Hybrid Animatronics

Hybrid Animatronics were Originally the antagonists of The Return to Freddy’s 5, while it was called remastered. They were Scrapped and replaced by Torture Animatronics. Their designs were Mangled, Broken down animatronics with parts from others.

Hybrid Lockjaw’s First Design.

Hybrid Lockjaw.

Hybrid KittyFazCat’s First Design.

Hybrid KittyFazCat’s Second Design.

Hybrid Kitty.

Hybrid Buster.

Hybrid Buster (at the time Slaughter) when he was being modeled by Everything_Animations.

Hybrid Beast.

Hybrid Freddy’s First Design.

Hybrid Freddy.

Hybrid Bonnie.

Hybrid Chica.

Hybrid Foxy’s First Design

Hybrid Foxy.

Hybrid Golden Kitty.

Hybrid Golden Lockjaw.

Hybrid Vigo.

The old version of Torture Device

Hybrid Toy Animatronics

The Hybrid Toy Animatronics (Toy Freddy, Toy Chica, Toy Bonnie, and Mangle) we’re planned but were scrapped early on due to memory limits. Their models have never been shown to the public.

Torture Ice Cream Man was a torture animatronic, who was cut from the game due to unknown reasons.

Popper Ping

Popper Ping was a torture animatronic, who was cut from the game, due to memory limitations.

Popper Ping in the Thank You! image, above Torture Buster and Torture Golden Lockjaw

Torture Tealer was a torture animatronic, who was cut from the game due to unknown reasons.

Unused Torture Sugar Design

Torture Sugar had a different design on a teaser once Feline Animations took ownership of the game. The design was scrapped, as it didn’t resemble the original Torture Sugar at all.

Torture Ripdoll

Torture Ripdoll was a torture animatronic, who was scrapped from the game. It is unknown why this is, but it’s most likely to be the lack of people knowing about him.

Torture Ripdoll in the Thank You image.

Unused Hybrid Characters

There was a few unused characters planned for TRTF5 (at the time TRTF Remastered). Nothing much is known about them and the only reason we know about their existance is because one of the original character modelers leaked a list of at the time undesigned characters. These list contained the Sewer Animatronic, Machinery Animatronic, Slaughter Animatronic, Dug the Dog, and Storage Room Animatronic. Whilst it us unknown what the Sewer, Machinery, and Storage room animatronics became, the Slaughter Animatronic later became Buster and Dug was just Dug.

Fifth Version

The Fifth version was the once seen in the Unfinished Demo. It appears as a jail cell of sorts with some pipes running along the ceiling, a boiler where a key is located on the floor, and some rubble and wires. Some barrels and crates can also be seen in the room. What the other areas look like, if there were any, is unknown. After this, the Floor 1 seen in the final game was added.

The Fifth version of Floor 1.

A loading screen showing this Fifth design

The gate seen in the room.

Floor 2 Design

The original Floor 2 could be seen in the first official trailer. This shows the camera scrolling around a hallway in Floor 2 where a bunch of pipes can be seen along the walls along side a large boiler.

The Fifth version of Floor 1.

Co-Op Mode

Co-Op Mode was originally going to a multiplayer mode where you could play with other players in a 8-Bit arena trying to find various objects scattered throughout the map. It was scrapped due to many people trying to impersonate BFP on it and ram limits.

G.P.D. Mode

G.P.D. Mode (GoldieParaDiner mode) was originally going to be a mode in TRTF 5 that would be like a casual sit and survive FNaF Fangame. Torture Fredbear and Torture Spring Bonnie are the only known antagonists of the mode. It was eventually scrapped by Feline Animations due to ram limits

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode was originally going to be a mode in TRTF 5 that was based off of FNaF World. You could play as any of the characters from the TRTF Series including some other fangame characters and joke characters (such as Adventure Gramps, Adventure Lickjuice etc.) Like the other modes it was eventually removed due to ram limits.

Happy Place

This map, provided by MikeD, SunkenStudios and an associate, was originally going to have appeared in one of the now newly discovered UE4 builds of TRTF5. Not much is known what was going to have been shown from this map alone, but it was possibly going to have been used for a cutscene.

Happy World

This another map was going to also have been used in the UE4 version of TRTF5, discovered from the new builds, its appearance of this «world» only had road lines that are completly white, with white sky and grey floors. Not much is known about what purpose this had, but we can assume the same that it was a cutscene that would’ve played out.

Unused Torture Eye Texture

This eye texture was originally going to have been used for the Torture animatronics from very late in development phase, this texture was edited by Nanori.

Second Version

The Second version was seen in the first pre-release of TRTF5 (at the time called TRTF:Rebooted). This version is very similar to the first version but more complete. Two things that should be noted are that it has different ambiance then the final game, and that for some odd reason the floor looks to be stretched (likely to fit the screen). Though there are only three images of floor 1 that can be seen in game, decompiling the game reveals a few other images. The floor consists of a hallway with a hidden room to the right of the entrance, a room at the end of the hallway, and another room close to the end of the hallway. The hallway again shows a very similar look to the first version, though in this one there are pipes covering the right wall which block the hidden room.The hidden room contains a Sally head, and more pipes along the walls and the second room features an endo-skeleton, which seems to belong to Bonnie.

The Second version of Floor 1.










«Sewer Animatronic : Very Withered, a very different never seen before and yet unique endo-skeleton,nightmare animatronic eyes,mold growing on him,fungus growing on him,wires drenched from him,8 arms,hooks as nails,the rest you can get creative with =^w^=»

«Machinery Animtronic Very withered,very bouf (buff?),gears on him all over,A LOT of wires,nightmare animatronic eyes,8 eyes,spikes coming out of his shoulders knees and back.a very unique and different endo skeleton (Might have been same as others) and a very large mouth and jaw»

«Slaughter Animatronic : Very withered,very bloody,has a bit of gore on him here and there,nightmare animatronic eyes,A LARGE knife arm drenched in blood,a large mouth and jaw,drenched in wires,demonic bunny ears,4 tongues.»

«Dug the Dog : Very withered,large mouth and jaw,demonic dog ears,vigo the snake a his tongue,a few hooks on his arm (any arm of your choice),top hat.»

«Storage Room Animatronic : Just…make it look very fucked up and disturbing…XD»

Old Floor 1 Designs

Floor 1 has had many different iterations over the course of the game’s development. There are many different versions of this floor.

Что представляет собой текстур пак ФНАФ?

Если вы являетесь фанатом серии игр Пять Ночей с Фрэди, также известной по аббревиатуре ФНАФ, то у нас для вас хорошие новости.

Теперь, используя данный текстур пак для Minecraft Pocket Edition, вы можете самостоятельно создать карту по этой вселенной. Звучит довольно впечатляюще, не так ли? Ну а теперь перейдём к рассмотрению каждого из предметов по отдельности.


Разумеется произошли замены среди блоков, так что вы теперь можете как обустроить себе дом, так и собрать действительно ужасающую локацию по мотивам ФНАФ в Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Название Поменяли на Берёзовые доски Серый блок Золото «Внимание» Кварц Плитка с красной полосой Кварцевый пилон Блок управления Резной кварц Плитка с зелёной полосой Гладкий кварц Тёмно-серый блок Фиолетовая шерсть Шерсть в цветочек Розовая шерсть Посыпка Светло-серое стекло Половина посыпки Серое стекло Сетка Каменные ступени Ступеньки в чёрно-белую сетку Берёзовые ступени Серые ступеньки Ступени из полированного андезита Ступеньки в чёрно-синюю сетку Ступени из адского кирпича Чёрные ступеньки Кварцевые ступени Ступеньки из плитки с красной полосой Ступени из гладкого кварца Тёмно-серые ступеньки Чёрное стекло Тонированное стекло Каменная плита Чёрно-белый полублок Плита из полированного андезита Чёрно-синий полублок Плита из адского кирпича Чёрный полублок Кварцевая плита Полублок чёрно-белой плитки с красной полосой Плита из гладкого кварца Тёмно-серая плита Серая терракота Плитка с полосой Красная терракота Красно-чёрная плитка Зелёная терракота Зелёный ящик Фиолетовая терракота Серый блок с кругом посередине Розовая терракота Красно-синяя плитка Светящийся камень Светильник Камень Чёрно-белая плитка Тыква Голова Фрэди Светильник Джека Светящаяся голова Фрэди Заражённый блок Чёрно-белая плитка


Также изменения коснулись и списка доступных игрокам предметов. Довольно удобно, когда вы можете вывесить, например, голову Чики прямо посреди стены. Ну или повесить картину-арт FNAF в Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Название Поменяли на Каменная нажимная плита Ковёр в клетку Лёгкая нажимная плита Ковёр «Внимание» Рамка Прозрачная рамка Табличка Белая табличка Картины Новые картины Горшок Стакан Торт Торт со свечой Гнилая плоть Зелёная гнилая плоть Карта Навигатор Паутина Вентилятор Стержень ифрита Гитара Кремень Голова серого Фокси Алмазная мотыга Лопата Алмазный меч Крюк Розовый ковёр Ковёр-посыпка Фиолетовый ковёр Ковёр с цветочками Железная дверь Дверь бункера Берёзовая дверь Дверь с круглым вырезом Берёзовая калитка Белая калитка Дверь из тёмного дуба Дверь с прорезями Берёзовый забор Белый забор Дверь из дерева акации Белая дверь Забор из адского кирпича Чёрная ограда Стена из адского кирпича Чёрный каменный забор


Ну и наверное самая ожидаемая часть набора текстур Five Nights At Freddy’s в Minecraft Pocket Edition. Попробуйте на себе наряд Чики или даже Фрэдди из ФНАФ прямо в Майнкрафт ПЕ.

Название Поменяли на
Кожаный сет Костюм Фрэдди
Кольчужный сет Костюм Чики
Железный сет Костюм Золотого Фрэди
Золотой сет Костюм зелёного Фрэди
Алмазный сет Костюм Фокси


Не обошлось естественно и без прочих прелестей нового пакет текстур ФНАФ для Minecraft PE. Как вам анимированный дракон выдыхающий пламя в главном меню?

Fourth Version

The Fourth version was shown in the Unreal Engine 4 Demo. This version has a similar layout to that of the third version, though extended and with more changes. The pipes seem more metallic, rocks and rubble can be seen through-out the place, barrels are seen, some strange machinery appears, and even some sparks can be seen coming from one of the pipes. Unlike the previous versions, you can go past the door at the end of the hall, though it will require some effort in order to move the rubble out of the way, though alternatively you can use the command «ghost» by using the console provided which you can access by pressing the ~ or ` key. One past the door the hallway leads right before taking a u turn before going right once again to reveal a large room with a cage in it. Though you can interact with the door, you cannot get past, due to the fact that the door opens in the same spot, making it impossible to pass without cheats.Once past there seems to be a giant hole in the ground and a door, which cannot be opened, though it can be assumed that you would have opened this door to continue through the factory.

The Fourth version of Floor 1.





A full view of Floor 1’s Fourth Design.


The Office with Freddy Fazbear inside.

The Office with Bonnie inside.

The Office with Chica in the window

The Office with Chica inside.

The Office with Foxy inside.

The Office with Sugar inside.

The Office with Freddy Fazbear inside while the lights are flickering.

The Office with Bonnie inside while the lights are flickering.

The Office with Chica the Chicken inside while the lights are flickering.

The Office with Foxy inside while the lights are flickering.

The Office with Sugar inside while the lights are flickering.

The Office when the Power goes out and Freddy Fazbear starts playing the Toreador March.

The Office in one of the end-of-night cutscenes.

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