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0.5.7 — 2 Aug 2019

Hello everyone,

Thanks to all of the feedback we have received from players since the release of Sky, we have made a bunch of improvements. This includes bug fixes and performance improvements to name a few things. For more information, please continue reading.


  • Stars now appear around your favorite friends’ names in-game.
  • When you accept an invite, you will get a prompt to name your new friend.
  • Better messaging for when it’s not possible to join a friend’s game.
  • Added Account link button in the main menu for easier GameCenter account linking for iOS13 Beta players.
  • Players should no longer receive spam for their or their friend’s Gratitude Shrine notes.
  • Improved Manta riding.
  • The Teal cape has been made more teal.
  • Added the credits song “Constellation”.
  • Added a constellation gate behind the butterfly gate in Prairie to prevent first time player from entering it and get lost

Bug fixes

  • The UI should no longer get cut off on 4″ iphones.
  • Players should no longer have issues rejoining their friends in Eden.
  • Returned the Spirits missing throughout the game.
  • Resolved multiple crashes that were preventing players from progressing or entering certain levels.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing certain purchase details in the Adventure pass menu from appearing in languages other than English.
  • Various consistency bugs have been resolved.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!

Ultimate Gifts | Elder Hair

Ultimate Gifts are the special rewards that are unlocked after completing a Constellation.

In every Constellation there is a questionmark. When tapped, it will bring up the prompt:»Unlock all the rewards in this Constellation to receive the Ultimate Gift«. Completing a Constellation means purchasing absolutely everything from every Spirit within that Constellation.

Once completed, the questionmarks in the six regular Constellations, will turn into flags. When tapped, players are then given the prompt: «You’ve completed the whole Constellation. Visit the Light». To visit the Light, go through the Eye of Eden and interact with the Constellation Table in Orbit. Once there, tapping the flag in the Constellation will summon the Elder for that Realm. Players will then be able to purchase the Ultimate Gift: the Elder’s hair using .

Elder hair costs:

  • Isle: 4 AC
  • Prairie: 3 AC
  • Forest: 6 AC
  • Valley: 5 + 6 AC
  • Wasteland: 6 AC
  • Vault: 6 AC

Prompt for completing the Constellation

The Constellation Table in Orbit

Below are images related to completing each of the regular Constellations, and their Ultimate Gift Elder Hairs.

Valley of Triumph

Elders of the Valley

First Valley Elder’s hair (5 Ascended Candles)

Second Valley Elder’s hair (6 Ascended Candles; must unlock First Valley Elder’s hair first)

Season of Assembly begins (April 5, 2021)

  • (Apr 15 — Apr 18) Traveling Spirit — Lightseekers ‘Doublefive Light Catcher’ Prairie Spirit (2nd visit)
  • (Apr 19 — May 02) Days of Nature 2021
  • (Apr 29 — May 02) Traveling Spirit — Sanctuary ‘Rallying Thrillseeker’ Prairie Spirit
  • (May 13 — May 16) Traveling Spirit — Rhythm ‘Thoughtful Director’ Vault Spirit
  • (May 27 — May 30) Traveling Spirit — Enchantment ‘Snoozing Carpenter’ Wasteland Spirit
  • (Jun 10 — Jun 13) Traveling Spirit — Sanctuary ‘Timid Bookworm’ Prairie Spirit
  • (Jun 13) Season of Assembly ends
  • (Jun 14 — Jun 27) Days of Rainbow 2021
  • (Jun 24 — Jun 27) Traveling Spirit — Rhythm ‘Admiring Actor’ Forest Spirit (2nd visit)


A Tree House in area overlooks the final area, Broken Bridge and Whale Bones. This is where you’ll find two trapped Mantas to free, and Jellyfish to release. There are also two Ancestor Spirits here. Once you have repaired the entire bridge and the Jellyfish appear, the rain will stop both in vicinity of the Broken Bridge as well as the tunnel area. This is helpful when trying to collect the large multiplayer plant atop the hill.

Tearful Light Miner

Find the four towers connected by a (broken) bridge. From the 3 of these towers go straight to the right, into a cave under a tree root and you will find the Ancestor Spirit.

This Ancestor Spirit’s Shop contains two Wing Buffs to unlock. The second Wing Buff unlocks the ability to upgrade the Expression two more times, for a total of five upgrades. Only this Ancestor Spirit and the Waving Ancestor Spirit have two Wing Buffs and five upgrades.

Tearful Light Miner

C=Candle, H=Heart, AC=Ascended Candle
Lv6 5C*
Lv5 5C*
Lv4 4C Lv3 4C
3H 1C 3C
Lv2 3C
Total: 30C, 3H, 4AC

*Does not count toward constellation completion


Whale Whisperer

Sky- Children of the Light- Music Sheet 4 (Forest, Whale Call)

Return to the bridge. From the second tower, go straight left to a building that doesn’t have open sides. Behind it, you will find a big skeleton overgrown with dark plants. Burn them all to receive the call. If anyone else discovers the call while you are in the area, you will also receive it.

Whale Whisperer

C=Candle, H=Heart, AC=Ascended Candle
3C 1C
Total: 9C, 2H, 1AC


First Floor

This level is represented by the Isle constellation and has dunes of sand here and there.

Elevator to the top

4-person door requires the Telekinesis (Levitating Adept) Expression

There is one Child of Light in this level. This level contains the Social Space and the Archives.

This level has a «lighting the lanterns» puzzle to complete before reaching the next floor.

Praying Acolyte

Pray: To the right-hand side of the circular room on this floor there is a door that can only be opened by four players with the Telekinesis Expression. This specific Expression is not found until the second level of the Vault, which means new players are unable to collect it immediately. Furthermore, there is no way of returning to a previous floor upon ascending. Once you have opened the door, follow the tunnel and find the Ancestor Spirit sitting in the middle of a cave.

Praying Acolyte

C=Candle, H=Heart, AC=Ascended Candle
Lv4 7C Lv3 5C
5H 1C 3C
Lv2 3C
24C, 105H, 12AC

*Does not count toward constellation completion


Secret Area

There is a secret area accessible from the first level of Vault of Knowledge. Please see Secret Area (Spoiler Alert!) for more information on accessing this secret area. Note: please avoid this link if you wish to find the area yourself.


You will lose all your winged light in Eye of Eden. This is part of the process. As you deposit Winged Light at each Statue, your Cape Power will decrease. However, the more Winged Light you deposit, the more rewards you will receive. Each Statue you free will grant you approximately 0.25 of an ascended candle. You can use these rewards to unlock Wing Buffs in Spirit Shops (including Travelling Spirits), and eventually increase the starting number of Cape Wedges in your meter. The next time you die, your Wing Buffs you will give you extra winged lights. Unlike in previous versions of Eye of Eden, there is no surviving. There is only one outcome. The goal is to deposit as many Winged Light as you can before you lose all of your power and die.

There is a known glitch in which a player deposits their winged light, dies, then respawns next to the point of no return. Simply keep trudging toward a light column to stop the loop of respawning.

Ascended Candles and Wing Buffs

The Wing Buff as it appears in the Spirit Shops- Bowing Medalist

Ascended Candles are the reward for completing the Eye of Eden. There are a total of 63 Statues to visit, which give players 0.25 Ascended Candles each (total 15.75). With Ascended Candles, you can:

Unlock the ability to purchase more cosmetics. Purchasing the Wing Buff from a Regular Spirit Map and Travelling Spirit Map will remove the shroud of clouds that hides the uppermost cosmetics in the Map.

  • Lock in Wing Power. The Wing Buffs

    Note: If you purchase wing buffs from the Spirits while still in Orbit, those wing buffs will be given to you before you are reborn. If you purchase them after you have returned to Home Space, you will receive the Wing Buffs after your next trip through Eden.

    purchased with these Candles will cause players to be reborn with more Winged Light. Specifically, players will be reborn with one more Winged Light per Wing Buff purchased. If every non-seasonal Spirit is «ascended», it is possible to be reborn with 47 Winged Light.

Unlock the ability to exchange advanced Friendship Actions with a friend, including Warp. Warp costs two additional Ascended Candles, while the other high level actions cost regular candles.

The Space Station (ISS)

Far shot of the ISS

Sometimes, the inside of The Office will be dark, and players will see that the television screen in the meeting room is brightly lit and flashing. Players can journey through the screen to another area – the Space Station, or ISS. There is a lot of room to fly around, and an updraft to make sure players don’t fall down too far. Voices can be heard here, sounding like radio signals from a space mission. The only way to leave the Station and return to the Office (which will be brightly lit as usual once the player returns) is to complete the Spirit Quest found there. Once the player has returned, however, they must leave the Office and come back in order to visit the Space Station again. Read more on the Spirits of the Office and their schedule below.

The Space Station Spirit

Section 3: Statues and Winged Light

Return the light of the fallen

–Eye of Eden’s second opening

In this section, rocky rain does not let up. You run through the area finding Statues at which you deposit your Winged Light. The Statues are in the form of Sky Kids shrouded in Darkness. By depositing your Winged Light with them, you are, in essence, saving them while causing yourself to grow weaker. The more Winged Light you bring into this section, the more frozen Sky Kids you can reach before running out – the more you are rewarded later.

As you carefully navigate Zone 1 on the map seen on the right side of the page, listen closely to the audio cues. The red rain will have a sound of crystals shattering, which signifies that it is not safe to move. When entering the continuous red rain: avoid jumping (as it will knock you down) and use the deep call feature to help friends hang onto their Winged Light just a while longer.

Ultimate Gifts

For the hair of the elders below, please see the Eye of Eden or Spirits and Elders pages (both contain spoilers for Eye of Eden). Each Hair costs Ascended Candles, each cost varying per Hair.

Elder of the Isle ~ 4 Ascended Candles

Elder of the Prairie ~ 3 Ascended Candles

Elder of the Forest ~ 6 Ascended Candles

First Elder of the Valley ~ 6 Ascended Candles

Second Elder of the Valley ~ 5 Ascended Candles

Elder of the Wasteland ~ 6 Ascended Candles

Elder of the Vault ~ 5 Ascended Candles

Extra — Headphones

If the player is playing external audio outside of Sky – e.g. Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, a phone call, etc. –then a set of glowing headphones will appear on their Sky Kid to reflect this.

  • The game’s background music will be muted while there is external audio.
  • These headphones will disappear once the external audio is stopped.
  • These are currently only for iOS devices, but might be made available for other platforms in the future.
  • Formerly, the headphones (a headwear), would overtake the Anniversary hat, the Enchantment Guide’s tassels, etc. This was changed in the January 19, 2021 Hot Fix. They no longer override headwear.


The world of Sky: Children of the Light allows the player to explore a fantasy-based Kingdom, using free-roaming experience and a magical Cape that grants players the ability to fly. There are seven unique Realms to visit, and each one is themed around a different stage in life. In addition to these Realms, there is the player’s Home, which serves as a hub. Throughout the game, the player will encounter Spirits which may be used to unlock Cosmetics and Expressions in return for in-game Currency. The player can also find Children of Light, which grant Winged Light – a Collectible item used to increase Cape Energy, allowing further flight.

Furthermore, the game heavily focus on social mechanics. The Kingdom of Sky is filled with other players from all over the world, which may all be befriended and interacted with. You can subsequently unlock new abilities such as Chat, enabling lasting relationships and deeper connections.

Finding Keys

Currently you can only get specific keys by going to certain areas that have the right notes in their background music. Often, you’ll have to wait a while for the music to quiet down before starting your practice/performance session. Below, you’ll find suggested locations for specific keys. However, these are not the only places which support a specific key of your choice, though notably the most convenient.

Here is an infographic summarising this section, made by Clement#8978 on Discord.

Infographic by Clement#8978 on Discord (posted with permission)

If you prefer a video, here’s a guide to help:

Where to find all 12 major scales — Sky- Children of the Light

The OST page does include the in-game keys for some tracks. If you are familiar with the game locations of the tracks, and have access to the OST, that page may also be helpful.

C major

The in-game music sheets are usually in C major. These include Music Sheets #3, #4, #5, and #7.

C Major in Home

C Major in the Forest Temple

The graveyard

Some places that give you the C major key include:

  • Homespace
  • The Temple in . Wait for the background music to finish.
  • The Upper or Lower (the Graveyard) Swamps in

C♯/D♭ major

The of 8-player elevator in Prairie

The Boneyard in Forest

Two spots that give the C♯/D♭ major key:

  • The starting point for the 8-player puzzle in
  • The Boneyard in

D major

Butterfly Fields in Prairie

The Temple in Valley

The Battlefield in Wasteland

Here are four areas which will set your key to D major:

  • Go through the portal to Daylight Prairie from Home
  • The Temple in
  • The Battlefield in

D♯/E♭ major

D sharp/E flat major is the key used when playing Music Sheet #8 (Dismiss Spirit, Season of Gratitude).

The courtyard past Forest’s clearing

The Broken Temple in Wasteland

Here are two spots for playing with the key E♭ major:

  • The Forest’s Brook in .
  • The Broken Temple in Golden Wasteland.

E major

If you have Music Sheet 16 from Season of Prophecy, this is the most convenient way to get the E major key.

Otherwise, you can go to the , in the place where you exchange your stars for candles. (Don’t walk too far into the level as the music will change.)


Pausing your key in Eye of Eden, click for Video Guide

Though, by using a technique (pausing your key) demonstrated in the video linked above, you can also play with E major in Eden. However, this requires being able to tell notes by ear. When the desired key is achieved (tested by playing an instrument), pause the in-game music by simply going to the Audio Settings and turning off the music.

The Treehouse in Hidden Forest, added in the Season of Assembly, also plays E major after the music finishes.

F major

Sunny Forest in Forest

The Citadel in Valley

The first Floor of Vault

Three places that support F major include:

  • Sunny Forest in
  • The Citadel in
  • The first Floor in

F♯/G♭ major

The Boneyard in Forest (after jellyfish)

The most convenient quiet place with F sharp/G flat major is the Boneyard in Hidden Forest, after the Jellyfish have been released and the background music has finished. Though, there is also a section of the background music in the 8-player elevator where the key for the instruments is G♭ major.

G major

Forest’s clearing

A place with G major is the clearing/Social Area in Hidden Forest, after the background music has finished,

You can also go to the start of Isle of Dawn.

G♯/A♭ major

The Coliseum in Valley

You can get the G sharp/A flat major key in the Coliseum in Valley of Triumph after completing either race, and waiting for the background music to finish.

The fourth Floor of Vault

An area with the key A major is the fourth Floor in .

A♯/B♭ major

A sharp/B flat major is the key for Music Sheet #11 (Wise Stance, Season of Belonging).

The after-Temple area in Forest

A place with A sharp/B flat major is the after-Temple area in , after the background music has finished.

B major

There are a few moments where the key is B major.

To play an instrument with this key, you’ll need to use a technique called «pausing your key». To do this, you’ll need to be able to tell notes by ear. When the desired key is achieved (tested by playing an instrument), you can turn off the background music in Audio settings, at the right moment, to pause your key.

The Boneyard in Forest

Any race in Valley

The second Floor of Vault, click for video

B major is part of the background music in:

  • The Boneyard in Hidden Forest. Activate the Jellyfish — the beginning of the music will be in B major.
  • Towards the end of a race in Valley of Triumph. A section towards the end of the music is in B major.
  • The second Floor of Vault of Knowledge. A section of the music will be in B major

June 2021

Days of Rainbow has returned in the 2021 version of Sky’s celebration of diversity, unity, and hope. Each day during the event, there was a new rainbow to find somewhere in the game, with a daily quest prompting you to track it down. By finding the rainbow you not only completed the quest, but you got to collect the Light from a new stack of Treasure Candles waiting for you at the end.

The event began at reset on June 14th at 00:00 PDT, and concluded on June 27th at 23:59 PDT, for a total of fourteen days.

In-App Purchases

For the occasion, the following IAPs were available to purchase:(regional pricing varied depending on local taxes and exchange rates)

  • Rainbow beanie hat — 9.99$ USD
  • Rainbow Pack (Hair Flower + 75 Candles) — $19.99 USD — 100% of net proceeds go to charity: The Trevor Project and Amnesty International.

Rainbow Hat iAP

Days of Rainbow hat

Rainbow Pack iAP

Days of Rainbow flower

In-Game Purchases

And the following were available for in game currencies:

  • Rainbow Braid Accessory — 20 hearts
  • Rainbow Cape — 175 candles
  • Colored Trail Spells (see below Spells section)

Days of Rainbow cape — front

Days of Rainbow cape — back

Days of Rainbow Braid


Players had been able to collect free spells of the Days of Rainbow items from the Sleepy Traveler’s boat to try out all of the new items: (Each of these temporary spells last for, 30 minutes and color trails for 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours (random).)

  • Days of Rainbow Hair Accessory
  • Days of Rainbow Flower Accessory
  • Days of Rainbow Cape
  • Multiple color trail spells (colors may vary)

Hair Braid accessory spell

Flower Accessory spell

Days of Rainbow Cape spell

Random color spell

Random color spell

Random color spell

Random color spell

Random color spell

Random color spell

More information can be found on ThatSkyGame’s Website

0.9.5 — 9 June 2020

Greetings Adventurers!

The final weeks of Season of Enchantment are upon us, and we have several events for you to enjoy in the coming days! Read about upcoming events in the articles: Holidays and Special Events and Double Currency Events. 

The update contained:

  • Changes to Chat Tables. Collisons with a Chat Object will now not occur until players sits at the object in question — which allows players to phase through Chat Objects placed at inconvenient spots (i.e. in front of Portals, Closets, etc.). To stack Tables, you need only sit at the friends Chat Object once while in the same area
  • Fixed Screenshot issue which gave a pixelated appearance
  • Fixed unintentional Forest Elder Out of Bounds experiences
  • Changes to touch-input impacting deep call, step, etc. Chibi fall is now significantly harder — see Out of Bounds for a new technique 
  • Fixed Message Candle Shrines, now other players’ candles should appear as normal. 
  • Many more fixes


When you run out of flying power there are several ways to recharge:

  • Collecting a Child of Light (full recharge)
  • Using a Recharge Potion (full recharge)
  • Flying through clouds, stars, or strong fires (campfires etc.) (fast)
  • Giving high five or hugs to friends, when first taking someone’s hand (fast)
  • In the range of someone else’s deep call (you can charge others this way) (medium)
  • Flying near or riding creatures or calling them when near them (medium)
  • Standing near or on fungi (medium)
  • Standing near other players when you have lit their light or holding hands with friends (medium)
  • Standing near or in candles or lanterns or getting light from dark plants (slow)
  • Standing in the sparkle left behind by a Child of Light (slow)
  • Carrying the light in spirit carry quests (slow)

Sliding Race

While this is still referred to as a «race,» the racing element has long been removed from the game. This race course, however, most resembles the original race that appeared in the early days of the beta, when players would race down the hills collecting butterfly lights.

The Race is a Candle Quest. It does not, however, matter how many of the fragments of light you catch during the race. You will always be rewarded with 150 pieces of wax (as long as it’s your first time completing the race for that day). Currently, collecting all of the lights and completely filling the orange meter in both the upper and lower areas of the race does not yield any additional reward.

Along this course you will also find one to collect during the race.

The Sliding and Flying Races meet near the end with an additional Child of Light on the course, leading to the same Coliseum.

Духи Сезона сопричастности

Точно также, как и в предыдущих сезонах, в этом 6 духов, но изменился формат их поиска. В этом сезоне каждый дух приходил на определённой неделе, после которой оставался. На шестой неделе можно были все 6 духов.

Остров — Танцевать в цикле

Прерия — Конфетти

Лес — Модернизированное взъерошить волосы

Долина — Бенгальский огонь

Пустошь — Не уходи!

Хранилище — Мудрая стойка

Неделя 1 — Полуденная Прерия, Конфетти

В Полуденной Прерии ничего не изменилось с приходом этого сезона. Дух был найден на Полях бабочек. Требовалось собрать разбросанные воспоминая духа. Несмотря на короткий таймер, духа легко собрать даже в одиночку.

Духа легко найти, но его чуть-чуть сложнее собрать, чем предыдущего.

Неделя 3 — Долина Триумфа, Бенгальский огонь

Еще одна небольшая новая область была добавлена в Храм Долины Триумфа. После входа в Храм, поверните налево и найдите вход в лабиринт

Осторожно, там есть крабы. Дух сидит недалеко от входа в лабиринт.
Нижний вход для достижения Сезонного Духа был заблокирован Вратами Созвездия, которые требовали двух Сезонных Духов

Вы можете обратиться за помощью к другу, если вам не хватит на прохождение Врат самостоятельно. (Совет: вы также можете подняться к выходу и пройти лабиринт наоборот, чтобы достичь Духа.) Игроки, которые имеют уровни 3 и 4 этого выражения, могут играть музыку. Тем не менее, они могут играть только 9 нот. Звучит как колокол.

Неделя 4 — Хранилище Знаний, Мудрая стойка

На первом этаже Хранилища Знаний была добавлена одна новая область. Сразу после входа в локацию, поверните направо и найдите дверь для 2 игроков. Откройте её. Внутри будет барьер, требующий одного обычного духа Хранилища

Осторожно, внутри на среднем и нижнем уровнях есть крабы. Дизайн этой области был сильно переработан после сезона.
Здесь был найден сезонный дух.

Неделя 5 — Золотая Пустошь, Не уходи!


Идите к костру, на котором вращаются крабы на вертеле. Около костра сидит дух. Вам надо провести свет по воспоминаниям духа, избегая крабов и темных драконов по всем Кладбищу. Этого духа легче собрать вместе с несколькими друзьями, которые готовы пожертвовать собой, отвлекая существ Тьмы.

Неделя 6 — Тайный Лес, Модернизированное взъерошить волосы

Последний дух сезона находится в новой области Тайного леса — Подземные пещеры. Вход туда находится в зоне Солнечного Леса, для прохода в которую вам нужны все 8 духов из Леса. Дух найден в зоне входа(подробнее про эту зону написано на странице про Лес). Дух открывает второй уровень действия с другом «взъерошить волосы». Собрать его достаточно легко, но придется немало полетать.

Season of The Little Prince begins (July 6, 2021)

  • (Jul 08 — Jul 11) Traveling Spirit — Gratitude ‘Sassy Drifter’ Isle Spirit (3rd visit)
  • (Jul 12 — Jul 25) Second Anniversary events
  • (Jul 13) Sky 2nd Anniversary Q&A Livestream
  • (Jul 16) Sky Original Game Soundtrack (Volume 2) is released
  • (Jul 18) Sky’s 2 Year Anniversary
  • (Jul 22 — Jul 25) Traveling Spirit — Belonging ‘Boogie Kid’ Isle Spirit (2nd visit)
  • (Jul 31) Sky Original Game Soundtrack (Volume 3) is released
  • (Aug 05 — Aug 08) Traveling Spirit — Prophecy ‘Prophet of Water’ Isle Spirit
  • (Aug 12 — Aug 25) Days of Summer 2021
  • (Aug 19 — Aug 22) Traveling Spirit — Sanctuary ‘Chill Sunbather’ Prairie Spirit
  • (Sep 02 — Sep 05) Traveling Spirit — Lightseekers ‘Crab Call’ Wasteland Spirit (2nd visit)
  • (Sep 16 — Sep 19) Traveling Spirit — Rhythm ‘Troupe Juggler’ Valley Spirit
  • (Sep 19) Season of The Little Prince ends
  • (Sep 20 — Oct 03) Days of Summer Lights
  • (Sep 30 — Oct 03) Traveling Spirit — Sanctuary ‘Grateful Shell Collector’ Prairie Spirit
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