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Увеличить файл подкачки, если не хватает оперативной памяти для Just Cause 3

Чтобы компенсировать недостаток оперативной памяти, можно увеличить файл подкачки. Это позволит системе хранить часть необходимых Just Cause 3 данных прямо на жестком диске. Вот что нужно сделать:

  • Открыть «Проводник»;
  • Правой кнопкой нажать на «Этот компьютер» (или «Мой компьютер»);
  • В контекстном меню кликнуть на «Свойства»;
  • В открывшемся окне слева нажать на «Дополнительные параметры системы»;
  • В открывшемся окне перейти на вкладку «Дополнительно»;
  • В разделе «Быстродействие» нажать на кнопку «Параметры…»;
  • В открывшемся окне перейти на вкладку «Дополнительно»;
  • Снять флажок с параметра «Автоматически выбирать объем файла подкачки» (если есть);
  • Поставить флажок напротив опции «Указать размер»;
  • В текстовых полях «Исходный размер (МБ):» и «Максимальный размер (МБ):» указать в мегабайтах значение, равное половине объема оперативной памяти.

Следует понимать, что файл подкачки эффективен только тогда, когда системе не хватает оперативной памяти. Если компьютер имеет 8-16 Гб, то файл подкачки практически не используется. А при использовании SSD-диска в качестве системного наличие файла подкачки и вовсе может замедлить производительность Just Cause 3, поэтому не следует бездумно задавать большое значение файла подкачки.

Known members

  • Rico Rodriguez (JC1 and JC2) — Top agent. Later quit.
  • Tom Sheldon (JC1 to JC3) — «Case officer», friend and mentor for Rico. Later fired.
  • Maria Kane (JC1, JC2 and JC4) — Agent and pilot. Later promoted to an unmentioned higher rank.
  • Jade Tan (JC2) — Agent.
  • Marshall (JC2) — Agent. Missing in action, presumed dead.
  • Pierce also known as Crashie (JC3) — Toms pilot.
  • Multiple unnamed helicopter and airplane pilots (JC1).
  • According to mission info for «Black is black, I want my intel back» (JC1), 10 agents are missing in action in San Esperito.
  • Unnamed agent with a mustache (JC3) — He was seen with Tom at a business meeting with the eDEN Corporation «more than 20 years ago».

JC4 Danger Rising

  • Emerson Miller — The agent who leads the task force that is sent to Solís.
  • Unknown number of field agents and soldiers aboard the Agency submarines.
    • Grunts/Weak agents — They are foot soldiers- or possibly weaker agents- of the Agency, who seemingly don’t possess grappling hooks, or at least don’t use them. They can be identified with their khaki uniform and black beret. They are usually equipped with Niagara 9mm Bullpup, Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug, but there are some snipers with Yellowstone Auto Sniper. They don’t seem to wear any body armor, so they can be killed rather easily but are capable of rolling and dodging like Black Hand Ghosts. According to a loading screen these are just U.S. military service members.
    • Agents — they are agents just like Rico once was. They are equipped with a grappler, but they can only latch onto surfaces and completely lacks the retractor function. These soldiers are not only agile, but they are also tougher than grunts. Once again they don’t wear protective equipment or gear, but are unrealistically tough. With all these traits, they are some of the toughest standard enemies.
  • Unnamed submarine captains — They each have speech lines when Rico destroys some items around the submarines.
  • «Ranking agents» — These are veteran agents who are a lot tougher and more experienced than other agents. Also, they are important targets in order to destabilize Agency operations in Solís. In fact, ranking agents are as tough as a Black Hand titan, despite wearing only light body armor. They can be distinguished by their tan suit, white shirt and moderately armored black bulletproof vest under the suit. Also their location can be seen through AR lens. They usually fight like agents using the grappler, but one of them wears a Black Hand Titan suit and another operates an A5 Coyote Assault Chopper. Each of them can have a unique discussion with Rico, if the player is close enough to them. Some of them are former rivals and friends of Rico, while others don’t even know him.
    • 2 unnamed «ranking agents» aboard the USS Conquest.
    • Julia Blomquist — One of the «ranking agents» aboard the USS Conquest. She wears the armored suit of a Black Hand titan.
    • 2 unnamed «ranking agents» aboard the USS Codetalker.
    • 1 unnamed «ranking agent» aboard the USS Westward.
    • Yang — One of the «ranking agents» aboard the USS Westward.
    • Kowalski — One of the «ranking agents» aboard the USS Visionary. This man was Rico’s friend and Rico was sorry to have to kill him.
    • Russo — One of the «ranking agents» aboard the USS Visionary.


Multiple releases of Just Cause 2, including a disc of the Just Cause 2 Demo, and the Just Cause 2 Prima Guide.

The sides of the three copies. The scorpion on the Windows version is the same as the the Xbox 360 version. There is a red LED reflection on it, making it look red.

The Just Cause 2 Demo disk up close.

The common front cover of Just Cause 2 in North America.

A Japanese release of an Xbox 360 version.

A European PC version box.

A Russian PC version box cover.

Inside a North American Just Cause 2 game case.

Inside the Japanese Just Cause 2 game case. Notice the darkened Japanese text under the logo on the instruction manual. Also, notice the chrome tint on the disk.

Inside the European game case for the European release of Just Cause 2. This one does not have a game instruction manual in it. It was either lost or misplaced by the owner.

The common cover behind the North American game case.

The common cover behind the Japanese Xbox 360 case of Just Cause 2.

The common cover behind the European release of Just Cause 2 on Windows PC.

All Just Cause 2 pre-release characters. ALL IMAGES TO THE RIGHT AND DOWN ARE PRE-RELEASE IMAGES.

Pre-release image of Panau.

New items


  • C3 Canvasback Hovercraft — A new version of the Agency Hovercraft.
  • A5 Coyote Assault Chopper — The Agency version of the Firebrand Scout Chopper, but can also drop naval mines.
  • Hoverboard for Rico.
  • Several large submarines that surround Solís. These are stationary vehicles and act as enemy bases that must be completed.
    • USS Conquest.
    • USS Watchdog.
    • USS Visionary.
    • USS Whitefeather.
    • USS Codetalker.
    • USS Westward.
    • USS Statesman — Miller’s command ship. This is featured in the mission Rogue Agent and it can be visited afterwards.
    • Unnamed 8th submarine. This is a wreck near USS Visionary, and is said to be a Black Hand wreck.
  • 2 types of drones:
    • Small machine gun drones.
    • Bigger drones that operatives can stand on.


  • Stormalong EM Zero — Gravity «gun», with a function similar to a Mech GRIP.
  • Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug — Powerful shotgun that propels enemies away with a secondary fire that shoots boosters.
  • Yellowstone Auto Sniper Rifle — Automatic sniper rifle that can deploy a remotely controlled drone.
  • Niagara 9mm Bullpup — Assault rifle. It can lock on targets if needed.


Main article: The Agency.

There are 3 types of Agency operatives. All of them are equipped with grappling hooks, marking the first time in the series with enemies that can grapple around if Just Cause 2 Multiplayer and Just Cause 3 Multiplayer are not included.

  • First are normal agents equipped with the Niagara 9mm Bullpup, Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug, and less commonly the Yellowstone Auto Sniper. These wear tan fatigues.
  • Second are agents wearing green. They seem to have barely more armor than the normal agents. They’re armed with the Niagara 9mm Bullpup, Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug, and rarely Yellowstone Auto Sniper.
  • Third are «ranking agents». There’s only about 10 of them, but they’re quite a bit tougher. Rico even recognizes a few of them as former colleagues. These are all armed with the Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug.

All of them have a grappler that looks the same as the Just Cause 3 grappler, but with only Just Cause 2 grappler functionality. They grapple themselves onto walls and ceilings a lot and can also grapple onto drones at will.


  • This vehicle is considered to be one of the Easter Eggs in Just Cause 3.
  • This vehicle is one of the very few that has no engine. Others are small wooden boats at some coastal settlements, that do float, but they’re very difficult to balance and can’t be controlled.
  • Mario probably used it as his race car in his early days on Medici. That would explain why he uses it.
  • This vehicle is needed for the «Endless Runner» and consequently «Feat Fetish» Just Cause 3 Achievements.
  • In certain locations Mario will drive The Rocket alongside Rico. He drives just like any other AI driver, and can be forcibly removed from the vehicle by grappling onto and riding in the car. When this happens, Mario is thrown out of the vehicle and stands motionless wherever he landed (see the gallery below).
  • Despite its engine-less nature, The Rocket can oddly explode in the same way as any car, especially when jumping out while moving.
  • A few other vehicles in the Just Cause game series that have racing numbers are Mugello Farina Duo, Custom Geschwind and Makoto MZ 250.
  • Reportedly the file responsible for this vehicle is called «v0866_car_na_ladbil_civilian_01», which may be relevant to modifying.
  • The fact that Mario spawns in it and you can race him is an easter egg to the Mario Kart game series.

Description of the company

Prisa is a prominent vehicle brand. A location by this name is a factory for Prisa vehicles.

Most of their vehicles are based on Stria vehicles from Just Cause 3, though this is probably the result of game developers using the same vehicle models.

As a South American car brand with implied connections to a foreign manufacturer, Prisa may be based on Dacia, which sells re-branded Fiat and Renault vehicles. It has some unknown connections to Stria and Autostraad, since most Prisa vehicles are derived from models seen in Just Cause 3. For example, the Cumbila is the Stria Joia hatchback with no quarter windows and an updated fascia. With its Hispanic naming with implied connections to an Italian manufacturer, Prisa could also be based on SEAT, which sold re-branded Fiat vehicles up to the late 1980s.

In the mission Prisa Hack, Sargento says that Prisa Auto is where cheap automobiles are made for Solinos who cannot afford imports.

According to their advertisement on the Solís Hoy radio, they make all types of great cars, «Whether you’re looking for the «majestic beauty» of the Prisa Sol, «the dynamic thrill» of the Azor 3, or the «raw power» of the X-10 Viveza, Prisa has whatever you’re looking for.»

The in-game map description states «This factory builds automobiles for the everyday Solino commuter, traveling La Verde from home to work and back again.


The wingsuit allows a player to move fast in the air, opposed to the slow and stable parachute. It is easy to switch between Grappler, wingsuit and parachute, so staying in the air for a long time is even easier now.

As originally revealed by the JC3 design principal, Francesco Antolini, cars are faster than a wingsuit.

Performance in JC3

Stopping while wingsuiting can only be done with Gear Mods. The two other options are to either crash into something and ragdoll, or switch to Parachute.

The wingsuit is also demonstrated to those without the game in the Just Cause 3: WingSuit Experience.

As tested by some players by setting a map marker and calculating the speed, the maximum speeds in JC3 are:

  • Normally: 55 m/s (198 km/h).
  • With Gear Mods: 75 m/s (270 km/h).
  • Bavarium Wingsuit (without using boost): 55 m/s.

«Bavarium Wingsuit»

The Sky Fortress DLC improves the wingsuit and Rico’s ability to use it. The normal wingsuit gets replaced with a «Bavarium Wingsuit» which replaces the orange stripes with blue ones. Similarly to optional Gear Mods, it’s possible to switch back to the usual wingsuit. The «Bavarium Wingsuit» has the following features:

  • A Bavarium-powered booster is added to Rico’s back. This is a small rocket engine with a blue exhaust. The boost feature can only be used for a limited amount of time and needs to «cool off» to regenerate. Similar to vehicle nitrous and the Dual Parachute Thrusters.
  • When about to crash into an object, Rico can kick himself away from the object.
  • SAMs in Medici and at the EDEN Airship will shoot at Rico while wingsuiting.
  • The Bavarium-powered engine also contains a machine gun and rockets. The rockets are homing and can lock on to enemy vehicles and sabotage destructible objects. The machine gun will shoot straight ahead and have to be aimed by pointing Rico into the direction you want to shoot. This rocket launcher and machine gun also have unlimited ammo and are a very useful way of destroying destructibles without using your handheld weapons.
  • It is now possible to properly land without crashing or having to switch to the parachute.
  • It is also possible to take off from water.
  • The Bavarium engine can even quickly propel Rico under water.

Performance in JC4

Just Cause 4 SkyStriker Wingsuit and its HUD.

The standard wingsuit has more or less the same performance as in JC3. Compared to its predecessor, the wingsuit in Just Cause 4 seems to be able to glide for a longer period of time without losing altitude. Also, as of Just Cause 4 it seems easier to reach a higher speed when gliding than it was in Just Cause 3. Diving and grappling whilst in the wingsuit will quickly accelerate it to over the average speed of a civilian-operated car.

«Sky Striker»

The «Sky Striker» (originally known as the «Black Hand Prototype Weaponized Wingsuit«) is a standalone pre-order bonus/DLC that upgrades the wingsuit. The Sky Striker has a booster engine, similar to the one in JC3 and a rocket launcher that fires 4 rockets in the general direction of the reticle on the screen. This version was later added to every gold edition of the game. Doing wingsuit challenges makes upgrades the booster in the sense that it can be used continuously for a larger period of time before needing to recharge. The same stunts also increase the number of available missiles fired in immediate succession from 4 to 12. The booster and missiles both «recharge», so really there’s no limit either way.

Unlike the JC3 version, the wingsuit is no longer possible to take off from water, indicating that in-universe, the version developed by Dimah is superior to the Black Hand version, in the ability to adapt to environments at least. Water take-offs in JC4 can be achieved with the Hoverboard, which comes with the Danger Rising DLC. In addition to that, no longer can Rico kick himself away from things that he’s about to crash into. However, he is capable of performing an impossibly effective airbrake mid-air, which makes him lose all momentum almost instantly and fold away his wingsuit, dropping into a falling state.

Just Farm / Farming Simulator 15

This is a Just Cause 3-themed DLC for the game Farming Simulator 15.

The following announcement info is a quote from the official JC site and the Farming Simulator site, where it was posted on April 1, 2016:

«Fresh from his latest assignment to rid his beloved homeland Medici of a vile dictatorship, our hero Rico Rodriguez is taking a break from destruction to try his hand at tending the soil of Farming Simulator 15 in a FREE DLC UPDATE.
Coming this summer, Just Cause 3’s iconic STRIA RUSTICO tractor will debut in Farming Simulator 15. Repurposed by Rico to aid the rebels in their revolution, Just Cause 3 showed that there was nothing that the Rustico couldn’t do, now it’s time to see what its trademark havoc causing can bring to the world of harvesting.
The Rustico being the latest in a long line of fantasy inspired agricultural rides that Rico could borrow in the Just Cause series. Known as the “Medician workhorse” the Stria Rustico could be seen throughout Medici working the fields and was pride of place at many farmsteads in the glistening Mediterranean paradise.
Long praised by Medici’s for its reliability and unprecedented haulage, the Rustico will be adorned in its sun weathered coat of paint from Just Cause 3, but that is not all… As the Rustico comes to you straight from Medici, this version will be equipped with nitrous boosters as per Rico’s specification adding an extra layer of danger and excitement to your ploughing– it’s pretty difficult to pull off contour farming whilst being propelled uncontrollably at speeds of 80mph or more.
Using the Rustico will also change your farmer’s appearance to that of Medici’s favourite son Rico Rodriguez, hero of the Just Cause games complete with his famous grappling hook and wingsuit (hopefully your tractor doesn’t get airborne, but then with Rico anything is possible).
The Just Cause 3 DLC for Farming Simulator 15 including the Rustico and Rico farmer skin will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One this summer.«

By 2021 the above links linking to the announcements both redirect back to the game’s home pages (Just Cause and Farming Simulator respectively).

Air, Land & Sea expansion pass

This is provided with the game for anyone who bought the «XL» edition of the game. Anyone else can purchase it separately.

It includes a pass to obtain the «Sky Fortress», Mech Land Assault» and «Bavarium Sea Heist» expansion packs 7 days early and also contains «Exclusive Flame Wingsuit and Parachute skins».

Sky Fortress

Main articles: Sky Fortress and Category:Sky Fortress.

It features a new enemy faction — eDEN Corporation — that uses advanced Bavarium-based technology, lots of armed Drones, and a large flying ship — eDEN Airship. There are 3 relatively long missions.

Mech Land Assault

Main articles: Mech Land Assault and Category:Mech Land Assault.

It adds a new island group to the map: Insula Lacrima. Lacrima has lots of abandoned old eDEN Corporation research bases, which have been taken over by the Black Hand, who have their own plans for it. There’s also a new friendly faction, Former Prisoners of Lacrima (unofficial name) and new weaponized vehicles, the Mechs, which are equipped with gravity-manipulation devices. The DLC has 2 relatively long missions, but the number of gameplay hours is much greater, thanks to the new areas to explore and liberate, 2 new challenges and new technologies to use.

Bavarium Sea Heist

Main articles: Bavarium Sea Heist and Category:Bavarium Sea Heist.

The end of the Mech Land Assault DLC hints that the Black Hand have something at sea. What they have was left unknown.

The Sea Heist features enormous off-shore rigs and new eDEN Corporation technology that can control lightning. All these things are located at Scolio, an area of the sea off the western coast. The area has a cluster of smaller rigs, several of which are half sunken and a large main rig, called Stingray.

This DLC provides 2 new missions, 5 new completable areas to take over, and 1 new challenge. It also provides the weaponized Loochador rocket boat and the Eden Spark, a device that can summon natural lightning at the target.

Plot summary

Because Rico and Tom stopped Project Illapa (or are at least in the process of doing so), The Agency is now angry at them. Similarly, as stated in the mission Operation Illapa, Rico is also angry at the Agency, although previous grievances have gone as far back as Just Cause 2.

The Agency sends Agent Emerson Miller with a fleet of large submarines to Solis in order to kill Rico Rodriguez and Tom Sheldon. These submarines and their vicinity act as bases that must be destroyed.

The agents are using grapplers, but theirs only have the JC2 level of functionality, because in JC3, Dimah upgrades Rico’s grappler. The agents can also fire guns while standing on special drones.

It starts with the mission Old Friends and New Enemies, when Tom gets a tip to check something out. He invites Rico along and they get ambushed by The Agency. It turns out that Rico has secretly been tracked by the Agency via a homing device built into his grappler ever since Medici. The Agency considers Rico to have stolen the grappler, because Rico kept it on when he quit. He has no intention of returning the grappler and absolutely hates being tracked, so to deactivate the homing device he needs to find agent Miller.

The Agency show up with 7 giant submarines that function as Agency bases. Completing these counts as missions. It is slowly revealed after each mission that the Agency has a secret, ulterior motive for its presence in Solis and that the elimination of Rico and Sheldon is of high priority, but not the highest.

After destroying all other submarines, Tom locates Miller and his flagship, the USS Statesman. This results in a boss battle and a big reveal in the end. To avoid spoilers, go read the mission article, if you’re interested: Rogue Agent.

Invincible NPC

He doesn’t want to die.

Explosions have no effect.


Go to Prospero Aeroespacial in the Umina region. Then, go to the end of one of the runways suspended by the large building. There will be an Army of Chaos rebel looking at something with binoculars. This rebel seems to have infinite health, or is incapable of getting hurt. Shooting him or grappling him or even blowing him up with explosives will have no effect. Retracting any movable object with him will result in the other object moving towards him, regardless of weight. The rebel is always rooted to that spot on the runway unless you grapple kick him, which will result in him being movable.

It seems like the only way to kill him is by using the largest explosions in the game. The only two ways to kill him is by 1) using the large bomb easter egg since it has the ability to make objects despawn, effectively killing him, or 2) using large ballistic missiles, which also have the ability to make things despawn.


  • Rico mentions when he begins chasing the drone «I live for stealth.» This is actually very unlike him, because the only stealth missions Rico has ever been on are an optional beginning for Test of Loyalty and a few Random Encounters where Alessia mentions espionage. Every other time Rico’s only plan is to go in «guns blazing». So it can be assumed this is spoken ironically by Rico.
  • «Suit up» is a saying in many works of fiction where characters are about to either physically or metaphorically put on a special suit (for example a space suit, or diving suit) and embark on an expedition / adventure / dangerous mission.
  • The burned village may be a reference to the The burning of the north, and it is possible the Eden Corporation was the one that did it.
  • The burning wreck and dead cows will stay at the mission starting location forever. There’s also a burning building with a couple of dead rebels and a destroyed Drone in the area. The house has many Small Destructibles

    The burning building with the dead rebels could be the ones that shot down the drone, as mentioned above.


General info

The game was rumored to be under construction for over a year, until it was announced on November 11, 2014. By the time of the announcement, the game had been worked on for about 3 years.

According to the developers, the Just Cause series is a proper sandbox and they are improving further on that. That means JC3 is even less story-focused. The map is also said to be much more densely full. The story will basically let the player know how to use the tools and the player will be able to use them anywhere.

In comparison to Just Cause 2, the storyline is now much longer, but there are no faction sidemissions. However, there are now Random Encounters (which can re-occur) and a lot more types of races and other challenges.

The game allows players to shoot their way through walls, blow up and pull down even bigger Radars and Statues, which will shatter into more pieces. You can even blow up an entire bridge if you’re being chased on it. «That is the scale of destruction we’re after, not really breaking a hole in the wall.»

«The Modding community has always been something spectacular in all games and any game that gets the love of the modding community is already in a good spot. A game that’s all about the sandbox — really in a good spot.» — A developer for Just Cause 3.

The game also has «volumetric terrain», which allows players to explore underground caves and climb tall buildings easier.

Just Cause 3 was officially announced by Square Enix at the 2015 E3 conference on June 16th. The game was released on December 1st, 2015.

This is the sequel to Just Cause 2, released in 2010.

A sequel, Just Cause 4, was released in 2018, three years and three days to the date this game was released.


  • According to the PC and Xbox retail box cover, it’s the «winner of 10 E3 awards».
  • According to Machinima, it’s the «number one craziest action game».


The wingsuit is a set of small wings attached to Rico’s clothing to allow the player to glide through the air while Skydiving. During skydives, the player already glides forward, but the wingsuit enhances this and allows completely horizontal movement. Powered wingsuit versions (DLC only) can even allow upward flight.


In JC3, the wingsuit is provided to Rico by Dimah during the mission Time For An Upgrade. Later, the Sky Fortress DLC adds weapons and an engine to it. This improved version is called «Bavarium Wingsuit«.


The standard wingsuit is back in JC4. There is also an upgraded «Sky Striker Wingsuit» (previously known as «Black Hand Prototype Weaponized Wingsuit» in early promotional materials) as a preorder bonus (later added as a DLC that can be purchased by anyone). This version has a small rocket engine and can launch missiles.

In JC4 the wingsuit has been redesigned a little, to make the wings extends further along Ricos side. They’re still only as wide as his arms, but the end of a wing is now near his knee.

The JC4 wingsuit (and parachute) can both have optional different looks. Some of these were provided as pre-order rewards, some have been announced as downloadable content for Just Cause 4, but most of them can be unlocked by completing various in-game tasks.

Just Cause Mobile

Wingsuits are available in JC:M for at least a few (maybe more or all) Firebrand members (the player). Little is known, but the player should be able to activate the wingsuit and glide in the air, via some sort of button on the mobile device.

Интересные факты

Пререкания между разработчиками и геймерским сообществом по поводу необходимости создания мультиплейера продолжались более трёх лет. «Just Cause 3: Multiplayer» являет редкий случай, когда коллективная воля игроков победила лень разработчиков. При разработке игры, студия не только занималась сбором фото пейзажей различных районов Средиземноморья, но даже направила специальную экспедицию в те районы, для, как они выразились, «улучшения информационного охвата территорий», взятых за основу при создании игровых локаций. Теперь мы можем с абсолютно чистой совестью предлагать пользователям к игре Just Cause 3: Multiplayer скачать торрент и насладиться всеми богатыми возможностями, которые предлагает геймерам данная игрушка.

Особенности Just Cause 3: Multiplayer

Разрушаемость игрового мира в третьей серии вышла на принципиально новый уровень. Теперь снести с лица земли можно любой игровой объект, даже самый масштабный.

На этой странице по кнопке ниже вы можете скачать Just Cause 3: Multiplayer через торрент бесплатно.

DLC remains locked even after purchase [semi-resolved]


This is a common problem, discussed here.

According to a Square Enix support site, this is a problem with the PS4. Their advice is:

«Following the PlayStation4 firmware update on 30th May, we are aware of an issue on PlayStation4, which may cause errors when accessing DLC for some of our games. Please visit the following page on the PlayStation Support website for troubleshooting steps that should resolve these issues: https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/get-help/help-library/error-codes/ce-32809-2/ If you continue to experience issues, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.«

Crash to desktop at Cabo Marrón island


Many players report crashes happening on approach of the western island off the coast of Cabo Marrón on the Epic Games version. No error message appears during this crash, although Event Viewer will silently log an «Event 1000, Application Error» for JustCause4.exe (Exception code: 0xc0000005, Fault offset: 0x0000000004531648). This bug prevents completion of a wingsuit stunt and of 100% completion of the game.

The same reports mention that purchasing the expansion pass of Just Cause 4 prevents the issue from happening. This is not an acceptable resolution for owners of the base game.

Assault rifles

  • Bavarium Splitter — Shrapnel gun added in the Sky Fortress DLC. Does not seem to be based on any particular assault rifle. Cannot be found in the base game.
  • CS27 Misfortune — A burst-fire bullpup assault rifle based on the Kel-Tec RFB and loosely based on the IMI Tavor TAR-21.
  • CS Predator — Mid-range higher-tier assault rifle based on the ACR, Beretta ARX-160 and IWI ACE.
  • Kousavá — Scorpion-shaped assault rifle. This is a DLC. Does not resemble any particular assault rifle. Cannot be found in the base game.
  • U-39 Plechovka — Main assault rifle in the game. Loosely based on the AK-47 and the IMI Galil.
  • UPM61 — Another bullpup assault rifle, but semi-automatic. Based on the Norinco Type 86S and OTs-14 Groza.
  • While never seen in-game, there is rebel graffiti showing what appears to be an AK-47 like rifle.

Kasabian Trailer animated sequence

The beginning sequence of the «Kasabian Trailer» is animated and features multiple things that don’t exist in that form in the final game:

  • Suspension bridge that resembles the bridges around Panau City. There are no suspension bridges in Medici.
  • Rico’s Mugello Vistosa does not have a spoiler. Originally the rear end of that car was indeed different. See above in the «Mugello Vistosa rear end» section. The different Vistosa still exists in the game files, allowing some Modifications (PC only) to spawn it for use.
  • The CS Navajo in the video is armed with a machine gun, in addition to the missiles. In the final game it has two types of missiles and no machine gun.
  • The Urga Postolka in the video is armed with a single machine gun in the front center. In the final game it has two, mounted under small wings on the sides.
  • Rico is armed with an unknown rocket launcher. There are several Rocket Launchers in Just Cause 3

    It could be a Fire Leech in beta form. The design looks vaguely similar to it.

    , but not that one.


Medici Police Department

According to pre-release promotional materials, the Medici Police Department was supposed to be in the game as a functional police force, but this was cancelled. The modifying community has found models and script settings for them in the game files.

The police is still mentioned in the collectible Di Ravello tapes.


Just like the police, model and script remains still exist in the game files. According to the «The art of Just Cause 3» book that comes with the collectors edition of the game, Looch is one of the mafia characters. The book also has about 10 drawings of different mafia member heads.

These guys were likely armed with the «GuitaRPG» weapon.

Black Hand

Apparently there was another character model called «Elite» that for unknown reasons, didn’t make it into the game. It heavily resembles the in-game «Aegis» character model, of which, it is possible that «Elite» was renamed to «Aegis» and the old Aegis model (second character from left) was scrapped. (See gallery below)

Floating items and crude textures

 All Platforms  

Unfortunately the game has no co-ordinates, so it’s impossible to accurately report many locations.

  • Some really crude hill texture near Punto Norte (see the gallery below).
  • The racetrack texture in the Quya stadium does not match the shape of the road surface. The vehicle is constantly visible, but looking at the road from different angles reveals that the road is partly floating over a meter off the ground.
  • There’s a couple of large floating rocks at one of the tunnel entrances at Zona Tres.
  • Several small towns have been seen to have floating chairs and even houses where one side of the house is in the air, allowing the player to see under it.

Somewhere near Punto Norte.

At Aburrida.

Floating rocks at Zona Tres.

Extra wheels on semi-trailers

The pre-launch flatbed trailers were very unusual in shape. Normally a semi-trailer only has wheels under the rear end, but the ones seen in the videos also had wheels under the front, just behind the trucks wheels. In reality there are large trailers with up to hundreds of wheels where each wheel can turn with hydraulic systems, but those are quite rare. Also, in one pre-launch gameplay video, it can be seen that the front wheels of the flatbed trailer don’t actually turn around.

It seems that Avalanche Studios had a bit of trouble programming these trailers, the pre-launch supply drop lists shows that both the car trailer and flatbed both have those extra wheels, but some later gameplay videos have shown the car trailer with out them. It is likely that they figured out how to get rid of them by the time those later videos were made.

In one video, it has been seen that the car transport trailer had tire smoke from the trailer wheels, in addition to the trucks own rear wheels. This particular peculiarity is also seen in GTA V.

According to the supply drop icons, the vehicle transporter had the same additional wheels at the time the icons were made. Oddly enough, the icons were not updated before the game was launched.

As seen in one of the pre-launch gameplay videos.

Notice the highly unusual extra wheels.

As seen in the supply drop list.


This is the headquarters for the military in Insula Fonte.

This place is the headquarters of all the military troops stationed throughout the Insula Fonte region, and as such it can be assumed that from here, all military operations carried out on the island are coordinated from here. The deployment of troops throughout the island is also organized to maintain the military presence for all the locations and the dispatch of reinforcements to all units when they need it anywhere.

At the entrance, there is a large gate/door, similar to what are in police stations. A bit before the entrance on the road up to the compound, there is a metal guard tower. It has a large tower, which is similar in appearance to a flak tower or an air traffic control tower. There are buildings surrounding the tower, which is in the middle of the base.

It has a FOW guarding it that is replicated by the handheld Dionysus PLDS-H. The FOW is an airstrike delivered by a CS7 Thunderhawk.

The in-game map description says «Built on the ruins of an ancient Salirosan fortress, Cima Leon’s CentCom Tower is the bastion from which Di Ravello’s regional commanders keep Insula Fonte under strict control.»

Many vehicles were renamed

Earlier pre-launch gameplay videos revealed several examples of vehicles that went through name changes.

There’s a full list at Vehicles in Just Cause 4.

List to be copied here at some point.

  • Thunderhead Bomber Jet was at first known as «Emsavion Thunderhead» and «Prospero Thunderhead».
  • Caravana Camper was at first known as «Old Camper Van».
  • Ranchero Truck used to be «Prisa Ranchero».
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Some vehicles were renamed after the game was launched:

  • «Black Hand Stealth Micro Jet» became Stealth Microfighter.
  • «Espinosa’s Verdeleon» became «Custom Verdeleon Eco» and later Neon Racer Supercar.
  • «Weaponized Vagabundo» became Deathstalker Scorpion Assault Buggy.
  • ?
  • ?
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