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Logbook Entry

The Environment Log can be found beneath the stage, on a ledge with part of a large ring slightly protruding from it. The ledge is located roughly on the opposite side of the map from the long curved ramp that leads to the exit portal. For an easier time, try getting the log in Drizzle difficulty to mitigate the Suffocating effect. Using Loader and/or mobility items like Hopoo FeatherGain an extra jump.Gain +1 (+1 per stack) maximum jump count. and Milky Chrysalis60sGain temporary flight.Sprout wings and fly for 15 seconds. Gain +20% movement speed for the duration. can also help getting to the ledge easier.

It will disappear 5 minutes after entering the level, which means that it needs to be retrieved while the map is under the cover of darkness.

Version History

PS4 & Xbox One Patch
  • Bug Fixes
Anniversary Update
  • Gameplay Changes
  • Quality of Life
    • Graphics Updates
Early Access Content Update 5
  • Major Content
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with spread from bloom being applied to both minimum and maximum spread (ie you could never have a bullet travel dead-center when your spread bloom is at maximum) for Huntress’
    • Fixed Visions of HeresyReplace your Primary Skill with ‘Hungering Gaze’.Replace your Primary Skill with Hungering Gaze.Fire a flurry of tracking shards that detonate after a delay, dealing 120% base damage. Hold up to 12 charges (+12 per stack) that reload after 2 seconds (+2 per stack). allowing Huntress’ to exceed three shots
  • (Undocumented) Updated description for , , and to include keywords
PC Early Access Patch (Build ID No.4892828)
  • Bug Fixes
Early Access Artifacts Content Update
  • Major Content
    • Added New Skill Variant:

      Draw back a volley of 3 seeking arrows for 3×100% damage. Critical Strikes fire 6 arrows. Can be used while sprinting.

    • Added New Huntress Challenge: Finishing Touch
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Add 1 New Skill Variant
    • Improve Huntress tracker visuals to be a bit more clear
    • /

      Cooldown: 17s ⇒ 12s

      • Fire Rate: 0.6s ⇒ 0.5s
      • Travel Speed: 60m/s ⇒ 120m/s
      • Improve VFX
Early Access ‘Skills 2.0’ Content Update
  • Major Content and Changes
    • Added New Skill Variant:

      Disappear and teleport a short distance. Can store up to 3 charges. Can be used while sprinting.

    • Added New Skill Variant:

      Teleport backwards into the sky. Fire up to 3 energy bolts, dealing 3×900% damage.

    • Added New Skin:
    • Added New Class Challenge:
    • Added New Class Challenge:
    • Added New Class Challenge:
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Add 2 new skill variants
    • Add 1 new skin
  • Bug Fixes
Early Access Scorched Acres Content Update
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Raise vertical height of to be more cylindrical
    • Fix Huntress jump not scaling its animation speed with attack speed
    • Add “Safe Movement” during to reduce the chance of clipping through geometry
    • Clean up logic in to possibly prevent double firing
Early Access Patch (Build ID No.3731106)
  • Gameplay Changes
    • *Arrow Rain had a very low proc coefficient because of its AoE dot status, but it was unnecessarily low.*

      proc coefficient raised from 0.1 to 0.2 per tick.

  • Bug Fixes


  • Items that increase damage or attack speed are invaluable on Loader, especially on-hit items which deal bonus total damage. In combination with her Charged Gauntlet, items such as Ukulele…and his music was electric.25% chance to fire chain lightning for 80% TOTAL damage on up to 3 (+2 per stack) targets within 20m (+2m per stack). and Kjaro’s BandHigh damage hits also blasts enemies with a runic flame tornado. Recharges over time.Hits that deal more than 400% damage also blasts enemies with a runic flame tornado, dealing 300% (+300% per stack) TOTAL damage over time. Recharges every 10 seconds.

    While higher attack speed is useful for filling up Scrap Barrier quickly and dealing damage with procs, be mindful that Knuckleboom knocks smaller enemies away with every hit. With higher attack speed values, its damage may suffer simply because enemies are constantly being pushed out of reach. This is a non-issue against larger enemies or bosses.

    substantially increase her damage output.

  • Knuckleboom briefly stuns and knocks back lighter enemies such as Lemurians, Beetles, Imps, and Hermit Crabs.
  • Grapple Fist & Spiked Fist

    However, hitting an enemy at the very limit of Spiked Fist’s range will not trigger the grappling effect or put the skill on cooldown, but will still deal damage. This may be a bug.

    only go on cooldown if the attack connects with an enemy or terrain; if not, it reels back in and is immediately ready for re-use.

  • It is possible to charge up Charged Gauntlet while attached to something by Grapple Fist or Spiked Fist. Use this to gain damage when using Charged Gauntlet, as its damage is increased by Loader’s movement speed. On top of dealing massive amounts of damage, it can also allow her to cover great distances very quickly.
  • Release Charged Gauntlet at the apex of Grapple Fist’s trajectory (right when Loader starts going upwards) to maintain maximum momentum when trying to go far.
  • When attached to something with Grapple Fist or Spiked Fist, repeatedly toggling sprint can rapidly increase Loader’s movement speed and/or swinging radius (distance between Loader and what she’s attached to). The swinging radius can extend infinitely, being limited only by the boundaries of the map.
  • Like Artificer’s , Loader can sprint while charging up Charged Gauntlet by toggling sprint after beginning the charge.
  • Loader can move faster while using Knuckleboom by pressing the sprint key between attacks.
  • Scrap Barrier will apply to Knuckleboom, Charged Gauntlet, and Thunder Gauntlet, but not M551 Pylon or Thunderslam.
  • Loader makes exceptional use of the H3AD-5T v2Increase jump height. Hold ‘Interact’ to slam down to the ground.Increase jump height. Creates a 5m-100m radius kinetic explosion on hitting the ground, dealing 1000%-10000% base damage that scales up with fall distance. Recharges in 10 (-50% per stack) seconds., as she is more than capable of meeting the height requirement for its max damage. Additionally, she can use the fall speed increase to gain more velocity for Charged Gauntlet and Thunder Gauntlet.
  • Loader pairs well with the Hardlight AfterburnerAdd 2 extra charges of your Utility skill. Reduce Utility skill cooldown.Add +2 (+2 per stack) charges of your Utility skill. Reduces Utility skill cooldown by 33%.

    This also significantly augments her mobility, allowing her to use Charged and Thunder Gauntlet to move around even more easily.

    , as a large chunk of her damage comes from her utility skill.

  • While Thunder Gauntlet technically is stronger than Charged Gauntlet early on (2100%+1000% compared to 2700%), Charged Gauntlet eventually eclipses it thanks to its piercing property. As enemies become more plentiful, Charged Gauntlet can plow through them and deal its full damage to each, as opposed to Thunder Gauntlet only dealing its full damage to a single enemy.
  • Thunder Gauntlet works well with Thunderslam, as the ricochet from hitting a target can be used to follow up with a slam, though Charged Gauntlet can work as well since it can be used to pierce through an enemy.


  • Shaped Glass’s main weakness is the fact that it removes , meaning the player is always in danger of dying from a single attack. Strong-hitting enemies like the Stone Golem become much more threatening when holding this item, so the player must pay even more attention to their surroundings. Strategizing how to kill enemies quickly and what route to take is key to avoiding certain death.
  • Barrier items like the Topaz BroochGain a temporary barrier on kill.Gain a temporary barrier on kill for 15 health (+15 per stack). pair well with Shaped Glass, as barrier decays slower with lower maximum health and affords much-needed survivability.
  • Tougher TimesChance to block incoming damage.15% (+15% per stack) chance to block incoming damage. Unaffected by luck. and Repulsion Armor PlateReceive flat damage reduction from all attacks.Reduce all incoming damage by 5 (+5 per stack). Cannot be reduced below 1. are invaluable items to use with Shaped Glass. The Armor Plate mitigates damage-over-time effects such as, or attacks from light-hitting enemies like the Lesser Wisp. Although Tougher Times activates randomly, having even a chance to avoid otherwise lethal damage is still worthwhile, especially when one-shot protection is removed.
  • Fixed damage, such as N’kuhana’s OpinionFire haunting skulls when healed.Store 100% (+100% per stack) of healing as Soul Energy. After your Soul Energy reaches 10% of your maximum health, fire a skull that deals 250% of your Soul Energy as damage. and Helfire Tincture45sBurn everything nearby… including you and allies.Ignite ALL characters within 15m for 12s. Deal 5% of your maximum health/second as burning to yourself. The burn is 0.5x stronger on allies, and 24x stronger on enemies., is not increased by the Shaped Glass, since these items do not use the Survivor’s

    This also means that any total damage items activated by fixed damage, such as AtG Missile Mk. 1Chance to fire a missile.10% chance to fire a missile that deals 300% (+300% per stack) TOTAL damage. and Ukulele…and his music was electric.25% chance to fire chain lightning for 80% TOTAL damage on up to 3 (+2 per stack) targets within 20m (+2m per stack)., are not increased by the Shaped Glass.

    base damage stat.


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This is the logbook entry of D. Furthen, naturalist for the UES  in conjunction with the UES Research and Documentation of Outer Life. I am joined by my good friend Tharson, who is keeping me safe through this journey.


While assessing our landing site and the small ghostly creatures that now lay, unfortunately flat, under our ship, we heard loud booming footsteps approaching. We stepped away to observe this lifeform’s behavior from afar.

I will describe its properties below. I have assigned their common name as ‘Parent’.

• Tall, lumbering giants, eerily humanoid. Where you would expect to see a face there is only a hole, giving a blank look to them. Their ghostly skin appears to run like wax but even so it does not seem to congeal at their feet.

• Their large hands have opposable thumbs. This could possibly mean that they have the capability for intelligence, using tools or testing their environment with dextrous manipulation.

• If we hadn’t taken up this vantage point when we did, the creature would have been upon us before we realized it. Its distant footstep sounds betrayed how quickly it closed the distance.

• I had Tharson throw a stone near the creature and suddenly any signs of intelligence faded, replaced with primal fury. Deadly, wild force rained down as it smashed the ground with its fists, searching for the perpetrator of its peaceful moment. Our ship was not OK from this encounter.


РЕКС — наполовину растение, наполовину выживший робот. Чтобы разблокировать его, вам нужно перенести топливный элемент из спасательной капсулы (на первом уровне) в Abyssal Depths. Его можно будет разблокировать только в Abyssal Depths, но как только вы его разблокируете, вы сможете играть за него во время следующего забега.

Вы можете найти REX на высокой платформе недалеко от центра карты. Чтобы добраться до платформы, запрыгните на одно из отверстий, которое подбрасывает вас в воздух. Оказавшись на высоких платформах, ищите РЕКСА, который появится в виде сломанного робота.

Ознакомьтесь с этим полным руководством по REX, чтобы узнать больше о том, как разблокировать его и играть за него.


Rallypoint Delta is the remains of a makeshift camp constructed by a group of scattered crew members from the UES Contact Light, somewhere in the frigid tundra of Petrichor V. Meagerly defended and built mostly out of empty cargo containers, it was a doomed attempt by the survivors to endure the relentless onslaught of the planet’s denizens. It does appear that they were able to hold out for some period of time, given the survivor’s ability to construct the signature radio tower located in the cliffs above the camp and the presence of the damaged yet repairable TC-280 Prototype, a formidable and heavily-armed Drone.

By the time the Survivors of the UES Safe Travels happen upon it, Rallypoint Delta is long-abandoned and mostly buried within the snow.

Given the usage of ‘delta’ in its name, it can be assumed that Rallypoint Delta was one of several locations established by the survivors.


  • The player can only sprint forward and forward/to the side, which might seem to limit the use of Strafe, but they can still attack enemies behind them while sprinting away by quickly flicking the camera behind the player while using Strafe.
  • Phase Blink travels in any horizontal direction with an exceptionally short cooldown, making it ideal for maintaining as much uptime on Strafe as possible.
  • Phase Blink’s teleportation distance increases with higher movement speed.
  • Laser Glaive stalls downward movement in the air and can be used to increase horizontal distance when jumping, or to avoid fall damage.
  • Laser Glaive can travel through terrain.
  • Laser Glaive, Blink, and Arrow Rain can all be used to avoid fall damage, though Laser Glaive needs a target to be used. Be careful, as the player is vulnerable while hovering.
  • Arrow Rain resets horizontal momentum, so use it first in jumping combos in order to Blink to the desired location.
  • The player can use Blink or Arrow Rain during Laser Glaive in order to cancel the otherwise long startup animation for Laser Glaive.
  • Jumping during the animation of Laser Glaive will send the player higher.
  • Arrows from Strafe and Flurry can travel through terrain.
  • While Flurry deals much more damage than Strafe once the player increases their critical strike chance, it has a slower overall start-up time in early stages, which can hinder its effectiveness against groups of enemies. This can be further exacerbated if Arrow Ballista is taken over Arrow Rain. A Backup MagazineAdd an extra charge of your Secondary skill.Add +1 (+1 per stack) charge of your Secondary skill. can be an invaluable pickup, allowing for rapid multi-target damage with consecutive uses of Laser Glaive

    Since each arrow from Flurry can trigger items, stacking Predatory Instincts’Critical Strikes’ increase attack speed. Stacks 3 times.Gain 5% critical chance. Critical strikes increase attack speed by 12%. Maximum cap of 36% (+24% per stack) attack speed. can increase its attack speed rapidly.



Elite monsters are similar to their basic comrades, but they have a different color, head adornment, extra health, and added abilities. They can be easily recognized by their altered appearance and a symbol on their health bar.

Elite monsters have a very small chance to drop their Elite buff as an . The drop chance for this is 0.025%, or 1 in 4000. This is affected by 57 Leaf CloverLuck is on your side.All random effects are rolled +1 (+1 per stack) times for a favorable outcome. and PurityReduce your skill cooldowns by 2 seconds. You are unlucky.All skill cooldowns are reduced by 2 (+1 per stack) seconds. All random effects are rolled +1 (+1 per stack) times for an unfavorable outcome..

There are two tiers of Elite monsters. Tier 1 consists of the Blazing, Glacial and Overloading Elites who have 4 times the health and twice the damage of a normal variation of that monster, and Tier 2 consists of the Malachite and Celestine Elites who have 18 times the health, six times the damage. Tier 2 Elites only appear after . There is also the Perfected Elite category, although these Elites can only appear under specific circumstances.

All monsters can be Elite, even Bosses, except for Magma Worms, Overloading Worms, and Twisted Scavengers. See also the notes.


  • Red Elites receive a «» name prefix, are colored red and/or orange, and have curved ibex-like horns.
  • They leave behind a fiery trail that deals 150% damage per second on contact.
  • Their attacks their targets for 4 seconds, dealing up to 20% of the target’s combined health in damage. See .
  • Equipment item: Ifrit’s DistinctionBecome an aspect of fire.


  • Blue Elites receive an «» name prefix, are colored blue, and have two short horns on their forehead.
  • 50% of their health is replaced by shields that rapidly recharge 7 seconds after they’ve stopped taking damage.
  • Their attacks attach a bomb to the target, which explodes after 1.5 seconds for 50% total damage in a 4m radius. This is unaffected by proc coefficients.
  • Equipment item: Silence Between Two StrikesBecome an aspect of lightning.


  • White Elites receive a «» name prefix, are colored white and/or light blue/cyan, and have a crown of crystals around their head.
  • Their attacks apply an on hit for 1.5 seconds. See Movement Speed and Status Effects.
  • On death, they leave behind an ice bomb that explodes after 2 seconds. The explosion hurts all players in its radius for 150% base damage and freezes them for 1.5 seconds.
  • Equipment item: Her Biting EmbraceBecome an aspect of ice.


  • Poison Elites receive a «» name prefix, are colored blackish green like Malachite crystals, and have slender spikes on their heads. Blackish green particles are also present in a large area around them.
  • Their attacks for 8 seconds.
  • They release 3-9 spiked balls every 6 seconds, which explode for 100% damage in a 7m radius and sprout spike pits where they land, which also do 100% damage on contact.
  • On death, they spawn a Malachite Urchin that shoots spikes at the player until it expires.
  • Equipment item: N’kuhana’s RetortBecome an aspect of corruption.


  • Haunted Elites receive a «» name prefix, are colored sky blue like Celestine crystals, and have a circlet floating over their head.
  • They create a large spherical aura around themselves that grants to non-Celestine monsters within. Monsters that are invisible can still be attacked and damaged.
  • Their attacks apply an on hit for 3 seconds. See Movement Speed and Status Effects.
  • Equipment item: Spectral CircletBecome an aspect of incorporeality.


  • Perfected Elites receive the «» name prefix and have a white halo above their head. These Elites only appear on Commencement or during a Lunar Chimera Family Event.
  • 100% of their health is replaced by shields that rapidly recharge 7 seconds after they’ve stopped taking damage.
  • Their attacks apply the debuff for 3 seconds, reducing the armor and movement speed of any player hit.
  • Every 10 seconds, they fire a barrage of 4 projectiles that deal 30% damage each.
  • Equipment item: Shared DesignBecome an aspect of perfection.


  • The Overloading Worm is not regarded as an Overloading Elite version of the Magma Worm. They are similar, but separate species.
  • Elite status does not confer any immunities, resistances, or armor additions.
  • Glacial Elites’ on-death explosion can be blockedChance to block incoming damage.15% (+15% per stack) chance to block incoming damage. Unaffected by luck..
  • Despite their , enemies within a Celestine Elites’ sphere can still be targeted by most attacks that have automatic targeting, such as Huntress’s attacks.


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Uhm… this is DS-9, here at rendezvous point 9. We seem to have lost connection with the other dropships.
We are holding, waiting for zeta squad at designated rendezvous. Wow, it’s so beautiful here.
Uhm… we are seeing a, uh… MASSIVE unknown entity at the landing site. It seems impaired, or unaware. Oh my god… I’ve never seen anything like it. Wow, amazing. It’s so bright. I can’t believe something like this exists in the world.
Still holding – this is the rendezvous point, right? We are still waiting for zeta squad. 
The unknown entity is uh, turning around. 


The equipment cooldown is determined by the formula

Amount 15s 20s 30s 45s 60s 100s 140s % reduction
1 7.5 10 15 22.5 30 50 70 50%
2 6.4 8.5 12.8 19.1 25.5 42.5 59.5 57.5%
3 5.4 7.2 10.8 16.3 21.7 36.1 50.6 63.9%
4 4.6 6.1 9.2 13.8 18.4 30.7 43 69.3%
5 3.9 5.2 7.8 11.7 15.7 26.1 36.5 73.9%
6 3.3 4.4 6.7 10 13.3 22.2 31.1 77.8%
7 2.8 3.8 5.7 8.5 11.3 18.9 26.4 81.1%
8 2.4 3.2 4.8 7.2 9.6 16 22.4 84%
9 2 2.7 4.1 6.1 8.2 13.6 19.1 86.4%
10 1.7 2.3 3.5 5.2 6.9 11.6 16.2 88.4%

If the player has any Fuel CellsHold an additional equipment charge. Reduce equipment cooldown.Hold an additional equipment charge (+1 per stack). Reduce equipment cooldown by 15% (+15% per stack)., add that amount to the amount of Gestures of the Drowned (as long as the player has at least one Gesture).

5 Наемник + солдатский шприц

  • Стиль игры: постоянная атака, никогда не проводите слишком много времени вдали от боя, чтобы полностью использовать предмет «Шприц».
  • Шприц солдата: увеличивает скорость атаки на 15 процентов, которая полностью складывается при каждом поднятии. Если у кого-то их пять, это на целых 75 процентов больше.

Наемник — персонаж ближнего боя в Risk of Rain 2 , что делает их очень открытыми для закрытых атак от множества врагов, с которыми наверняка столкнутся игроки. Солдатский шприц — это простой предмет, который увеличивает скорость атаки игрока на 15 процентов. Это кажется не впечатляющим, но возможность более последовательной обработки, связанной с попаданиями, меняет правила игры.

Уклонение от атак и быстрое возвращение в бой являются основными инструментами в арсенале Наемника, а наличие нескольких стеков Шприц солдата быстро превращает этого персонажа в непреодолимую угрозу с мечом, особенно в сочетании с предметами, срабатывающими на основе атак. Когда дело доходит до Risk of Rain сборок , этот менее сложный, но он того стоит при достижении более высоких стеков.

Группа 4 Кьяро + Группа Рунальда

  • Стиль игры: OP Комбинация в основной игре, но две полосы должны быть разблокированы в Заброшенном Акведуке.
  • Кольцо Кьяро: наносит 300-процентный урон противникам с помощью огненного торнадо при нанесении 400-процентного урона врагам.
  • Кольцо Рунальда: Скорость передвижения противника снижается на 80 процентов в течение трех секунд, также он получает 250 процентов урона, когда игрок наносит 400 процентов урона врагу.

Это Risk of Rain 2 build включает Kjaro’s Band и Runald’s Band, два специальных предмета, которые можно разблокировать, только найдя их в Заброшенном акведуке .; однако их способности стоят того, чтобы обойти их стороной. Пройдите пробежку, пока не окажетесь в этой пустынной, холмистой зоне, и найдите то, что кажется большой дырой в скале с воротами на ней. На карте есть две нажимные пластины, которые игроки должны найти, и они и кто-то другой должны наступить на них одновременно, чтобы открыть секретную зону.

Группа Kjaro’s Band и Runald’s Band будут разблокированы вскоре после этого для будущих запусков. Kjaro’s Band наносит огромную волну AOE-урона, когда атаки, которые наносят более 400 процентов урона, соединяются, в то время как Runald’s Band замедляет врага на 80 процентов на несколько секунд, а затем наносит огромный урон после атаки, которая наносит более 400 процентов урона. Вместе они действуют одновременно, быстро уничтожая врагов.

Лучшие товары

Капитан может быть выжившим, ориентированным на поддержку, но он может значительно расширить свои возможности с помощью правильных предметов. Он немного медлительный, поэтому вам, как правило, захочется получить некоторые предметы для передвижения. Он может вызывать только два маяка за этап, поэтому вам нужно будет собирать предметы, которые усиливают атаку для других его способностей. Вот несколько отличных предметов для капитана.

Tri-Tip Dagger: Капитан имеет высокий коэффициент срабатывания, поэтому вам захочется получить предметы, которые имеют дело с шансом. Его основная способность имеет коэффициент срабатывания 0,75 для каждой из 8 выпущенных им пуль. По сути, у вас будет высокий шанс пролить кровь на врагов с помощью Tri-Tip Dagger. Предмет начинается с 10% шансом вызвать кровотечение у врага на 240% урона.

Бомба-липучка: этот предмет дает вам 5% шанс прикрепить бомбу к врагу, нанося 180% общего урона. Это может показаться не таким уж большим, но поскольку у Капитана высокий коэффициент срабатывания для его первой способности, у вас есть хороший шанс прикрепить бомбы-липучки. Они дают дополнительный урон, который всегда нужен.

Восковый перепел: поскольку капитан не такой подвижный, неплохо было бы взять несколько восковых перепелов. Этот предмет продвинет вас вперед на 10 метров, если вы прыгнете во время спринта.

Резервный журнал: капитан может использовать свою особую способность только два раза за этап, поэтому вам нужно взять несколько резервных журналов, чтобы увеличить количество раз, когда вы можете использовать другие способности. Этот предмет добавит один заряд к любой выбранной вторичной способности.

Красный кнут : Как упоминалось выше, капитан медлителен. С Red Whip ваша скорость передвижения вне боя увеличится на 30%. Это отлично подходит для изучения карты или для быстрого бегства от группы врагов после того, как им удалось оторваться от них.

Патронташ: этот предмет дает вам 18% шанс сбросить время восстановления всех способностей. Патронташ отлично подходит для капитана, у которого большое время восстановления некоторых способностей. Вместо того, чтобы ждать 40 секунд удара OGM-72 ‘DIABLO’ Strike, найдите этот предмет.

Резервное копирование: пассивный навык капитана дает каждому дрону, который он активирует, микробота. Это включает в себя 4 ударных дронов, которые вызываются с помощью The Back-up. Постарайтесь иметь это оборудование, чтобы максимально использовать микроботов.

Hardlight Afterburner: этот предмет добавляет два дополнительных заряда к полезности и уменьшает время восстановления на 33%. Служебная способность капитана по умолчанию может быть использована только три раза за этап, но этот предмет увеличит ее до пяти. Орбитальный зонд невероятно силен, поэтому вы определенно захотите увеличить количество его использования.

Как разблокировать жест утопленника

Чтобы разблокировать «Жест утопленников», вы должны убить 20 крабов-отшельников, прогнав их за край карты. Хотя формулировка задачи гласит, что вы должны прогнать их за пределы карты. край карты, убийство крабов-отшельников с падением также считается.

Раки-отшельники появляются на пятом уровне Abyssal Depths и будет прятаться по карте, издалека кидая в вас камни. Когда вы подойдете к ним, они убежат в обратном направлении. Подойдя к ним, когда они находятся у края карты или обрыва, вы можете убить их, прогнав. Сделайте это 20 раз, и вы разблокируете «Жест утопленника».

Рекомендуем ознакомится с другими гайдами на популярные игры Расскажем про секреты и хитрости, которые можно использовать в играх со своей выгодой. А также про полезные и интересные историй в видеоиграх.

Есть два подхода к решению этой задачи. Первый — добраться до Abyssal Depths и отправиться на более высокие уровни карты

Увидев краба-отшельника, осторожно уменьшите его здоровье до уровня, при котором он умрет от повреждений при падении. Избегайте использования таких предметов, как нестабильная катушка Тесла, Razorwire и дроны так что вы случайно не убьете их

Второй (и более простой) вариант — пройти мимо Abyssal Depths, пока не дойдете до Titanic Plains во втором круге , так как в этот момент на карте появятся крабы-отшельники. В Titanic Plains есть несколько легко доступных краев карты, которые идеально подходят для этой задачи. Если вы пойдете в магазин с Небесного луга, вы можете потратить лунные монеты, чтобы гарантировать, что следующий этап — Титанические равнины.

Оказавшись там, дождитесь появления крабов-отшельников, затем загоните их к краю карты. Если сбить их здесь, они погибнут от повреждений при падении. Сделайте это 20 раз, и «Жест утопленников» станет вашим.


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Yeah, I had to. I had no choice. Marion knew - and she was always so much stronger. So much stronger than all of us.

And it worked, it really did! Marion saved all of us. The dagger - it saved Pugh and Larsen and Dillon. Carney and Stevens.

But Pugh saw - he saw and he didn't understand. How could he? I tried to tell him - I ran over to him. But I couldn't convince him otherwise, and he was so crazy - so crazy! He wouldn't shut up and the golems were coming and the dagger - there was no choice.

Everyone was real somber that night. We lost Hitchcock and Marion and Pugh. Real somber. Later on, Carney found the book from a nearby chest. And it really all made sense - it did! I knew why Marion had that dagger and why I had to be the one to kill her. And Carney? He was too strong. I couldn't risk him not understanding. He wouldn't understand.

But Carney was big. Everyone else would've known. So that night, after I killed him, I went and took his body to the Altar. And I hid the Altar - right at the edge of the cliff, between two clusters of roots, in a cave underneath. And in that cave... I worshipped Her Concepts.

The rest? Well, they were so old and so tired. They were just gifts for N'kuhana. And She loved them. 


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