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List of tablets[]

The mod adds 17 tablets to the game.

Icon Name Effect Anima Level Req Soul Power Act Cost Soul Power Drain Tablet range Recipe Tooltip Item Id
Tablet of Agility Grants Speed III to nearby players Level 17 15 Soul Power 3.36/s 15 blocks Increases Movement Speed aoa3:agility_tablet
Tablet of Awareness Applies Glowing effect to all nearby mobs Level 23 7.5 Soul Power 1.82/s 20 blocks Shows Nearby Hostile Mobs aoa3:awareness_tablet
Tablet of Breeding Encourages all nearby animals to breed, makes baby animals age faster Level 29 75 Soul Power 10.2/s 15 blocks Encourages Animal Breeding aoa3:breeding_tablet
Tablet of Cleansing Removes negative potion effects from nearby players Level 16 30 Soul Power 3.2/s 7 blocks Cleanses Negative Effects aoa3:cleansing_tablet
Tablet of Distortion Grants Invisibility to nearby players Level 64 45 Soul Power 5.86/s 10 blocks Grants Invisibility aoa3:distortion_tablet
Tablet of Energy Regenerates 10 Energy per second to nearby players Level 37 19.5 Soul Power 6.43/s 12 blocks Regenerates Energy aoa3:energy_tablet
Tablet of Gravity Grants Jump Boost V to nearby players Level 11 27 Soul Power 6.43/s 14 blocks Reduces Gravity aoa3:gravity_tablet
Tablet of Oxygen Nearby players have infinite air Level 6 7.5 Soul Power 1.8/s 11 blocks Allows Underwater Breathing aoa3:oxygen_tablet
Tablet of Pressure Applies Slowness III to all nearby mobs Level 71 37.5 Soul Power 6.04/s 10 blocks Slows Hostile Mobs aoa3:pressure_tablet
Tablet of Proficiency TBP Level 56 60 Soul Power 2.86/s 14 blocks TBP aoa3:proficiency_tablet
Tablet of Resistance Grants Resistance II to nearby players Level 45 33 Soul Power 6.14/s 16 blocks Increases Damage Resistance aoa3:resistance_tablet
Tablet of Sanctity Inflicts burning to all nearby mobs, applies Wither I instead if the mob is immune to fire Level 77 67.5 Soul Power 5.36/s 9 blocks Punishes Hostile Mobs aoa3:sanctity_tablet
Tablet of Satiation Restores 1 hunger point and 2 saturation points while active Level 3 43.5 Soul Power 3.05/s 25 blocks Restores Hunger aoa3:satiation_tablet
Tablet of Sight Grants Night Vision to nearby players Level 1 52.5 Soul Power 1.58/s 23 blocks Improves Vision aoa3:sight_tablet
Tablet of Strength Grants Strength II to nearby players Level 85 47 Soul Power 5.94/s 10 blocks Increases Strength aoa3:strength_tablet
Tablet of Untiring Grants Haste I to nearby players Level 97 90 Soul Power 2.54/s 20 blocks Increases Tool Efficiency aoa3:untiring_tablet
Tablet of Vitality Grants Regeneration II to nearby players Level 91 54 Soul Power 5.66/s 13 blocks Restores Health aoa3:vitality_tablet


Blasters are similar to guns in that when fired, the blaster launches a projectile at high speed. However, blasters differ from other guns in the way they are used.

To use a blaster, the player must first charge it up by holding down the use button while holding the blaster. After a while, the blaster will be able to be fired.

The ammunition to fire a blaster is energy. The player has to have enough energy in order to fire a blaster.

Blasters differ from guns in other ways:

  • Projectiles fired from blasters do not do knockback to entities that are hit (with a few exceptions).
  • Blasters will not recoil the player.
  • Blasters deal blaster damage.

Infusion Stones[]

As the player captures the Pixons, the player will obtain Infusion Stones from them. The Infusion stones come in many colors and power levels, depending on the Pixon obtained from.

To use the Infusion Stones, the player will need an Infusion Table, which can be crafted. Then the player must use the Infusion Stones on the table. However, as with the Pixons that the stones are obtained from, the player must be a certain Infusion level in order to use more advanced stones on the table.

When the stones are used on the table, most of the stones are broken down and the player is given xp, however very rarely an Infusion stone will convert into a Power Stone. The chance of this happening is 1 in 200, or 0.5%, (except for Ambient Infusion Stones, which have a 1 in 35 chance of converting instead).

This table shows the level requirements needed to use the stones on the table, as well as how much xp is received:

Infusion Stone Level Requirement Total XP
Glistening Infusion Stone Lv 5 8 xp
Gleaming Infusion Stone Lv 15 16 xp
Ambient Infusion Stone Lv 20 20 xp
Glaring Infusion Stone Lv 30 40 xp
Glowing Infusion Stone Lv 45 85 xp
Shining Infusion Stone Lv 60 150 xp
Radiant Infusion Stone Lv 70 220 xp
Blooming Infusion Stone Lv 80 300 xp

Creating the portal frame[]

To access the dimensions in the mod, the player has to create a portal (pictured right).

To make the portal, the player will first need to make the portal frame. The frame requires that the player collect the following materials:

  • 13 Ancient Rock
  • 1 Carved Rune of Power
  • 1 Carved Rune of Direction
  • 1 Carved Rune of Space
  • 1 Carved Rune of Reality
  • 1 Carved Rune of Travel

The ancient rock can be found in a ruined teleporter structure, while the carved runes (except carved rune of power) can be found inside vanilla chests in structures (Dungeons, Mineshafts, Village Blacksmiths, etc), and uncommonly as a part of the ruined teleporter. The carved rune of power is an exception, it must be crafted instead of found.

The player must build the frame to be 5 blocks long and 6 blocks tall, and all of the above listed materials must be present in the portal structure. The Carved Rune of Power has to go in the center spot on the bottom of the portal frame. The rest of the carved runes can go anywhere. The corners are not optional (see diagram below).

When the portal frame is built, there should be a 3 block long and 4 block tall empty space inside the frame for the portal to go in.

Changes to vanilla dimensions[]

The mod adds new content to the vanilla dimensions.


Main article: Overworld

The mod adds 6 news ores, 2 new structures, 47 new mobs, 1 boss, and 7 npcs to the Overworld, among other features. See the Overworld page for more information.

The Nether

Main article: The Nether

The mod adds 1 new ore, 2 new structures, 7 new mobs, 2 bosses, and 2 npcs to the Nether, among other features. See the Nether page for more information.

The mod adds a realmstone which can be used to open a portal to the Nether. The realmstone’s portal does not apply the 8:1 conversion that the vanilla Nether portal does. The realmstone is not required to access the Nether in the mod; the player can still use the vanilla portal.


There are 11 hostile mobs in Precasia, and 1 passive mob. Out of the 11 hostile mobs, 5 spawn in structures, and 4 are hunter mobs.


Name Spawning Requirement
Deinotherium Spawns naturally
Diocus Spawns in .
Dyrehorn Spawns naturally
Giant Snail Spawns naturally
Iosaur Spawns in .
Kaiyu Spawns in .
Opteryx Spawns in .
Sabretooth Spawns naturally
Spinoledon Spawns in .
Terradon Spawns naturally but is rare.
Tortione Spawns naturally

See individual mob pages for more information.

Name Spawning Requirement
Meganeuropsis Spawns naturally

See individual mob page for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement
Precasian Lottoman Spawns in Jungle Lotto Huts.
Undead Herald Spawns naturally

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement
Skeletal Army Spawned by interacting (right-clicking) with an Army Block, or by defeating a Skele-elder that is pre-spawned in the structure.
Tyrosaur Spawned by holding down the use (right-click) button while holding a Bone Horn.

See individual boss pages for more information.


The mobs in the Abyss have a bloody, macabre and monstrous feeling. There are 9 mobs in the Abyss. Out of those 9, two spawn in structures, and three of are hunter mobs.


Name Spawning Requirement
Anemia Spawns naturally
Apparition Spawns naturally
Bloodsucker Spawns naturally
Distorter Spawns naturally
Fiend Spawns naturally
Flesh Eater Spawns in .
Jawe Spawns in .
Occulent Spawns naturally
Web Reaper Spawns naturally

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement
Abyssal Lottoman Spawns in
Butchery Master Spawns naturally
Undead Herald Spawns naturally

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement
Elusive Spawned by using a Staring Eye on an Illusion Altar.
Shadowlord Spawned by using a Book of Shadows on a Shadow Altar.

See individual boss pages for more information.

Shining Pixons spawn naturally throughout the Abyss.


The landscape of the Haven is formed by many massive islands that float in the sky. The islands are composed of Weightless Stone, with Weightless Dirt and Weightless Grass on top. The terrain of the islands is rather mountainous, having many tall cliffs and overhangs. The islands generate fairly close together.

The surface of the islands is covered in multi-colored plants and trees. Crystallite Ore veins can be found generating in Weightless Stone in enormous quantities.

The islands float over the void.


Naturally generating
Weightless Grass
Weightless Dirt
Weightless Stone
Crystallite Ore
Oak Log
Haven Leaves
Haven Grass
Haven Dales
Generates in structures
Crystallite Bricks
Whitewash Bricks
Twinklestone Fence
Haven Glass
Guardian Altar
Dark Bricks
Dark Bricks Slab
Rune Post


There are three structures that can be found in the Haven:

Image Structure name Description
Floating Lotto Fountain A small fountain structure with a Twinkling Lottoman in it. Generates over the void.
Guardian Tower A massive tower structure that contains multiple floors, some of which have spawners. At the top is the Guardian Altar where the player can battle the Four Guardians boss. Generates on land.
Strike Rune Shrine The Strike Rune variant of the Rune Shrine can also spawn in the Haven.




Параметр игрока



Подношение (англ. Tribute) — позволяет получить один или несколько положительных эффектов ночью в зависимости от того, какие индикаторы заполнены. Индикаторы окрашены в четыре цвета в зависимости от бога: красный — Эрбон; голубой — Луксон; зелёный — Селиан; жёлтый — Плутон.
Требования и награды по индикаторам:

Селиан — Добыча растительности. Снижается когда игрок разрушает блоки дерева. Полный индикатор дает сопротивление.

Луксон — Использование эссенций на святыне вознесения, выплавки предметов или поимки пиксонов с помощью каменной чаши. Снижается когда игрок убивает мобов. Заполненный индикатор дает эффект регенерации 2 уровня

ВНИМАНИЕ: Из-за ошибки эффект регенерации не работает. Не следует полагаться на него для выживания в мирах контролируемых Луксоном.

Эрбон — Убийство мобов. Заполненный индикатор дает эффект силы.

Плутон — Добыча руд: золотой, аметистовой, розитовой, нефритовой и сапфировой, а также алмазов. Полный индикатор дает эффект спешки 3 уровня.

Кразаун — Если заполнить все четыре индикатора до наступления темноты. Наделяет игрока эффектом повышения здоровья 2 уровня и дает ему несколько золотых монет.

Индикаторы обнуляются после ночи. При нахождении игрока в мире одного из богов, индикатор соответствующий этому богу не обнуляется.

Принадлежность миров:

Измерение Бог
Нижний мир Эрбон
Обитель Луксон
Бездна Эрбон
Прекасия Селиан
Мистериум Селиан
Глубокоземье Плутон
Айромайн Плутон
Луналус Плутон
Гарденсия Селиан
Л’Бореан Селиан
Пруды Вокс Эрбон
Грекон Эрбон
Дастопия Эрбон
Земли Рунандора Луксон
Баратос Плутон
Земли Лелйетии Селиан
Селев Плутон
Кристевия Плутон
Конфетный мир Луксон
Имморталлис Эрбон, Плутон
Крипония Эрбон

Древняя пещера

Древняя пещера как и обычный мир не относится ни к одному богу. Каждый раз когда игрок убивает моба в древней пещере индикатор подношения растет: подношение Эрбону когда убивают кровопийцу, подношение Луксону когда убивают автомат, подношение Селиану когда убивают цветочное лицо, подношение Плутону когда убивают каменную тварь. Наличие полного индикатора является необходимым условием для сражения со стражем соответствующего бога (боссом).


В Имморталлисе могут быть заполнены только индикаторы подношений Плутону и Эрбону.
Индикатор подношений Плутону заполняется путём размещения грязного золота в золотом аккумуляторе или
чистого золота в чистом золотом аккумуляторе.
Индикатор подношений Эрбону заполняется при убийстве скелекитов, скеледонов, урвов, гастусов и лица.


Crystevia with Night Vision.

Crystevia is filled to the brim with crystals that are used as both foliage and currency.


The Realmstone for Crystevia is obtained by using a Deep Crystal on a Case Construct with a Blank Realmstone in the player’s inventory.


Crystevia has no day/night cycle. Respawn anchors work in Crystevia . Beds do not work in Crystevia , but they do not explode when used. Clocks and compasses do not function properly, instead spinning wildly. The player icon on maps do not spin wildly, but maps in the Crystevia aren’t very usable.

General dimension properties

Property Value
ultrawarm false
natural false
coordinate_scale 1.0
has_skylight false
has_ceiling true
ambient_light 0.0
fixed_time 18000
piglin_safe false
bed_works true
respawn_anchor_works true
has_raids false
logical_height 128
infiniburn minecraft:infiniburn_overworld
effects aoa3:plain_sky

Ещё пять поразительных фактов о группе и альбоме

После релиза альбома Nevermind музыканты получили факс от группы Metallica, в котором было написано буквально следующее: «We really dig Nirvana. Nevermind is the best album of the year. Let’s get together soon, Metallica. PS, Lars hates the band.» (Мы реально врубаемся в Нирвану. Nevermind – лучший альбом года. Давайте увидимся как-нибудь, Металлика. PS, Ларс ненавидит вашу группу.)

Создавая Smells Like Teen Spirit, Курт Кобейн пытался подражать группе The Pixies, от которой фанател в то время настолько, что мечтал стать участником этой группы или хотя бы сделать кавер-бэнд на этих ребят.

Впоследствии он рассказывал, что хотел перенять у The Pixies динамику трека в стиле «тихо-громко-тихо-громко», когда ты можешь быть спокойным и пушистым, а потом внезапно становишься орущим и тяжёлым.

Изначально альбом должен был называться Sheep, что переводится как «Овца». Курт хотел провести аналогию с массовым потребителем: в его записной книжке нашёлся слоган будущего альбома, который звучал как «Sheep: Because you want to not, because everyone else is.» (Овца: Не по желанию, а потому что все такие).

К концу записи пластинки Кобейну надоело это название и концепция, и он поменял название альбома на Nevermind, что переводится как «Забей» или «Не парься». Это перекликалось с настроением Кобейна и отношением его к жизни в целом на тот момент.

Изначально музыканты хотели, чтобы на обложке была фотография родов под водой, но позже остановились на фотографии младенца. Фотобанк, которому принадлежали права на снимок плавающего ребёнка, запросил $7,500 в год за использование такой фотки. Так что группа послала своего фотографа к бассейну, чтобы тот поснимал плавающих детей.

Из пяти снимков музыканты выбрали фото, на котором изображён трехмесячный Спенсер Элден, сын друга фотографа. Купюру на крючке пририсовали позже, на оригинальном снимке её не было.

Спенсер Элден держит альбом с собой на обложке.

Продюсеры хотели, чтобы гениталии ребёнка были заретушированы во избежание скандалов и оскорблений чувств разных категорий людей, на что Кобейн сказал: «- это может оскорбить вас, только если вы латентный извращенец». В итоге обложку вообще решили не подвергать цензуре.

Всего в мире продано более 30 миллионов копий альбома Nevermind. На секундочку, чтобы получить статус «платинового», альбом должны купить всего 10 миллионов раз. По количеству продаж Nevermind стоит рядом с культовыми альбомами Metallica – Black Album, The Beatles – Abbey Road и несколькими другими.

Можно по-разному относиться к Курту Кобейну, как к человеку. Но тот факт, что альбом Nevermind получился очень необычным и свежим для своего времени, отрицать глупо.

Так что просто послушайте эти треки ещё раз в честь 30-ти летия альбома. И помните: NIRVANA нужно писать только заглавными буквами, так хотел Кобейн.


В честь юбилея я собрал малоизвестные факты про альбом и самого Курта Кобейна, которые знают только самые преданные фанаты группы.

Микк Сид

Пишу обо всём, что интересно и познавательно — гаджеты, события, репортажи. Увлекаюсь игрой на барабанах, меломан со стажем.

Scrapped entities[]


During Advent of Ascension’s development, a number of mobs have been developed but later confirmed to be scrapped.

On the mod’s Minecraft forums thread, a list of mobs without context was released on 10 December 2015. It included the mobs for the 2.5 snapshot dimensions, the Shyrelands, and several other unknown mobs.

On 21 August 2018, Xolova added a list of names of unimplemented mobs to the wiki in this edit.

Scimguy has confirmed that all of these mobs have been scrapped.

The following list is a compilation of mob names from the list of the Minecraft forum thread and mobs that Xolova added to the wiki himself.

The Haven:

  • Airstroke
  • Gravicus

The Abyss:

  • Clocker
  • Decapitator
  • Gorge
  • Spinecracker
  • Webbulous
  • Shadow Ancient


  • Desworm (Were hard to see until they attacked. )
  • Desworm — Expanded
  • Miragus
  • Oozer
  • Phaser
  • Tumbler


  • Chocoman
  • Crush Candy
  • Manmellow
  • Marsh Monster

The Deeplands:

  • Hammerock
  • Rock Wizard
  • Rungus
  • Golddish


  • Exskello Ucereus
  • Dawnwalker
  • Elite Stalker Guard
  • Stalker Mage


  • Furnivus
  • Melonman
  • Stewhead
  • Vileshroom

The Greckon:

  • Dreamer
  • Dark Wizard
  • Rifter
  • Skullomancer
  • Shadeus


  • Detonator
  • Ironfist
  • Magneto (Would «magnetize» dropped items towards it. )
  • Rapido
  • Silverus
  • Telematrix
  • Warpotron


  • Living Comet
  • Star Wizard


  • Darkling
  • Undead Eeo


  • Tyranospinarus
  • Stegokeledon

Unknown dimension:

  • Radion
  • Executor
  • Ipolo
  • Magicyte
  • Coralacus
  • Water Wizard
  • Deceiver

Dark Moon mobs

These mobs have models and textures, however they have not been coded and were never officially revealed. The following screenshots were created by giving their models/textures to other mobs.

They are confirmed to be scrapped.



The Necromancer is an unreleased boss. A reveal suggested that he could be spawned in multiple dimensions, with his ability and drops being different depending on what dimension he was spawned in.

Necromancer has an unused model, texture, boss bar texture, and boss music in the mod’s files. Reveals showed that the Necromancer would also have been called the Warlock of Death.

The boss is considered scrapped.

The Necromancer.


Retrocon was planned to be the boss of Cyberzon. Retrocon was to use retro video game mechanics to attack, and its boss fight was planned to have multiple stages. A contest was held where players could suggest these mechanics.

Cyberzon and thus Retrocon were scrapped.


Aflora was planned to be the boss of The Capricorn. Not much is known about either. The Capricorn and thus Aflora were scrapped.


35+ structures and NPCs were originally intended to be implemented. This did not occur however.

The NPCs have been scrapped.

Dinosaur Breeder

In the 2.5 snapshot, one of the new NPCs exists in the game: the Dinosaur Breeder, which can only be seen by typing /summon nevermine.DinosaurBreeder.

The Dinosaur Breeder sold dinosaur eggs, such as the «Cryosaur Egg». However, the dinosaur eggs were not functional and any dinosaurs they referred to were never implemented in any way. As a result, the Dinosaur Breeder has been scrapped.


Overworld Table

The Overworld has the following loot table and all hostile mobs added by the mod can drop items from it:

Entity loot
Item Quantity Looting Chance
Nothing 99.5%
Rare Table 1 0.5%
The above pool is rolled 1 time
Nothing 61.0%
Copper Coin 1-3 +-1.0-2.0 per level 24.4%
Scrap Metal 1 +0.0-1.0 per level 3.7%
Tea Seeds 1 1.2%
Iron Nugget 1 2.7%
Bone 1 2.9%
Coal 1 2.2%
Carved Rune of Direction 1 0.5%
Carved Rune of Reality 1 0.5%
Carved Rune of Space 1 0.5%
Carved Rune of Travel 1 0.5%
The above pool is rolled 1-3 times

Generic Chest Loot

The following items will generate in Overworld loot chests:

Chest loot
Item Quantity Chance
Nothing 40.2%
Tea Seeds 1-2 8.0%
Scrap Metal 1-2 7.6%
Amethyst 1-2 4.0%
Jade 1-3 6.0%
Sapphire 1-2 2.0%
Limonite Ingot 1-3 8.0%
Rosite Ingot 1-3 7.2%
Medium Skill Crystal 1 3.2%
Large Skill Crystal 1 0.4%
Copper Coin 1-4 8.0%
Silver Coin 1-2 4.0%
Gold Coin 1 1.2%
The above pool is rolled 2 times

Carved Rune Blocks

Carved Runes will also generate in Overworld loot chests:

Chest loot
Item Quantity Chance
Nothing 27.3%
Carved Rune of Direction 1 18.2%
Carved Rune of Reality 1 18.2%
Carved Rune of Space 1 18.2%
Carved Rune of Travel 1 18.2%
The above pool is rolled 1 time

Loot chests that are able to generate with items from both Generic Chest Loot and Carved Rune Blocks include:

  • Abandoned mineshaft
  • Buried treasure
  • Desert pyramid
  • Igloo chest
  • Jungle temple
  • Pillager outpost
  • Ruined portal
  • Shipwreck treasure
  • Dungeon
  • Spawn bonus chest
  • Stronghold corridor
  • Stronghold crossing
  • Stronghold library
  • Big underwater ruin
  • Woodland mansion
  • Village temple

Dispenser Loot

The following items are able to generate in the Dispenser blocks found in Jungle temples:

Chest loot
Item Quantity Chance
Slice Star 1-5 34.9%
Grenade 1-3 18.6%
Chakram 1-3 18.6%
Goo Ball 1-5 27.9%
The above pool is rolled 0-2 times


There are 2 hostile mobs in the Haven, 7 passive. All of the mobs spawn naturally throughout the islands, except 2.

There is one NPC and two bosses in the dimension as well.


Name Spawning Requirement
Spirit Guardian Spawns when Eeos are attacked
Spirit Protector Spawns when Eeos are attacked


Name Spawning Requirement
Angelica Spawns naturally and spawns in Guardian Towers.
Eeo Spawns Naturally
Halycon Spawns Naturally
Dawnlight Spawns Naturally
Rainicorn Spawns naturally
Voliant Rarely spawns naturally

See individual mob pages for more information.

Name Spawning Requirement
Twinkling Lottoman Spawns in .

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement
Four Guardians Spawned by using a Voliant Heart on a Guardian Altar.
Rockrider Spawned by dropping a Heavy Boulder anywhere on the ground in the Haven.

See individual boss pages for more information.


There are many different mobs in the Overworld. Most mobs are themed after the biome they are found in. Excluding bosses, NPCs and utility mobs, the mod adds at least 45 mobs to the overworld.

For simplicity only the Advent of Ascension mobs are shown below. For additional simplicity, they are divided into categories.

Hostile (Surface, Day):

Name Spawning Requirement
Ancient Golem Spawns naturally in Plains biomes
Bomb Carrier Spawns rarely in every biome.
Boneback Spawns naturally in Savanna biomes
Bush Baby Spawns naturally in Jungle biomes
Charger Spawns naturally in Plains, Forest & Extreme Hills biomes
Chimera Spawns naturally in Savanna biomes
Chomper Spawns naturally in Swampland biomes
Cyclops Spawns naturally in Plains, Forest & Extreme Hills biomes
Desert Charger Spawns naturally in Desert & Mesa biomes
Fishix Spawns naturally in Swampland biomes
Furlion Spawns naturally in Desert & Mesa biomes
Goalby Spawns naturally in Mountains biomes
Goblin Spawns naturally in Plains, Forest & Extreme Hills biomes
Hag Spawns naturally in Swamp biomes
Hill Charger Spawns naturally in Mesa biomes
Horndron Spawns naturally in Plains biomes
Ice Giant Spawns naturally in certain biomes
King Charger Spawns rarely in every biome.
Leafy Giant Spawns naturally in certain biomes
Living Fungi Spawns naturally in Taiga biomes
Muckopede Spawns naturally in Mesa biomes
Pincher Spawns naturally in Ocean biomes
Sand Giant Spawns naturally in certain biomes
Sand Golem Spawns naturally in Desert & Mesa biomes
Sasquatch Spawns naturally in Plains, Forest and Extreme Hills biomes
Sea Charger Spawns naturally in Beach biomes
Sea Troll Spawns naturally in Beach biomes
Snow Charger Spawns naturally in Cold biomes
Sphinx Spawns naturally in Desert & Mesa biomes
Stone Giant Spawns naturally in certain biomes
Swamp Charger Spawns naturally in Swampland biomes
Tree Spirit Spawns when a Dead Tree is attacked.
Wood Giant Spawns naturally
Yeti Spawns naturally in Cold biomes

See individual mob pages for more information.

Hostile (Night):

Name Spawning Requirement
Bugeye Spawns naturally
Nightfly Spawns naturally
Night Reaper Spawns naturally

See individual mob pages for more information.

Hostile (Underground):

Name Spawning Requirement
Everbeast Spawns rarely underground
Ghost Spawns naturally underground
Mother Void Walker Spawns naturally underground.
Shade Spawns when attacking a shadow
Trickster Spawns naturally underground
Void Charger Spawns naturally underground
Void Walker Spawns naturally underground

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement
Elkanyne Spawns naturally in Savanna biomes

See individual mob page for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement
Assassin Spawns naturally
Corrupted Traveller Spawns in Ruined Teleporters
Hauling Master Spawns naturally in certain biomes
Lottoman Spawns naturally
Naturalist Spawns naturally
Realmshifter Spawns naturally
Troll Trader Spawns naturally in Beach biomes

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement
Smash Drop a Troll Idol anywhere in the Overworld

See individual boss pages for more information.


Overview page: Staves

Aquatic Staff Atlantic Staff Baron Staff Candy Staff
Celestial Staff Concussion Staff Coral Staff Crystal Staff
Crystik Staff Cryston Staff Destruction Staff Ember Staff
Everfight Staff Evermight Staff Fire Staff Firefly Staff
Firestorm Staff Fungal Staff Ghoul Staff Haunters Staff
Hive Staff Joker Staff Kaiyu Staff Lightning Staff
Lightshine Lunar Staff Lyonic Staff Mecha Staff
Meteor Staff Moonlight Staff Nature Staff Nightmare Staff
Noxious Staff Phantom Staff Poison Staff Power Staff
Primordial Staff Reef Staff Rejuvenation Staff Rosidian Staff
Runic Staff Shadowlord Staff Show Staff Shyre Staff
Sky Staff Striker Staff Sun Staff Surge Staff
Tangle Staff Ultimatum Staff Underworld Staff Water Staff
Warlock Staff Web Staff Wind Staff Wither Staff
Wizard Staff

See specific pages for individual weapon information, or see Staves for a comparison chart.



The realmstone is obtained by falling 26 blocks or more while the player is holding a Blank Realmstone. If the player falls into water from this height, the task will not count.


There is no day/night cycle in Lelyetia. Respawn anchors and beds both work in Lelyetia, the latter works despite the absence of a day/night cycle. Maps function properly in Lelyetia. Clocks do not spin wildly, but are instead frozen at high noon, despite the lack of a sun.

General dimension properties

Property Value
ultrawarm false
natural true
coordinate_scale 1.0
has_skylight true
has_ceiling false
ambient_light 0.0
fixed_time 6000
piglin_safe false
bed_works true
respawn_anchor_works true
has_raids false
logical_height 256
infiniburn minecraft:infiniburn_overworld
effects aoa3:plain_sky

Special dimension properties

If a survival mode player falls below y = -24 in the void, then the player will instantly be teleported directly upwards to max build height. This does not reset the player’s fall damage. If the player has a Distorting Artifact in their hotbar or offhand, then the player can instead fall up to y=-49, after which the distorting artifact’s own abilities kick in.

Players in creative or spectator mode will not be teleported if they go far enough into the void, unless they have a Distorting Artifact in hotbar/offhand.

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