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Features of the Mørch Tonearms

The MOERCH tonearms consist of an arm base with its mounting facilities, bearing assembly, balancing rod and weights, and the arm tube for the cartridge. One appealing feauture of the MOERCH design is the arm tube, which can be separated from the arm base by removing a nut. Four standard 9” arm tubes, each one of different mass (from ultra light to extra heavy), are available for specific cartridge requirements.

Green dot: Effective mass 4 g.

Red dot: Effective mass 6 g.

Yellow dot: Effective mass 8 g.

Blue dot: Effective mass 14 g.

Standard 9” armtubes

The fundamental tonearm resonance (present in all arms) is partly determined by the compliance and the weight of the cartridge that is to be used and partly by the weight of the arm, known as the “effective mass” of the arm. However, the frequency of the fundamental resonance can be moved up or down by altering the mass of the tonearm. Thus, by choosing the correct weight of arm tube out of 4 available, the fundamental resonance can be moved to a frequency where it does not interfere with the audio signal.

With the lightest of the arm tubes you achieve the lowest effective mass, and with this particular arm tube the MOERCH tonearm is the lightest available today. This arm tube is designed for cartridges using a low tracking force, since they have a high compliance. For cartridges requiring a high tracking force (usually low compliant) one of the heavy arm tubes should be chosen. Users that own more than one cartridge can mount each of them in its proper arm tube. Changing cartridges then becomes a simple swap between arm tubes. Thus the mass of the arm is always optimized for its cartridge.

To counteract resonances the arm tube and its mounting platform for the cartridge are made out of one piece of metal angled twice along its length, and internally damped with a foam-type material.

A cavity in the central body housing the bearings is off-centered in the forward direction, providing an asymmetric mass distribution for the prevention of symmetrical barrel resonances. Both the rod with its balancing weights and the arm tube are rigidly attached to the arm’s central body. The body itself is solid and very heavy. Thus vibrations originating in the cartridge are efficiently damped before they reach the bearings, their stability being assured.

In addition three counterweights of different size, and one tracking force weight contribute to the ideal concentration of the arm’s mass close to the fulcrum. The lateral balance is adjusted by way of the counterweights, which have the center of gravity eccentrically positioned as to the counterweight rod.

The bearing assembly in the above mentioned cavity is in height located as an extension of the horizontal plane of the record surface. Therefore with warped records the motion of the stylus will remain vertical when “bumps” are negotiated and warp wow will not be heard.

The antiskating force is applied by a watch spring. Its tension is adjustable for maximum accuracy even while a record is playing. The tension is transferred via a nylon string which is attached to the outside wall of the arm’s central body. As the arm tube moves over the record, the correct geometry between the spring/filament assembly and the central body’s rotation provide for the exact variation of skating compensation over the entire playing surface of a record.

The tonearms are adjustable for the vertical tracking angle as well as the azimuth.

A Special version of the 9” arm tube called PRECISION is supplied with a wide cartridge mounting platform having the underside precision ground for perfect contact with especially wide cartridges.

Also 12” armtubes are available. They are available only with the narrow headshell such as the one on the standard 9” armtubes.

PRECISION armtubes and 12” armtubes are available only with red and blue color codes.

Sync 2.1.0

– Full localization support, with many translations already included in the mod.– Hiding of the crosshair is now event driven. Should prevent issues with the crosshair staying permanently hidden.
– Fixed issues with Shells in Storage rendering invisible if Morph is installed and the player is Morphed. This requires Morph 0.6.0 and later.
– Fixed using up the name tag if you’re naming a shell storage the exact same thing.
– Fixed issues with resynching into a broken shell storage if you died from it breaking in the first place.
– Fixed desynching of mobs running on treadmills causing some mobs to just seemingly stand on the treadmill instead of running.
– Attempted fix at unsynched Thaumcraft research, Ars Magica states and ender chest states when the player dies due to outdated shells.
– Added stencil bit reservation when rendering to be more friendly to other mods which use stencils.
– Added a Forge dependency so people would stop crashing from old versions of Forge.
– Render Shell Storage name on the block above the entrance.
– Allow free-floating treadmills now so redstone conduits can be placed benearth them.– Treadmills now generate Redstone Flux. Constructors also accept Redstone Flux as power. Default ratio is 2 PW : 1 RF.
– Entities on the treadmill that suddenly stop running or interrupt a mob on it will be launched backwards (like real treadmills!)
– Interacting with a mob on a treadmill will knock it off.
– You can no longer use a shell unit if you are in a morph.
– Right clicking a shell constructor again whilst in creative will instantly create the shell.
– Increase block hardness. You shouldn’t be able to break stuff that has obsidian with a fist so easily.
– Allow AE Spatial Storage support as per request from DarkTetsuo. I won’t be supporting this much at all, so if something breaks don’t bother me about it.

Get them at the usual spots.

ModJam 3 voting is also now open, feel free to vote your favourite mods! If you are unaware, all these mods above were ModJam mods, basically they started off from a 96 hour mod making competition. Look how far they’ve gone!

Official statement about updating my mods to 1.7, expect nothing before February.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year.


Technical specifications: Moerch DP-6/DP-8/UP-4

Construction: Radial arm with interchangeable arm tubes.
Bearing principle: DP-6 and DP-8: Dual bearing
UP-4: Unipivot.
Effective mass of complete tonearm with arm tube:
Light (green):
Medium (red):
Heavy (yellow):
Extra heavy (blue):
All arm tubes can be used with all models.
4 g
6 g
8 g
14 g
Fundamental resonance (depending on arm tube): 8 – 16 Hz (for DP-8 N/A for the horizontal mode of motion)
Tracking force (when using calibrated scale): 0 – 3 g
Bias compensation: Watch spring with string – adjustable while playing.
Azimuth: Azimuth is adjustable for correct channel separation.
Cueing mechanism: Piston in U-pipe, damped with silicone fluid.
Distance between pivot and center of turnable platter: 212 mm (8 5/16″) or 294.1 mm (11 9/16″)
Diameter of hole for mounting arm base: 20 mm (13/16″)
Rear overhang from pivot: 70 mm (2 3/4″)
Effective length: 230 mm (9 1/16″)
Offset angle: 24 degrees.
Lateral tracking error: 0 degrees at 66 mm and 120.9 mm from center of record.
Pivot point: Pivot point is in level with the record surface.
Bearing Friction: Bearing friction less than 0.04 mN in all directions.
Balancing: Four (4) different balancing weights.
Internal wiring: 19 strands of ultra pure silver insulated with Teflon.
Capacitance per channel: 28pF for both models.
Tonearm Cord: Balanced. Extremely purified copper strands that are heavily silver coated. Halogen free insulation.
Moerch tonearm connector with Cardas RCA connectors.
Capacitance per channel: 100pF.
Terminals: All terminals throughout the arm are gold plated.
Bearing concept of model DP-6 and DP-8: One internally damped, precision ball-bearing assembly for the horizontal plane of motion. Two pivoted sapphire bearings for the vertical mode of motion which can be damped also, if desired, and then adjusted to different levels of damping.
Bearing concept of model UP-4: Hardened steel pivot resting on a concave sapphire, and damped for all motions with silicone fluid.
DP-6 and DP-8 finish: 24 carat GOLD or CHROME.
UP-4 finish: CHROME or at special order GOLD.

Morph 0.6.0

– Updated with latest ModMobSupport.json for Local Mod Mob Ability Mappings.
– Fixed sunburn ability not shown on mobs that do take damage from it.
– Fixed disabling early game flight config not actually working.
– Fixed rendering of player morphs being see-through sometimes.
– Fixed typo causing the fallNegate ability icon to render incorrectly.
– Fixed swim speed amplifier causing uncontrollable speed by capping a max.
– Fixed climb ability not reseting fall distance while climbing.
– Fixed falling to your doom if you logged out mid-flight in survival.
– Fixed favourite morphs not saving.
– Fixed player’s size resetting after sleeping while morphed.
– Fixed improper scaling of model, thanks Hats mod.
– Fixed rendering issues with abilities if Mob has more than 3 abilities registered but only 3 active.
– Fixed improper bounding box locations in the clientside onUpdate causing infinite flying animation.– Full localization support, with many translations already included in the mod.– Hiding of the crosshair is now event driven. Should prevent issues with the crosshair staying permanently hidden.
– Fixed rendering of mobs in the Morph Gui still showing up in the world if the player is hiding the Minecraft Gui.
– Save all player info when you log out. Should fix desync issues due to a quick relog.
– Added config to reorder Morphs based off last used since connecting to the server,– Added new API functions which are used in the new Hats and Sync mods.
– Added config to disable early game flight until a Wither is killed.
– Added crosshair render as a config to indicate which mob is selected in the Morph radial menu.
– Added stencil bit reservation when rendering to be more friendly to other mods which use stencils.


By default when morphed, the Player will gain any ability that mob possessed, good and bad. There are currently 14 different abilities. «Raw Name» references to the name that has to be used in the Morph configuration file.

Icon Ability Description Obtained by killing Raw Name
Climb Hold forward to climb straight up a vertical wall. Spider, Cave Spider climb
Fly Double-tap jump to enter creative flight. Off until the Player has entered the nether by default. Blaze, Ghast, Bat, Wither fly
Float Slowly float downward like a chicken. Chicken float
Fire Immunity No damage from fire or lava. All Nether Mobs fireImmunity
Hostile Hostile mobs won’t target the Player. This is off by default. It can be enabled in the properties file. hostile
Swim Can breath underwater. Can’t breath above water. Increase swim speed. Squid,Iron golem swim
Sunburn Burns in the sun. Zombie, Skeleton sunburn
Water Allergy Takes damage when in contact with water. Blaze, Enderman, Snow Golem waterAllergy
Step Increases the stepping height. Can now step 1 block up without jumping. Horse step
Poison Resistance Take less damage from poison. Cave Spider poisonResistance
Wither Resistance Take less damage from wither poisoning. Wither Skeleton witherResistance
Negate Fall No fall damage. Ocelot, Magma Cubes,Iron golem fallNegate
Fear Villagers run away from you. Zombie, Wolf, Ocelot fear
Sink Fall in the water. Slime, Magma Cube, Iron Golem sink
Potion Effect Inflict a potion effect when punching an enemy without a weapon. Cave Spider, Wither Skeleton potion-effect

Установка и использование программы Sqirlz Morph

Приступим к волшебству морфинга фото…

Не пугаемся английского языка интерфейса — в программе это вообще не важно. Будем пользоваться кнопками на панели

  • заходим в меню «Пуск»
  • запускаем программу

Или размещаем ярлык на рабочем столе и запускаем программу с его помощью — как хотите.

  • откроется главное окно Sqirlz Morph в котором находим и жмём папочку
  • выбираем на компьютере подготовленные фотографии по очереди…

Маленький нюанс — чтоб результат получился «сплошной» , без резкого перехода с последнего фото на начальное, взял первую фотку и скопировал её в ту же папку, только лишь переименовав. В результате использую не три, а четыре изображения.

Упорядочить можно нажав…

Можете развернуть окно программы на весь экран, чтоб было больше места для полёта фантазии…

Кликаем на первой фотографии и зайдя в меню…

…увеличиваем её, чтоб удобнее было работать с ней.

Можно это сделать быстрее и практичнее нажав на клавиатуре кнопку (Ctrl) и не отпуская её пару раз (+). После операций с изображением делаем также, только жмём (-).

Понадобится панель кнопок, слева:

  • жмём зелёный плюсик
  • переходим на фото
  • кликаем вокруг значимых элементов изображения, тех, которые будем совмещать на разных лицах
  • получаем фантомаса…

Если промазали или натыкали лишнего — ничего страшного. На панели с кнопками, вместо плюсика выберите минусик и сотрите лишние точки.

Подвинуть точку можно нажав на стрелку в той же панели, слева.

Справились? Переходим на вторую фотографию…

О боже, тут тоже появилось куча точек!!! Всё правильно — так и должно быть. Надо их совместить — поставить в те же места, где они стоят на первой фотке.

Кликаем на любой точке — на исходном изображении эта точка выделилась, показывая, куда надо разместить её. Какая любезная программулина.

Операцию можно упростить и ускорить выбрав группу точек с помощью кнопки на правой панели программы…

Выбрав точки — жмём ПРАВУЮ кнопку мыши. Выделенные точки в группе начали весело мигать…

Перетягиваем мышкой всю группу куда нам надо. Ничего сложного…

Получаем вторую жертву ветрянки. Таким же образом поступаем со всеми фотографиями.


Торжественный момент — смотрим результат кропотливой работы. Жмём жёлтую стрелку на верхней панели…

Ой, как быстро! Замедляем морфинг фотографий нажав на кнопку с цветными шариками и в появившемся окне выставляем цифру.

Рекомендую 200-250. Выше цифра — медленнее переходы и заметнее погрешности.

Экспериментируйте, приводите результат к наилучшему качеству и переходим к сохранению шедевра.

В первом, флеш-формате сохранив — сможете на YouTube выложить сохранённый файл или бесконечно просматривать с помощью видеоплеера Gom.

Ничего нового. Выше цифра — лучше качество, но и больше размер файла. Жмём «Ок» …

Несколько секунд наблюдаем за процессом сохранения. Человечек пинающий… мячик, видимо ускоряет операцию.

Всё — «Ок» . Находим файл в папке, которую назначили для сохранения и радуемся просматривая его. Можете делиться им с кем угодно.

Сохранив в видео-формат AVI сможете переконвертировать его на мобилку…

Ничего не менял в обоих окнах…

Теперь умеете делать морфинг фотографий в Sqirlz Morph. Не буду задерживать — бегите поражать родственников и знакомых.

До новых полезных компьютерных программ и интересных приложений для Андроид.

Как пользоваться MorphVOX

Первое, что нужно будет сделать, это установить приложение. Потом мы рассмотрим, как получить полную версию и добавить все голоса в «МорФокс Про». После этого также будет рассказано, как пользоваться программой.

Загрузка и установка

Начинаем с установки. Инсталляция данного инструмента для изменения голоса производится так:

  1. Скачиваем архив при помощи имеющейся в самом конце странички кнопки, после чего распаковываем установщик приложения и запускаем его.

  1. Дальше откроется окно инсталлятора и в нем необходимо будет принять лицензионное соглашение программы.

  1. Данный шаг можно просто пропустить, кликнув по кнопке Next.

  1. Здесь можно изменить пут инсталляции программы.

  1. В результате после всех настроек запустится и сама установка. На заурядном компьютере этот процесс занимает не более 20 секунд.

  1. Когда инсталляция будет завершена, закрываем окно установщика, кликнув по Close.

  1. Теперь нам необходимо получить полную версию MorphVOX, активировав программу. Для этого берем из папки Crack DLL-файл и копируем его в каталог с установленным приложением.

На этом установка и активация программы завершена. Давайте переходить к работе с последней.

Инструкция по работе

Чтобы начать пользоваться данным приложением, достаточно запустить его и прибегнуть к помощи мастера пошаговой настройки, который появятся при первом открытии.

После этого мы можем выбирать один из профилей (левая часть окна) и включать морфинг. В результате наш голос начнет искажаться. Если нужно оформить речь и добавить какой-то фоновый шум воспользуйтесь отдельной панелью, которая находится посередине немного ниже.

Произвести тонкую настройку выбранного эффекта можно при помощи графического эквалайзера (правый верхний угол). К выбранному профилю также получится добавить один из множества эффектов. Для этого воспользуйтесь панелью, которая находится в левой нижней части окна.


Morhipo Hakkında

Morhipo; 2011 yılında Boyner Holding çatısı altında kurulmuştur. Bir online alışveriş sitesi olan Morhipo, yeni sezon ve en trend ürünleri avantajlı fiyatlarla beğeninize sunmaktadır. Yüzlerce sevilen markanın binlerce ürünü bünyesinde barındıran Morhipo, koşulsuz müşteri mutluluğunu ön planda tutmaktadır.
Farklı markaların farklı mağazaları tarafından satışa açılan ürünleri sizlerle buluşturan Morhipo, internet alışverişi denildiğinde akla ilk gelen markalardan biri olmayı başarmaktadır. Yıllık cirosu yaklaşık 300-350 milyon TL aralığında bulunan online perakende alışveriş platformu Morhipo, doğru parçaları uygun fiyatlarla kullanıcılarla buluşturduğundan başarısını istikrarlı bir şekilde sürdürmektedir.

Morhipo’da Neler Bulabilirsiniz?

Morhipo’nun ürün yelpazesi hayli geniştir. Morhipo’da bulabileceğiniz kategorilerden bazıları Kadın Giyim, Erkek Giyim, Ayakkabı & Çanta, Spor Giyim, Çocuk, Ev & Yaşam ve Kozmetik kategorileridir. Kişisel ihtiyaçlarınızından yaşam alanlarınızın ihtiyaçlarına kadar aradığınız pek çok ürünü Morhipo’da kolayca bulabilirsiniz. Morhipo elbise, abiye, ayakkabı, çanta gibi ürünler kadınların en çok tercih ettiği giyim ve aksesuar ürünleri arasında yer alıyor. Bunun yanı sıra Morhipo Beymen, Hummel, Adidas, Bambi, Nike, Koton gibi markalar ise hem kadınlar hem de erkekler tarafından en çok ziyaret edilen markalar arasında yer alıyor.
Eğer siz de sevdiğiniz markaların sevdiğiniz yeni sezon ve en popüler parçalarına uygun fiyat avatajıyla sahip olmak istiyorsanız Morhipo kampanyalarını takip edebilirsiniz. Morhipo kampanyalarında pek çok marka Morhipo’ya özel indirimler uygulamaktdır. Bu sayede mağazada beğendiğiniz o ürüne Morhipo üzerinden çok daha avantajlı bir fiyata sahip olabilirsiniz. Morhipo’da giyim ürünlerinin yanı sıra evinizin ve yaşam alanlarınızın ihtiyacı olan ürünler de bulunmaktadır. üzerinden ulaşabileceğiniz Ev & Yaşam ürünlerinden bazıları; dekorasyon ürünleri, elektrikli ev aletleri, sofra ürünleri, ev tekstili, banyo ürünleri ve hobi ürünleri gibi ürünlerdir.

Morhipo Sipariş & İade Süreçleri Hakkında

Morhipo’da bir ürün beğendiniz ya da daha önce mağazada görüp beğendiğiniz bir ürünü Morhipo’da daha uygun fiyata buldunuz… Ancak sitenin sipariş ve iade sürecine pek hakim değilsiniz ve endişeleriniz var. Eğer durum buysa hemen Morhipo’nun sipariş sürecinden de bahsedelim. Morhipo sipariş süreci pek çok online alışveriş sitesi ile benzerdir. Siteden alışveriş yapabilmeniz için öncelikle üyelik işlemlerinizi tamamlayabilmeniz gerekir. Daha sonra beğendiğiniz ürünle ilgili bilgileri ve kargolanma sürecini ürün sayfasından görebilirsiniz. Ardından ürünü sepetinize ekleyebilir ve satın alma işlemini gerçekleştirebilirsiniz. Morhipo iade süreci ise yine oldukça kolaydır. İade etmek ya da değiştirmek istediğiniz bir ürünü 15 gün içinde faturasıyla birlikte iade edebilir ya da değiştirebilirsiniz. Dilerseniz Morhipo iletişim kanallarını kullanarak süreçlerle ilgili daha detaylı bilgi alabilirsiniz. Eğer Morhipo şikayet ve yorumlarınızı paylaşmak isterseniz sayfamız üzerinden bize yazabilirsiniz. Sayfamızdan ayrıca diğer kullanıcıların yazmış olduğu yorum ve şikayetleri de okuyabilirsiniz.

Hats 2.1.0

– Rewrote most of the hat rendering code. Now a lot less broken and easier to manipulate. Should remove all cases of crotch hats!
– Rewrote most of the mob hat handling code. It’s now a lot easier to add mob-hats!– Added an API for mods to add their own mob-hat handlers or to render hats where they’d like (I’m looking at you, ComputerCraft)
– Added several new Hat Modes, Locked Hat mode, King of the Hat mode, and Time Active mode.– Added Hat Trading! Allows trading of Hats and Items between players. Check out the bottom left of the Hats Gui.
– Added config option to remove player first join messages.– Added over 40 new hats! With special categories for Hats by Mooshroom and Mr_Hazard!– Slimes, Wolves, Ocelots, Horses and Withers now can wear hats.
– Hats GUI now attempts to rescale the player if the player size is larger than normal (Eg: Morph)– Full Morph rendering compatibility (Requires Morph 0.6.0 and later. This version of Hats will not work with Morph 0.5.0 and older.)
– Fixed being unable to remove a hat in Hat Hunting mode.
– Fixed dead Hat Contributors link in previous versions of Hats.– Full localization support, with many translations already included in the mod.
– Decreased server-tick time by removing getHealth checks
– Hat Stands updated to 2.1.0 to match Hats.

Future Plans

iChun posted to reddit on Jan. 18, 2014 about the future of the mod. The post was divided into two sections: Morph Skill and Balancing.

Morph Skill

  • Having the mod installed will not mean you can morph.
  • A meteorite will randomly crash near a non-afk Player, leaving a trail of destruction. There will be noticeable SFX so the Player does not miss it.
  • Only one meteorite should fall in the overworld.
  • There will be a config option to disable meteorite griefing and is enabled by default.
  • May do block disruption instead of destruction.
  • A special mob and entity will spawn with the meteorite. These will be required to Morph. They will be chunk-loaded.
  • The entity provides basic morph skill.
    • Killing a mob still unlocks its morph.
    • Morphs are limited and can eventually run out.
    • Can morph into items, but it is only a one-time use.
  • Mob is a Boss named The Thing. It will avoid the Player until it is ready.
    • Spawns when the meteorite explodes.
    • Will hunt other mobs and acquire their morphs. The more mobs it kills, the harder it is to kill.
    • When it gets stronger, it will attack the Player. If it kills the Player, it will obtain their warp and pick up his/her items. When its health is low, it flees by sprinting, flying, or any other means.
    • Difficulty will be scaled by the number of people online.
    • When killed, it drops an item to be used to upgrade the entity mentioned earlier. The entity is used to unlock morphs.
    • If the item is destroyed, a new Thing is spawned.


  • Abilities
    • Abilities will need to be learned.
    • They’re learned by using the morph with the ability.
    • Some abilities will be unlocked by default.
  • Allergies
    • Negative effects during some morphs.
    • Higher chance of allergies as the Player acquires more morphs. (Maybe)
    • The Player’s body will eventually fight off the allergy and expel it. This creates an entity of the morph that caused it.

Описание и возможности

Если взглянуть на прикрепленный ниже скриншот, то можно понять, что данное приложение пока не переведено на русский язык. Однако, благодаря приведенной ниже пошаговой инструкции с иллюстрациями вы сможете без труда разобраться с этим софтом. В первую очередь давайте рассмотрим, какими возможностями обладает ПО:

  • Искажение голоса пользователя в режиме реального времени.
  • Выбор одного из профилей для применения того или иного эффекта.
  • Тонкая настройка различных параметров используемого эффекта при помощи ползунков.
  • Добавление эффектов на задний план и регулировка их громкости.
  • Наличие графического эквалайзера.
  • Выбор нескольких дополнительных эффектов в отдельном окне.

Приведенной выше информации хватит для того, чтобы в общих чертах понять назначение MorphVOX. Ниже мы будем знакомиться с данной программой подробнее.

Commands and Permissions:

/morph help: Displays this help screen — morph.morph

/morph view [true/false] — Toggles if the player can see their own disguise (Must be enabled in the config) — morph.view

/morph toggle: Enables or disabled shift click abilties — morph.toggle

/morph <mob>: Morphs you into the given mob — morph.morph

/unmorph <all:player>: Morph back to yourself — morph.morph

/morph status: Displays what you are morphed as — morph.morph

/morph near: Shows if there is a player nearby morphed — morph.morph

/addmorph <player> <mob>: Add a morph to the given player — morph.morph.modify

/delmorph <player> <mob>: Remove a morph from the given player — morph.morph.modify

— morph.morph — Allows players to use /morph

— morph.* — for all commands

— morph.changeview — Allows the player to use /morph view

— morph.toggle — Allow players to use /morph toggle

— morph.view — Allow players to use /morph view

— morph.into.* — gives players ability to morph into all players.

— morph.into.mob — e.g allows the rank to morping to a horse. morph.into.* for all mobs.

— morph.bypasskill.mob — e.g allows the rank to morph into a horse without having to kill it first. morph.bypasskill.* for all mobs

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