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Malisis’ Doors Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
malisisdoors-1.12-7.0.3.jar Release 1.12 Jul 30, 2017
malisisdoors-1.11.2-6.1.3.jar Release 1.11.2 Jul 30, 2017
malisisdoors-1.11.2-6.1.2.jar Release 1.11.2 Jul 10, 2017
malisisdoors-1.10.2-5.2.0.jar Release 1.10.2 Jul 7, 2017
malisisdoors-1.9.4-5.0.0.jar Release 1.9.4 Jul 24, 2016
malisisdoors-1.9-4.0.2.jar Release 1.9 Jul 23, 2016
malisisdoors-1.8.9-3.1.4.jar Release 1.8.9 Apr 23, 2016
malisisdoors-1.8-2.5.4.jar Release 1.8 Mar 31, 2016
malisisdoors-1.7.10-1.13.2.jar Release 1.7.10 Feb 28, 2016

Credits: Ordinastie

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MalisisDoors Mod Download:

For Minecraft 1.12.2

Release Date: 1st October, 2017
Version  7.1.0
File Size: 1.57 MB
Supported version: Minecraft 1.12.2
Author: Ordinastie
Download  (Mod – Direct):

Download  (Mod – Curse):

Download  (Core):   


For Minecraft 1.12

Release Date: 17th July, 2017
Version  7.0.1
File Size: 1.57 MB
Supported version: Minecraft 1.12
Author: Ordinastie
Download  (Mod – Direct):

Download  (Mod – Curse):

Download  (Core):   


For Minecraft 1.11.2

Release Date: 12th February, 2017
Version  6.0.1
File Size: 1.56 MB
Supported version: Minecraft 1.11.2
Author: Ordinastie
Download  (Mod – Direct):

Download  (Mod – Curse):

Download  (Core): 


For Minecraft 1.10.2

Release Date: 4th October, 2016
Version  5.1.2
File Size: 1.56 MB
Supported version: Minecraft 1.10.2
Author: Ordinastie
Download  (Mod – Direct):

Download  (Core): 


For Minecraft 1.9.4

Release Date: 25th July, 2016
Version  5.0.0
File Size: 1.50 MB
Supported version: Minecraft 1.9.4
Author: Ordinastie
Download  (Mod – Direct):

Download  (Core): 


For Minecraft 1.9

Release Date: 16th April, 2016
Version  4.0.0
File Size: 1.50 MB
Supported version: Minecraft 1.9
Author: Ordinastie
Download  (Mod – Direct):

Download  (Core): 


For Minecraft 1.8.9

Release Date: 31st March, 2016
Version  3.1.3
File Size: 1.50 MB
Supported version: Minecraft 1.8.9
Author: Ordinastie
Download  (Mod – Direct):

Download  (Core): 


For Minecraft 1.7.10

Release Date: 27th October, 2015
Version  1.10.1
File Size: 1.28 MB
Supported version: Minecraft 1.7.10
Author: Ordinastie
Download  (Mod – Direct):  Malisis-Doors.jar (27 Oct, 2015)

Requirements for Malisis Doors Mod:

  • Before installation, keep few points in your mind.
  • Modification requires Java 7 which can be downloaded online or you might already have it because you are a minecraft player.
  • Malisis Doors also requires Forge 1.7.10 and higher. About more than 90 percent of the mods requires forge so its better to have it or wait for the newer version to release.
  • Lastly the mod requires MalisisCore for the Minecraft 1.7.10.
  • So we hope you will have a thrilling experience playing Minecraft with this mod.

Mod developers are aware of the fact that millions of fans were desperately waiting for the mod to release. But they will be available online when they are complete and bug free as well. Therefore, We will recommend you to have some patients and check the latest updates online after its release. Since we do not host any mod here and they are solely from third party websites. It is guarantee you that all of the modifications are error and bug free. If you have any query then please let us know through comment section.

Source: here

Characteristics of Malisis Doors Mod

  • Perhaps one of the most characteristic elements of Malisis Doors Mod is the “Door Factory” which will allow you to customize your doors, combining the design of one door with the sound of another and the animation of another type of door. This means that you can create doors according to your tastes and needs.
  • This gives you a slightly softer design and sometimes a better aesthetic, it all depends on the type of door you are looking for. Paper doors, curtains, prison bars, even supermarkets.
  • Especially with the new Player Sensor block, the doors will now open as if they were real automatic doors. This block can also replace traditional buttons or pressure plates.
  • Malisis Doors Mod also allows you to create much larger doors if you ever need one for massive entries. Now your castle can finally be seen complete with a door that matches its size.
  • Another of its relevant features is the garage door. You can build this door as big as you want and assemble it as window panels. It is activated in all standard forms for doors and is very realistic with its opening and closing animation.
  • MalisisDoors Mod has almost everything you could want to provide you with more options for the construction of your architectural entrances. And the best part is that it does not require any complicated redstone wiring to set up.

Contents :

Animated doors :
The first goal of this mod was to improve vanilla doors behaviour. They are now animated when opened or closed instead of just jumping instantly to their new state. Also, it makes double doors automatically open and close without any need for redstone.
Trapdoors and fence gates are also animated!

Glass doors :
Two new sliding doors are added (wooden and iron), that behaves like normal doors but instead of rotating on themselves, they slide into the block next to them.

Jail doors :
A new metallic jail door that slides on the side. Can only be operated with redstone.

Laboratory doors :
A new metallic laboratory door that slides upwards. It’s not a double door.

Factory doors :
A new metallic factory door that slides both upwards and downwards.

Shoji doors :
A new shoji door that slides slowly on the side.

Curtains :
Simple colored curtains that opens with custom animation. The color of the curtains depends on the color of the wool used.

Saloon doors :
New saloon doors that opens automatically when you go through them.

Reinforced doors :
A metallic door with a handle that slowly opens.

Hitech doors :
A futuristic hi-tech door with cool opening animation.

Sliding trapdoors :
Simple trapdoors that slide on the side with pneumatic sound.

Camo fence gates :
A fence gate that copies the blocks on each side, granted they’re the same type.

Rusty Hatch :
A big metallic hatch with a handle that slowly opens. Comes with rusty ladders built-in. Requires 2x3x2 block space to be placed.
Like Trap doors, if placed on the top half of the side of the block, the door will open upwards.

Rusty Ladders :
A metallic ladder that matches the ones built-in the Rusty Hatch.

Garage doors :
A multi-structure allowing a large area to be opened with a nice animation. A Garage door can be as wide and tall as wanted, and as long as they face the same way, one simple redstone current change will make the whole door open or close depending on its current state.

Carriage doors / Medieval doors:
A big and fancy wooden double door (4x5x1 multi-block) made from a wooden door and five of one other. Oak door makes a Carriage door, Spruce Door makes a Medieval door. The frame uses the texture of the block used in the recipe.
Note : in 1.7.10, the five blocks need to be spread in five different crafting slots.

Forcefield and Controller :
The Forcefield Controller is an item that allows the creation of Forcefields. The Forcefields can be any size (with a limit of 100 blocks) and can’t be destroyed. Use the item on the Forcefield to activate and deactivate it, use it while sneaking to remove it completely.
The Contoller displays color informations while placing a Forcefield to indicate if it can be made between the selected positions. It is self powered but requires some time to recharge. Note that removing a Forcefield completely drains the energy of the Controller.

Door factory and custom doors :
The door factory is a self powered machine that lets you design your own doors. Chose their properties such as the type of movement (from ten available!), the sound, or the speed of their animation, and then select blocks for the frame, top and bottom materials to define how they look.
The top and bottom material also accepts a few items for special effects :

  • Flint & steel gives a fire effect.
  • Ender pearl displays nether portal animation.
  • Water bucket displays flowing water.
  • Lave bucket displays flowing lava.

Recipe :

In game :

Custom doors :

Custom doors with effects :

How to install Malisis Doors Mod

Malisis Doors Mod includes innovative animations for doors, traps and fences. It even adds new doors such as glass doors, jail doors, laboratory doors, factory doors and garage doors that have different and original animations.

You can also completely build your doors with a machine that lets you choose the way you look and the way you move. To install Malisis Doors Mod you just have to follow the following steps that we will show you next:

  1. Make sure you have installed Minecraft Forge and MalisisCore in the version that corresponds to you
  2. Go to the minecraft application folder
  3. In the open windows section select> Run from the start menu and type in lowercase: %appdata% and click on Run again
  4. In the open mac browser, you must hold down the ALT key and click> Go> Library in the top menu bar. Followed by it starts the Application Support folder and looks for Minecraft
  5. Add the modification of Malisis Doors Mod that you just downloaded in .jar file and paste it in the minecraft / mods folder
  6. If you followed all these steps correctly, when you start Minecraft and click on the modifications button, the modification you have installed should already be active
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