Minecraft dungeons

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The HUD during an offline single player session.

The HUD during a 4-player local multiplayer session.

The Health Heart when the Mouse Cursor is hovered over it.

A arena battle pop-up from Pumpkin Pastures

The HUD consists of:

  1. Effect Icons – any Status effects icons or activated enchantments that are currently applied to the player, like how consuming food provides Regeneration, and using enchanted ranged weapons can activate Multishot.
  2. Enchantment Points — the number of points obtained that can be used for enchanting armor and weapons.
  3. Inventory — where all collected equipment is stored, where player power is visible, and where players can change their equipped armor, weapons, and artifacts.
  4. Hotkeys — gameplay options that are accessible by the player during gameplay, such as equipped artifacts, potions, map and dodge timer, as well as the button binding for each one.
  5. Soul Bar — counts how many souls the player collected from defeating mobs. It can be used to charge soul requiring artifacts and power Soul Enchantments, but they can only be obtained if the player has equipped soul gathering armor, weapons, or artifacts. When Souls are being collected or consumed, the number of souls involved will appear left of the bar.
  6. Revives Remaining — displays the number of revives the player has before game over when all health has been depleted. The player is given 3 revives per mission unless a Daily Trial modifier alters the number.
  7. Heart – tracks the player’s current health — can be regenerated using a healing potion, consumable, artifacts, or certain enchantments such as radiance. Hovering the Mouse cursor over the heart will present health numerically.
  8. Experience Bar — tracks the player’s current level and how close until reaching the next level to obtain an enchantment point. Levels are increased using experience, which can be collected from defeated mobs.
  9. Map — this opens the full screen map, a visual of the area that shows how much of the map has been explored and the current objectives.
  10. Quiver — shows the number of arrows the player possesses. Arrows can be collected from arrow bundle consumables dropped by mobs, chests and Surprise Gift, or replenished by Recycler . Certain artifacts, such as Flaming Quiver and Torment Quiver, have custom arrows which are displayed in place of the regular arrows, but do not consume the normal arrows. Collected TNT also occupy the quiver display and prevent the use of arrows.
  11. Emeralds — the currency of the world. It can be used to purchase, upgrade and gift equipment from the merchants at the camp.
  12. Objective — text and accompanying sub-text describing a task for the player in a mission. Below this text, a pop-up will appear upon the start and end of a gated Arena Battle.
  13. Teleport — In online multiplayer games, players can relocate to the position of another player by tossing an Ender Pearl.

List of Echoing Void mobs[]


Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Guardian Vex Yes EnderGhostSummonable
Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Pet Endermite Yes AnimalEnder

Hostile mobs

Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Blastling Yes EnderEnderling
Endermite No AnimalEnder
Shulker No Ender
Silverfish No Animal
Snareling Yes EnderEnderlingNatural
Watchling Yes EnderEnderling

Ancient mobs

Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Scuttling Torment Yes Animal
The Swarm Yes EnderEnderlingNatural
Watcher of The End Yes EnderEnderling

Boss mobs

Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Endersent Yes Ender
Main Bosses
Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Vengeful Heart of Ender Yes Ender
Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Armored End Vindicator 70px Yes Illager
End Illager Yes Illager
End Vindicator 70px Yes Illager
Parrot No Animal
Trader Llama No Animal
Wandering Trader No Villager


The following is included in this DLC pack:

Bubble Trouble Feeling Bubbly Glow and Behold Gone Fishin’ Iceologer’s Revenge Lost Power Save Your Breath Seafood Skewer Turn the Tide


  • Dashing (an underwater replacement for rolls).
  • Mob remains float upward rather than falling downward.
  • Oxygen bar.
  • Strong currents that push players, similar to the winds from Howling Peaks.
  • Normal projectiles move slower underwater.



Mobs that are first introduced by the Hidden Depths DLC:

  • Ancient Guardian (Boss)
  • Armored Drowned
  • Armored Sunken Skeleton
  • Armored Trident Drowned
  • Baby Drowned
  • Baby Turtle ()
  • Baby Turtle (mob)
  • Biomine (Non-attackable)
  • Clam (Non-attackable)
  • Dolphin
  • Drowned

    Vengeful Mariner (Ancient Drowned)

  • Drowned Necromancer
  • Elder Guardian
  • Entangle Anemone
  • Eponymous Squid (Non-attackable)
  • Fake Ancient Guardian
  • Glow Squid
  • Guardian

    Abyssal Eye (Ancient Guardian)

  • Poison Anemone
  • Pufferfish
  • Quick Growing Anemone
  • Squid
  • Starfish (Mob-like)
  • Sunken Skeleton
  • Trident Drowned
  • Tropical Fish
  • Tropical Slime
  • Turtle
  • Wavewhisperer


Mobs that appear in the Hidden Depths DLC but introduced in the Mainland:

  • Armored Skeleton
  • Armored Vindicator
  • Armored Zombie
  • Baby Zombie
  • Cave Spider
  • Geomancer
  • Geomancer Bomb (Non-attackable)
  • Geomancer Wall (Non-attackable)
  • Key Golem
  • Necromancer
  • Piggy Bank
  • Skeleton
  • Skeleton Horse (Mob-like)
  • Skeleton Horseman
  • Skeleton Vanguard
  • Spider
  • Vindicator
  • Vindicator Chef
  • Wraith
  • Zombie


  • Cod (Unused)
  • Salmon (Unused)
  • Anchor

    Encrusted anchor

  • Coral blade

    Sponge striker

  • Bubble bow

    Bubble burster

  • Harpoon crossbow

    Nautical crossbow

Локации в верхнем мире

Эти основные и секретные миссии можно найти в верхнем мире.

Локация Предшественник Внутреннее имя
Побережье кальмаров Нет
Лагерь Побережье кальмаров
Леса криперов Побережье кальмаров
Жуткая крипта Леса криперов (Секрет)
Тыквенные пастбища Леса криперов
Архиприют Тыквенные пастбища (Секрет)
Мокрое болото Тыквенные пастбища
Мшистая пещера Мокрое болото (Секрет)
Шахты красного камня Мокрое болото
Пылающая кузница Шахты красного камня
Каньон кактусов Пылающая кузница
Пустынный храм Каньон кактусов
Нижний храм Пустынный храм (Секрет)
Залы высокоблочья Пустынный храм
Подземелье залов Залы высокоблочья (Секрет)
Обсидиановая вершина Залы высокоблочья
??? Пройти все уровни


The following is included in Flames of the Nether:

Main article:

Acclaimed Acrobat Nether Been Better Trial by Fire





  • Artifact Charge
  • Beast Boss
  • Beast Burst
  • Beast Surge
  • Cooldown Shot
  • Artifact Synergy
  • Fire Focus
  • Lightning Focus
  • Pain Cycle
  • Poison Focus
  • Reckless
  • Shock Web
  • Soul Focus


  • Skelly
  • Strider Warrior


Nether Warrior (Unused)



Note that shorter versions of these locations can be found in Ancient Hunts for non-FOTN DLC owners.

  • Nether Wastes
  • Basalt Deltas
  • Nether Fortress (Secret)
  • Warped Forest
  • Crimson Forest (Secret)
  • Soul Sand Valley (Secret)


  • Netherwart Forest (Unused)
  • Scorched Crags (Unused)



Mobs that are first introduced by Flames of the Nether:

  • Armored Piglin
  • Armored Piglin Hunter
  • Baby Ghast ()
  • Blaze
  • Blaze Spawner

    The Unending (Ancient MCD:Blaze Spawner)

  • Blue Nethershroom (Non-attackable)
  • Fungus Thrower
  • Ghast
  • Hoglin

    Unstoppable Tusk (Ancient Hoglin)

  • Magma Cube
  • Piglin
  • Piglin Hunter
  • Strider (Mob-like)
  • Wither Skeleton
  • Wither Skeleton Archer
  • Zombified Armored Piglin
  • Zombified Armored Piglin Hunter
  • Zombified Fungus Thrower
  • Zombified Piglin
  • Zombified Piglin Hunter


Mobs that appear in Flames of the Nether but introduced in the Mainland:

  • Armored Skeleton
  • Enderman
  • Key Golem
  • Piggy Bank
  • Raid Captain
  • Skeleton
  • Wraith


Wildfire (Unused)

  • Boneclub

    Bone Cudgel

  • Broken Sawblade

    Mechanized Sawblade

  • Cog Crossbow

    Pride of the Piglins

  • Twisting Vine Bow

    Weeping Vine Bow


Spoiler warning! This section contains detailed information about Minecraft Dungeons that may spoil your enjoyment of it. Read at your own risk!

The creation of the jungle abomination is the result of the shattering of the orb of dominance. One of the shards of the orb landed within the sun room of an overgrown temple and began to spread its corruption across the rest of the jungle island. The shard first took control of the island by corrupting quick growing vines and poison-quill vines. It then created the jungle abomination as a result of manipulating its environment, creating a golem composed of leaves, branches, roots, and other objects. It then used this overgrown monstrosity to protect itself and grow stronger. As a result, the shard within the jungle abomination took full control of the island, as noted by the loud roars it emits throughout all of the missions. Its quest to regain its powers lead to the corruption of the natives of the island: the leapleaves and the whisperers. It’s plans for the island were never fulfilled, as the jungle abomination, along with the shard within it was destroyed once and for all, and the island now recovers from the corruption caused by the shard.



The mobs that are classified as Illagers are listed as follows:


  • Arch-Illager (Boss)
  • Armored Pillager
  • Armored Vindicator
  • Enchanter

    First Enchanter (Ancient Enchanter)

  • Evoker (mob) (Arcade)
  • Evoker
  • Geomancer
  • Giant Royal Guard (mob) (Arcade)
  • Giant Royal Guard (Arcade boss)
  • Mage (Arcade)
  • Pillager Raid Captain
  • Pillager

    Solemn Giant (Ancient Pillager)

  • Royal Guard

    Vigilant Scoundrel (Ancient Royal Guard)

  • Vindicator Chef
  • Vindicator Raid Captain
  • Vindicator

Echoing Void

  • Armored End Vindicator
  • End Illager
  • End Vindicator
  • Ancient Illager Soldier
  • General
  • Illager Warrior
  • Jailor
  • Reaver
  • Warden
  • Archie
  • Thord
  • Walda


The artifacts that are associated with the Illagers are listed as follows:

  • Enchanter’s Tome
  • Lightning Rod
  • Soul Healer

Melee Weapons

The melee weapons that are associated with the Illagers are listed as follows:

  • Axe
  • Double Axe
  • Firebrand
  • Heartstealer
  • Jailor’s Scythe
  • Ladle
  • Mace
  • Maulers
  • Mountaineer Pick
  • Stormlander
  • Truthseeker
  • Whirlwind

Ranged Weapons

The ranged weapons that are associated with the Illagers are listed as follows:

  • Auto Crossbow
  • Crossbow
  • Soul Crossbow
  • Soul Bow
  • The Slicer


The armor that is associated with the Illagers are listed as follows:

  • Battle Robe
  • Dark Armor
  • Ember Robe
  • Scale Mail
  • Splendid Robe

The enchantments that are associated with the Illagers are listed as follows:

Illager’s Bane

Variant Location
The Rise of the Arch-Illager Squid Coast Creeper Woods Creepy Crypt Woodland Mansion Woodland Prison Soggy Swamp Soggy Cave Pumpkin Pastures Arch Haven Cacti Canyon Spider Cave Redstone Mines Fiery Forge Desert Temple Lower Temple Highblock Halls Underhalls Obsidian Pinnacle Frosted Fjord Lone Fortress Lost Settlement Windswept Peaks Gale Sanctum Gauntlet of Gales Colossal Rampart Gold Room Radiant Ravine End Wilds Broken Citadel
Arch-Illager (Boss)
Armored End Vindicator
Armored Mountaineer
Armored Pillager
Armored Vindicator
Beta Armored Mountaineer (Unused)
End Illager
End Vindicator
Evoker (mob) (Arcade)
First Enchanter (Ancient Enchanter)
Frostwarden (Ancient Geomancer)
Giant Royal Guard (mob) (Arcade)
Giant Royal Guard (Arcade boss)
Mage (Arcade)
Pillager Raid Captain
Rampart Captain
Royal Guard
Solemn Giant (Ancient Pillager)
Vigilant Scoundrel (Ancient Royal Guard)
Vindicator Chef
Vindicator Raid Captain
Wind Caller

Other Dimensions[]

The Other Dimensions tab of the Mission Select map is the area in which DLC packs themed outside the Overworld take place. This area contains locations outside of the Overworld, The Nether and The End. It also has the option to start an Ancient Hunt.

Flames of the Nether

The Nether, where Flames of the Nether takes place.

See Flames of the Nether for further details. It contains the following missions:

Location Unlock Predecessor Internal Name
Nether Wastes Squid Coast
Basalt Deltas Nether Wastes
Nether Fortress Basalt Deltas (Secret)
Warped Forest Nether Wastes
Crimson Forest Warped Forest (Secret)
Soul Sand Valley Crimson Forest (Secret)

Echoing Void

The End, where Echoing Void takes place.

See Echoing Void for further details. It contains the following missions:

Location Unlock Predecessor Internal Name
End Wilds The Stronghold
Broken Citadel End Wilds


End Rogue

Main article: MCD:End Rogue

The End Rogue is an unused hero in Minecraft Dungeons that was believed to have been obtainable within the Echoing Void DLC. Much like the Nether Warrior, it was rendered unused, probably due to both being made quite early, and then scrapped for the new, more updated heroes.

Nether Warrior

Main article: MCD:Nether Warrior

The Nether Warrior is an unused hero in Minecraft Dungeons that was believed to have been obtainable within the Flames of the Nether DLC. Much like the End Rogue, It was rendered unused, probably due to both being made quite early, and then scrapped for the new, more updated heroes.


Main article:

Item Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Champion’s Armor No No Yes
Plate Armor No Yes Yes
Snow Armor Yes Yes Yes
Soul Robe Yes Yes Yes
Ice Wand Yes Yes Yes
Torment Quiver Yes Yes Yes
Totem of Shielding Yes Yes Yes
Apple Yes Yes Yes
Arrow Bundle Yes Yes Yes
Bread Yes Yes Yes
Cooked Salmon Yes Yes Yes
Pork Yes Yes Yes
Shadow Brew Yes Yes Yes
Strength Potion Yes Yes Yes
Sweet Brew Yes Yes Yes
Swiftness Potion Yes Yes Yes
TNT Yes Yes Yes
Melee Gear
Glaive Daily Trials Only Daily Trials Only Daily Trials Only
Soul Knife No Yes Yes
Ranged Gear
Heavy Crossbow Yes Yes Yes
Rapid Crossbow Yes Yes Yes
Scatter Crossbow Yes Yes Yes


Minecraft Dungeons находится в той же вселенной, что и Minecraft. В отличии от Minecraft, который является песочницей, игра имеет линейную сюжетную кампанию и ролики. Вступительная заставка рассказывает историю бездомного злодеянина по имени Арчи, которого отвергли все, кто встречался ему. Однажды он наткнулся на мощный артефакт, известный как «Сфера господства», который дал ему великие силы, но также развратил его. Жадный до власти Архизлодеянин тогда отомстил всем тем, кто обидел его, и вскоре покорил мир своей новой армией, совершил набег на деревни, заставил жителей деревень работать рабским трудом и оставил только хаос. Теперь игрок должен противостоять тирании Архизлодеянина и стать героем, чтобы победить его и спасти мир.

Игрок исследует различные локации в своём стремлении остановить Архизлодеянина, сражаясь со своей армией и выполняя квесты, чтобы перейти на следующий уровень. В конечном счёте, они сталкиваются с Архизлодеянином в его замке, побеждая его и разбивая Сферу Господства в процессе, который освобождает Арчи от его влияния. После этого они проявляют доброту к Арчи, к его большому удивлению, и вместе они празднуют, что зло побеждено и мир спасён, хотя позже показано, что Сфера восстанавливает себя.

Продолжение этой истории продолжит DLC, где 6 фрагментов шара разрушает остров джунглей, насылает на земли зиму , падает на вьющие пики, уничтажает нижний мир и упал поводные глубинны. Игроку удаётся уничтожить осколки и освободить земли.


  • Some mobs from the original game have new features in Dungeons. For example, many mobs have sound files for behavior animations known as «Novelty».

    All mobs have special animations when they are idle, some of these animation files are also known as «Novelty».

  • When mobs die, their bodies turn gray, flailing around before fading into dust. After that, the mob’s soul

    In Minecraft Dungeons Arcade, mobs fall down instead of flailing.

    leaves it’s body. If mobs die underwater, Their body will float for a short time before disappearing quickly.

  • Most mobs have two armored variants. These armored various seem to have their armor made of materials seen in the base game

    In fact, armored mobs are classified as «MobVarious2» or «MobVarious3» of a mob instead of «Armored mob» in the game ID. However, in-game, they are separate mobs as seen whenever they spawn enchanted.


  • If a hero’s enchantment is used by a mob, some of that enchantment’s effects would turn them purple. .
  • If any mob is thirty two blocks away from the hero, their animation stops to prevent the game from crashing.
  • Unlike the original game, the value of mob damage depends on mob data instead of weapon data. The ranged and melee weapons used by mobs are only a part of render and decoration, and does not cause additional damage to mobs and heroes.

    Bows and crossbows used by mobs do not have the draw bow animation when used. However, heroes have a draw bow animation.

Mob Exclusive Enchantments[]

Heals Allies

Main article: MCD:Heals Allies

Heals Allies is an unused powerful armor enchantment that would heal nearby allies by how much damage the player takes. This enchantment is, however, used on enchanted mobs.


Main article: MCD:Regeneration

Regeneration is an enchantment that would allow the player to passively regenerate health after 10 seconds of not taking any damage. This enchantment can still be applied to mobs however.


Main article: MCD:Shielding

Shielding is an enchantment that would give an aura that gives damage resistance to the player and any nearby allies. In, mobs were given the ability to spawn or be enchanted with Shielding. They removed this from the player’s artillery because it was likely to overshadow the protection enchant.


Main article: MCD:Withering

Withering is an enchantment that would give the user the ability to inflict Wither upon hit. The enchantment can only generate on a Stone Sword and the Red Snake wielded by Wither Skeletons and Wither Skeleton Archers respectively)


Beta Armored Mountaineer

Main article: MCD:Beta Armored Mountaineer

The Beta Armored Mountaineer is a light red variant of the Mountaineer that was planned for the Howling Peaks DLC, but only appeared in the Howling Peaks DLC’s beta version. It’s outfit is similar to the Rampart Captain. It was added on the files on the Howling Peaks patch.

Chicken (mob)

Main article: MCD:Chicken (mob)

The Chicken (mob) is an unused in Minecraft Dungeons that was scrapped alongside the Enchantsmith. The chicken (mob) would have only be found next to the Enchantsmith’s camp stall. The Chicken (mob) seems to sit idly in position, being unable to be attacked.


Main article: MCD:Enchantsmith

The Enchantsmith is an unused NPC mob in Minecraft Dungeons that was added in the game files in the Echoing Void patch, but was never added into the game.

Jack O’ Lantern

Main article: MCD:Jack o’ Lantern

The Jack o’ Lantern, otherwise known as the Jack o’ Lantern Trap, is an unused mob that was added in the Beta stage of Minecraft Dungeons and was planned for Minecraft Dungeons.


Main article: MCD:Mason

The Mason is an unimplemented merchant that would have been able to upgrade the players gear to their current power level using diamond dust that could be bought for 1000 emeralds. Its item-upgrading functionality was re-added in the Creeping Winter update with the Blacksmith, minus the diamond dust.

Quest Giver

Main article: MCD:Quest Giver

The Quest Giver is an unimplemented merchant that would have been able to give quests to the player similar to the mission map in the camp. It was first added during the Creeping Winter patch along with the other new camp merchants, with it potentially being one of them, but it was never implemented. Its appearance resembles the savanna villagers from regular Minecraft with it having sandals and red and green clothes. It also has a bandanna over its eyes and wears a crown.

Web Spider

Main article: MCD:Web Spider

The Web Spider is an unimplemented mob in Minecraft Dungeons that was added in the game files in the Dungeons Beta, but was removed in It is a variant of the spider that could be featured in a future DLC or update. The only proof of its existence so far are a few textures and models in the game files. It is only inferred that the web spider has red eyes, as the textures for other spiders also lack eyes. The web spider is very similar in appearance to the spider. It’s main similarity is that it has red eyes. The difference is that it has a greenish tint on its texture. In addition to this, looking closely, there is also a very subtle purple tint in the middle of the side of each leg. It also seems to use the old spider texture prior to 1.14 just with a green tint.


Main article: MCD:Wildfire

The Wildfire is an unimplemented mob that was planned for the Flames of the Nether DLC, which its behavior mostly consisted of shooting fireballs and possibly protecting itself using its shields, it was added on the files on the Flames of the Nether patch.


Locations can be travelled to from the map once players have reached or returned to the Camp. They do not appear on the map until they are unlocked. Due to the nature of how the missions are unlocked, it is entirely possible to skip missions to complete the main story. There are a maximum of 45 (not including Camp or Squid Coast) playable locations at any given time if all Secret Missions and Daily Trials are unlocked and all DLCs purchased. Each location contains over 500 mobs (except for Squid Coast, which has less than 100 mobs)

There are three main things that can be found in a location:Consumables, Emeralds, and equipment such as Armor, Artifacts, and Weapons.


Minecraft Dungeons
Nether DLC revealed during Minecraft Live 2020 in early development. Exists internally Nether Warrior. Exists internally Information of Locations codenamed and .[more information needed]
The name for the DLC is revealed to be Flames of the Nether and the release date of February 24, 2021. Flames of the Nether released. Fixed mission progress being blocked due to mismatched tiles at Warped Forest.
Fixed environmental fire not dealing damage to players.
Fixed entrapment inside the sub-dungeon’s entrance on Crimson Forest.
Fixed sound looping for the Broken Sawblade
Fixed unable to stun Magma Cubes. Added level narration to the Flames of the Nether Missions.
Fixed force field effect still being present after the gates were lowered in Nether Fortress.

Island Realms[]

The Island Realms is the main area in which the first three DLC packs, as well as the fifth, take place. This area contains four islands: Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, Howling Peaks and Hidden Depths

Jungle Awakens

The Jungle island where Jungle Awakens takes place.

See Jungle Awakens for further details. It contains the following missions:

Location Unlock Predecessor Internal Name
Dingy Jungle Squid Coast
Panda Plateau Dingy Jungle (Secret)
Overgrown Temple Dingy Jungle

Creeping Winter

The snowy island where Creeping Winter takes place.

See Creeping Winter for further details. It contains the following missions:

Location Unlock Predecessor Internal Name
Frosted Fjord Squid Coast
Lost Settlement Frosted Fjord (secret)
Lone Fortress Frosted Fjord

Howling Peaks

The mountainous island where Howling Peaks takes place.

See Howling Peaks for further details. It contains the following missions:

Location Unlock Predecessor Internal Name
Windswept Peaks Squid Coast
Colossal Rampart Windswept Peaks (Secret)
Gale Sanctum Windswept Peaks
Gauntlet of Gales Creeper Woods

Hidden Depths

The atoll where Hidden Depths takes place.

See Hidden Depths for further details. It contains the following missions:

Location Unlock Predecessor Internal Name
Coral Rise Squid Coast
Radiant Ravine Coral Rise (Secret)
Abyssal Monument Coral Rise


The jungle abomination has four different behaviors. It is the slowest and one of the largest mobs in the game, but does not have the largest health pool.

Vulnerable stun cycle

Sometimes, the boss becomes vulnerable for five seconds if it takes too much damage, with its defense significantly reduced by 60%.


The jungle abomination attempts to crush the hero by using its left arm with the villager statue. The jungle abomination cannot move or turn when using this attack.


The jungle abomination summons four whisperers. When below half health, it can also summon two leapleaves.

Vine attack

This attack involves the jungle abomination whipping its vine-like right arm into the ground and four to ten abomination vines rise from the ground to attack the hero. This attack seems to be used when the abomination falls below half health and deals 40% of the melee’s smash per vine.

Игровой процесс[]

Работа от Mojang Studios

Основная статья: Minecraft Dungeons:Игровой процесс

Игра поддерживает до четырёх игроков и включает в себя различное новое оружие, предметы и мобов, а также разнообразные среды для исследования и всеобъемлющий квест, в котором игроки встретятся лицом к лицу с главным антагонистом, называемым Архизлодеянин.

В игре есть специальные квесты и локации, а также процедурно сгенерированные элементы. Игрок не ограничен одним классом и может собирать больше доспехов или оружия и использовать их. Игроки не будут строить или добывать, потому что игра ориентирована на действие/приключение. Действие игры разворачивается как над землёй, так и под ней. Игроки могут повторно играть уровни, которые они ранее прошли. Есть лагерь «Центр мира», который есть в части учебного уровня Побережье кальмаров. Уровни генерируются процедурно, и Mojang рассматривал возможность использования ключей генерации.

Игроки могут выбрать свой аватар из множества предоставленных скинов, с дополнительными платными дополнениями. Скины из создателя персонажей и скины, купленные в ванильном Minecraft, не будут доступны для использования в Dungeons.


Персонаж — это человек, которым пользователь управляет в игре

При создании персонажа пользователь может выбрать косметический скин, который он будет использовать на протяжении всей игры (обратите внимание, что на экране выбора персонажа также можно изменить скин в любое время).. При создании персонажа вся добыча, уровни и полученный прогресс останутся только на этом персонаже и не будут перенесены на других персонажей, которых создаёт пользователь.

При создании персонажа вся добыча, уровни и полученный прогресс останутся только на этом персонаже и не будут перенесены на других персонажей, которых создаёт пользователь.


Основная статья: Локации

При первом запуске игры с новым персонажем игрок начинает игру с Побережья кальмаров. Затем он проходит через другие локации, такие как Леса криперов, пока не пройдёт все уровни. Иногда местоположение может генерировать комнату, которая позволяет получить доступ к секретному местоположению, например Жуткая крипта или Архиприют. Доступ к другим уровням можно получить через обычные уровни, такие как Тыквенные пастбища, Шахты красного камня и Каньон кактусов. Некоторые локации доступны только через пакеты DLC, в особенности Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, Howling Peaks, Flames of the Nether, Hidden Depths и Echoing Void


Основная статья: Предмет

для подробной информации.

Оружием являются инструменты и предметы, которые можно использовать для нанесения урона сущностям с помощью атак ближнего или дальнего боя.

Броня используется для защиты игрока от урона и повышения характеристик.

Артефакты — объекты, которые игрок может использовать, чтобы получить значительное усиление, нанести урон противникам или исцелить союзников.


В Minecraft Dungeons существует множество видов зачарований. Зачарования разделены на три основные категории: оружие ближнего боя, оружие дальнего боя и броня. У каждого из трёх классов есть эксклюзивные зачарования, изменяющие характеристики каждого предмета в своей категории. Чтобы зачаровать броню, оружие дальнего или ближнего боя, вам нужны Очки зачарования, которые можно заработать, повышая уровень. Для получения дополнительной информации см. Зачарования.


Мобы в Minecraft Dungeons, как правило, враждебны и пытаются уничтожить игрока. Единственными исключениями являются свинья, ключ-голем, овца, корова, оцелот, панда и манекен-мишень.

В игре есть три типа врагов: мобы, мини-боссы и боссы.

Убийство этих врагов даёт игроку опыт, и они часто сбрасывают изумруды, расходные материалы и предметы.


Верхний мир
  • Каньон кактусов
  • Леса криперов
  • Пустынный храм
  • Пылающая кузница
  • Залы высокоблочья
  • Обсидиановая вершина
  • Тыквенные пастбища
  • Шахты красного камня
  • Мокрое болото
  • Побережье кальмаров


Секретные локации
  • ???
  • Архиприют
  • Жуткая крипта
  • Мшистая пещера
  • Подземелье залов
Island Realms (DLC)
Jungle Awakens
  • Грязные джунгли
  • Заросший храм
  • Плато панд
Creeping Winter
  • Замороженный фьорд
  • Одинокая крепость
  • Затерянное поселение
Howling Peaks
  • Ветреные пики
  • Святилище урагана
  • Колоссальное укрепление

Frizon Thing

  • Lower Temple
  • Slimy Sewers
Minecraft Dungeons
Игровой процесс
  • Мобы
  • Зачаровывание
  • Локации
  • Скины
  • Предметы

Будущие мобы

Примечание: Перечисленные ниже DLC имеют неофициальные названия. Они могут быть добавлены позже либо не добавлены вовсе.

Этот раздел описывает контент, добавляемый Flames of the Nether DLC.Описанные далее функции могут быть добавлены в игру в будущем.

Основная статья: MCD:Flames of the Nether

Зомбифицированный пиглин Зомбифицированный пиглин-арбалетчик Зомбифицированный пиглин в броне Зомбифицированный пиглин-арбалетчик в броне Зомбифицированный метатель грибков Пиглин Пиглин-арбалетчик Пиглин в броне Пиглин-арбалетчик в броне Метатель грибков Хоглин Ифрит Лавовый куб Скелет-иссушитель Лучник-скелет-иссушитель Спаунер ифритов

Hidden Depths

Этот раздел описывает контент, добавляемый Hidden Depths DLC.Описанные далее функции могут быть добавлены в игру в будущем.

Основная статья: MCD:Hidden Depths

Светящийся спрут Спрут Черепаха Быстрорастущая ламинария

Страж Ядовитая гусеобразная ламинария Тропический слизень Морской сплетник Утопленник Утопленник с трезубцем Утопленник в броне Утопленник в броне с трезубцем
Затонувший скелет Затонувший скелет в броне

Главные боссы

Повреждённый древний страж


Этот раздел описывает контент, добавляемый End DLC.Описанные далее функции могут быть добавлены в игру в будущем.

Основная статья: MCD:End DLC

Локации островных королевств

Островные Королевства — это основная область, в которой будут проходить действия трёх новых DLC. Эта область содержит три острова: Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter и Howling Peaks.

Jungle Awakens

Посмотрите «Jungle Awakens» для получения более подробной информации. Может содержать следующие миссии:

Локация Предшественник Внутреннее имя
Грязные джунгли Обсидиановая вершина
Заросший храм Грязные джунгли
Плато панд Грязные джунгли(Секрет)

Creeping Winter

Посмотрите «Creeping Winter» для получения более подробной информации. Может содержать следующие миссии:

Локация Предшественник Внутреннее имя
Замороженный фьорд Обсидиановая вершина
Одинокая крепость Замороженный фьорд
Затерянное поселение Замороженный фьорд(Секрет)

Howling Peaks

Посмотрите «Howling Peaks» для получения более подробной информации. Может содержать следующие миссии:

Локация Предшественник Внутреннее имя
Ветреные пики Обсидиановая вершина
Святилище урагана Ветреные пики
Колоссальное укрепление Ветреные пики(Секрет)
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