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Joe and Tony taking the train

This is the first story mission since Witness — Frozen Memories, which means there’s no timer and no points are awarded. It’s a fairly long mission with a lot of enemies so you’ll want to be in full health and have plenty of ammo before you start. Once you’re ready head to the docks and activate the mission marker. You’ll be joined by Tony Balls on this one so you’ll have some help.

The Docks

When you start Tony will say «Let’s do this nice and quiet»; however, there’s no getting around the firefight so kill the guy in front of you then begin working your way forward. The enemies will rush you, so it’s best to make short advances, staying in cover as you progress. There are two enemies who will appear above you as you advance, one on a crane tower to your right and another will come out of a second floor doorway on the first building to your left shortly thereafter.

Continue moving forward until you reach the corner of the warehouse, as you round the corner two Lassiter Series 69s will drive up full of gangsters. Try to shoot their gas tanks to make things quicker, or throw a grenade if you have one. When they’re dead head toward the marker by the warehouse door. There will be a Swift Cola sitting on a crate to the left if you need some health.

The Warehouse

When you’re ready, activate the switch to open the door then take cover there while you begin clearing out the enemies inside. When you enter you should notice catwalks above, enemies will spawn on them at several points while in the warehouse. Follow the same approach as you did outside, making short advances and staying in cover as you proceed.

Once you’ve cleared the entire warehouse, meet Tony by the train. He’ll tell you to remove the blocks holding the train and then open the door so you can drive it out of there. The blocks are by the front left wheel, they’re glowing yellow and easy to spot. There is a pile of grenades on the platform next to the train and this is also a good time to pick up whatever ammo you can find because you’re not done yet. To open the door go up to the middle catwalk and activate the switch in the center.

is located here.

Once the door opens, the warehouse will be flooded with another group of gangsters. Get below and find some cover, preferably where they can’t easily flank you. When the last one is killed, a cutscene will play showing Joe and Tony driving off on the train and then heading to the Garden of Eden and you’ll receive the Dockyard Discord achievement.


Joe meets Eddie Scarpa

Joe Barbaro moved back to Empire Bay and has been working for the Falcone Crime Family for a short while, however there is still a contract out on his life from Luca Gurino and the Clemente Crime Family. Antonio Balsamo has pulled a few favors to get the two of them a lucrative job stealing a large shipment of high grade weapons that are being smuggled through the docks without permission.

After the job is done Joe and Tony head to the Garden of Eden to celebrate. While they’re there, Joe is introduced to Eddie Scarpa, a capo in the Falcone family. He’s heard nothing but good things about Joe and promises that if he keeps up the good work and keeps his nose clean, he will see about getting Joe a pass so he doesn’t need to worry about the Clemente’s any longer.


This is the final mission in Joe’s Adventures and it’s a nice long one, so this walkthrough is just going to cover the essentials. Before you begin remember what Harry’s mom always says, you can never have too much ammo, so heed her advice and stock up first.

is located here.

Walk through the Garden of Eden, when you get to the back room with Eddie’s and Carlo a cutscene will play and you’ll learn that Rocco is attempting to take control of the Falcone operation by ambushing its top leadership there at the cathouse. Now it’s up to Joe to stop him.

This is your standard Mafia II firefight so staying in cover and moving ahead slowly is the plan. Begin killing off Rocco’s Crew and as you proceed forward you’ll reach the dressing room and Eddie will ask if you want the stage (left) or the door (right), they’re both about equal so pick one and move ahead.

Once you’ve cleared that area there’s a sandwich behind the bar next to the cash register if you need some health, then continue down the hallway killing the last of Rocco’s crew. When you near the exit a cutscene will show Eddie and Joe leave to follow Rocco to the Midtown Construction Site and you’ll receive the Mind the Goods achievement.

From here on out you’re on your own, Eddie will be covering the front door «in case any more guys show up» from inside his car. When you regain control immediately take cover by the crate ahead. You have a lot of enemy on both the ground level and above so take your time through here. Take out all the ones you can get from here, then move to the other side and get the ones above. When you get to the upper level watch out for the guy on the stairs in the back, he’s got a shotgun and he’ll kill you quick if you’re careless.

Once this first area’s clear gather up any ammo you need, there’s also some grenades on the cement bags just before the stairs, and when you’re ready approach the stairway. There’s a guy above who’ll open fire, there’s also a bright floodlight blinding your view of him. On the first landing you should see a glowing power box on the wall, shoot that to take out the light, then when he stops to reload move to the side and kill him. At the top of the stairs there’s another guy with a shotgun so move up slowly and be ready for him.

Once you get on that level there will be a sandwich on a pallet of blocks just ahead if you need health. Clear this floor then make your way up several flights of stairs. As you near the top another enemy will open fire spraying bullets as before, do the same here and when he stops to reload move to take him out.

is located here.

Work through this level and when you near the end you will see Rocco tell a couple of his crew to take you down, notice that these guys are wearing bullet proof vests. From here on out they’ll be a whole lot harder to kill. Try to get head shots when you can, they go down a lot faster. Just before you go up the next set of stairs there will be a sandwich on the right.

Half way up these stairs you will get a much needed checkpoint save. Proceed very slowly from here, these guys can take you out with one shot, even with full health. When you finally get to the end of this level head up one last set of stairs and the final cutscene will play showing Joe finish off Rocco, afterward you will receive the Same Shirt Different Day achievement.

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