Supreme commander: forged alliance

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Factional differences[]

The four tech 2 artillery installations are the UEF Klink Hammer, the Cybran Gunther, the Aeon Miasma and the Seraphim Zthuthaam. They have slightly different costs and damages, but overall, have an equivalent cost/effectiveness ratio. They all have the same fire radius.

The UEF Klink Hammer has average accuracy, damage radius and damage, and the Cybran Gunther and Aeon Miasma represent their faction’s weapon’s philosophy:

  • The Cybran Gunther has awful accuracy, but makes up for it with a massive damage radius. Its damage is low, but it can damage multiple targets simultaneously. It excels at firing at approaching armies, or just wreaking indiscriminate havoc in an opponent’s base. It is absolutely incapable of destroying a specific target effectively. The Gunther is also considerably cheaper than the other T2 artillery pieces.
    Considering the traits of the Cybran’s T2 Point Defense, the Cerberus, the Gunther pairs very well with them. It is capable of heavily damaging high-health incoming enemies that the Cerberus can then finish off. This is balanced by the fact that its inherent inaccuracy makes the Gunther the worst for shore defense against any Naval unit faster than a Battleship.
  • The Aeon Miasma has almost perfect accuracy, but almost no damage radius. It features damage over time, making it effective against shields and buildings, but less so against mobile units. The Miasma is perfect at destroying selected targets of high importance, like other artillery pieces. It is also the most expensive of the T2 artillery pieces, although not by a large amount.

All things considered, the Seraphim Zthuthaam might be the best T2 artillery out of the four. It is as accurate as the Aeon Miasma, has a high damage radius, and packs quite a punch in terms of damage. It is, however, more expensive to build and maintain than the UEF and Cybran artillery installations, and does not have the advantage in terms of HP.


The Ythotha doesn’t have a single powerful weapon like the Galactic Colossus’ Phason Laser, of DPS 2500, however, all 3 of its main weapons combined, it easily out-damages the Galactic Colossus, with a combined DPS of 3610, and an impressive initial shot damage of 8000. Unfortunately, a large portion of its DPS comes from its Unstable Phason Beam Generator. The projectile is very slow often making it useless when engaging many smaller units, as the other faster weapons will destroy it long before the projectile reaches it’s target, it is best utilized against more powerful units, like Experimentals, giving the projectile time do its damage. In the role of countering other experimental units, the Ythotha excels. Overall, the Ythotha is much more prone to having wasted DPS than the Galactic Colossus (which uses a rapid-firing beam which can quickly and flexibly switch between targets, in comparison to the mix of weapons of the Ythotha) and thus is a poorer choice for quickly leveling a base or group of non-experimental units, unless you count its release of an Othuy upon it’s death, which can cause severe damage to non-experimental units and low-tier buildings.

The Ythotha is the first form of the Experimental Assault Bot. When it is destroyed, it unleashes an Othuy, a quantum energy being.

The Ythotha has a lot less health than the Colossus (only 67000) but makes up for it in weaponry. It has, aside from the main laser, a Gatling Plasma Cannon, a Heavy Sinn Unthe Cannon and 2 Olaris AA Artillery Cannons. Much like the Colossus it is amphibious and has no weaponry against subs. It has a sliver of anti-air weaponry, but it is barely as effective as the Ia-istle mobile gun and largely ineffectual against planes. Its AA is exceptionally weak due to the fact that it has a poor turret position and fires slow-moving shots which can be easily avoided by many aircraft, and so cannot be depended upon to shoot down a lowly Air scout, let alone any combat planes. If by chance its AA cannons do hit, they possess a slight area of effect. Even compared to regular mobile Seraphim «Flak» cannons, or even T1 AA, this AA is horrible and it might as well not exist – an escort of Iashavoh flak or ASFs on standby is much preferred. It is disabled while underwater.

It is worth noting that, like its Colossus cousin, it completely lacks any self-defensive ability when underwater, making it vulnerable to massed torpedo attacks. Its increased height and lower weaponry make it less viable on maps with low water, as it will only fire its eye, reducing affective dps severely and making it more prone to surface fire.


Wrecks of experimental units are extremely valuable

Although experimental units are much more powerful than most units, a common mistake is to overestimate their power. Sending one alone against a well defended enemy base is almost guaranteed to fail, as the unit will probably be destroyed shortly after reaching said base. This is especially true of Monkeylords. However, sending 2 or 3 of such units at once can create a force that even the best defended bases will have trouble stopping. Never overestimate your experimental units, escort them with anti air, and you will probably never fail to destroy your target.

Direct Fire[]

Corsair Missile Launcher

The Corsair Missile Launcher fires a cluster of four bombs that each do 200 damage over a small area of effect.

The Corsair Missile Launcher is used by the Corsair T2 Fighter/Bomber.

Molecular Ripper Cannon

The Molecular Ripper Cannon is the main weapon of the ACU. It has the same characteristics as all other ACU weapons, and it’s ROF can be upgraded.

Light Pulse Laser

An Auto Gun T1 point defense exchanges Light Pulse Laser fire with a group of Hunters

The Light Pulse Laser is a fast hitting, accurate and moderately damaging light weapon only used by T1 units. It’s DPS is average but its high ROF helps prevent overkill.

The Light Pulse Laser is used by the Hunter T1 light assault bot, the Mantis T1 Heavy Assault Bot, the Auto Gun T1 point defense and the Sliver T1 Attack Submarine (when surfaced).

Iridium Rocket Pack

The Iridium Rocket Pack is a direct fire weapon with an average DPS and ROF. With a high damage radius, it’s very good against groups of T1 or T2 units.

The Iridium Rocket Pack is used by the Renegade T2 Gunship, the Hoplite T2 Rocket Bot, and the Soul Ripper Experimental Gunship.

Meson Rocket

The Meson Rocket has high initial shot damage, high DPS, but low muzzle velocity.

The Meson Rocket is used by the Wagner T2 Amphibious Tank.

Heavy Electron Bolter

A Soul Ripper fires its twin Heavy Electron Bolters at some Cybran wall sections

The Heavy Electron Bolter is usually a secondary weapon to increase effectiveness against lower tech units. It has high ROF, low DPS and very low damage. It is extremely useful for faster units like sniper bots and T2 or T1 units. Experimental units have slower but much more powerful versions and are often capable of independent targeting.

The Heavy Electron Bolter is used by the Loyalist T3 Siege Assault Bot, the Wagner T2 Amphibious Tank, the Monkeylord Experimental Spiderbot and the Soul Ripper Experimental Gunship.

Particle cannon

Two Rhinos firing their Particle Cannons at a Hunter

The Particle Cannon is a rapidly firing ground to ground beam weapon. It has extremely high muzzle velocity and ROF and is very effective against fast-moving T1 and T2 units, but less effective against T3 and experimental units. The particle beam’s low firing arc means it will often collide with the ground, missing its target.

The Particle cannon is used by the Rhino T2 Heavy Tank and the Cerberus T2 Point Defense.

Disintegrator Pulse Laser

Loyalists easily destroying Hunters with their Disintegrator Pulse Lasers

The Disintegrator Pulse Laser is essentially a higher powered version of the Light Pulse Laser and does higher damage, but only fires in short bursts. This weapon is powerful and versatile, capable of defeating both small and fast units as well as larger tougher ones with comparable success. It is effective against units of all tech levels, and a great weapon for destroying buildings and big armies.

The Disintegrator Pulse Laser is used by the Loyalists T3 Siege Assault Bot, Dragon Fly Cybran T2 air transport (where it is reported to have an EMP effect) and Support ACUs.

Heavy Disintegrator Pulse Laser

The Heavy Disintegrator Pulse Laser is used by the The Brick Armored Assault Bot. It is excellent againist T1-T2 units and decent against T3 as its quick rate of fire helps prevent overkill. It is a heavy direct-fire weapon.

Heavy Laser Autogun

The Heavy Laser Autogun is used by the Jester T1 Light Gunship as it’s main weapon. While pitiful on its own but it exceeds well in numbers.

Heavy Microwave Laser

A Monkeylord firing its Heavy Microwave Laser.

The Heavy Microwave Laser is Cybran’s premier direct Fire Weapons Technology, and the signature weapon of the Monkeylord. This is a terrifyingly powerful weapon that draws energy in order to maintain a strong continuous beam that can sweep across targets with an extremely high DPS; 12,000 in Vanilla SupCom, and 4,000 in Forged Alliance.

Due to Forged Alliance’s cheap experimental concept, the laser has been nerfed but this can be compensated by building the Monkeylord up much quicker and more efficiently, costing only 16,000 mass. It is highly respected and can assassinate ACUs alarmingly quickly.

The Heavy Microwave Laser is used by the Monkeylord, and a light version as an upgrade for the Cybran ACU.

Характерные черты[]

Руководство ОФЗ экспансивно, авторитарно, агрессивно. Оно считает, что только такие меры могут позволить восстановить павшую Империю Земли и обеспечить порядок в Галактике. Осматриваясь на тёмные времена вокруг себя, оно готово оправдывать самые крайние меры и жестокие решения.

Фокус внимания ОФЗ — военная мощь, главная добродетель — порядок. Для достижения этой цели признаются любые технологии, включая генетическую инженерию. На самом деле, большинство граждан ОФЗ являются генетически прямыми потомками генетически усовершенствованных или клонированных колонистов, также как население Эон и Кибран. Тем не менее, правительство ОФЗ, в отличие от них, рассматривает широкомасштабные программы генетической модификации собственного населения как инструменты для поддержания порядка, пережиток политики Старой Империи. Пилоты БМК ОФЗ также генетически усовершенствованы за счёт усиления лояльности и повышения способностей. Самым заметным признаком искажения человеческой природы в силах ОФЗ являются люди с кибернетическими имплантантами и сплетённые с тонким симбиотическим ИИ: симбионты. Эти люди являются неотъемлемой частью выживания колоний и выполняют великое множество задач.

Программа симбионтов работает на добровольной основе со всеми слоями населения ОФЗ. Каждый год тысячи претендентов стремятся помочь ОФЗ и своей локальной коммуне. Чего они не знают, так это того, что каждый симбионт подвержен скрытой программе покорности, делающей их идеально верными ОФЗ. Это основная причина продолжающегося конфликта между ОФЗ и Нацией Кибран: для Кибран программирование на выполнение умственных задач для ОФЗ является рабством и служит причиной, подпитывающей враждебность между двумя сторонами.

ОФЗ уделяет большое внимание пропаганде, скрывающей существование программы лояльности и дискредитирующей утверждения кибран. В ней доктор Брэкмэн представляется как одержимый властью диктатор, автор программы лояльности (что является печальной правдой), использующий её для контроля над нормальными симбионтами (что правдой не является)

Военные действия ОФЗ против кибран выставляются как печальная необходимость, предпринимаемые для того, чтобы спасти поколения выросших с промытыми мозгами симбионтов Брэкмэна.


The other ‘Beginner’ faction, the Seraphim generally make up for their lack of unique units with extremely powerful all-rounders. Who needs a specialist shield killer when you can just blow the front door down?


  • ACU — Good HP, fearsome TML upgrade, and access to dual-RAS, dual-repair, a restoration field for your units, or dual-gun upgrades, this is a very powerful ACU.
  • SACU — Overcharge and shield upgrades make this one of the strongest combatants of any type in the entire game, but it’s highly micro dependant. Also has teleporter access. Has no RAS.

Tech 1

  • Land:
    • Combat Scout — While standing still, this unit is stealthed and cloaked, meaning it’s undetectable except by omni sensors. This can be used to provide reliable intel, or if standing on a mass spot will prevent engineers from building upon it. This unit takes the Seraphim’s LAB spot as well as scout.
    • Floating Artillery Costs more than other T1 mobile artillery, but it’s amphibious, has a nice firing cycle, and does very good damage.
  • Air:
    • Bomber — The best T1 bomber.
    • Transport — The best T1 transport. Can carry up to 8 T1 or 4 T2 units.
  • Naval:

    Submarine — Worst subs, since it can lose in 1v1 against other subs. The only T1 submarine with torpedo defence.

Tech 2

  • Buildings:
    • Point Defense — Uses a laser so it never misses or wastes any DPS, making it the best anti-T1 T2 point defence, but the low profile means it can be blocked by uneven terrain.
    • Torpedo Launcher — The only torpedo launcher with torpedo defense, it has also lower HP.
    • Static Shield — Best shields in the game, expensive, but the biggest and the strongest
    • Sonar — Best T2 sonar, since they don’t have T3 sonar.
    • Seraphim has no Engineering Stations
  • Land:
    • Assault Bot — Slow, but it has a great firing cycle for killing T1 and T2, plenty of HP, and kicks out a tonne of damage. best T2 land unit. Consider as a T2.5.
    • Hover Tank — Very fast hover tank with frontloaded firing cycle and good HP.
    • Floating AA Flak — Amphibious so it can support your navy.
  • Air:
    • Torpedo Bomber — Worst torpedo bomber. Only T2 torpedo bomber that can be countered by torpedo defence. Drop far from the boat, can result in hitting the ground.
    • Transport — The best T2 transport of all factions. Can carry 16 T1 units or 8 T2 units or 4 T3 units.
    • Fighter Bomber — Does good damage, but is easily dodgeable. Good against buildings. Not great fighter.
  • Naval:
    • Destroyer — Not only does this fire lasers which never miss and never waste any damage, but the unit can be submerged to become invulnerable to surface fire. Best destroyer with micro. Poor at killing bases, since the lasers hit the terrain a lot.
    • Cruiser — Flak AA and the cruise missiles can be fired individually with good micro to kill very efficiently. Less effective against tmd.

Tech 3

  • Buildings:
    • Static Shield — Best shields in the game, expensive, but the biggest and the strongest.
    • Seraphim has no T3 sonar.
  • Land:
    • Tanks — Has trouble with uneven terrain and is generally outclassed by the Siege bots, but has the highest DPS of any T3 Land once you get it fully in range, and is brilliant in a well-mixed army.
    • Mobile Shield — Only T3 mobile shield, it’s big, it’s strong, and it hovers so it’s amphibious too.
    • Sniper Bots — Inaccurate while moving. Manual toggle between normal and sniper modes, with sniper mode firing higher damage shots at longer range, but less frequently. Good with T3 mobile shield to protect them from bombers.
  • Naval:
    • Submarine Hunter — The only T3 combat submarine, it’s fast, it’s got ridiculous torpedoes, and it has astonishing AA weapons when surfaced.
    • Battleship — Solid all-around battleship, but also doubles as a mobile nuke platform instead of a nuke sub.

Tech 4 – Experimental

  • Ythotha Assault Bot — Great against groups of units with a high splash damage ‘Ball of doom’ cannon. When destroyed releases a highly destructive orb of lightning energy that attack any unit or structure nearby for 30 seconds.
  • Ahwassa Bomber — Absurdly powerful bomber, it’s vulnerable to interception but if this thing drops, you can assume the target died.
  • Nuke Launcher — Hyper-expensive game-ender class mega-nuke. Each missile takes two anti-nuke missiles to defend it, the nukes load faster, they do more damage and they have a frankly ridiculous AOE.

Additional Tips[]

1. Each of the Fatboy’s Gauss Cannon can engage different targets at once, thus it is usually best to not issue attack commands with the Fatboy, but rather leave it to its own accord as a single Fatboy can usually engage up to 3 different fronts.

2. The Fatboy’s Riot Guns are very powerful and has very high DPS and rate of fire (it has higher DPS than Monkeylord’s bolters), however their range is quite short and they have slow projectiles, thus they’re excellent against T3 units that wander too close to the Fatboy, but can be slow to handle a large army of weaker units. Also, it is usually best to keep Fatboys away from direct combat since even though it has powerful close range weapons, it does not have the HP to withstand too much damage. 

3. A good tactic when using Fatboys offensively is to pair each of them with an sACU, upgraded with shield generator field and enhanced sensors. Since Fatboys do not have onboard radar, the sACU’s extended radar can help reveal enemy units, and the 52k shield and sACU’s repair capability can greatly extend the Fatboy’s lifetime. 

Using the Fatboy as a Mobile Factory

Most players, especially on FAF, use this not as a Mobile Factory, but as more of a mobile artillery, raining down gauss fire on enemy positions. But the Fatboy is also EXTREMELY useful as a base deployment unit. 

In 2v2 games, if your team-mate is playing Cybran, grab a Deceiver and a few T2 mobile flak (try to get both Cybran and UEF flak as the UEF guns point backwards and the Cybran forward which means that they fill each others weaknesses out) and move the Fatboy to an opposing corner of the map. Then, start pumping out T3 engineers from the Fatboy and order them to build a Mavor. 

This is especially useful if your opponents have too much defence (Ravagers beware!) for the Fatboy to cope. This is also one of the best tactics in the 2nd Forged Alliance mission, where you can micro your Fatboy through the Order base, take control of that little nook, build a Mavor and T3 omni, and start shelling QAI!

This strategy, however, clearly relies on massive amounts of resources and is just a very situational manuever. Simpler and more sensible approaches to the Fatboy’s mobile factory capabilities can be devised based on its very adaptative nature, at the player’s discretion, such as using it to produce T1 Engineers, which can assist it, repairing the unit and recharging its shield. The Experimental can mass produce them very quickly due to its high build rate and said Engineers can also be repurposed as needed, including to build anti-air defenses, for example.

United Earth Federation[]

UEF units often have more HP, an attribute which makes them hardier than unit equivalents of other factions. The UEF ACU has 12000 HP, while the Seraphim ACU has 11500 HP, the Aeon ACU has 11000 HP, and the Cybran ACU has 10000. The same is true of nearly every other category of unit. In Forged Alliance it is said that UEF have the strongest Tech 1 units, and from the stats it’s obvious to see the light assault bot: Mech Marine is superior. The T1 mobile light artillery: Lobo can also easily be said to be the strongest T1 artillery. Their T1 Tank: Striker is more arguable, however it does have 300 HP, as much as 50% higher than others.

The UEF tends to be the jack of all trades, master of none. They have good units in all areas, but tend not to excel in one area or at one special thing (Such as Cybran’s Hoplites and Stealth combo). The only exception to this is that the UEF have, as said before, the hardest armor of any faction.


UEF forces have some of the best weapons ranging from machine guns and direct-fire gauss shells to antimatter artillery shells. Sometimes it depends how to use them as some of those weapons tend to have a somewhat slow turning rate.

Unique units

The UEF is the only faction that has a tech 3 transport, which is equipped with a shield and plasma weapons and are also the only faction to sport a T3 Battlecruiser, a dedicated anti-surface vessel with a shorter range than a battleship. Their experimental units are unique: the mobile factory: Fatboy, the submersible carrier: Atlantis, the orbital satellite weapon: Novax Center and the strategic artillery: Mavor. Because the UEF has an experimental carrier, it does not have a tech 3 carrier.

Forged Alliance gifted UEF with 10 units, most of which were unique (although some were given equivalents to other factions). Their new, completely unique units are the Novax Center, T3 Heavy Air Transport: Continental, T2 field engineer: Sparky, mobile missile platform: Spearhead, T2 torpedo boat: Cooper, T2 Shield Boat: Bulwark, T3 battlecruiser: Neptune Class, and T3 point defense: Ravager.

The UEF is considered to have the best and worst in terms of experimental units in both Supreme Commanders, being generally more fragile than those of other factions but much more effective if used correctly, particularly the Fatboy and Atlantis.

Faction differences[]

Cybran Corsair

Some think that a Cybran T2 Corsair is not efficient against other air units. Because it has a third of the anti-air DPS of other fighter/bomber units, they say it cannot do what UEF and Seraphim fighter/bombers can do when it comes to fighting capabilities. They think that this makes Tech 3 air-superiority fighters more important for the Cybran. However, the Corsair uses a homing missile weapon against air units, giving it an extremely high hit rate compared to its T2 counterparts (this is not true in Forged Alliance, as projectile Anti-Air hit rates were dramatically improved); this accuracy makes its effective DPS much closer to the other two in air-to-air combat (as the weapons of the other two can and do miss). This homing ability is lost when targeting ground units; however their ground projectiles all hit one spot and travel extremely fast, giving them much higher ground accuracy while having the same ground DPS. They are very good at sniping for this reason. The faster projectiles are especially useful for sniping enemy ground-based Anti-Air assets, as a sufficient number of Corsairs can destroy the ground-based Anti-Air asset nearly as soon as it begins shooting at them, thereby taking almost no damage. This, combined with the fact that rockets land all around the target and have a decent area of effect radius means they also tend to deal their damage over a fairly decent area, making them superior to their UEF and Seraphim counterparts as ground-attack units.

UEF Janus

The UEF Janus is basically what happens when you take a Cyclone and a Scorcher, make them better, and then put them together. Its has, not surprisingly, the highest HP of the other two fighter/bomber units. Rather than dropping one bomb, it drops several ones in two rows, making it perfect for damage over a wide area, but not highly effective against units with higher health, like an ACU. With damage over time, units that are out of range of the bomb can accidentally move into range and get damaged themselves. Therefore, the Janus is probably the best unit for taking on groups of T1/T2 units. The Janus has the weakest AA of the three fighter/bombers due to projectiles missing.

Seraphim Notha

The Seraphim Notha releases all its damage output in one bomb, rather than having it spread over several bombs. This makes it the best fighter/bomber for sniping/attacking stationary targets, like Mass Extractors or T2 power plants. Note however that its bombing accuracy is affected by same targeting bug that affects all the strategic bombers, meaning that it will often miss the intended target by a sizable margin on its first pass (tested in version 3606).

Aeon Illuminate[]

Aeon units are the most effective in an even fight between equivalent units. Their HP, construction costs, speed and abilities are average, but their weapons are particularly effective. For instance, their tech 2 tanks do more DPS, their tech 3 bombers drop smartbombs that track their targets, and their tech 3 artillery does not stop to deploy stabilizers in order to fire, but also lets them have very good accuracy. The trajectories of their weapons often give them the best effective DPS and initial shot damage.

The Aeon also have the best shields after the Seraphim but the highest shield density as the seraphim shields have a very large radius. Their T2 mobile shield generators have the highest shield points. This allows for a task force to be protected whilst engaging the enemy.

The Aeon is widely considered to have the best navy. Aeon T1 Light Tanks: Auroras are amphibious giving the Aeon an early naval advantage, Aeon mobile shield generators are also amphibious to support the navy, and Aeon naval units are nearly all more hardy and powerful than the other factions’ naval units. They also have the only submersible battleship.


The Aeon tend to utilize weapons with long range, high DPS, low firing randomness, and extremely high initial shot damage. Most of them have a small damage radius and low ROF. Examples of weapons technologies the Aeon Illuminate employs are the Oblivion Cannon, the Fizz Launcher, and the Quantum Cannon.

Unique units

The Aeon navy is the only one that has a T1 Attack Boat: Shard, though this is considered a disadvantage, because it only makes up for the notable lack of anti-air capabilities of the Aeon frigate. However, it does allow for quicker deployment of anti-air when needed. The Aeon use a lot of hover units which make them faster, such as the Aurora, their T1 tank. It is very different from the other factions’ main combat units at T1. It has a far lower health and is slower, but it also hovers over terrain, and has longer weapon range and damage. Overall, Aeon should be handled very differently to the other factions at T1. Their hover units are impossible to hit with torpedoes, and can move across the map freely, traversing both land and sea easily. Their T2 mobile shield generator: Asylum can rush into units, stopping them from firing, but leaving friendly units open to attack. It can also support naval units.

Their unique units are the T2 Guided Missile: Mercy, T3 Shield Disruptor: Absolver, T3 Torpedo Bomber: Solace, T3 AA Gunship: Restorer, T1 Attack Boat: Shard, T3 Missile Ship: Torrent Class, T3 Rapid-Fire Artillery Installation: Salvation, T3 Quantum Optics Facility: Eye of Rhianne and their experimental units: the sacred assault bot Galactic Colossus, the flying fortress: CZAR, the submersible battleship Tempest, and the resource generator Paragon.


Эоны полагаются на эффективные, специализированные атакующие машины с очень мощными, но довольно ограниченными возможностями, особенно по сравнению с Кибран. Их оружие, как правило, медленнее стреляет, но наносит больше урона за выстрел по сравнению с их соперниками. Аврора и Обсидиан, как и другие подразделения, поддерживают эту теорию. Их оружие имеет тенденцию к оружию, полученному от Серафимов, а также к другим странностям, таким как звуковое оружие или артиллерия, которая может стрелять на ходу. Единицы Эон, как правило, более эстетичны, чем их аналоги у ОФЗ и Кибран — в результате этого, они имеют стильный, инопланетный, органический и, казалось бы, невинный вид — но когда начинается атака, они обнажают своё оружие и дают врагу повод для тревоги, но не во всех случаях т.к. системы ПВО у них мало эффективные


The Mavor is the only strategic artillery piece available in Vanilla Supreme Commander, as it is capable of firing at any ground target on the map due to its almost unlimited Range. This, of course, excludes any target within its large minimum range. On land maps sized 81 km, it can cover all land patches if built. The Mavor shells are very accurate and powerful, and also have a very large damage radius. Because of this, the Mavor can destroy any building in one to two shells. Any shields protecting the building will be quickly dealt with. Further, thanks to the large damage radius, the Mavor can efficiently break through any shield patch.

Because of the shell’s high air time, the Mavor is inefficient against mobile units. However, any non-experimental land unit hit by a Mavor shell will be immediately destroyed. Experimental units will receive massive damage, and the Mavor can sometimes also hit flying experimental units, with a little luck.

The only time the Mavor has a maximum range is on the massive 81×81 km maps, but this does not usually get in the way of anything.

The Mavor is quite fragile compared to other experimentals and artillery platforms so be sure to keep it well protected, preferably with multiple Heavy Shield Generators and several T3 SAM Turrets to watch for T3 Bombers.


Napalm Carpet Bomb

The Napalm Carpet Bomb does Damage over time. It is launched in salvos rather than as one bomb. Each bomb has a fairly low damage, but is useful against swarms of low level land units. It is less powerful than its Cybran and Aeon counterparts as most of the bombs usually miss their intended target, but it makes up for this in that any nearby trees, or grass will be quickly burned.

The Napalm Carpet Bomb is used by the Scorcher and Janus.

Small Yield Nuclear Bomb

The Small Yield Nuclear Bomb detonates with a distinctively shaped explosion, with very high damage, and moderate area damage radius in comparison to other strategic bombers.

The Small Yield Nuclear Bomb is used by the Ambassador.

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