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  • Kane is the oldest living Undead Human at current, as the rest are all 19 and the oldest male humanoid.
  • Kane and Ser Patrick are the tallest humanoid characters in the series.
  • Kane’s cleaver is based off the cleaver in Bloodborne.
  • Kane’s general appearance resembles a Pillager, however he is in fact an Undead.
    • Kane is the fifth Undead to appear in the series, and the third male.
    • It was speculated that he may have been a Pillager due to his grey skin, red tunic, and his crossbow, however this was disproven.
  • The name Kane has multiple meanings depending on its origin:
    • For the Irish origin, it means «battlefield»
    • For the Japanese origin, it means «Golden»
    • In general, the name is said to mean «Warrior»
  • Kane was originally a bartender, as seen in the thumbnail of Nightmares.
  • Kane could potentially have ties to the Ender Watchers through a few factors:
    • Kane’s eyes resemble the eyes of Ender People, however desaturated in color.
    • Ceris may potentially be the reason the Netherbane exists, and that Kane and Ciara were brought back as Undead. This has been alluded to by a statement in the Rainimator Discord by Rain himself, saying that «perhaps a calling made them (Ciara and Kane) come back to life and have them serve a purpose».
  • Kane’s hairstyle slightly resembles Ser Patrick’s scar or Ceris’ hairstyle.


Kane using him cleaver in promotional gif.

From what can be inferred, Kane is presumably an expert marksman, having a mounted crossbow on his arm and taking his time to line up his shot against Stella. He is also armed with a cleaver, which can unfold to cause damage, however how skilled he is using it is unknown.

Before his rise to a position of superiority and respect in the Netherbane’s ranks, Kane was shown to be a fair barkeep and worker, and wary to bring any trouble to the tavern of his employment. He may also be an experienced brewer, due to his presumed expertise in the craft and knowledge of such obtainments working as a barkeep in the Netherbane Tavern. Also Rainimator mentioned on his Twitter ,,Compared to the other crusaders, Kane isn’t magically gifted nor has any unique powers» so he is the only one from all Crusaders who hasn’t got magical powers.


Kane and his Cleaver in a Concept Render.

Kane in a promotional gif.

Kane staring at treasure in a promotional render for Nightmares.

Kane arguing with Ciara in Nightmares,

Kane grabbing the attention of General Tusk in Nightmares.

Kane and Abigail in the first scenes of Poison.

Kane begs Abigail to leave Ciara alone in a promotional render for Poison.

Abigail Crysteffor and Kane in a promotional render for Poison.

Kane holding Ciara in a promotional render for Poison.

Kane and Abigail Crysteffor riding through the Swamp Lands in a promotional render Poison.

Abigail Crysteffor and Kane preparing to fight in a promotional render for Poison.

Kane prepares to meet Lance in a promotional render for Poison.

Kane looking into the Swamp Castle in a promotional gif for Poison.

Kane in a promotional for Wishing Dead.

Kane, Rain and Ciara in a promotional render for Falling.

Kane with Ciara and Rain in a promotional render for Falling.

Kane looking at the remains of Piglins in the Piglin Camp in Nightmares.

Kane about to attack Abigail Crysteffor with his Cleaver in Nightmares.

Kane with his crossbow in Wishing Dead.

Kane glaring at where Lady Stella ran off in Falling.

Kane with his crossbow in Falling.

Kane showing shock at Rain’s Ender Eye in Falling.

Kane about to roundhouse kick Rain in Falling.

Kane looking at Rain in Cold as Ice: The Remake.

Kane alongside with Rain, watching him ultilizing the Banishing Spell in Falling.

Kane looking at Rain with his Ender Eye in Cold as Ice: The Remake.

Kane collects poison from Ender Frog body.

Kane giving Abigail a bow and some arrows for use later before getting him into Dream Magic in Poison

Kane having the Ender Eye after stabbing the poisoned arrow from Ender Frog in Poison

Kane bashing lance’s head.

List of Characters/Factions

Frostbourne Rain, Ser Patrick, Daryll, Lady Azura, Ser Theo, Lady Stella, Unnamed Bandit, Hilda, Dexter, Nostra
Ender Watchers Rain, Ender Dragon, Vordus, Ceris, Zeganirn, Lady Stella, Lance
Nether Horde Abigail Crysteffor, Blackbone, Scorch, Glutton, Gigabone, Lady Stella, Naeus, Wither Knight, Kralos, False Pig King, Hogsworth, Infernius, Namtar, Ifrit, Amon, Djinn
Undead Rain, Oscar, Herobrine, Blackbone, Naeus, Infernius
Coven Victor Summery, Lief Moonfall, Lady Stella, Lady Stella
Netherbane Kane, Ciara, Elite, Shaney, Azriel, Michael, Maya, Kam, Wayne, Ephraim
Glacierford Rain, Abigail Crysteffor, Kyle, Robin, Zach, Oscar, Camyo
Red Legion The Entity, Irifash, Ferelak

List of Characters/Subfactions

Bandits Daryll, Unnamed Bandit
Elytra Corps Lady Azura, Dexter
Endstone Crusaders Ciara, Rain, Lady Stella, Kane
Frostbourne Archers Archer Leader
Frostbourne Cavalry Ser Patrick, Daryll
Frostbourne Footsoldiers Hilda, Ser Theo
Order of Nether Assassins Ifrit, Amon, Djinn, Namtar
Piglins Porkshire, General Tusk
The Challengers Wither Knight
The Last Ender Watchers Rain, Lady Stella, Zeganirn
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