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Stunts (see improvised stunts) have always been a major part of the Just Cause game series. As of JC4 they are actually needed for 100% settlement completion. Region strikes will occupy the region, but doing all the stunts will mark the settlement as «complete». Previously liberations filled the purpose of «completing» settlements.

Stunts are assigned by Garland, who needs Rico to perform daredevil stunts for her movies. Doing stunts not only «completes» a settlement but gains Garland points as well. These points can be used to upgrade the grappler’s booster mods.

While most of them are easy enough, some of them require careful timing and precise setup. And in some cases, some are unavailable until a vehicle is unlocked in supply drop. There are 124 wingsuit stunts, 185 speed stunts, and 127 vehicle stunts for a total of 436 stunts across Solís. Without mods to facilitate the process (such as additional wingsuit boost for wingsuit stunts, faster vehicles for speed stunts and vehicle spawners for vehicle stunts), it would take dozens of hours to complete all stunts.


Каждая отдельно взятая миссия – это очень опасное задание. Можно стрелять, можно совершать невероятные трюки в воздухе, но вот только с каждым уровнем игры врагов становится все больше и больше, поэтому без сподвижников просто не обойтись в игре!

Особенности Just Cause 1

  • Свобода действий. В процессе игры вы сами сможете определить для себя как нужно действовать. Можно просто идти напролом, а можно изучить местную территорию, чтобы не попасть впросак.
  • Дополнительные миссии. Помимо стрельбы вы можете пройти дополнительные квесты, чтобы добыть для себя еще больше ресурсов и игровых гаджетов.
  • Ваши сподвижники. Все ваши союзники добудут для вашего главного героя нужную информацию, поэтому вы потом можете выбрать того, кто станет настоящим президентом тропической республики.

На этой странице по кнопке ниже вы можете скачать Just Cause 1 через торрент бесплатно.

Known contacts and allies

In San Esperito:

  • Ejértico Revolucionario de Liberación (the Guerrillas).
  • Rioja Cartel
  • Carmona (later became a traitor and was presumably killed for it).

In Panau:

  • Karl Blaine.
  • Reapers.
  • Ular Boys.
  • Roaches.
  • White Tiger gang members.

In Medici:

  • Sebastiano Di Ravello — Described by Tom Sheldon as The Agency’s best friend. This is likely meant figuratively, based on context. The Agency would want to cozy up with Di Ravello due to his exclusive access to Bavarium, but he would not necessarily be their literal number one ally.
  • eDEN Corporation — The Agency was a business partner of theirs «more than 20 years ago». Tom thought they had gone bankrupt years ago.
  • The Rebellion — On the sixth mission Conflicting Interests, Sheldon informs Rico with the scanner he can convince The Agency to «give more help to the rebels.» In the mission Friends Like These… Tom sells them some communications equipment in exchange for future favors.

In Solís:

Oscar Espinosa — He reveals at the end of the storyline that he was about to sell the Project Illapa to the Agency for what Tom estimated to be «trillions».


Wingsuit stunt above the Ojo de la Pradera cable cars. This stunt requires the player to either skillfully grapple the cable cars for additional speed, or use the rocket-powered wingsuit. Also note that as indicated by the HUD, this stunt will unlock the third rocket boost for the player by being the 30th stunt.

Solis pro tour at the Nueva Voz pool party.

As seen in the game menu, at the «challenges» tab.

Challenges («feats») by Alexis were announced over social media.

Monthly challenges as of October 2019.

«Día de Muertos» skull locations map.

Blowing up a Dia de Muertos skull with SS Borracho gunfire.

Ramming a Dia de Muertos skull with a Forzudo Armored Van.

One of the skulls at Sitio Picos Nevados.


Safety Test.

Billboard to look for for the «Street Art» challenge.

The same billboard with graffiti on it.


The main Agency vehicle is a large white RV, the Pocumtuck Nomad. It is present in JC1 and JC2, but can only be driven in JC2. Some Agency vehicles can be obtained from the Heavy drop and Black Market. The Agency also provides several other vehicles during missions.

Vehicles (JC1)

Available through heavy drop:

  • Yamada 37-14 Vaquero — Unlocked after the mission Devil’s Drop Zone.
  • Bald Eagle Persuader — Unlocked after the mission Good Cop, Bad Cop.
  • GP Thunder Extreme Prototype — Unlocked after the mission Good Cop, Bad Cop.
  • Whiptail Gyrocopter — Unlocked after the mission Guadalicano Choo Choo. In some versions, it doesn’t become available until the next mission.


  • Agency cargo plane — Appears only in the first cut-scene of the first mission — Devil’s Drop Zone.
  • Cutler-Randall Conquistador — Provided during the mission Some Enchanted Evening.
  • Delta 5H4 Boxhead — Is provided during the mission Brothers in Arms. Also seen in the ending cut-scene of Broadcast News.
  • Delta MAH-15 Chimaera — Parked at the Agency 05 «Camp Babylon» safehouse. Also parked at Guerrilla safehouses with a helipad after obtaining the highest Guerrilla rank. One safehouse is glitched. That one is .
  • Fukuda Buckskin Trapper — Parked at the Agency 03 «camp farmhouse» safehouse. Also parked at a unmarked military base in the vicinity of Agency 02 «Camp Grouper» and is provided for the mission Broadcast News.
  • HH-22 Savior — Is provided during the mission Guadalicano Choo Choo and is also flown by Maria Kane during the last story-line mission.
  • Huerta PA51 Aztek — Is provided during the story-line mission Love is in the Air.
  • Jackson JC — 2 Alamo — Used for Heavy drops and Extractions.
  • Jaeger 5FJ 7 — Is provided during the missions Test of Loyalty, Sink the Buccaneer, and Taking Out The Garbage.
  • MV — Used during the first mission.
  • Rage-Johnston F6 Comet — 3 are seen during the first story-line mission and one is provided during the last story-line mission.
  • Triereme — RC Athena — Appears in the missions Breakout and Good Cop, Bad Cop. One is a unique armed version.

When the Agency pilot is kicked out of the Jackson JC — 2 Alamo during the hijacking he doesn’t die. He is one of the few who can survive such a fall. Similarly immortal NPCs are the guys at Race triggers and Tom and Maria at mission triggers.

Vehicles (JC2)

Available at all time:

  • Black Market

    DLC vehicles.


  • Pocumtuck Nomad.


  • Sivirkin 15 Havoc — Is provided during the Agency missions Mountain Rescue and A Just Cause (can also be bought via Black Market).
  • H-62 Quapaw — Used for the Black Market and Extractions.
  • Zhejiang 6903 — Used during missions.

Vehicles (JC3)

  • Urga U17 Akrobat flown during the first mission.
  • Urga Hrom D (in Rebellion colors), provided in the mission Connect the Dots.
  • Tom has arrived at a few mission triggers in a rebel Weimaraner. Examples: Bavarium on a Plane and Suit Up.
  • Sheldon presumably owns a red civilian Weimaraner, as seen in The Setup.

Vehicles (JC4)

Dropzone Chopper. Tom Sheldon crashed one shortly before the mission Agency Distress Beacon. This helicopter has a unique paint. This mission is a part of the base game, so initially it was believed to be the new Agency vehicle color, but later once the Danger Rising expansion came out, the Agency faction colors and symbols were changed.

The following are all DLC vehicles, mainly from the Danger Rising expansion.

  • Aircraft:
    • A5 Coyote Assault Chopper. Danger Rising DLC.
    • X700 Flycatcher. VTOL fighter introduced in the adversary assault vehicle pack DLC.
  • Hovercraft:
    • C3 Canvasback Hovercraft. Danger Rising DLC.
    • Hellbender. This is a part of the Sea Dogs vehicle pack DLC.
  • 7 giant submarines introduced with Danger Rising:
    • USS Statesman.
    • USS Watchdog.
    • USS Conquest.
    • USS Visionary.
    • USS Codetalker.
    • USS Whitefeather.
    • USS Westward.
  • Weaponized drones. Danger Rising DLC. In a loading screen, these drones are revealed to be called «Hamilton UAV-7» drones.
  • Drones that can be stood on by soldiers. Danger Rising DLC.
  • 3 large Agency cruisers. These are used as submarine tenders (support ships near submarines). Danger Rising DLC.
  • Pointman Scout Tank. One «ranking agent» uses a Black Hand variant vehicle in the USS Conquest. Danger Rising DLC.

Known members

  • Rico Rodriguez (JC1 and JC2) — Top agent. Later quit.
  • Tom Sheldon (JC1 to JC3) — «Case officer», friend and mentor for Rico. Later fired.
  • Maria Kane (JC1, JC2 and JC4) — Agent and pilot. Later promoted to an unmentioned higher rank.
  • Jade Tan (JC2) — Agent.
  • Marshall (JC2) — Agent. Missing in action, presumed dead.
  • Pierce also known as Crashie (JC3) — Toms pilot.
  • Multiple unnamed helicopter and airplane pilots (JC1).
  • According to mission info for «Black is black, I want my intel back» (JC1), 10 agents are missing in action in San Esperito.
  • Unnamed agent with a mustache (JC3) — He was seen with Tom at a business meeting with the eDEN Corporation «more than 20 years ago».

JC4 Danger Rising

  • Emerson Miller — The agent who leads the task force that is sent to Solís.
  • Unknown number of field agents and soldiers aboard the Agency submarines.
    • Grunts/Weak agents — They are foot soldiers- or possibly weaker agents- of the Agency, who seemingly don’t possess grappling hooks, or at least don’t use them. They can be identified with their khaki uniform and black beret. They are usually equipped with Niagara 9mm Bullpup, Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug, but there are some snipers with Yellowstone Auto Sniper. They don’t seem to wear any body armor, so they can be killed rather easily but are capable of rolling and dodging like Black Hand Ghosts. According to a loading screen these are just U.S. military service members.
    • Agents — they are agents just like Rico once was. They are equipped with a grappler, but they can only latch onto surfaces and completely lacks the retractor function. These soldiers are not only agile, but they are also tougher than grunts. Once again they don’t wear protective equipment or gear, but are unrealistically tough. With all these traits, they are some of the toughest standard enemies.
  • Unnamed submarine captains — They each have speech lines when Rico destroys some items around the submarines.
  • «Ranking agents» — These are veteran agents who are a lot tougher and more experienced than other agents. Also, they are important targets in order to destabilize Agency operations in Solís. In fact, ranking agents are as tough as a Black Hand titan, despite wearing only light body armor. They can be distinguished by their tan suit, white shirt and moderately armored black bulletproof vest under the suit. Also their location can be seen through AR lens. They usually fight like agents using the grappler, but one of them wears a Black Hand Titan suit and another operates an A5 Coyote Assault Chopper. Each of them can have a unique discussion with Rico, if the player is close enough to them. Some of them are former rivals and friends of Rico, while others don’t even know him.
    • 2 unnamed «ranking agents» aboard the USS Conquest.
    • Julia Blomquist — One of the «ranking agents» aboard the USS Conquest. She wears the armored suit of a Black Hand titan.
    • 2 unnamed «ranking agents» aboard the USS Codetalker.
    • 1 unnamed «ranking agent» aboard the USS Westward.
    • Yang — One of the «ranking agents» aboard the USS Westward.
    • Kowalski — One of the «ranking agents» aboard the USS Visionary. This man was Rico’s friend and Rico was sorry to have to kill him.
    • Russo — One of the «ranking agents» aboard the USS Visionary.


This list includes weapons unique to the Agency. These are from the JC4 Danger Rising expansion.

  • Niagara 9mm Bullpup — Wielded by Agency operatives, and are found in Agency weapon crates.
  • Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug — wielded by Agency operatives, and are found in Agency weapon crates.
  • Yellowstone Auto Sniper — Wielded by Agency operatives (albeit more rarely), and are found in Agency weapon crates.
  • Stormalong EM Zero — Only found in Agency weapon crates, but not actually wielded by anyone. At a quick glance, some people may mistakenly see Miller seemingly pull out this weapon during the final mission, but he opts instead to use the RG-PBA 9 Railgun.
  • Bullshark Assault Rifle — Can be found in Agency colors, but is not actually wielded by any operatives. This is because this weapon is a separate DLC from Danger Rising.

Known operations

  • Operations in the Vietnam War (mentioned in JC2 PDA).
  • Operations in the Gulf and the South Pacific at an unclear point in time. This is mentioned on the description for USS Westward.
  • The liberation of San Esperito from Salvador Mendoza’s regime.
  • The rescue of informant Karl Blaine from Panau Falls Casino.
  • The rescue of agent Jade Tan.
  • The liberation of Panau from Pandak «Baby» Panay’s regime and the installation of a U.S. friendly government.
  • The destruction of 11 (or 14) Nuclear missiles, which were aimed at Japan, China, Russia and the US. The total number of destroyed missiles is uncertain, because of the controversy in the mission Sink the Buccaneer.
  • Attack and invasion on Solís, in an attempt to gain data and rebuild Illapa, and their secondary objective, to kill former agents Rico Rodriguez and Tom Sheldon.
  • In the campaign of Just Cause: Mobile they have a «secret program» called «Firebrand». See more in the dedicated section below.


  • Having appeared in all four games and having been around since the days of the C.I.A. being formed, The Agency is quite likely the oldest faction in the Just Cause Game Series, having a creation date of anywhere between 1947 and 1955

    That being said, the Black Hand were aware of the events of the previous three games and although did not appear in Just Cause 2, they were aware of Rico’s toppling of Pandak «Baby» Panay and three other unnamed dictators. PMCs however, were not existent until 1965.


  • The Unnamed island at X:20400; Y:31100 and Unnamed outpost at X:8300; Y:28370 in Just Cause 2 could belong to the Agency, but this is unknown.
    • The unnamed island contains three sets of 3 weapon boxes (two sets near the beach, one near the temple), each consisting of a Pistol, Submachine Gun, and Fragmentation Grenade. There is also a Rocket Launcher in the temple at the top of the settlement. There are also 2 MTA Powerrun 77s at a dock. All this suggests that this place could’ve been some kind of stockpile island for the Agency, but no hard evidence of this place belonging to the Agency is ever found in-game.
    • The same thing can be said about the unnamed outpost, where a Makoto MZ 260X and Rowlinson K22 are found. Both are vehicles that can be found in the Black Market, this outpost being the only place where you can find the 260X. While it is possible this place might’ve been some kind of Agency outpost in the past, there is again no hard evidence that this place belonged to the Agency.
  • The Agency operatives in Danger Rising seem to be glitched, as they have a grenade throw animation, but don’t throw grenades at all when the animation is played. It seems like some developer forgot to add grenades. See also: Just Cause 4 Bugs and glitches.


These are random gameplay things that the game constantly tracks. They can be seen in the game’s pause menu, next to the map and supply drop.

Players can see their own score there and the cores of their «friends» from the Steam friends list, or equivalent console sites. As of October 4th, 2019, three of these scores were updated to show the high scores of Alexis from the game’s development team. Beating all the scores by Alexis rewards the player with an additional parachute skin. A similar set of 3 high scores was set in November 2019 by someone named David. Most recently, three scores for the dev Steve have also been set. These are not standing world records. They are entry-level records set by game developers for players to beat.

  • Untouchable — Longest time spent with Heat without taking damage. — Time by Alexis: 2:43.
  • Blown Away — Farthest distance travelled by an enemy on a single continuous fire of PWC V4.2 Wind Gun. — Distance by Alexis: 21488 meters.
  • Vertical Limit — Highest elevation gained while wingsuiting. — Elevation by Alexis: 384 meters.
  • Frequent Flyer — Farthest distance traveled by a character from a booster. — Distance by David: 407 meters.
  • Stuck The Landing — Farthest jump in a land vehicle without destroying the vehicle. — Distance by David: 224 meters.
  • Gone, Baby, Gone — Farthest distance traveled by an airborne enemy after being thrown by grappler retracting. — Distance by David: 135 meters.
  • Drifter — Farthest distance traveled without touching land. — Distance by Steve: 2769.00 meters.
  • Freefallen — Farthest fall distance of an enemy who was attached to a lifter. — Distance by Steve: 94 meters.
  • Specialist — Farthest distance traveled by an RPG missile before detonating. — Distance by Steve: 3178 meters.

Игровая механика

В игре вы сможете не только уничтожать всех врагов, но и взрывать стратегические объекты. Для этого вы можете использовать взрывчатки, можно устанавливать мины. Но главное – это трюки, которыми ловко владеет ваш герой. И навыки своего персонажа нужно постоянно прокачивать, чтобы зарабатывать очки для модификации как оружия, так и транспортных средств. Вы легко сможете прыгнуть с парашютом на капот автомобиля и выкинуть оттуда водителя. Скачать игру Just Cause 1 через торрент вы можете совершенно бесплатно с нашего обновленного игрового сервера. А еще вы как герой должны заработать себе репутацию, чтобы вас боялись коррумпированные чиновники республики, а также мафиозные группировки. И тогда точно вы сможете свергнуть правительственные устои и режимы и спасти народ, который уже чувствует себя рабами.


Two of the three main characters in Just Cause are Americans with goals along the lines of typical American «agencies».

The Agency may be a parody of the C.I.A.. The Agency provides each of its agents with a PDA.

According to promotional information for Just Cause 3, the Agency is «a covert arm of the CIA – simply called The Agency». In which case, it must’ve been created between 1947 and 1955, as 1955 was when the Vietnam War started and 1947 was the year the CIA was created.

There’s some evidence that the Agency may have had some serious budget cuts between the events of the first two games. In San Esperito, the Agency provided its agents with many vehicles, safehouses and weapons — all for free. But in Panau, the Agency forces its agents to buy all their own weapons and vehicles. Even Tom Sheldon seems to have been demoted to a helicopter pilot, a job which was previously done by unknown Agency members, who flew a small fleet of much larger helicopters. Perhaps the U.S. spent too much on San Esperito?

They are back again in Medici, where initially their only job seems to be to maintain good relations with General Sebastiano Di Ravello. Later they begin to support The Rebellion. Di Ravello tapes reveal that the Agency was very useful in assisting Di Ravello in taking over Medici some decades ago.

In the Sky Fortress DLC and Mech Land Assault DLC, Tom Sheldon mentions that The Agency keeps secret repository archives of information about a defunct scientific research firm called the eDEN Corporation which The Agency had been in business with during the 1980s and 1990s. Sheldon relies on these archives multiple times to assist Rico in mapping the eDEN Airship and uncovering more about the mysterious activities on the islands of Insula Lacrima.

At the conclusion of the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC, it is revealed that The Agency is now in possession of a large cache of portable Bavarium shielding technology developed by the late eDEN Corporation. Sheldon was apparently under orders by his superiors to seize that technology at all costs and prevent it from falling into «incapable» hands. Whatever The Agency plans on doing with this technology is unknown.

At the end of the storyline in Just Cause 4, it’s revealed that The Agency had close ties to Oscar Espinosa. Tom speculated that losing the storm core cost them trillions into that weather project.

The Danger Rising expansion adds a fleet of giant submarines that the Agency send to Solís. The submarines are equipped with a number of 3D printers, indicating that they produce some of their equipment on the spot. In addition to that, it is revealed that the Agency has at least 1 satellite. The final mission of the expansion — Rogue Agent — ends with a big hint at a possible Just Cause 5. See the mission article for details.

Other Agency operations that have been mentioned in missions are:

  • According to mission info for «Black is black, I want my intel back», «Ten Agency operatives are MIA in San Esperito. They have left their «black box» digital recording devices behind. The Agency wants the intel back.» These agents went missing before the events of the game. Strangely these «digital recording devices» are actual aircraft «black boxes», which would be quite inconvenient for secret agents to carry around.
  • According to mission info for «Red Eyes», «The Agency has dropped ten units of infrared surveillance equipment over San Esperito City.» It’s unknown who these were meant for and they were dropped before the events of the game. Strangely the info refers to a «San Esperito City», where as every other source and in-game info calls it Esperito City.
  • According to Maria Kane, Tom Sheldon was «personally involved» in a covert operation that set up Papa Panay’s regime.
  • According to missions from Downloadable content for Just Cause 3, the Agency had ties to the eDEN Corporation several decades ago.
  • As revealed in the mission Thunderbarge: Ion Coil Delivery, Tom once crashed a car into a tree at Patagonia, but it is unknown if this was during any operation.
  • As has been vaguely referenced in JC3 and JC4, something took place in Guatemala. Rico, Maria and Dimah were there and their forward operations base was the USS Codetalker. This mission took place before the events of Just Cause. Dimah had gotten into some trouble during this mission and Rico had saved her. This was the time when Rico and Maria were personally involved.

Сюжетная линия

Новое правительство пытается превратить местное население в настоящих рабов. Поэтому вы должны свергнуть таких коррумпированных личностей и вернуть населению мир и спокойствие. Потом вы сами сможете найти настоящего правителя государства, который впоследствии будет заботиться о местных жителях. Но пока вам нужно найти опасного тирана, который отдает приказы своим подчиненным. Используйте своих союзников, а точнее партизан, которые будут делать вылазки и сообщать вам о дислокациях ваших противников. В стране действуют жесткие законы, также вам предстоит бороться с наркокартелями, с мафиозными кланами. Поэтому беритесь за оружие и наводите порядок на острове. Вы легко сможете уничтожать самолеты и вертолеты с земли. На вашем авто установлена настоящая зенитная установка, вы сможете парить в воздухе на парашюте, лазить по огромным зданиям и просто уничтожать всех врагов.

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