Ice and fire

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Like fire dragons and ice dragons, lightning dragons are quadrupedal reptiles with massive wings, long tails, spike-laden backs, and massive jaws. However, they have 3 pairs of backwards-facing horns instead of 2, the spikes on their back are longer and stand taller, and their tails are tipped in 3 pairs of long spikes. Male lightning dragons differ from females by having darker-edged wings, while females differ from males by having curvier horns. Lightning dragons come in 4 colors: Amethyst Purple, Dark Black, Copper Brown, and Electric Blue. Dragons grow from 2 blocks long at 0 days old to 50 blocks long when fully grown.

Ice and Fire mobs vs other mobs from other mods

  • 1 Match 1:Dread Lich vs
    Mutant Skeleton from Mutant Creatures
  • 2 Stage 5 Fire Dragon vs
    Frostmaw from Mowzie’s Mobs
  • 3 Gorgon vs Mutant
    Enderman from Mutant Creatures
  • 4 Cyclops(Ice and Fire) vs
    Cyclops(Cyclops Tek)
  • 5 Ice,Fire and Lightning
    Dragons vs Barako,Frostmaw from Mowzie’s Mobs and Trollager from
    Primitive Mobs.
  • 6 100,000 Hydras vs a
    Destroyer Wither Storm from Egender Mod
  • 7 All Ice and Fire Mobs vs
    all Mutant Creatures.
  • 8 All Ice and Fire Mobs vs
    Original King from the World Order:The New Dimension addon that is
    only for Bedrock Edition
  • 9 All Ice and Fire Mobs vs
    all Mowzie’s Mobs mobs(expect the Ferrous Wroughnaut)
  • 10 Stage 5 Fire Dragon vs
    Ferrous Wroughnaut

They didn’t fight so I used the mob enrager.The Dread Lich fired
blue orbs and summoned a drea…

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The Midnight Dragon

In the beginning, there was one dragon. Nobody knows how it
appeared, but another came into creation soon after. The Midnight
Dragon is the father dragon, an oversized lightning dragon at stage
7. He has glowing marks all over his scales, and a massive gem on
his chest. He can shoot huge bolts of lightning and has a roar
powerful enough to damage everything around him.

But where is he? Legend tells of a dark chain reaching all the
way to the end of the Earth. During a thunderstorm when the moon is
high, the Midnight Dragon can be reached. He is chained to a
massive tower on a floating island, and he can never be freed.

But of course, this is all a legend. Unless…?

(fan) Poison Dragon

Poison Dragons are a sub-species of Dragon that live
primarily in Swamps and Mesas (badlands), known for their ability
to spray poison. These dragons have several attacks to catch and
kill a tasty player.

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Spawning
  • 3 Drops
  • 4 Behavior

    4.1 Abilities

  • 5 Hatching

    5.1 Breeding

  • 6 Skeletons
  • 7 Other
    • 7.1 Poison
    • 7.2 Poison Dragonbone
  • 8 Trivia
  • 9 Gallery

Like other dragons, these Dragons are quadrupeds with
wings, used for getting around, a large tail for killing, a frill
at the back of their heads for intimidation, and have small spikes
on their snout for… actually, no-one knows the reason for snout
spikes on this dragon. This dragon has raised nostrils on the side
of their snout and come in Yellow, Peridot, and Rust

Poison Dragons spawn…

Ice and Fire-esque Enderdragon Texturepack

For a long time, It has bugged me how the dragons of ice and
fire have outshined the ender dragon and made him look like the sad
bum on the side quest. It has saddened me that the developers will
not give him love, so I put out a request to all you out there that
feel the same as me about our poor final boss, what I want to do is
make an optifine texture pack the overhauls the looks of our poor
boy, and makes him at least look like half the fight he deserves to
be. But I can’t do this alone, I am not very good with optifine
models and don’t have the first clue on turning a tabula model to
an optifine entity. I have however made a sub-par texture for our
boy, and if someone is able to make this into a texture pack, I
would be overjoyed!

How to install Ice and Fire Mod

Ice and Fire aims to bring a revolutionary experience of dragons to Minecraft players. This modification allows role players and mod makers to access all the basic and advanced needs of a dragon hunter and a tamer role.

To install this great modification to Minecraft, you just have to follow the following steps that we will show next:

  1. Mainly as in the rest of the Minecraft mods, make sure you have downloaded Minecraft Forge Mod before, in this case version 1.15
  2. After that, download and install LLibrary version 1.15.
  3. Now download the Ice and Fire 1.14 mod
  4. You must click on the file you have downloaded from Forge to start the Ice and Fire installer
  5. Copy and paste the file you have downloaded from Library into the folder where your .minecraft / mods is located
  6. Do the same steps but with the file you have downloaded from the mod in the same folder as .minecraft / mods

If you have followed these steps as we have just explained, you can go to look for dragons in Minecraft, although we recommend that you go well prepared and equipped.

How to escape dragons

In early game, dragons are just NIGHTMARES to try to kill or
escape. I have been killed by dragons in Minecraft ALOT. But I
figured out a way to escape dragons and kill them in early game.
The thing that helps you do this is from Lycanites Mobs mod so you
have to download that to.

This master weapon is… a Uva raptor. They have 30 health. You may
ask «How is something that has less health than a hippogryph going
to be able to escape a dragon in quick enough time that it does not
get turned to DUST by a dragon?!?» Well the key is… its speed.
ITS SPEED IS SO OVERPOWERED!!! Also theres a weird glitch that
makes the Uva raptor Jump like thousands of blocks… The way you
kill a dragon with this is just use a bow while rounding the
dragon. Y…

The Dragon’s Cave

There was a poor man in a cave,

Who mined his halls of stone!

He raced towards an early grave,

That held but crumbling bone!

One day he found rock of black,

While mining in his mine!

He leaned, the rock behind his back,

And held a torch of pine!

He mined the rock and saw a shine,

‘Twas of a greenish rock!

He sniffed a smell, and gave a whine,

The smell was like a sock!

He found more rocks of green and blue,

Stuck in the blackish stone!

He grew so rich, and happy too,

And never would he moan!

He grew too bold, and hacked the stone,

And then saw terror’s face!

His flesh was chilled up to the bone,

A dragon filled that place!

With scales of red the dragon lay,

In deep and restful sleep!

In darkness far from waking day,

In a caves of treasure deep!

The poor man brave…

Earth and Air Bosses

The Ground lord has 400 hearts and several attacks:

Ground Slam:he slams the ground,dealing 24 hearts of damage and
knocking back all nearby mobs

Hammer Swing:He hits you with his hammer,dealing 8 hearts of
damage and knocking you back

Boulder Throw:he throws a boulder at you,dealing 36 hearts of

The Call:he summons 4 Earth Knights,which spawn wearing
Earthsteel armor and wield a Earthsteel Sword,they attack players
and Dread Knights.Earth Knights deal 5 and a half hearts of damage
but have a 5% chance of dealing 11 hearts of damage.

Green Energy Beam:He shoots a green energy beam out of his
mouth,dealing 55 hearts of damage

Ultra Slam:he slams the ground,dealing 100 damage.

The Ground Lord would spawn in a stone arena with towers made of

(fan) Forest Dragon

The Forest Dragon is a lumbering
dinosaur-like sub-species dragon that has front legs instead
of wings and is only rarely spotted in Roofed Forests. They
don’t have any elemental attacks, but have a larger variety of
close-combat attacks.

  • 1 Appearence
  • 2 Spawning
  • 3 Drops
  • 4 Behavior
  • 5 Abilities
  • 6 Hatching

    6.1 Breeding

  • 7 Skeletons
  • 8 Other

    8.1 Dragon Fan

  • 9 Trivia
  • 10 Gallery

This dragon walks instead of flying because it’s wings turned
back into front limbs for added mobility among the dense roofed
forest. It has a large dorsal fin to regulate heat, to scare off
predators, and to compete with males, hence the sails being twice
as big as the females’ (the picture is a female). They also
sport a large fin on the tail for waving away leaves and debris,
like humans. Their …

The mythos of dragons

The myths of dragons is the first of three lightning dragon
related short stories.   this one is the first and it
will explain the lore and ancient history of the lightning dragons
the story is told from the perspective of seragortal a lightning
dragon scholar about 700 years after the event.

legend says that when the gods made the world they created 5
demigods to rule over it in there absence and to command the
vicious dragons so they would not ravage humanity they created
queens of the five ancient kingdoms of dragons at this time some
adventurous dragons ventured into the ocean becoming sea serpents
likewise other creatures began to evolve and were split like the
dragons amongst the demigods one such race were the weavers strange

Phase 1

Passive Mobs

  • Pixie: A frivolous forest sprite that enjoys stealing items from unsuspecting explorers.
  • Hippocampus: A graceful seafaring beast that can be tamed and handled as a versatile speed mount.

Neutral Mobs

  • Hippogryph: An alpine flying predator that can be tamed and handled as a sturdy flying war mount.
  • Amphithere: A tropical feathered serpent that can be wrangled into an efficient flying speed mount.

Hostile Mobs

  • Siren: A seaside fiend that seduces sailors with charming songs before revealing its horrifying true form.
  • Death Worm: A ravenous worm that digs through the desert sands and devours anything it comes across.
  • Cockatrice: A vile chicken-like creature that brings death upon its foes with its piercing stare.
  • Stymphalian Bird: A fierce raptor that descends upon prey with a bronze beak and sharp, metallic pinions.
  • Troll: A hideous brute that lurks in caves and savagely bludgeons any trespassers upon its turf.
  • Myrmex: An ornery insect that lives in underground nests and maintains a highly-structured caste system.
  • Sea Serpent: A frightful reptilian sea monster that relentlessly attacks all smaller creatures on sight.


  • Fire Dragon: A ruthless winged reptile that travels far and wide to raze villages with its fiery breath.
  • Ice Dragon: A wintry, ice-bound cousin of the fire dragon that exudes a freezing gale from its mouth.
  • Gorgon: A repulsive, twisted monstrosity that can turn any living thing to stone with her terrible gaze.
  • Cyclops: An irritable giant that tends to a flock of sheep in a stony, treasure-filled seaside cove.

(Fan) Stone Dragon

The Stone Dragon is a sub-species of dragon that lies atop the
peaks of the extreme hills and mountain biomes, and is worse at
flying than most other dragons because it started to use its wings
less for flying. 

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Spawning
  • 3 Drops
  • 4 Behavior
  • 5 Abilities
  • 6 Hatching

    6.1 Breeding

  • 7 Skeletons
  • 8 Other
    • 8.1 Dragon
    • 8.2 Dragonsteel
    • 8.3 Dragon
  • 9 Gallery

This dragon has smaller wings, a spiked club at the end of its
tail, and big bull horns. It comes in four different colors, which
are: Granite, Steel, Brown, and Ruby. 

These dragons are proud tyrant kings of the mountains, spawning
at stages 1-3 on the peaks of those mountains and very rarely stage
4 & 5 in underground bubbles.

The loot from any dragon generally depends on the stage of the


Loot from a lightning dragon generally depends on the stage of a dragon. All dragons drop either Dragon Scales, a Dragon Heart, and Dragon Flesh or, with a glass bottle, Dragon Blood. A Dragon Skull and Dragon Bones are always dropped. The most important loot a dragon corpse can produce are Dragon Eggs, which can only drop from a female Stage 4-5 dragon. Stage 5 female dragons may occasionally drop 2-3 Dragon Eggs.

Instead of evaporating like normal Minecraft mobs, a dragon will fall to the ground as a corpse when it dies. To loot the dragon corpse, right-click on it repeatedly with an empty hand: items will drop off of it until it turns into a skeleton and, finally, disappears altogether. To obtain dragon blood, right-click the corpse with an empty bottle. Obtaining dragon blood will prevent you from obtaining scales, flesh, or a heart. Make sure to click in the dragon’s hitbox; this is usually located near the middle of the dragon’s body. Newly-hatched dragons evaporate upon death, falling as a skeleton after day 5 and only falling as a corpse after day 10.

Fully grown dragons drop about 46 bones, and either 12 vials of blood or 58 scales.

Lightning Dragons


Lightning Dragons are rarer than Fire Dragons due to the nature of where they live. Lightning Dragons spawn in Savannas, Jungles, and Badlands biomes. They spawn both above ground in a Dragon Roost, as well as below ground in their lairs. The roosts and lairs are surrounded by piles of copper. Lightning Dragons sleep during the day, and become active during the night.


In order to feasibly fight and defeat a Lightning Dragon, one must be adequately prepared. At minimum, enchanted diamond armor is required. It is also recommended to bring potions of regeneration, as well as items such as golden apples. While lightning dragons do not burn you and place fire like a fire dragon, or place ice spikes like an ice dragon, their breath is very deadly. Lightning breath is considered the strongest of all dragons. So it’s even more important to have these items. A bow is also necessary, as stage 3 dragons will fly away, rendering melee attacks useless.

The Clash of Ice,Fire and Lighting Part 2

So uh,MinecraftHeroPro has been inactive for a year and a few
weeks now,so decided to make the part of his Dread Queen vs Ifrit
vs Lighting Dragon blog post.I knew he wouldn

  • 1 FIGHT!
  • 2 Ending 1
  • 3 Ending 2
  • 4 Ending 3
  • 5 HOPE YOU

Black Frost attacked the Lighting Dragon.The lighting dragon
shot lighting at Black Frost.The Ifrit clashed with Dread Queen.As
the battle raged,the Dread Queen’s minions joined the fight but 50
ghouls,thralls and beasts were killed.10 liches and 30 scullters
were killed.After a hour of fighting,everyone decided to get
serious.Black Frost bit off one of the lighting dragon’s horns.The
lighting dragon ripped off pieces of Black Frost’s armor and shot
lighting at the flesh.The Ifrit burned the Dread Queen.The Dread

(Fan) ‘addition mod’ idea

So you know how there are some mods that add to the base mod
like with Tinker’s Construct? This is an idea of something like
that. Here is a summary of the things that mine adds (It’s just an
idea, that’s all t is).

These are the mobs in a nutshell (almost all are dragons)

This dragon lives in swamps and mesas It has a frill and can use
it to ‘confuse’ you, inflicting nausea 1 for 15 seconds. It’s
poisonous acid spray attack can leave the ground poisoned,
inflicting whatever walks on it with poison 1 for 10 seconds. It’s
blood can be used for a poison dragonsteel set that gives you life
steal with the tools and inflicts those who it hits with poison 2
for 5 seconds. The dragon has a venomous bite and its own blog post
here:User blog:A slime …


Lightning dragons are hostile, and will attack almost every mob that comes nearby, including players. When they spawn naturally, they are usually very hungry, and will search for farm animals to eat; they are capable of spotting prey from 64 blocks away. Dragons using lightning attacks will electrify all blocks in the area (turning them into Crackled Blocks). Wild dragons can be seen frequenting small roosts adorned with large piles of copper and many chests; unlike other dragons, they will sleep there during the day, but can be woken up if a player breaks a copper pile or opens a nearby chest, or if a thunderstorm starts. Dragons will rarely eat meat items that are dropped on the floor.


Like other dragons, lightning dragons have the ability to fly very quickly, making melee combat extremely difficult when fighting them. As well as this, they have the ability to electrocute players with their lightning breath, killing them in mere seconds. Along with this, they are unfazed by unavoidable obstacles, and will simply break through them in order to get to their target. Dragons have nine natural attacks, which include the following:

  • Roar: Upon spotting the player, the dragon emits a loud, piercing roar. Stage 4+ dragons can inflict Weakness for 14 seconds with their roars; this effect can be nullified by wearing earplugs.
  • Super Roar: Rarely upon spotting the player, the dragon rears on its hind legs, spreads its wings, and emits an even louder and more powerful roar. Stage 4+ dragons can inflict Weakness II for 14 seconds with their roars; this effect can be nullified by wearing earplugs.
  • Bite: If on the ground, the dragon simply bites its target.
  • Grab-and-Shake: If on the ground, the dragon seizes its target with its jaws before shaking them to death.
  • Tail Whip: If on the ground, the dragon swings its tail sideways in order to smack a target, dealing knockback.
  • Wing Beat: If on the ground, the dragon rears up and violently flaps its wings, creating a powerful gust of wind that knocks back its target.
  • Lightning Breath: The dragon breathes a branching stream of lightning at its target, electrifying blocks in the area. If in the air, it flies overhead of its target while performing this attack.
  • Lightning Bomb: The dragon spews a large lightning bomb that explodes on impact, leaving a crackled crater. If in the air, it flies overhead of its target while performing this attack.
  • Aerial Tackle: If in the air, the dragon will swoop on its target with outstretched talons before smacking them down.


See also: Dragon Fighting Tips

Please note: Lightning dragons will attack fire dragons and ice dragons, so do not put a lightning dragon with your other dragons on wander. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a dead body and lots of destruction.


See also: Dragon Egg

A wild lightning dragon cannot be tamed, and a tamed dragon can only be achieved through hatching an egg. Lightning Dragon eggs must be placed in rain to start the hatching process. Once the egg starts moving, it will take a few minutes to hatch.

It is noted that the rain must continue until the egg hatches. Please also note, that, once the egg hatches, a bolt of lightning will strike it, and the dragon will burn, it’s best to keep watch and have water on hand.


Two lightning dragons can be bred if they are opposing genders and stage four or higher, by crafting and utilizing Lightning Lily Mixture, They are bred in the same manner as other vanilla animals. Upon breeding, female dragons will create a nest and lay their eggs in there. Give the mixture to the male, then the female.



Изображение Название Описание
Снежный житель Мирный сельский житель, который живёт в ледяных деревнях, находящихся в снежных биомах.
Фея Легкомысленный лесной дух, который любит красть предметы у ничего не подозревающих игроков.
Гиппокамп Изящное мореходное чудовище, которое можно приручить, что позволит вам на нём передвигаться.


Изображение Название Описание
Гиппогриф Альпийский летающий хищник, которого можно приручить и использовать в качестве крепкого летающего боевого маунта.
Амфитер Тропический пернатый змей, которого можно приручить и использовать в качестве быстрого летающего маунта.


Изображение Название Описание
Огненный дракон Безжалостная крылатая рептилия, которая путешествует повсюду, чтобы уничтожать деревни своим огненным дыханием.
Ледяной дракон Зимний, амфибийный кузен огненного дракона, который источает ледяной шторм из своей пасти.
Горгона Отвратительное, извращенное чудовище, которое может превратить любое живое существо в камень своим ужасным взглядом.
Циклоп Раздражительный гигант, который пасет стадо овец в каменистой морской бухте.
Сирена Приморская злодейка, которая соблазняет моряков очаровательными песнями, прежде чем раскрывать свою ужасающую истинную форму.
Червь смерти Хищный червь, который копается в песках пустыни и пожирает все, с чем сталкивается.
Василиск Мерзкое похожее на курицу существо, которое своим пронзительным взглядом приносит смерть своим врагам.
Стимфалийская птица Свирепый хищник, который спускается за добычей с бронзовым клювом и острыми металлическими крыльями.
Тролль Отвратительное животное, которое скрывается в пещерах и жестоко избивает любого нарушителя на своей территории.
Мирмекс Злобное насекомое, которое живёт в подземных гнездах и поддерживает высокоструктурированную кастовую систему.
Морской змей Ужасное морское чудовище-рептилия, который беспощадно атакует всех мелких существ в поле зрения.

МодификацииПросмотр: Шаблон:Модификации/Содержимое

Phase 2


  • Hydra: A venomous, multi-headed serpent that can regenerate any of its heads if they are severed.
  • Lightning Dragon: An elusive, nocturnal dragon that bombards foes with a deadly stream of electricity.

Upcoming Mobs

  • Wendigo: A voracious sylvan demon that disguises as innocent animals before pouncing on unwary prey.
  • Vampire: An undead horror that rises from its lair at night to feed on the blood of the living.
  • Werewolf: An unfortunate commoner cursed to become a vicious wolf-like beast under the full moon light.
  • Automaton: A ramshackle machine that springs to life to terminate any sentient being that comes near.
  • Goblin: A greedy imp that raids nearby villages and steals treasure to hoard it in its own fort.
  • Unicorn: A mystical one-horned beast that boasts the power to bless its allies and curse its foes.


  • Like fire dragons and ice dragons, lightning dragons have unique death messages for killing the player; in addition to this, these messages include 2 «mundane» death messages and 1 comical death message.
    • When the player gets killed by the dragon’s grab-and-shake attack, one of the following messages will display:
      • «<playername> was split in two by a dragon»
      • «<playername> was torn to shreds by a dragon»
      • «<playername> was devoured by a dragon»
    • However, there are currently no unique messages that display whenever the player gets killed by the dragon’s electric breath.
  • Lightning dragons have much different vocalizations from the other dragons, emitting more high-pitched hisses and trills underlaid with some electric sizzling.

Sir Deltus the Mighty Chapter 1: Dragonslayer Deltus

«…At a certain point in time, there was a proud race known for
it’s draconic heritage, Astounding wings, their gray blue skin, and
their taste for human flesh. However, after fifty years of their
rain, they all disguised themselves, adapting human forms and went
into hiding in plain sight. nobody knows how many there are, but
they always seemed to have a quote that they once used to be sure
they were not human. ‘Kalence, Vatekt, selt Caltazar!’ they would
say. nobody has ever known what it meant…»

Sir Deltus got up, putting his book down. It was time to hunt.
He grabbed his Armour, Great bow, Spear, and then proceeded to
leave camp. He did not see anything for miles, which would be a bad
sign, however, he felt at peace like this. No thr…

Dragon life cycle

This is what I think the dragon life cycle would be: 

When the dragon hatches from its egg and stays with its mother
and father in there cave. They will stay in the cave until the
dragon is stage three. When it becomes stage three the dragon will
dig out of the ground, now able to fend for itself. Its primary
source of food are sheep, villagers, and humans. But it will go
after anything smaller than it, including other smaller fire/ice
dragons if its hungrey enough. When the dragon reaches stage 4 it
will dig underground and create a dragon cave. It will then sit
there until somthing comes into its cave in wich it will attept to
tear the creature to shreds. When this happens the dragon will
probably bust out of the cave and rein terror on t…

The Dread Queen vs Lightning Dragon vs The Fire Boss

One day,on a snowy and cold night,Cyronathe Dread Queen,her
dragon(Black Frost) and a undead army where marching through a
Tundra,destroying villages and killing innocent people.The Dread
Queen laughed.Black Frost growled.

Dread Queen:You,Dread Lich,search around that black

A Dread Lich nodded and looked around a black structure,which
was really a Nether portal.

Dread Queen:*drinks soda*ahh…it feels good to be ruler of the
Dreadlands.Nobody can kill me.

Black Frost:*says something in a low voice*

Dread Queen:What?

A Dread Knight:He said we should fight Nightkiller,the strongest
of Lightning Dragons.

Dread Queen:I thought only there where only 2 types of
dragons:Ice Dragons and Fire Dragons.

Black Frost:Lightning Dragons are stronger t…


A small stage one silver ice dragon was walking in the
snowstorm. It was trying to get away from the stage five fire
dragon that had just ripped its way into this dragons home. It had
eaten its parents, they were only early stage four ice dragons.
This small ice dragons name was Everfrost. The fire dragon was
flying above the clouds. It was waiting for the storm to end so it
could look for any survivors of its attack. Ever frost was wounded
though, when the fire dragon had gotten into the caveren it shot
lots of fire. Everfrost had been hit by some of this fire. Then
everfrost saw a cave. Mabye he could hide in there? He walked
slowly toward it. Then he looked inside it, it looked safe so he
went in. He found some water in the cave so he c…


Original April Fools model

A lightning dragon roost in the jungle

A sleeping female lightning dragon

The lightning ball attack of lightning dragons

A player riding a lightning dragon to kill a wandering cyclops

A lightning dragon attacking some animals with its shocking breath

A lightning dragon shooting a pig with ball lightning

A lightning dragon flies over the savannah

A player attempting to slay a lightning dragon

A midnight lightning dragon roars to assert it’s dominance over the jungle

A lightning dragon and a fire dragon about to fight

A blue lightning dragon using its lightning breath attack

Lightning Dragon making dragonsteel

Male (left) lifgning dragons have more ombré/gradient wings than their female (right) counterparts

Lightning Dragon powering a Dragonforge at sunset

Sunset with a Baby Lightning Dragon on my Shoulder.

Jungle Dragon

Note:This contains information about a fan-made mob.

Jungle Dragons are a species of dragon that roam jungles and
progress through 5 stages,where they get bigger,stronger and
scarier.They are known for there ability to spit poison at their
targets as well as their flight ability.

  • 1 Stats
  • 2 Appearence
  • 3 Spawning
  • 4 Drops
  • 5 Behavior
  • 6 Abilities
  • 7 Combat
  • 8 Hatching
  • 9 Breeding
  • 10 Usage
    • 10.1 Equipment
    • 10.2 Tamed
  • 11 Triva


Stage 1:20 to 112

Stage 2:116 to 208

Stage 3:212 to 304

Stage 4:308 to 400

Stage 5:404 to 500


Stage 1,2,3,and 4 Jungle Dragons look like the Ender Dragon but
dark green.Like fire dragons,ice dragons and lightning
dragons,Stage 5 Jungle Dragons are quadrupedal reptiles with
massive wings, long tails, spike-laden backs, and massive ja…

the great escape

As i rushed towards the nest i saw another band of hunters i
stepped into the nest as my parents prepared to escape and fly from
the hunters.  then i saw several humans fighting the hunters
but whoever  the chief hunter was he had a lot of
friends  we were pushed back to a cliff with the surviving
dragons of my family holding the hunters back. the battle was
turning ugly and then i saw the man with the ice sword with a girl
who was clinging on to him in fear then she saw me «aw such a cute
little» then the hunter ran towards me ice sword in hand i blasted
him with electircity then shoved him of the cliff i turned towards
the stunned girl when i saw an ender pearl out of the corner of my
eye.  the hunter slashed me twice before i jumped

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