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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number[]

Artist Song File Appearance Original Album
Auto Delta Time Ms Minnie MsMinnie.ogg The Son’s HideoutDigital comic menu
Benny Smiles Hotline Miami Theme HotlineTheme.ogg «Stronghold»
Carpenter Brut Le Perv LePerv.ogg «Release»
Roller Mobster RollerMobster.ogg «Death Wish»
Escape from Midwich Valley Dial Tone Trailer
Castanets You Are The Blood YouAreTheBlood.ogg «Apocalypse» (Outro) and End Credits
Chromacle Interlude Interlude.ogg Cutscenes
Cinimod The Rumble Rumble.ogg «House Call»
Dag Unenge The Winding Theme #1 Hideout.ogg «No Mercy» (Intro), «Blood Money» (Intro)
Dubmood Richard Dubmood.ogg «First Blood»
El Huervo Ghost Ghost.ogg «Casualties» (Intro)
Rust Rust.ogg Beard’s Camp
EL TIGR3 She Swallowed Burning Coals BurningCoals.ogg «Seizure»
Endless Disturbance Disturbance.ogg Cutscenes
Keep Calm KeepCalm.ogg «Death Wish» (Outro)
The Green Kingdom Untitled beams.ogg Main Menu
Jasper Byrne Decade Dance Decade.ogg «Final Cut»
Voyager voyager.ogg «Down Under», «Into The Pit» (first Part)
Life Companions Richard Richard.ogg Richard nightmares
We’re Sorry Benjamin.ogg «Into The Pit»
Light Club Blizzard Blizzard.ogg The Fans’ club
Fahkeet Fahkeet.ogg «Apocalypse»
She Meditates SheMeditates.ogg Cutscenes
LipPi Sound Abyss Abyss.ogg «The Abyss»
Abyss Intro AbyssIntro.ogg «The Abyss» (Intro)
Magic Sword In the Face of Evil evil.ogg «Moving Up»
The Way Home WayHome.ogg «Casualties»
Magna Divide Divide.ogg «Hard News»
Mega Drive Acid Spit AcidSpit.ogg «Blood Money»
NARC NARC.ogg «Demolition»
Slum Lord SlumLord.ogg «Caught»
Mitch Murder Frantic Aerobics Frantic.ogg The Henchman’s nightmare
Hollywood Heights HollywoodHeights.ogg «Final Cut» (Intro); «Death Wish» (Intro)
Modulogeek Around Around.ogg Cutscenes
M|O|O|N Delay Delay.ogg «Ambush»
Dust Dust.ogg Score summary
Quixotic Quixotic.ogg «Withdrawal»
Nounverber Black Tar BlackTar.ogg THE BAR OF BROKEN HEROES (Subway outro), The Table Sequence
Old Future Fox Gang Guided Meditation GuidedMeditation.ogg Crime Scene Investigations
Java Java.ogg «Ambush» (Intro)
Perturbator Future Club FutureClub.ogg «Take Over»
Sexualizer Sexualizer.ogg «Execution»
Technoir Technoir.ogg «Homicide»
Welcome Back Hotline3.ogg Hotline Miami 3 Menu
Prey Growl Detection Detection.ogg «Midnight Animal»
Riddarna Simma Hem MiamiJam.ogg Jake’s home
Scattle Bloodline Bloodline.ogg, Pursuit.ogg (beta version, unused) «Dead Ahead»
Remorse Remorse.ogg «No Mercy»
Sjellos Chamber of Reflections WouJuno.ogg «Final Cut» (Intro, the Pig Butcher’s home)
Tempel Disclosure Tempel.mp3 (Beta) PlayStation 3 XMB, PlayStation 4 Dynamic Menu and PSP Xcross Theme
Vestron Vulture New Wave Hookers NewWave.ogg «First Trial»
Dennaton Games Videodrome Videodrome.ogg Level Clear
Unknown Artist No Name ZebraBackground.ogg Corey Boss in «Apocalypse»

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number — Digital Special Edition

Artist Song File Appearance Original Album
Carpenter Brut Dust (Carpenter Brut Remix) Remix EP
Remorse (Carpenter Brut Remix)
M|O|O|N Bloodline (M|O|O|N’s Extra Cheese Mix)
Le Perv (M|O|O|N Remix)
Scattle Quixotic (Scattle Remix)
Roller Mobster (Scattle Remix)

Hotline Miami 2 Beta

Artist Song File Appearance Original Album
Dennaton Games Richard Richard.mp3 The Original song for the nightmares, where Richard appears
Salvia Plath Bardo States beams2.mp3 The Original song for the Main Menu
Pharaoh T Teddy Pentagram Teddy.mp3 Unknown
Life Companions and cactus Unknown venom.mp3 Was never in the game
Old Future Fox Gang Don’t Cry for Me DontCryForMe.mp3 Beard’s Camp
Tape Beams beams.mp3 Hotline Miami 2 Teaser Trailer, Demo Ending
Mad Animals Mandalas in My Coffee mandalas.mp3 «Ambush» (Intro)
Trizzle WouJuno WouJuno.mp3 Pig Butcher’s House («Final Cut»)
Riz Ortolani Love with Fun (Sample) cannibal.mp3 Unknown
Chromatics Lady unknown All Test Levels in the «Cocaine Cowboy» prototype.

Source: http://soundcloud.com/devolverdigital/sets/hotline-miami-official

Note: If you ever want to swap a song from the game to one you want; make sure your song is saved as a .ogg otherwise it won’t work.

Hotline Miami[]

Artist Song File Appearance Original Album
Coconuts Silver Lights SilverLights.ogg Jacket’s nightmares CoConuts
Eirik Suhrke A New Morning ANewMorning.ogg End Credits (Biker) Game Music 2
El Huervo Crush Crush.ogg Go To Car/Bike Do Not Lay Waste to Homes…
Daisuke (feat. Shelby Cinca) Daisuke.ogg Shop
Turf TurfMain.oggTurfIntro.ogg «Showdown» (Main),»Deadline» (Outro) Turf (Single)
Elliott Berlin Musikk per automatikk Musikk2.ogg «Fun & Games» Musikk Per Automatikk
Jasper Byrne Hotline Hotline.ogg «Overdose»»Clean Hit»»Hot & Heavy» Hotline Miami EP
Miami Miami2.ogg Score summary
M|O|O|N Crystals Crystals.ogg «No Talk»»Full House»»Crackdown» MOON EP
Hydrogen Hydrogen.ogg «Decadence»»Neighbors»»Deadline»
Paris Paris2.ogg «The Metro»»Tension»
Release Release.ogg Bum («The Metro»),Producer («Decadence»),Biker («Neighbors»),Van Driver («Deadline»),SWAT («Crackdown»), Jacket («Prank Call»)
Perturbator Electric Dreams ElectricDreams.ogg End Credits (Jacket) Night Driving Avenger EP
Miami Disco Perturbator.ogg «Push It»»Highball» Sexualizer EP
Vengeance Vengeance.ogg Announcement Trailer Nocturne City — EP
Scattle Knock Knock Knock.ogg «Assault»»Prank Call» Hotline Miami: The Takedown
Flatline Flatline.ogg «Trauma»
Inner Animal InnerAnimal.ogg «Vengeance»»Resolution»
It’s Safe Now ItsSafeNow.ogg Biker’s home
To the Top ToTheTop.ogg «Safehouse»»Exposed»
Sun Araw Horse Steppin HorseSteppin.ogg Main Menu Beach Head
Deep Cover DeepCover.ogg Jacket’s home On Patrol
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