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Unused Apparel

Cut Armor

Name DT Value Weight Notes Form ID
Advanced BOS Tesla armor 25 5200 40
Armageddon light guard helmet 3 800 4
Black lace casualwear 28 2
Bloody lab uniform 6 2
Brotherhood T-51b power armor 25 5200 40
Clear Sky armor V.2 20 1500 10
Mechwarrior neural suit 500 15
Merc maiden outfit 50 8
Merc maternity outfit 6 1
Mexican gunslinger outfit 2 6 2
Old cowboy outlaw 1 8 1
Prisoner garb 6 1
Ranger hat 50 3
Scientist outfit 8 2
Scout hat 50 3
Sexy business suit 8 1
Sharl’s power armor 26 6500 45
T-49XV power helmet 8 1300 5
T-49XV Tesla helmet 6 1300 5
T-51b power helmet 6 2000 4
Vault «Patriot» officer’s uniform 6 125 10 Energy Weapons +5
Water pouch backpack 100


As a mod, New California takes gameplay elements from Bethesda’s Fallout games, but follows a style closer to Interplay’s classic Fallout games, with a focus being placed on roleplaying over shooter mechanics and free choice. For example; the player’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats have a greater impact on dialogue choices than the base game. Like with Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, New Californa has a radio station with two DJs who comment on the actions of the player as the story progresses further. However, the mod includes music from the 60s and 70s in addition to 50s and 40s style music associated with the franchise.


For detailed information on the New California Republic in the Fallout series, please see the New California Republic page on Nukapedia.

By , the New California Republic has grown to incorporate much of northern California as well as regions of northwestern Nevada and southern Oregon, including the major settlements of New Reno, Vault City, and San Francisco. According to the official census, its population has grown to exceed one million people, and major efforts to restore or expand pre-War infrastructure have led to much of the nation having functional electricity, abundant food and water, and even access to communication systems such as radio, television, and even the Internet. Under President Wendell Peterson, NCR explorations have increased greatly while eyeing the Mojave Wasteland for future expansion, particularly the legendary Hoover Dam and the ruins of Las Vegas. However, not all is well in the Republic. Internal corruption and bureaucratic inefficiency are rampant, with the Bishop Family essentially running Congress, while over-expansion, inflation, and costly public programs have strained the California economy. Wars with the Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel have left thousands dead, infrastructure in the Boneyard and San Francisco in ruins, and the treasury drained. To survive, NCR needs to expand, acquire new resources and recruit new taxpayers from wasteland and tribal communities. However, one last thorn stands in their way of uniting all of California — The Pass.

Despite practically lying in the heartland of NCR, between the Hub and Angel’s Boneyard, the Cajon Pass has been dominated by the entrenched Survivalists since the days of the Great War. The NCR attempted to civilize the Pass roughly around 2240, breaking a tenuous peace with Maxson’s Survivalists and invading Union City in the Battle of Union City. A young Juan Maxson-Elsdragon led NCR troops into a devious trap, killing nearly a hundred troopers and thirty-eight NCR civilians by igniting the City’s explosive fields of GMO corn. The NCR took Union City, but a great cost, and remained in a series of perpetual skirmishes with the raiders until 2253, when an official ceasefire between the two was signed, and the Survivalists were officially recognized as a foreign power. However, tensions remain high between the two, and have continued to grow as Elsdragon absorbs more groups displaced by NCR expansion into his ranks.

NCR relations with native tribals and the dwellers of Vault 18 has been strained at best. While the NCR traded peacefully with the Exodite Tribes during Tandi’s administration, and NCR troopers and the Wasteland Scouts have long fought common enemies, subsequent years have seen the NCR aggressively attempt to assimilate the tribes as taxpayers, with little success. Aggressive NCR expansion and their treatment of their Exodite cousins led the Wasteland Scouts into eventual conflict with NCR-employed mercenaries, resulting in the NCR branding Vault 18 as government property and the Scouts as fugitives. Despite this status, many citizens still fondly regard the Scouts as a force for good in New California, and stories and comics about their adventures are widespread across the republic.

As of 2260, the NCR’s greatest enemy for control of the Pass is the Raider Alliance, born out of a union between the Survivalists and various other groups forced out of NCR territory — raiders, tribals, freedom fighters, and outcasts — whose militarized presence blocks travel along the I-15, leaving an anarchistic hole in the middle of NCR trade and supply lines. The violent, erratic leadership of Juan Maxson-Elsdragon has only strained tensions further, as he continues to call out to the disaffected promising a haven free of NCR taxes and laws, while also seeking to elevate to open hostilities against the republic. Meanwhile, NCR interests in the region are split — the NCR Army, under General William Silverman, seeks to take the fight to the Alliance and bring order to the Pass once and for all. This complicates things for Congress, as Bishop interests seek to preserve the Pass as their own legal black hole, while the prospect of yet another costly war is unpopular to citizens and constituents. So NCR forces remain holed up in Union City, unable to engage in open warfare with Elsdragon, while little to no support comes from the rest of the Republic.


Fort Daggerpoint consists of a large region, located in a massive mountain valley in the southeastern region of the Pass. The entire base is sealed off by a high concrete wall, with only the main gate offering access. Beyond is a huge ruined town consisting of stores, office buildings, and housing for the base former personnel and their families. The area is a snarl of rubble and wrecked prewar military vehicles. To the south lies the military barracks and common facilities for base personnel. Fort Daggerpoint itself looms over the entire site, built into the easternmost mountains, divided from the town by a road with numerous abandoned checkpoints and walls. To the south of the fort is the Daggerpoint airstrip, with an air control tower, hangars, and other support buildings. A ruined high-tech monorail leads south into the mountains.

Fort Daggerpoint proper is an imposing concrete monolith, covered in abandoned artillery emplacements and solar panels, and only accessible by a reinforced concrete tunnel. The large plaza outside it is covered in both dead US military personnel killed in the Great War as well as the corpses of numerous Survivalist and NCR expeditions to scavenge the fort. The faded US flag has been torn down and replaced with the skull and hubcap of the Raider Alliance, ironically surrounded by the rotting corpses of the overly-ambitious raiders.

Prequel quests

These quests can only be started and/or completed during the prequel, within Vault 18.


Name Location Given By Reward Quest ID
Tackle Or Dodge Vault 18 New Game
Off To See The Wizard Vault 18 Earnest Schwartz
I’d Wrestle A Bear For You Vault 18 Kira Mann
The Brew That Is True Vault 18 Maintenance Request — Cafeteria Coffee Machine Wasteland BarristerRecipes — Wasteland CoffeeAbility to create wasteland coffee
The Calm Before the Storm… Vault 18 John Bragg or Kevin Rossman
Domo Arigato Vault 18 B-6-RK as a companion

Path of the Warrior

Name Location Given By Reward Quest ID
Report To Vault Security Vault 18 John Bragg
Pipe Quest Vault 18 Joe Marshall
No Hard Feelings Vault 18 Kevin Rossman or Johnny Matheson Johnny as a companion
I’ve Got A Feeling… Vault 18 Jenn Hail
Put A Ring On It Vault 18 Eric or Jamie Campbell

Path of the Scientist

Name Location Given By Reward Quest ID
Fix The Old Computer Vault 18 Kevin Rossman
Wait, We Have Robots? Vault 18 Kevin Rossman
A Roboto Mori Vault 18 Cybershock Alpha v0.21 Terminal ALPHA as a companion


Kevin Rossman was born in Vault 47, located in the vicinity of Sahuarita, Arizona. In line with the Vault-Tec experiment of Vault 47, all residents were raised with traditions similar to those of the Prewar US Eagle Scouts. This training would stay with Rossman for life and form the foundation of his Wasteland Scout’s survival techniques.

Rossman left Vault 47 in his youth to explore the wastes, traveling as far as the Frontier, before encountering and being adopted into Vault 18. He would use training to develop a special group known as the Wasteland Scouts, whom acted outside the Vault’s safety on dangerous mission to protect it and the allied peoples of the Wasteland. During one of these missions, in an attempt to assist the California Tribe, he encountered the NCR prospecting company Nova Star dumping Mind Virus into the local water supply. While he succeeded in stopping it, at least temporarily, his actions would be considered treason to NCR officials, causing trouble for not only himself, but those involved with him for decades.

Геймплей, графика и минусы мода

New California разрабатывалась фанатами, поэтому имеет свои недочеты. Самый большой недостаток мода — это огромная карта. Она хорошо проработана, не спорю, но геймеру, приученному Ведьмаком и Red Dead Redemption 2 к случайным событиям и встречам, мир может показать пустым. К сожалению, он такой и есть.

Путешествуя по Калифорнии, вы не найдете случайного персонажа, которому нужна помощь. Вы будете встречать только, противников, мутантов и патрули фракции к которой присоединитесь. Ни квестов, ни диалогов у вас с ними не будет — вся «жизнь» проходит на определенных локациях. Вы не найдете какой-нибудь терминал или записку, прочитав которую у вас появится квест и внезапно у вас появится интерес узнать, к чему это приведет. По большей части вы просто бродите по огромной карте и стреляете в противника, который решит на вас напасть.

Но ругать людей, который разрабатывали модификацию в свободное время, бесплатно, за такое не стоит. Даже крупные разработчики порой не находят денег на проработку открытого мира, что уж говорить о создателях модов.

Что касается геймплея, то он полностью перекочевал из New Vegas. Стрельба деревянная, персонажи двигаются неестественно, анимации ватные, а искусственный интеллект как не знал, так и не знает о существовании укрытий. Весь бой сводится к мерному отстрелу бегущих на вас остолопов.

Графика также не изменилась — разработчики использовали имеющиеся текстуры и модели, решив не тратить время на создание мира с нуля. Парочка новых текстур есть, но вау-эффекта они не вызывают.

New California также не обделена проблемами с технической стороны. Периодические вылеты, квесты могут не активироваться или не продолжаться с определенного момента, а персонажи могут провалиться в текстуры. Однако это не вина создателей мода, эти баги были и в оригинальных частях в момент выхода и сколько бы фиксов не выходило, всего не исправить, потому что сам движок деревянный. По этому игрокам рекомендуется по чаще пользоваться кнопкой быстрого сохранения. Если у вас Fallout New California вылетает и не работает, то прочитайте наш гайд — там приведены возможные способы лечения.

Interactions with the player character

A More Perfect Union and Join The War Machine

Kieva will be first encountered at Euripides Power Relay Station, holding out against an assault by the Infected Savages. Regardless of whether the player or NCR or Raider Alliance-aligned, she will urge them to aid her against the attack.

After the attack has been repelled, the player can ask about her sword and will be given a Rusty Black Katana by her. If the player character has been sent by Paul DuVille or simply wishes to overthrow Elsdragon, she can be asked to aid them, and if successfully convinced grants the player character the Revanchist Perk. If the player character is NCR-aligned, she will demand they bring her an NCR officer to trade to Elsdragon for her daughter. After the player character has convinced Less Jameson or Kerry Vargas to go as her hostage, she will return to Athens-Tec Mine.

Interaction with the Player Character

Hell’s Gate

Elsdragon can first be encountered by a player if they are captured by Eli Jackson or Wilson Wilco during A Night in Pinehaven or Lost Roads. Accompanied by Johnathan Nos, he will wake the player, having suspended them over the Athens-Tec Mine Abyss in a wheelchair, and, if the player fails attempt at SPECIAL checks or insults him, will torture the player character with his combat knife. After his interrogation is concluded, he will order the player to jump into the Abyss or be shot by Nos. If a strength option to escape the player’s bond is taken, Elsdragon and Nos will turn hostile and try to kill the player or knock them into the pit.

After the player has killed the Super Mutant Behemoth on Level 27, he will meet them on the bridge to the Mine’s Central Cavern, ordering them to meet accompany Nos on his vertibird in an attack on an NCR Caravan on I-15. If asked about the fate of their companions, Elsdragon will tell the player that their companions are their property, but that he has taken Kira Mann as his personal slave. With a Barter check, a player may «sell» Kira to him in exchange for their slave collar being removed. After dialogue has concluded, Elsdragon will wait at the bridge and refuse to talk to the player until they have joined Nos in his assault.

General information

There are eight companion perks, one challenge perk, and 30 special perks. There are also four cut perks.

Companion perks, as their name suggests, are granted by one’s companions. Unlike companion perks in the base game, with the exception of B-6-RK’s Search and Mark, companion perks in New California are kept once given and the companion does not to be an active follower to keep the perk in effect.

Challenge perks are unlocked by fulfilling . Challenge tasks can be accessed from the Pip-Boy menu; on the ‘Misc’ page, accessible from the ‘Data’ section.

Special perks are granted from other sources, usually through actions in the game world. In New California, this primarily comes from completing quests.

Side quests

New California Republic

Name Location Given By Reward Quest ID
Saving Old Glory Union City Bert Grumman Deal Breaker (potentially)Fake ‘DEagal’ (potentially)Old Glory (potentially)
Crawling in my Sand Wrecked sand crawler Sonja 100 XP300 bulk microfusion cellsPurified waterLoot on the wrecked sand crawler
Build a Fusion Catalyst Extruder Ammo Charger Radian Helix Media Studio Doc Marius Fusion catalyst extruder in Doc Marius’ workshop

Raider Alliance

Name Location Given By Reward Quest ID
Waters at Her Feet I-138 — I-15 beltway Atl Irepani
Carrion Wrecked sand crawler Tanok 100 XPLoot on the sand crawler


Name Location Given By Reward Quest ID
Detention Vault 18 Chevy Bragg
Kira’s Quest Athens-Tec Mine Juan Maxson-Elsdragon
Escape Athens-Tec Mine Athens-Tec Mine Self
Cards Under the Table Athens-Tec Mine Ben Kurtz or Wilson Wilco
The Revanchist Euripides Power Relay Station Kieva Nanjima
A Murder Most Foul Odyssey Mayor McHenry
Cash Is King Odyssey Gaff 400/600/800 capsGaff’s Treaure TipLocation of five antique strongboxes
Buried Treasure Odyssey Gaff
Memories Are Made Of This Union City sewers Harding’s journal Harding’s bunker as a player home
Batteries Not Included Radian-Helix Media studio Your Request Has Been Accepted Modified recharger rifle
Shi’s Lost My Money?! Shi Bank Yama Vong Tze

Path of the Warrior

Name Location Given By Reward Quest ID
There’s A Fixer For That Black Bear Lodge Johnny Matheson Johnny as continued companion

Events of New California

By the events of Fallout: New California, the Father resides at the Fort awaiting the Star player’s arrival, expecting Voyager to bring them in for the new experiment they plan by using the Project Brazil virus that they gave the player during their birth, but fails.

During the raid on the base by either the NCR or Raiders, the Star player enters the chamber and the Father is immediately shocked to find out that they are actually same individual that they cloned of the Vault Dweller. After a chat, the player either kills the Father in combat, or convinces him to postpone his plan and help them take down the Enclave.

Тропы и штампы, связанные с НКР[править]

  • Генерал Горлов/Генерал Потрошиллинг/Неопытный генерал — о генерале НКР Ли Оливере говорят разное, а истина — где-то посередине.
  • Из криминала в армию/Из силовиков в бандиты — среди уроженцев или солдат НКР имеются оба варианта.
  • Клингонское повышение — капитан Рональд Кёртис получил свои звание и должность начальника разведслужбы НКР после гибели предыдущего.
  • Крутой в пальто

    А Улисс ходит в шикарном пыльнике с гербом и без рукавов, и вам такой же даёт.

     — рейнджеры-ветераны НКР. И сам Курьер, в их броне или её вариантах.

  • Республиканская Империя.
  • Серо-серая мораль — конфликт между НКР и Городом Убежища. Обе стороны изображаются цивилизованными и мирными, но первые ведут агрессивную политику экспансии, а вторые — ксенофобы, ходящие на грани фашизма.
  • Шлем — это не круто — рейнджеры НКР носят неплохую броню, но шлему предпочитают крутую шляпу.
    • Впрочем, это что касается обыкновенных рейнджеров-патрульных и постовых. Элитные ветераны таки носят шлем, да такой крутой, прочный и стильный, что может уделать даже шлемы от Т-45d и T-51b.
    • Снайперы 1-го разведбатальона вместо шлемов носят красные береты, а у офицеров береты зелёные. Впрочем, пехотный шлем НКР защищает разве что от жары, а вот берет 1-го разведбата по своим свойствам является одним из лучших головных уборов в игре, так что ничего непрактичного в замене его на берет нет.

Major faction locations

New California Republic

  • Angel Breakers

    Angel Breakers toilet

  • Union City
    • Union City barracks tent
    • Union City clinic
    • Union City gate
    • Union City Hotel
    • Union City house
    • Operations tent
    • Union City sewers
    • Big Pines Parish
    • Donnie’s man cave
    • El Molinito Suites
    • Gun Runners
    • Mojave Express
    • Molly’s
    • NCR territorial headquarters
    • The Ram Shack
    • Ranch house
    • Sandcrete houses
    • Sandcrete residence
    • Shi Bank
  • NCR caravans
  • Tunnel to Boneyards crime scene
  • Old Grove Road
    • Abandoned house (north)
    • Abandoned house (south)
    • Vandalized abandoned house
  • Radian-Helix Media studio

    Loft bedroom

  • Ethanol fields
  • Good Luck trailer park
  • Sky Glow trailer camp

Raider Alliance

  • Athens
    • Athens Cavern
    • Athens High School
    • Athens town limits
    • Athens houses
  • Athens-Tec Mine
    • Barracks
    • Barred gate
    • Central cavern
      • Abyss
      • Level 27
      • Psycho cavern
    • Main gate
    • Med bay
    • Da Bomb
    • Guns, Guns, Guns
    • Serial Grilllers
    • Six Finger Discount
    • Stab Hut
    • Temple to the Thundergods
    • Vipers tent
  • Big Bear Lake
    • Abandoned restaurant
    • Abandoned toy store
    • Big Bear Wharf
    • Black Bear Lake
    • Carmelo’s Crepes
    • Old hardware store
    • Old warehouse
    • Rick’s Pawn Shop
  • Black Horse Ranch
    • Main gate
    • Hill house
    • Slave barracks
  • South Ranch
    • Athens houses
    • South Ranch barracks
    • South Ranch mess hall
    • Mr. Haggerty’s house
  • Valley View Road
  • Mission Palms
    • Mission Palms homes
    • Mission Hills
    • Mission Hills trailer park
    • Mission Hotel
    • Mission Mall
    • Frank’s Fine Furniture
    • Super Duper Mart
  • Necro Tribe camp
  • Raider trailer park

    Wasted Space Bar & Grill

  • Solar array salvage op.
  • Survivalist camp
  • Voiceless village
    • Outhouse
    • Voiceless shacks


Light armor

Name DT DR Value Weight Notes Form ID
Armored Vault 18 jumpsuit 9 180 15 Guns +5, Energy Weapons +5
Black Vulture armor 5 6 2
Chainmail 2 6 1
Elsdragon’s armor 6 150 15
Hassan’s Black Vulture armor 5 6 2
Shi warrior armor 5 200 15 Blue variant, Guns +5
Shi warrior armor 5 200 15 Red variant, Guns +5
Survivalist explorer armor 5 120 9 AGL +1, Survival +5
Survivalist soldier armor 7 240 16 Crit chance +1, Guns +3, Survival +5
Vault «Patriot» uniform 6 8 3 Enclave variant, Energy Weapons +5
Vault «Patriot» uniform 6 125 10 Vault variant, Energy Weapons +5
Vault «Patriot» uniform 6 8 3 Used by Dakota Ferron, Energy Weapons +5
Vault 18 Security armor 12 70 15
Vault Ball gear 5 18 200 15 Guns +5
Vault-Tec Vault Ball gear 5 18 200 15 Guns +5

Medium armor

Name DT DR Value Weight Notes Form ID
Armageddon light guard 13 1800 21
California Tribe armor 6 160 15
Drifter’s outfit 10 1500 14
Hazmat suit 15 1500 21 Radiation resistance +30
Heavy vault jumpsuit 6 4 6 2
Legion centurion armor 8 800 35
Legion tribe armor 8 800 35
NCR fatigues 10 300 26 Brown variant
NCR fatigues 10 300 26 Brown variant, bandoleer
NCR fatigues 10 300 26 Brown variant, headwrap
NCR fatigues 10 300 26 Grey variant
NCR fatigues 10 300 26 Grey variant, bandoleer
NCR fatigues 10 300 26 Grey variant, headwrap
NCR Ranger patrol armor 15 390 25 Has backpack
Nos’s raid boss armor 10 5 70 16 Melee Weapons +2, Guns +2
Raider disguise 10 180 15 Allows the Star Player to disguise as a Raider to enter Athens-Tec Mine.
Stealth armor 12 500 20 Used By Jenn Hail in the Mojave Wasteland, Sneak +5
Survivalist ranger armor 10 200 18 Unarmed +2, Guns +2, Survival +5
Vault 18 Security armor 12 70 15
Vault Viking plate armor 10 1200 15 Blue variant
Vault Viking plate armor 10 1200 15 Brown variant

Heavy armor

Name DT Value Weight Notes Form ID
Armageddon heavy guard 17 1800 21
Contractor armor Mk. III 15 1500 18
Desert Ranger combat armor 20 7500 30
Johnny «The Bull» Matheson’s gear 17 8000 25
Rave Michaels’ armor 12 1100 30 AGL -1

Power Armor

Name DT Value Weight Notes Form ID
Advanced BOS power armor 25 5200 40
T-49XV (P) power armor 33 4500 45
T-51b power armor 25 5200 40


Name DT Value Weight Notes Form ID
Alto sign shield 6 180 15
Blade shield 10 180 25
Buckler shield 10 180 25
Hubcap buckler shield 10 180 25
Sewer shield 15 180 55
Shelter sign shield 6 180 15
Stop sign shield 6 180 15
Toxic shield 6 180 15
Vault-Tec riot shield 10 180 25
Vault 37 shield 10 180 25 Bare variant
Vault 37 shield 10 180 25 Blue variant
Walkway shield 6 180 15


Альфа — один из двух роботов, доступных в качестве соратника. Заполучить в команду ее может только игрок, который пошел по Пути Ученого и завершил мини-игру, требующую 75 очков науки в первом акте (что само по себе говорит, что заполучить Альфу смогут только персонажи, который сильно вкачивают интеллект).

Если данный робот находится в пати, то игрок может получить доступ к уникальным действиям: например, если во время диалога вы понимаете, что дело пахнет жареным, то можете приказать Альфе казнить обидчика.

Альфа может общаться только двоичным кодом. Подобную неразговорчивость она (может быть, он, но какая разница) компенсирует огромным количеством брони и здоровья — больше, чем у всех остальных спутников в Fallout New California. Идеально подойдет героям, ориентированным на науки: зачем прокачивать Speech, когда есть бот, который рвет недругов на куски?

Происхождение робота — загадка. Его нашли в груде хлама. Доктор Россман попытался его восстановить, но обнаружил, что источник питания поврежден. Шон починил его и перезаписал протоколы дроида, чтобы создать ролевую игру. Именно ее нужно пройти игроку, чтобы начать секретный квест Альфы.

Спросите у доктора Россмана, есть ли у него для вас еще задания. Тот даст вам ключи от верхних уровней и направит в лабораторию роботов. Там, в левой части локации, вы найдете неактивного B-6-RK рядом с терминалом.

Чтобы восстановить пса, нужно либо иметь 30 очков ремонта, либо «Droid Radio Unit» в инвентаре. Найти деталь можно в правой части локации, в кладовке на верхних уровнях. Она вшита в усилитель радиосигнала Джо Маршала. Просто выньте оттуда, что вам нужно — последствий не будет.

Когда пес отремонтирован, взломайте терминал. B-6-RK активируется, но не станет вашим напарником. Это произойдет лишь тогда, когда вы покинете убежите 18 через эти самые лаборатории.


Prior to the Great War, Athens-Tec Mine was a private mining corporation in California, mining uranium and gold from the San Bernardino Mountains. Athens-Tec so dominated the local economy that it bought up all properties in the Cajon Pass to house its workers, among whom included right-wing militiamen and doomsday «preppers» as well as several undocumented Mexican immigrant families. When the War hit, these groups put aside whatever animosity they held and hid in the deeper reaches of the mine, surviving the obliteration of the surface and founding a tenuous society based out of the mines.

Over the decades, the survivalist mentality of the Athens-Tec dwellers melted into the other ideologies, resulting in the Survivalists becoming a highly militarized, insular, and xenophobic society who saw all outsiders as resources or threats. Armed with massive stashes of Pre-War armaments and military training, they would quickly dominate the various raider groups, tribes and settlements of the Pass, forming a totalitarian society based on slave labor to operate the Athens-Tec Mine. Despite being wildly outnumbered by rising societies such as the New California Republic, their entrenched position, military strength, and valuable resources ensured the Survivalists remained independent even as the NCR came to completely surround them. Aiding in their independence would be the New Reno Mob families — namely the Bishops — who traded with the Survivalists for their gold and uranium and saw the Pass as a valuable legal black hole for their operations. Their control over much of the NCR, including the NCR Congress, ensured that no action would be taken against the Survivalists despite their transgressions.

Interactions with the Player Character


Path of the Warrior

Jamie can be found in the Vault Gym, relaxing on a bench. She will congratulate the player and invite them to a party with her and Eric. The player can inquire into their supposed incestuous relationship, starting the quest Put A Ring On It and can be seduced into breaking up with Eric with a Charisma check of 5 by either a male or female character. She will tell the player she will drop by their room for drinks and a talk later, and cannot be encountered again in the prologue.

Path of the Scientist

After the player is injured by Johnny Matheson, Jamie and Terra Mayson take them to the Vault Clinic and get Dr. Rossman to help treat them. She can be found in the Atrium diner, and will joke about the incident. A player can pass a Perception 7 and Endurance 8 check to learn she is attracted to them, but cannot initiate Put A Ring on It.

The Calm Before the Storm…

During the Vault Patriot’s Revolution, Jaime, in a drunken state, is present when Bragg and the patriots sabotage the Transformers in the Upper Apartments, and overhears he and Chevy discussing the player character. Before she can warn the inhabitants in the Lower Apartments, she is caught up in the fighting in the Upper Apartments.

If Jamie was seduced by the player, she is killed by the collapse in the Lower Apartments while coming to visit the player’s apartment.

If Eric was seduced by a female player, Jamie will be killed by Patriots while searching for him in the Lower Apartments.

Save The Vault

Jamie, if alive, can be found in her and Eric’s Apartment in the Upper Apartment, attempting to fix a broken service rifle, as she cannot fight due to recovering from drunkenness. After the Patriot attack is defeated, Eric will ask the player to check up on her.

Path of the Warrior

If the player strengthened the bond between her and Eric in Put A Ring On It, she and Eric can be convinced to join the player as companions. With Perception 7 the Player can determine she is hiding something and she will reveal that she learned of Bragg’s plan to sabotage the Transformers.

Path of the Scientist

Jamie and Eric will accompany the player after they have obtained the Guardian of the Vault perk, which they will have to travel back to the upper apartments and speak to Jamie. You can tell her to leave with Eric or get them to come with you, Jamie will agree and will accompany you, Eric essentially follows her around.

Both her and Eric can be found in a ranch near Brooks tumbleweed ranch. Where the player must pay 3000 caps to support their two children if the player wants them to join them as companions again.


Fallout: New California планировалось разделить на три части, но к 13 декабря 2013 года третья часть была отменена. Первый выпуск был выпущен 31 мая 2013 года, второй выпуск был выпущен 23 октября 2018 года. Существует 13 возможных концовок. Действие происходит в 2260 году, за 21 год до старта Fallout New Vegas .

Первый взнос

Действие первой части происходит в Убежище 18 возле гор Сан-Бернардино на перевале Сан-Бернардино-Кахон , после событий Fallout 2 . Игрок может выбрать быть воином или ученым. Выясняется, что один из видных членов Убежища является частью , после чего в Убежище вспыхивает гражданская война, и игрок может встать на сторону Анклава или защитить Убежище 18. Первая часть имеет около трех часов игры. игровой процесс и семь часов, включая весь разветвленный контент.

Вначале игрок выбирается на замену команде «Патриоты», в ночь финальной игры «Vault Ball» за кубок. Во время матча игрок может выбрать Захват (Путь Воина) или Уклонение (Путь Ученого). В зависимости от выбора, игрок становится следующим в кабинете тренера Брэгга (снасть), его хвалят за победу в игре и предлагают работу в хранилище безопасности или в лазарете хранилища (уклонение), когда он просыпается от травмы и проигрывает игру. , со сломанной ногой.

После взаимодействия с жителями игрок засыпает на нижних уровнях. Тем временем члены Патриотов, радикализованные Джоном Брэггом, которые, как выяснилось, являются членами Анклава вместе с его сестрой Чеви, новым начальником службы безопасности Убежища, начинают атаку, вызывая взрыв и обрушивая части нижних уровней.

Игрок просыпается и находит своих братьев и сестер мертвыми.

Второй взнос

Вторая часть, выпущенная 23 октября 2018 года, фокусируется на игроке, имеющем дело с тремя фракциями: Новой Калифорнийской Республикой, бандой рейдеров под названием Survivalists и остатками армии Мастера из оригинального Fallout .

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