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  • If Blasphemy is acquired as Robot, it will not fire projectiles as The Robot is technically never at full health.
  • The Robot deals 1 more damage with the Flame Hand than other characters, implying he has a higher intelligence modifier and therefore, higher intelligence.
  • Due to all non-rainbow chests being impossible to open in Rainbow Mode, it makes sense to destroy them instead. Besides the occasional pickup, this ends up giving you a lot of Junk. Consequently, the Robot excels in completing rainbow mode, as the 5% damage boosts will build up over the entirety of your junking spree. Its relatively strong starter weapon also means the player can pick an item instead of a weapon on the first floor.
  • The Robot can’t sell its health to the Vampire. As it technically has zero hearts, the Vampire will refuse to trade and say the Robot hungers as much as she does, a quote she tells other Gungeoneers at low health.
  • Patches and Mendy are unable to heal the Robot, and to compensate will give it a Bottle, Armor, or Junk, for free.
  • Using a Peace Shrine as the Robot consumes the active gun with no benefit.
  • As of A Farewell to Arms update, the Robot can use shrines that consume a heart container by losing two Armor.
  • Some effects from the Dice Shrine which affect health, like Bolstered, don’t affect The Robot.
  • The Robot cannot access the Hall of Knowledge because it is boarded off.
  • Unlike the other Gungeoneers, the robot falls into the Gungeon rather than descending down the staircase. If wearing its alternate costume, however, it enters normally.
  • Spice won’t take any armor from The Robot, only giving curse and lower accuracy, making it a very powerful item.

Items sold in The Breach[]

Icon Name Quote Type Notes Cost
Devolver Degenerates Semiautomatic Has a chance to devolve enemies into simpler enemies. 10
Casey Batting 0.50 Charged Damages enemies and reflects bullets when swung. Increases curse by 2. 12
Starpew Reap And Sow Charged Fires water droplets. Can be charged to increase the number of droplets fired. 20
Dueling Laser More interesting this way! Charged Fires a large, high-damage laser. Needs to recharge after each shot. 20
Vorpal Gun .50 Criticaliber Semiautomatic Has a small chance to fire a critical shot which deals increased damage. 20
Hyper Light Blaster Skill Honed Sharp Semiautomatic Has very low maximum ammo, but regenerates 1 ammo upon hitting an enemy. 22
Mourning Star Satellite Rain Beam Calls down an orbital laser cannon onto the targeted enemy. 22
Strafe Gun Bleeding Edge Gameplay Automatic Fires nails that explode. 26
Stone Dome Big Head Mode Automatic Sits on the player’s head and rapidly fires homing bullets. While held, inflicts fear on nearby enemies. Increases curse. 26
The Exotic Pack of Wolves Semiautomatic Fires a rocket that splits into several smaller homing rockets upon impact. Grants a ghost companion that follows the player and reveals the contents of nearby chests. 26
Big Shotgun A Shotgun That’s Big Semiautomatic Fires a burst of three extremely large exploding projectiles. 26
Combined Rifle Halve Lives Automatic Reloading alternates between a rapid-fire rifle and a bouncing, piercing energy ball. Enemies killed by the energy ball disintegrate. 26
3rd Party Controller Assuming Direct Control Automatic Upon hitting an enemy, they will move in the same direction the player moves, and shoot towards the crosshair if the player shoots 28
GuNNER Backpack Not Included Semiautomatic Taking damage while GuNNER is held drains 40 ammo and drops a skull that heals the player upon pickup. 28
Tetrominator LINE PIECE! Semiautomatic Fires random tetrominoes that stick to enemies. Line pieces explode, dealing more damage the more tetrominoes are stuck to an enemy. 28
Triple Gun Bullet the Stampede Varies Changes form based on how much ammo it has left. 28
Void Core Cannon Critical Strike Burst Fires bursts of four large energy balls, which home in on enemies and explode upon impact. 28
Really Special Lute Purple Prose Automatic Fires a spread of 7 bullets that have a chance to charm enemies. Buffs nearby companions. 28
Kruller Glaive Studied the Blade Charged Throws a boomerang-like projectile that homes in on multiple enemies, damaging and sometimes stunning them. 28
Knight’s Gun Plowshare Semiautomatic Fires 5 bullets in an arrow formation. Reloading an empty magazine has a chance to dig up a pickup or specific items from the ground. 28
The Predator High-tech $#!* Semiautomatic Locks onto enemies and shoots a high-speed laser. 28
Gunderfury Gun of Guncraft Semiautomatic Gains experience with kills and does not lose it between runs. Changes every 10 levels. 28
Icon Name Type Quote Effect Cost
Silver Bullets Passive Blessed Metal Increases damage against jammed enemies and bosses. 8
Stout Bullets Passive Up Close And Personal Increases damage at close range. 12
Roll Bomb Passive Power Charge Drops a bomb upon dodge rolling. 12
Charming Rounds Passive Made With Love Bullets have a chance to charm enemies. 14
Helix Bullets Passive Praise Be Doubles fired bullets and makes them move in a helix pattern, but slightly decreases damage. 16
Teleporter Prototype Active Teleport?! Teleports the player to a random room. 22
Flak Bullets Passive Catch some! Whenever a bullet hits an enemy or wall, it splits into several smaller, lower-damage bullets. 28
Magic Bullets Passive Sufficiently Advanced Grants all of the player’s bullets a small chance to transmogrify enemies into chickens. 18
Vorpal Bullets Passive Through and Through Occasionally fires a special high-damage bullet. 26
Snowballets Passive Powder Power Bullets increase in size and damage as they travel. 26
Bumbullets Passive Bumblecore Upon firing, adds a chance to fire a bee, which homes in on and damages enemies. 26
Devolver Rounds Passive Two Steps Back Bullets have a chance to devolve enemies into simple enemies. 26
Scouter Passive Quality Assured Shows enemy health and damage dealt to them. Increases accuracy and damage. Increases curse by 1. 26
Orbital Bullets Passive Deadly Revolution Upon missed bullets hitting a wall, an identical bullet will start orbiting the player. 28
Blank Bullets Passive The Best Defense… Bullets have a chance of triggering a short-range blank when they hit obstacles. Increases curse by 1.5. 28


  • An oubliette is a secret dungeon with access only through a trapdoor in its ceiling, fitting with the chamber’s method of access.
  • It is possible to enter the trapdoor while flying. The game will freeze for a brief moment and skip straight to the loading screen of the Oubliette without a falling animation.
  • Several of the decorations found here are unique to the Oubliette.
    • One decoration unique to the Oubliette is a barrel with the tip of a Bulletkin protruding from it.
      • This may be a reference to a similar prop seen in Blighttown, an infamous, similarly themed level featured in Dark Souls.
      • This is also a play on the idea of a bullet in the barrel of a gun.
  • Oubliette is pronounced «oo-blee-et» /u.bliˈɛt/
  • The Lost Adventurer talks about a switch behind a fireplace when interacted with at the Breach.
  • You can access the Oubliette trapdoor room without dousing the fireplace by using Teleporter Prototype.


The Monster in the mirror.

Mirrors will show an unlocked chest in their reflection, which can be opened if the player presses the interact button while their reflection is next to the chest. This will shatter the mirror and increase the player’s curse by 3.5. The mirror will also shatter if the player shoots it, which will increase the player’s curse by the same amount and will make the location of the hidden chest much more difficult to find.


  • It is possible for chests in mirrors to be Mimics.
  • It is possible for chests in mirrors to be but they do not have the usual glitch animation.
  • In Rainbow Mode, Bowler will sit on where you have to be to open the chest in the mirror, although the chest will still be only visible in the mirror, making Bowler flying mid-air.
  • If a mirror chest appears, it may prevent the two treasure rooms from having one item and one gun. If the mirror chest has an item, both treasure rooms may have guns, and if the mirror chest has a gun, both treasure rooms may have items.
  • When playing as The Paradox or doing a run with the paradox effect active, the mirror will not reflect the effect on the player
  • You can freeze the mirror, obscuring the chest’s reflection. The chest can still be opened as usual, and the player will still be cursed upon opening.
  • Mirror chests cannot be shot. Bullets do not appear in the reflection and will not damage the chest.


  • A monster’s eye briefly appears after shattering the mirror, which is purely aesthetic and serves no purpose. This was added in the Supply Drop Update.
  • The mirror may be a reference to the Mirror of Erised in the book ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, where an unlocked chest may well be the player’s greatest desire.
  • The curse effect upon breaking the mirror is a reference to the folk belief that breaking a mirror causes seven years of bad luck (3.5 curse is 7 x 0.5).


  • Prior to the Supply Drop Update, the Dice Shrine’s Limited effect decreased maximum ammo by 50% instead of 30%.
  • Prior to , the Dice Shrine’s Unsteady effect decreased reload time instead of increasing it.
  • The Dice shrine can apply two opposite effects at the same time, such as Renewed and Pained, Paid and Robbed, Cleansed and Cursed, or Blanked and De-Blanked.
  • The Dice Shrine’s rare effect will not reduce The Robot’s armor when triggered.
  • The Blood shrine’s blessing can carry over to a character’s past.
  • Using the Y.V. Shrine 27 times, for a total cost of 3780 , gives every shot its bonus. However, obtaining this much is difficult. It requires lots of curse, money items like Coin Crown, and as much Gold Junk as possible. Alternately, the infinite money exploit with Blobulin Rancher and Don’t Blink in Challenge Mode can be used to obtain this much money. Another possibility is through the use of Lil’ Bomber in conjunction with its King Bomber synergy.
  • The Y.V Shrine’s bonus does affect shots fired from companions, however they will be shot in a straight line going to the right, instead of being aimed at enemies.
  • The Peace Shrine does not accept weapons with infinite ammo like Casey.
  • The Peace Shrine will accept a gun from The Robot, but will not return any benefits.
  • During a Rainbow Run, The Companion Shrine will not give you a companion, but still will take one of your heart containers.

ОС Android 12 вышла. Какие устройства получат апдейт?

На прошлой неделе состоялся релиз финальной версии ОС Android 12. Перечисляем, когда и на какие смартфоны придёт обновление.

Google Pixel

Традиционно первыми актуальную версию «зелёного робота» получат фирменные устройства Google. Обычно апдейт прилетал на аппараты Pixel в день выхода операционки. Но в этом году компании требуется больше времени на доработку специальной модификации Android 12 с эксклюзивными фишками для Pixel. Так что пока опубликован лишь исходный код AOSP-сборки системы.

Это позволяет вендорам уже сейчас начать разработку своих оболочек поверх ОС. В то же время, по словам Google, обновление по воздуху разойдётся на телефоны Pixel в ближайшие недели.

Android 12 получат следующие модели:

  • Pixel 3 и 3 XL

  • Pixel 3a и 3a XL

  • Pixel 4 и 4 XL

  • Pixel 4a и 4a 5G

  • Pixel 5

  • Pixel 5a

  • Pixel 6


Сторонним производителям понадобится больше времени, чтобы прокачать свои гаджеты до свежей версии «зелёного робота». Samsung уже начала бета-тестирование фирменной надстройки One UI 4.0, которая основана на Android 12.

Если судить по прошлогоднему расписанию, обновление появится в декабре 2021 года. Первой его получит линейка Galaxy S21. В январе Android 12 прилетит на флагманы вроде Note 20 и Galaxy S20, а также на смартфоны А-серии. Для более старых устройств апдейты выкатят в первой половине 2022-го. Вот список аппаратов:

  • Galaxy S21 / S21 Plus / S21 Ultra

  • Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus / S20 Ultra / S20 FE

  • Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus / S10 Ultra / S10 Lite / S10e

  • Galaxy Note 20 / S20 Ultra

  • Galaxy Note 10 / Note 10 Plus | Note 10 Lite

  • Galaxy Z Fold3

  • Galaxy Z Flip3

  • Galaxy Z Fold2

  • Galaxy Z Flip

  • Galaxy Fold

  • Galaxy A72 / Galaxy A52s / Galaxy A52 / Galaxy A42 / Galaxy A32 / Galaxy A22 / Galaxy A12 / Galaxy A02s / Galaxy A02

  • Galaxy A71 / Galaxy A51 / Galaxy A41 / Galaxy A31 / Galaxy A21s / Galaxy A21 / Galaxy A11

  • Galaxy A03s

  • Galaxy A Quantum

  • Galaxy M62 / Galaxy M42 / Galaxy M32 / Galaxy M12 / Galaxy M02s / Galaxy M02

  • Galaxy M51 / Galaxy M31s / Galaxy M31 Prime / Galaxy M21s / Galaxy M21 / Galaxy M11 / Galaxy M01s / Galaxy M01

  • Galaxy F62 / Galaxy F52 5G / Galaxy F22 / Galaxy F12 / Galaxy F02s / Galaxy F41

  • Galaxy XCover 5 / Galaxy XCover Pro

Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO

Сейчас несколько смартфонов китайского техногиганта уже совместимы с Android 12 Beta: это Xiaomi Mi 11, Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11i, и Mi 11 Pro. Правда, пока речь о чистой Android, в то время как MIUI под 12-ю версию операционки ещё в разработке.

Актуальную MIUI 12.5 на основе Android 11 получило множество устройств, так что стоит рассчитывать на длинный список. Ведь в последнее время смартфоны брендов Xiaomi, POCO и Redmi обновляются всё дольше. Android 12 придёт на следующие гаджеты:

  • Xiaomi Mi 11 / Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra / Mi 11i / Mi 11 Lite

  • Xiaomi Mi 11T / Mi 11T Pro

  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 / Mi Mix Fold

  • Xiaomi Mi 10 / Mi 10 Pro / Mi 10 Youth / Mi 10i / Mi 10s

  • Xiaomi Mi 10T / Mi 10T Pro / Mi 10T Lite

  • Redmi 10 / Redmi 10 Prime

  • Redmi Note 10 series

  • Redmi Note 9 series

  • Redmi Note 8 2021

  • Redmi K40 series

  • Redmi K30 series

  • Redmi 10X series

  • POCO F3

  • POCO F2 Pro

  • POCO X3 / X3 Pro

  • POCO X2

  • POCO M3 / M3 Pro

  • POCO M2 / M2 Pro

  • POCO C3


Один из брендов холдинга BBK обещает оперативно выпустить обновление до Android 12 для своих устройств. Компания realme запланировала выход оболочки realme UI 3.0 на 13 октября. Сперва апдейт появится на моделях семейства realme GT. Также ожидается, что грядущий смартфон GT Neo 2 будет поставляться с двенадцатой версией ПО из коробки.


Что касается OnePlus, обновление до OxygenOS 12 тоже увидит свет раньше обычного. Теперь эту надстройку объединили с ColorOS от OPPO, что должно помочь Android 12 распространяться на гаджеты OnePlus быстрее. Бета-тестирование OxygenOS 12 стартовало 4 октября, а стабильную сборку линейка OnePlus 9 получит к концу декабря.

Согласно инсайдам, до этого момента в октябре может выйти телефон OnePlus 9RT, который будет поставляться с актуальной операционкой. Официально информация пока не подтверждена. По имеющимся данным, Android 12 получат следующие модели:

  • OnePlus 7 / 7 Pro / 7 Pro 5G

  • OnePlus 7T/ OnePlus 7T Pro / 7T Pro McLaren

  • OnePlus 8 / 8 Pro

  • OnePlus 8T

  • OnePlus 9 / 9 Pro

  • OnePlus 9R

  • OnePlus Nord

  • OnePlus Nord CE

  • OnePlus Nord 2

  • OnePlus Nord N200


  • The Cultist’s blanks and armor will carry over into their past, giving them advantage over the protagonist during the final duel.
  • Dead players can block moving bricks using their body in Winchester

    However, the chest that spawns will be a Revival Chest, and if the player revives their friend and returns, it will be locked.

    ‘s minigame, stopping them.

  • During The Cultist’s Past, one of the players can take both guns off the pedestals and render the other player weaponless. The other gun picked cannot be used or dropped.
  • If either player has stolen something, in the Cultist’s past, the Cultist may refer to the main character as «thief», a reference to the Nintendo game «Link’s Awakening».
  • When entering another Gungeoneer’s past, the Cultist will only have a Dart Gun

    In The Bullet’s past, both characters start with nothing. When the Bullet acquires the wooden Blasphemy, the Cultist will get one too.


  • When using the Gun That Can Kill The Past, the Cultist will become a skeleton during the teleporting animation, just like when the player has a Clown Mask.
  • If The Gunslinger dies but The Cultist remains alive, infinite starter gun or Makarov or 38 Special drops will arrive until The Gunslinger is revived or if The Cultist isn’t currently in a room with enemies.
  • The Cultist can never start the speedrun timer. It may be possible to beat a run in 0 seconds if Player 1 can be killed in the first room.
  • Activating Turbo Mode will only apply the effect to Player 1 until Player 1 is killed, in which Player 2 will have the effect.
  • The Resourceful Rat ignores The Cultist when stealing an item.
  • The only NPC that will not ignore the Cultist is Winchester and his game. In the Breach, Winchester will ignore the Cultist.
  • During the Resourceful Rat fight, if both the Cultist and player is alive, the Cultist will be tied down during the Punch Out game, not being able to do anything.


Действие происходит на отдалённой планете, населённой живыми разумными большими пулями и другими формами жизни. Четыре оружельца, которые не хотят смириться со своим прошлым, отправились в чудовищное место под названием Оружелье, чтобы найти там артефакт — пушку, которая убивает прошлое, чтобы убить своё прошлое, и исправить свои величайшие ошибки.


О событиях до начала игры мало что известно. Некоторую информацию можно получить из Патрономикона, рассказов NPC (особенно Кузнеца) и различных игровых игровых событий (храмы и т. д.). Поэтому все нижеизложенное является фанонными доводами на основе крупиц информации, добытой различными путями (!)

Неизвестное количество лет назад Оружелья как такого не существовало. На планете, упомянутой в легенде, действительно стоял замок, возможно была какая-то инфраструктура. В замке жил могущественный маг (Свинцовый Властелин), предпочитавший обычной магии (со всякими волшебными палочками, мантиями и тп) техномагию — Чаружие. Как говорила Кузнец: «Где другие ходили с посохами, Он бегал со стволом». Для своих магических изысканий он и построил замок, впоследствии ставший Оружельем, построил кузню, нанял Кузнеца и некоторых других существ (Бык (ориг. — «Ox», который вообще-то «Буйвол» или «Вол») и Каденция (сестра Кузнеца) из Департамента закупок, например). Затем Чаружейник продолжил изучать оружейную магию: он создавал пушки, экспериментировал с оруживлением мертвых, и изучал Пулевую Завесу — астральный мир, в котором обитают духи и Боги Оружия (но это не точно).

Со временен в замке накапливался заряд чаружейной энергии, что начало проявляться в виде спонтанного оруживления трупов или редких визитов различных магических существ. Но Оружелья все еще не было.

Тем временем события в остальном мире (во всей Вселенной) так же не стояли на месте. Человечество вышло в космос, была создана Гегемония Людей, шли войны, создавались колонии. Развивалась магия и технология.

И вот, задолго до начала игровых событий, будущий Создатель Оружелья почти заканчивает контруирование своей величайшей работы — Пушки, убивающей Прошлое. Однако что-то пошло не так (и никто не знает что именно). «Огромная армия обрушилась на цитадель». Выстрелила Великая Пуля. Что послужило причиной этого — до сих пор никто не знает. Однако это событие произвело колоссальный резонанс. «Оружейная энергия», высвобожденная Пулей, начала преобразовывать ландшафт и биосферу Планеты. Цитадель Свинцового Властелина, а впоследствии и все оставшиеся этажи Оружелья, заполонили оружейные мертвецы и прочие создания. Что стало с самим волшебником неизвестно. Одни источники утверждают что он правил Оружельем, другие что умер или пропал. Но где-то в недрах Оружелья до сих пор лежит Пушка.

Шли годы. Замок был восстановлен. Патронщики эволюционировали, обретали разум, социализировались. Было создано Оружельское Королевство. Одновременно с этим слухи об Оружелье начали распространятся по всему космосу. Существа всех физиологий и менталитетов начали стекаться в Оружелье, дабы попытать счастья и изменить свое прошлое. Некоторые из них были волшебниками, изучавшими Чаружие, другие почему-то создали новую религию и стали фанатично поклоняться Пушке и Пуле.

Затем случился переворот , приведший к упадку Оружелья.

По сей день множество храбрецов (четыре оружельца), и изгнанники, которым нечего терять (Ружемант Нуигн, ) идут к Оружелью дабы найти Оружие, либо изучить тайны Чаружия.


Tables can be flipped over to block bullets. During the flipping animation, bullets near the table will be cleared, similar to or explosions. After flipping a table, the player will become invincible and absorb bullets for a few frames. Afterwards, the table can be pushed around, and will be destroyed after taking enough damage. Tables also absorb bullets when destroyed, in the same manner as when they are flipped. Bullet Kin and several of their subspecies will also flip tables and use them as cover themselves.

The player can also dodge roll over tables. Tables can be dodge rolled over three times before breaking. Stone tables can only be rolled over twice. If multiple tables are adjacent, the player will slide over all of them. If the dodge roll button is pressed while the player is on the table, it will break immediately.

Tables can be slowly pushed around. One table can push another, which significantly slows the Gungeoneer.

Tables are unaffected by fire.

Increasing Curse[]

Curse can be increased by:

  • Carrying the following items:
    • Big Boy (+1)
    • Blank Bullets (+1.5)
    • Blood Brooch (+1)
    • Bracket Key (+1)
    • Cursed Bullets (+1)
    • Elder Blank (+2)
    • Holey Grail (+1)
    • Katana Bullets (+1)
    • Knife Shield (+1)
    • Lament Configurum (+1)
    • Scouter (+1)
    • Shelleton Key (+1)
    • Sixth Chamber (+2)
    • Yellow Chamber (+2)
  • Carrying the following guns:
    • Boxing Glove (+1)
    • Casey (+2)
    • Excaliber (+2.5)
    • Fightsabre (+2)
    • Huntsman (+1)
    • Shellegun (+1)
    • Stone Dome (+1)
    • Unicorn Horn (+1)
    • Wood Beam (+1)
    • Finished Gun (+5)
  • Praying at the following Shrines:
    • Ammo Shrine (+3.5)
    • Angel Shrine (+1.5)
    • Dice Shrine granting Cursed (+5)
    • Hero Shrine (sets curse to 9 regardless of other curse)
  • Purchasing anything from Cursula. (+2.5 along with any curse the purchased item has)
  • Giving a gun to the Witches. (+2)
  • Smashing a or opening its chest. (+3.5)
  • Stealing from a Shop. (+1)
  • Getting Badge, then talking to the police officer when he dies. (+2)
  • Using Spice. (+0.5 on the first use, +1 for each subsequent use)
  • Transforming into Cormorant. (+3)
  • Picking up an item/gun produced by Lament Configurum. (+1)
  • Standing near a inflicts an increasing amount of the unique «Curse» Status Effect, and after reaching a certain threshold, will increase the player’s curse stat while breaking the pot. (+1 per pot)


Before the Cultist enters the Gungeon, their reason for being there is probably to make their sibling take the blame for spilling grape juice on the couch, as stated in the Ammonomicon entry for the Dart Gun. However, their motives change over the course of what happens in the Gungeon as they are treated poorly by the NPCs. Eventually, they come to the conclusion that what they want is to defeat player one and become the protagonist.

Past Kill

If The Gun That Can Kill The Past is used on The Cultist, they will be brought back to The Breach earlier that same day. The Cultist will tell the protagonist that they are sick of being referred to as «Number 2» and will then challenge them to a duel over who the game’s story will focus on. Two pedestals each carrying a Magnum will have spawned, one behind the protagonist and one behind The Cultist. The two players are then allowed to move around The Breach, pick up a Magnum and fight each other to the death. Each player has 3 hearts and 2 blanks. The Breach is completely devoid of any of the usual NPCs at this time and all doorways, including the entrance to the Gungeon, are blocked off. A few tables are also scattered around, as to provide cover during the fight. If The Cultist wins the duel, they declare themself the hero only to realize that their actions could very well make them the villain.

Regardless of who wins the duel, the Cultist’s alternate costume will be unlocked.

  • If activated, the «increase speed when out of combat» effect will work for both players, since they technically are not fighting enemies and are at the Breach.
  • The guns in the cultists past can run out of ammo, despite the game not showing the ammo counter.

Exit The Gungeon

Alongside the other gungeoneers, the Cultist must fight to escape the now collapsing Gungeon. At the end of the game, the Cultist manages to reach the escape ship, but is left behind by the other gungeoneers.


  • — If the player has 38 Special, its maximum ammo is increased, its reload time is halved, and its damage is increased by 20%. The police officer will also show the contents of nearby chests while 38 Special is held.
  • — If the player also has Teapot, while reloading the Teapot, a small red aura will appear around the officer. Every enemy in this aura will be ignited.
  • — If the player has Full Metal Jacket, Mass Shotgun, The Judge, Bionic Leg, Deck4rd, or Grasschopper, the police officer turns into a robot and becomes invincible. The officer will no longer be able to be spoken to.
  • If the player is in the Forge, the cop will instantly die if the player is in a fight room and within half a screen-length of the player for more than 5 seconds, unless the player has the

    The officer will also die when entering the door that goes to High Dragun.


  • If Baby Good Mimic transforms into the officer, and dies before the officer, talking to him will softlock the game.
  • If Baby Good Mimic disguised as the officer and the officer dies in the same room, talking to one will remove Baby Good Mimic from your inventory and make the second dying officer disappear.
  • If the Badge is dropped after the officer dies, the body will disappear, but the NPC icon will remain in the room. The Badge can be picked up afterwards, but it will not do anything.
  • If the officer dies and the miniature Blobulord is in the room, also dead, talking to him will softlock the game.
  • If the player has Snowballets, the officer’s shots will very rapidly increase in size.
  • If the officer dies in The Gorgun’s arena, once the player talks to him and he permanently dies, he will sink to a watery grave.


A TNT barrel inside a Minecart.

Minecarts are found in the Black Powder Mine. Interacting with a minecart lets a Gungeoneer ride along minecart tracks. Bullet Kin, Red Shotgun Kin, and Executioners can also ride minecarts.

Additionally, some minecarts can contain explosive barrels or mechanical turrets which fire at the player. These turrets can be destroyed with explosions, after which the minecart is free to be ridden.

If the player dodge rolls while not touching any of the movement keys, then they will not exit the minecart and will only dodge roll. If the player is moving, they will dodge roll out of the minecart; if they touch another cart in the process, they’ll automatically ride it. This technique is used to acquire the Arcane Gunpowder in the Black Powder Mine.

Minecarts that the player is riding in are not affected by friction; a moving minecart will automatically continue to move along the track until the player exits it.

In co-op, two players can occupy the same minecart, but only one player will be able to steer it.


  • If either player dies before exiting to the next chamber elevator, the next chamber will have chests that will not turn into revival chests (except for spawned chests). Opening them will cause them to act as a normal revival chest but if both players are alive, they are able to open the unspawned chests without requiring a key.
  • If the player enters co-op as The Paradox and uses the alternative gun skin shrine, the Cultist will start without a gun. Entering a room will spawn a supply drop containing a random starter gun or weak gun, which occurs as a failsafe when any character has no usable guns.
  • If the Cultist picks up an item that the Resourceful Rat is stealing, the rat will soft-lock in his current position. He will remain in this state, unable to steal dropped items, until the players advance to the next level.
  • If the either player dies while Drill is unlocking a chest, the chest will revive the killed player, but will be unable to finish unlocking, trapping the players in the drill room and softlocking the game.
  • Even if holding one of the items used to create The Bullet That Can Kill The Past, the Cultist will be ignored by the Blacksmith. Since none of the items can be dropped, this can result in being unable to give the Blacksmith that bullet part in the run.


Ser Junkan follows the player around using a jetpack, retrofitted mechsuit or ascendant powers, depending on combo level, and uses ranged attacks to attack enemies. Earning a higher combo levels him up, and Junkan remains at the highest combo level the player has attained:

  • Combo 1-3: Regular Junkan: Attacks enemies using a weak pistol.
  • Combo 4-7(?): Soda Hat Junkan: Junkan gains a soda hat and attacks using a slightly stronger pistol.
  • Combo 8-10: Crash Helmet Junkan: Junkan gains a Crash Helmet and attacks using a stronger pistol.
  • Combo 11 and 12: Pilot Junkan: Junkan gains a helmet similar to a helicopter pilot’s, and attacks using an even stronger pistol.
  • Combo 13 and 14: Jet Fighter Junkan: Junkan gains a fighter pilot’s helmet, complete with mask, and attacks using a far stronger pistol.
  • Combo 15-17: Astro Junkan: Junkan gains an astronaut suit and attacks enemies using a shoulder-mounted blaster similar to The Predator.
  • Combo 18 and 19: Mecha Junkan: Junkan gains his mechsuit from EtG, now retrofitted for flight, though at the cost of the suit’s limbs. Junkan attacks enemies using homing rockets.
  • Combo 20: Ascendant Junkan: Junkan becomes a shade of blue with white flames surrounding him and gains a third eye. Attacks enemies using red bolts of energy, fired from Junkan’s third eye. This is Junkan’s strongest form in XtG.
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