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Pawn Chatter

On entering from the Deos Hills entrance

«The crypt was fashioned ages ago, before the Faith came to Gransys.»
«… Long ago, when the people worshipped the old gods, the gods of nature.»
«… I suspect it’s why they returned their dead to the soil. To the Earthgod.»
«Few come to offer prayers for those who rest here in the catacombs. That their souls might be cleansed and born anew in the coming generations.»
«If ever it was the seat of a god, that time has surely past.»

On the inhabitants

«Be careful — the walking dead are all around us.»
«Undead sleep beneath the earth!»
«To judge from the beasts that dwell here, the place holds a dark power.»

On the sarcophagi

«I believe some of the coffins are booby trapped.»
«If you see gas leaking, ’tis likely a gas trap.»

On the lamps

«The lamplight will make spotting traps easier.»

By the hidden room

«Would that we had some manner  of foothold…»
«I’d wager we could scale that wall.»

In the natural tunnels

«If monsters appear, let’s take advantage of the uneven tarrain.»
«The Pawn legion make no graves. No need.»
«What dark, forgotten age saw this place built…?»


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  3. Early conceptions of the world included a moon. See «Behind the scenes of Dragon’s Dogma». There are also references to a moon in placenames, such as Moonsbit Pass, Moonshower Cliffs, and The Bluemoon Tower, making the absense of a moon in the night sky even more odd.
  4. Early versions of the world story included a battle on the Moon, which was also to be the abode of the «Guardian» (Seneschal). See «Behind the Scenes of Dragon’s Dogma».
  5. The great Dragon on Death speaks deus ultra astrum (latin: ‘God beyond the stars’)
  6. An ‘Elven haven» is referred to beyond the witchwood. See «Behind the scenes of Dragon’s Dogma»
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  8. ↑ From Aelinore’s Tale
  9. ↑ Gran Soren (Capcom, Youtube) Around 250 years ago the Liogran Peninsula was divided into Liore in the west and Gransys in the east. The dukes of each region were forced to answer to officials sent from the mainland. Not long after, Gran Soren was named the capital of Gransys.
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    • ドラゴンズドグマオンライン文字翻訳6
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  18. ↑ Pawn testament on the purpose of Catacombs, Watergod’s Altar, and Bluemoon Tower.
  19. Based on the elevated position of the upper platform of the structure, and the statues of the flying Griffins; inference made from the assumption (from known earth and water deities) of a group of gods each controlling a natural «element». Pawns comment that the upper appear to be suitable for temple use.
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  22. — on Eternity — Each beast, each blade of grass, each human life is born to die and be born again in endless rhythm
  23. Seneschal (at the resolution of final battle between Seneschal and Arisen) : Arisen… Forgive me. All I’ve done was to test your will. It is the fate of all Arisen… You and I are swept up in the current, same as the rest. Each tempers the volition of the next, and the endless cycle continues.
  24. Seneschal — on will — And so the dragon is sent into the world to guide the Arisen, and refine them. To temper their wills into aught capable of sustaining the world
  25. Seneschal — on the Seneschal — The Seneschal is steward to the world… The world you traveled now rests in your care. Just as the Arisen calls pawns into being and sets them to motion, the Seneschal holds dominion over all living things. There are those who would call such a being Maker, or God. I cannot deny the claim, any more than affirm it. In the end, they are but words.
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Интересные факты[править]

При этом мировоззрение и сюжетная основа явно демонстрируют влияние восточных философий и религий с отсылками на реинкарнацию, перерождение и бесконечные циклы. Уровень технологии Грансиса — это уровень классического «высокого средневекового фэнтези», так как никакого огнестрельного оружия не наблюдается, но существуют простые пороховые устройства, такие как и баллисты. Присутствуют также стандартные элементы фэнтези, вроде магии, алхимии, амулетов, зелий, магических книг и свитков и т. д. Элементарная магия отсылает как к восточной, так и западной философии. История Воскресшего, с её акцентом на воле как ключе к существованию, перекликается с интерпретациями некоторых концепций, введенных немецкими философами, включая «Волю к власти» Фридриха Ницше и «Волю к жизни» Артура Шопенгауэра.

Если затрагивать тему более современных источников вдохновения создателей игры, то можно отметить мангу Berserk. В игре даже присутствуют доспехи и оружие Гатса и Гриффита — в рамках официального сотрудничества. Также, как уже было отмечено, Селена имеет определённое сходство с Ширке.

The elements


Main article: Fire.

Fire magick and weapons have a chance to inflict a burning status on enemies, which gradually reduces health the longer the effect lasts. Enemies set ablaze may run away, begin to roll on the ground or grow frenzied.

Fire can also ground flying enemies if their wings begin to burn.


Main article: Ice.

Particularly useful against cold-blooded enemies like Saurians, ice attacks have a chance to freeze opponents solid, preventing them from attacking or dodging incoming attacks. Enemies killed while frozen will shatter.


Main article: Lightning.

(Also known as Thunder) May stun enemies — Cyclopes are easily stunned with lightning magick or weapons’ enchantments. All physical and magickal attacks with a lightning element will occasionally chain to nearby enemies and objects for, a debilitation known as Thundershock — smaller creature’s hit by thundershock are likely to be knocked down.


Main article: Dark.

Weapons enchanted with the Dark element have a chance to cause Critical Hits.

Many enemies resist Dark-elemental attacks, including all Goblin variants and Undead. Only few enemies possess a weakness to Dark: Direwolves, The Dragon, Saurian Sages and Giant Saurian Sages, Sirens, Maneaters and the Dark Bishop. Despite this, some Dark-elemental attacks such as Maelstrom can still be effective even against Undead due to side effects such as Maelstrom’s fall damage.

Generally, Dark magick also often acts as a conduit to inflict Debilitations and other effects. Most or all debilitating spells are formally classed as Dark magick e.g., sleep (Sopor), torpor (Lassitude), blindness (Blearing), silence (Silentium). However resisting the effects of these spells is done by having resistance to the specific debilitation regardless of dark magick resistance.


Main article: Holy.

Holy attacks are especially potent against Undead enemies. Holy-elemental attacks also have a chance to heal the user for 10% of their Magick Defense stat.

The area of effect from curative and defensive Holy magick (Anodyne, Halidom, Spellscreen) will inflict Holy damage on the undead; this still has the chance to heal the user.

Very few enemies in the game are actively resistant to Holy, making it the most useful all-purpose element. Specifically Holy-resistant enemies are : Saurian Sages, Giant Saurian Sages, and the Dark Bishop (not his pet Cursed Dragon, however).


Not only are Portcrystals the only placeable items in Dragon’s Dogma, they can also be used with Leaping Stone to jump to higher places, such as at tower within The Abbey

  • Placed Portcrystals can be picked up again and placed elsewhere an unlimited number of times.
    • Cannot be placed inside areas like cities, caves, dungeons, etc.
    • Cannot be placed anywhere within Bitterblack Isle.
    • Can only be placed in the outside (outdoor) world of Gransys.
  • Only 10 portable Portcrystals can be placed around the world at any one time.
  • Portcrystals can be forged, but a Portcrystal Forgery does not have the transversal properties of a real Portcrystal (i.e. it doesn’t work).
  • Deployed Portcrystals placed by the Arisen will remain where they are when New Game Plus is started.
  • Portcrystals picked up from the first play-through will respawn in New Game Plus, allowing the Arisen to collect them again.
  • Portcrystals can be gifted to other players.

Rift Crystals

The most common way to get large quanties of Rift Crystals is to arrange ones pawn to be consistently hired. (See Hired Pawns) Lower level pawns may also be «babysat» in more experienced parties for the purpose of both crystals, as well as Bestiary knowledge.

  • High level characters can farm the Cursed Dragon at Duskmoon Tower using Rancid Bait Meat for its Rift Crystal Drops.
    • Suicide runs through Bitterblack Isle may be used to focus on either Maneaters in chests, or Golden Knight and Silver Knight drops.
    • Characters able to easily defeat Daimon may speed run through Bitterblack for the common Crystal Cluster loot found in chests in Bitterblack Sanctum.
  • Saving a complete set of Badge of Vows from a previousy playthrough allows one to collect 100,000+ crystals every New Game Plus
  • The same method used to obtain Discipline Points (above) in the Noble Quarter Post-Game may be used to near effortlessly obtain rift crystals by hiring ones pawn with an «alt account».


  • Dragon’s Dogma characters (Capcom) Biographies
  • Dragon’s Dogma Digital Comic (Capcom, YouTube channel, R18)
    • Chapter 1 «City of Viete»
    • Chapter 2 «Barta Crags»
    • Chapter 3 «Estan Plains»
    • Chapter 4 «The Cursed Mountain»
  • Behind the Scenes of Dragon’s Dogma: A Look at the Development of Capcom’s Open-World Action Role-Playing Game (28 March 2013) Game Developers Conference, Hideaki Itsuni.
    • GDC 2013: Hideaki Itsuno — «Behind the Scenes of Dragon’s Dogma: A Look at the Development of Capcom’s Open-World Action Role-Playing Game»
    • Behind the Scenes of Dragon’s Dogma: A Look at the Development of Capcom’s Open-World Action Role-Playing Game
    • Behind The Scenes Of Dragon’s Dogma
    • Articles :
      • [GDC 2013]“BBSのような手軽さ”の追求がポーンを生んだ。企画書から探る「Dragon’s Dogma」の原型 (27 Mar 2013), in Japanese,
      • 新しいシステムを理解してもらう難しさ (3 April 2013), in Japanese,
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  • Dragon’s Dogma: Official Design Works (ISBN 1926778928) (2012)


The Old Gods

Sites evidencing worship of the Old Gods include The Catacombs (burials there are said to be made to the earth god); and The Watergod’s Altar (water deity, though the name is a modern invention). The Bluemoon Tower may also have been built to honour one of the Old Gods, according to legend: if true, then likely a sky or air god.

The Old Gods predate the Faith.

The Faith

The Faith is a monotheistic religion whose adherents pray to a god they call «The Maker».

The cathedral in Gran Soren is the highest ecclesiastical building in Gransys. There is also a chapel in Cassardis, and an Abbey served by nuns. The Grand Cathedral is in Auldring on the mainland.

The Gransys Abbey also functions as an orphanage.


Salvation is a nihilistic destruction cult which welcomes the coming of Dragons.

The «Testament of Hopeless Regret» was written by a prince suffering with fever caused by an infected eye injury obtained as a result of a Dragon’s attack; the prince was the son of a king of a state destroyed by the Dragon. The prince’s work stated that the world and the people in it needed to be purged by the Dragon, to be reborn anew. The prince subsequently died from the injury, and his work came to be printed with the symbol of a single eye — «the remaining eye». In time the work led to the creation of a secret society known as «Salvation».

Квесты, доступные после завершения сюжетного задания «A Rude Awakening» (битва с гидрой)


An Uninvited Guest (Pablos, гостиница)Говорим с отмеченными продавцами, докладываемся квестодателю, а затем просто ловим воришку. Его можно замедлить, ударив, или подождать у ворот, куда он так или иначе прибежит.

Deep Trouble (Poll, у колодца рядом с воротами)Спускаемся и убиваем всех сауриан.

Guard Duty (Madeleine, гостиница)Сопровождаем Маделейн в Encampment, после чего удовлетворяем просьбу девушки и даем 1000G на нужды.

Lost & Found (Ghief Adaro, у колодца или у себя дома)Идем в Witchwood, где и находим девушку, после чего сопровождаем ее к домику ведьмы. Туман в лесу можно развеять, уничтожив талисманы.Квест нужно выполнить до завершения сюжетного задания Lure of the Abyss.

Speculated Arisen Timeline

Caution! This section contains speculation and spoilers.

This timeline is based on logical assumptions and the information provided in the game.

Arisen Time
Godking Leonart 50 years before Savan
Savan Unknown (‘countless ages’ ago)
Dragonforged ~1000 years ago
Sofiah Unknown
Duke 50 years ago

The Dragonforged and the Duke were Arisen after Savan; the Dragonforged is of a much greater age than the Duke – evidenced by him turning to dust as the aging process was restarted on defeat of the Dragon. Their own testimonies place their Dragon attacks at 1000 and 50 years ago respectively.

Sofiah’s position in the timeline is complex. Through the Bestowal of Spirit her pawn Selene has come to resemble her, but Selene is young and Sofiah old – it is not clear if this difference is due to Sofiah aging like a normal person after gain back her heart on defeat of her Dragon; alternatively it may be that Sofiah was an aged Arisen, who chose a young looking pawn who came to resemble her in her as she was in her youth (since pawns do no age). It may be that Sofiah simply died in battle during her quest.

Several histories for Sofiah are possible:

Outcome Notes Time
Sofiah defeated a Great Dragon She fought and defeated The Dragon, regaining her mortality. She then chose to live a peaceful life – the ending “Peace”. This is possible before or after Savan, but must be before the Dragonforged

Over 1000 years ago

Sofiah was released from the Dragon’s bondage when another Arisen defeated the Great Dragon Another Arisen in her time fought and defeated The Dragon -as a result Sofiah would get her heart back and age normally as a human. The successful Arisen could be Savan, or an earlier Arisen.

Very ancient – before Savan

Sofiah died She died in battle before she could complete her quest. (any timeline)

The idea that Sofiah died in ancient times is seemingly contradicted by Gransys inhabitants who have folk memories of an old “witch” living in the forest. In conversations with The Fool, he says that there were at least two or three Arisens before the Newly Arisen.

Fate of defeated Arisen

It is also thought that Grigori, the Dragon, was once an Arisen. One who fought against the Seneschal, but failed to defeat him. Because of his defeat, he was transformed into a dragon and set forth to find a new Arisen. In the ending “Servitude” the Arisen receives this fate if they fail to defeat the Seneschal in combat; in Dark Arisen the Arisen Grette also has this fate.

Arisen who fail before facing the Seneschal are thought to be transformed into lesser Dragons such as Drakes, Wyrms, or Wyverns. Some Dragons appear to have retained memories of their former lives.

Information and Stats

Griffins are large creatures with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. They are found in various locations in Gransys, usually not too far away from their preferred prey — the Ox.

The first encounter is likely to happen after the Arisen completed one of the four Wyrm Hunt Quests. Just outside Gran Soren’s south gate, a Griffin will attack a burning ox-drawn cart which had previously been ambushed by Goblins.

After this, further Griffins can be seen at several locations throughout Gransys.

Griffins are noble-looking creatures possessing the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. It is theorized that they arose from some strange bird, mutated by the effects of the Rift, that was able to adapt to this world and has since propagated. The griffin is attracted to bright objects and habitually hoards treasures and gold. Ever vigilant, a griffin will react to even the slightest sound and are sensitive to any nearby presence, so do not let your guard down just because the beast appears to be asleep. Griffins’ wings can also become electrically charged when flying through the sky, allowing them to employ lightning attacks. Griffins have relatively high intelligence for a magical beast and are different from those creatures that act impulsively on instinct alone. This is why griffins have been respected as noble creatures since ancient times. Even in the present day, the image of a griffin is often emblazoned upon swords and armor and used in the standards of knights. Griffins are not particularly quarrelsome or aggressive and they hunt primarily for food, not sport. They pose little threat to beasts which are not among their prey. That is, as long as you do not attempt to steal their treasure.



Dangerous Fauna / Flying beast
Experiencegained Base Experience of 9,200

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:

  • Having fewer pawns
  • Being under the effect of Weal
  • Use of the Bezel Crown bow
  • Being in Hard Mode
  • Having higher or lower level pawns
  • Moonshower Cliffs and Bluemoon Tower during the quest Griffin’s Bane.
  • After the Griffin’s attack on the caravan outside Gran Soren’s southern gate has been witnessed or after Griffin’s Bane has been completed:
    • Estan Plains, respawns every 5-6 days. If a Cyclops appears instead, sleep one more day.
    • Hillfigure Knoll in Northface Forest. As one of three, mutually exclusive, spawns, along with Cyclops and Chimera.
    • Eradication Site, respawns every 5 days, replaced by a Cockatrice during Post-Game.
  • Griffin Pinion (50%)
  • Great Griffin Claw (20%)
  • Ambrosial Meat (10%)
  • Winged Reaver — Defeat a Griffin.
  • Griffin’s Bane — Vanquish the Griffin that’s stalking caravans.
  • Suppression — Defeat three Griffins.
Stats Health Attack Defense MagickAttack MagickDefense Weight
32,000 800 240 830 230 3,000kg
RelativeDamageTaken Slash Bash Fire Ice Thunder Holy Dark
100% 100% 110% 50% 10% 80% 100%
Sources: Dragon’s Dogma — ドラゴンズドグマ & Dark Arisen (, the Dragon’s Dogma Signature Series Guide, List of Creature Debilitation Resistances, and in-game testing.


Attack Type Description
Dive Phys Dives from the sky at prey. May dive multiple times.
Pin and Peck Phys Pins prey on the ground with a claw and attacks them with its beak.

Damages the victim until they force themselves free (wiggle the L-stick) or trampling is interrupted by another party member.

Grab and Drop Spec Grabs a target and attempts to fly off with it, later dropping the target for a large amount of Fall Damage

Escape (wiggle L-stick) before the fall becomes fatal.

Wing Buffet Mag Flaps its wings continuously to knock everyone in front of it down with an electrically charged wind.
Bite Phys Takes a bite at prey while on the ground.
Charge Phys Charges at a target while on the ground.
Drive By Mag Swoops past a target at high speed, knocking them down with electrically-charged wind.


  • The Wight’s voice in-game is treated as a Sound Effect.
  • When casting Unholy Anodyne, the Wight speaks a phrase in an unknown language.
  • The Wight in the Chamber of Anxiety speaks in English and an unknown language when casting spells and also has the most health of any Wight in game with 3 full bars of health and slightly higher defenses, albeit it is still weaker than a standard Lich.
  • Wights will often laugh if the Arisen or his/her Pawns are hit by its attacks, most commonly if hit by Levin.
  • During the Main quest Deny Salvation, the Arisen will see two Salvation magick users being turned into Wights, which gives an insight of what is required to become one. They are stabbed with a mysterious dagger and dragged to an eldritch abyss-like vortex from which they then emerge as Wights.
  • Wights sometimes state that they are in pain and wish to be destroyed by adventurers, which is ironic as they cast deadly magicks against the party.
  • Summoned creatures may sometimes try to attack their master. Additionally the minions summoned by the Barta Crags Wight may be affected by the Maelstrom it casts.


«A wandering merchant who travels the length of the peninsula. He is always on the lookout for rare items.»

Reynard is a traveling peddler, selling his wares throughout the main settlements of Gransys. He can also provide enhancing of equipment.

Reynard is first encountered shortly after meeting Rook and exiting Cassardis for the first time during the main quest «Upon a Pawn». He will be found on Seabreeze Trail on the path to The Encampment, and will need  rescuing, from a group of Goblins, if one would like trade with him later. As he will perish during this assault if the Arisen or their Pawns do not intervene in time to save him.

Once the Arisen arrives in Gran Soren, if saved, his escort quest, The Peddler’s Petition, to accompany him to the Greatwall Encampment becomes available, which can be acquired from the notice board inside the Union Inn in Gran Soren.

Reynard may also supply affidavits of dubious provenance during the quest «Trial and Tribulations».

Reynard’s backstory is uncovered during the quest «Search Party»; which involves gathering several items for him scattered around Gransys. In return, his inventory of purchasable equipment will expand with each returned item.He will then sell rare items of clothing, armors, and enchanted weapons that may not be found elsewhere.

During Post-Game, the quest «Committed to Memory» requires collection of 10 pieces of Gran Soren Rubble, which he sells.

Experience and Levels

There are two experience measuring stats:

  • Experience Points — used to gain levels
  • Discipline Points — used to gain ranks in vocations

Experience points are awarded automatically for quests and battles, and when a threshold is passed levelling up happens automatically. Typically the best way to earn experience is to take down large enemies.

Discipline points are added at the same time as experience points, as a fraction of the experience earned on a sliding scale that reduces the relative amount of discipline points earned proportionate to the experience. Discipline points level up Discipline Level (Rank) just as experience increases character level — additionally the earnt points can be spent to learn new augments and skills.

The highest level reachable is level 200 — once reached, the character’s level is represented by an infinity sign (i.e. ∞). The highest discipline level is 9, and there are separate discipline levels for each vocation.


A Prisoner Gorecyclops shares similar features to a regular Gorecyclops, but it is significantly taller, with a longer reach and its attacks are much more damaging. Like its brethren, it is weak against ice-based attacks.

A gigantic enemy, over 100 feet tall, covered in dangerous spikes and an iron helmet.

Usually first encountered chained safely to a wall.  Once limited but significant damage has been inflicted on the creature, it will free itself and pick up a giant spiked mace to engage the Arisen and party. Removal of the monster’s helmet also may trigger its rampage.


Brutes / Boss
Experiencegained Base Experience of 57,000

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:

  • Having fewer pawns
  • Being under the effect of Weal
  • Use of the Bezel Crown bow
  • Being in Hard Mode
  • Having higher or lower level pawns


The Shadow Fort (during the quest An Unseen Rival II)

  • Midnight Helix
  • Rotunda of Dread (random encounter with Fiend-luring Incense)
  • The Forgotten Hall
  • The Black Abbey
  • Rugged Femur
  • Misshapen Eye
  • Macabre Eye
  • Cyclops Fang
  • Blue Iron Buckles
  • Bitterblack Armor Lv.1
  • Bitterblack Armor Lv.2 (rare)
  • Bitterblack Weapon Lv.2 (rare)
  • Rift Crystals

With Master Thief :

  • Blue Iron Buckles
  • Cyclops Fang
  • Rugged Femur
  • Bitterblack Novelty Lv.2
  • Bitterblack Novelty Lv.3
  • Bitterblack Gear Lv.3
  • The Wages of Death III — slay a Prisoner Gorecyclops
  • An Unseen Rival II — slay two Prisoner Gorecyclops


Stats Health Attack Defense MagickAttack MagickDefense Weight
150000 4200 640 300 420 ??
RelativeDamageTaken Slash Bash Fire Ice Thunder Holy Dark
100% 100% 60% 150% 60% 100% 100%
Sources: Dragon’s Dogma — ドラゴンズドグマ & Dark Arisen ( and in-game testing.
Takes half expected damage when struck on the knee..


Attack Type Description
Grab Phys Grabs one climbing on its face.
Stomp Phys Stomps on the ground with its foot.
Sweeping Attack Phys Uses its club or hand to swipe at targets.
Overhand Phys Vertical heavy smash with the club
Rampage Phys Charges back and forth, flailing its club or fists at random targets.
Jump Phys Jumps at a target, crushing whoever it lands on and staggering the one who clings to it.
Throw Phys Picks up an object such as a Poison pot and throws it.


There are numerous chests, and sarcophagi in the tombs. Plants are unknown here, and mushrooms are uncommon. Skulls, curatives, and lesser items such as Empty Flasks are common. All kinds of environmental objects such as Pots, Explosive Barrels, boxes and Large Stones are all abundant.

Catacomb Gold is unique to the area’s deep level ore deposits.

Upper Levels Map
Chest Contents
1 Mage’s Periapt, Throwblast, Interventive, Purifying Brew, Large Coin Pouch.

Nearby sarcophagus may contain: Jewel of Silence, Salubrious Brew, Dragon’s Spit, Purifying Brew, Monk’s Periapt or Large Coin Pouch

2 Ferric Talon, Iron Helm. A Liquid Vim is nearby

The standing sarcophagus in a hall south from here may contain: Coin Purse of Charity, Dragon’s Spit, Monk’s Periapt, Light-Cure, Tuft of Hair, Large Coin Pouch.

The one by the lever may contain Jewel of Silence, Purifying Brew, Monk’s Periapt, Dragon’s Spit, Large Coin Pouch.

3 Iron Armguard, Iron Manicae, Large Coin Pouch

The Sarcophagus just west of this chest may contain: Direwolf Cape, Salubrious Brew, Monk’s Periapt, Purifying Brew, Dragon’s Spit, Conqueror’s Periapt, Shackle, Large Coin Pouch.

4 Veteran’s Periapt, Skeleton Strategies, Balmy Perfume, Interventive, Coin Pouch
5 Violet Ring, Ogre Bone, Jewel of Darkness, Angel’s Periapt, Liquid Vim, Large Coin Pouch
6 Second Journal Entry

A nearby Book Pile may yield : Undead Strategy Vol. 1, Ancient Scroll, Coin Pouch

7 Angel’s Periapt, Ghost Tactics Vol. 2, Liquid Vim, Salomet’s Secret, Large Coin Pouch

The northern of the two nearby upright Sarcophagi may contain : Scale Greaves

8 Eden’s Warden, Scalding Razors, Feather-Light Pelta, Coin Purse of Charity, Jewel of Health South from the chest, a sarcophagus, with a crate by it, may contain : Scale Greaves
9 Set of Salvation Robes
10 Dalmatica, Missionary’s Robe, Silverwheat Paste, Balmy Perfume
11 Bronze Sallet, Wizard’s Helm, Headless Icon, Undead Strategy Vol. 2, Large Coin Pouch
12 Magick Buckler, Frame Plate, Ring of Gules, Violet Ring
13 Leather Circlet, Tiger Bangle, Coin Purse of Charity, Angel’s Periapt, Liquid Vim, Large Coin Pouch
14 Mage’s Shoes, Iron Cuisses, Wight Tactics, Throat Drops, Large Coin Pouch
15 Bliaut, Full Chain Hosen, Rose Ring, Angel’s Periapt, Conqueror’s Periapt, Large Coin PouchA nearby chest contains a Pilgrim’s Charm during A Parting Gift

In a small room due south (en-route to the Collapsed Meeting Room exit), a sarcophagus may contain : Direwolf Cape

16 Restless Earring, Direwolf Cape, Violet Neck Wrap
Weapon Piles

minor items not listed, not marked on map

First Floor : before the lever-activated door, in the room with the second lamp :

  • Southwest corner : Bronze Sallet, Silver Ring, Rusted Daggers
  • Between the two broken sarcophagi : Bronze Sallet, Silver Ring, Rusted Daggers

First Floor : after the lever-activated door :

  • Along the tunnel just after the turn to the north : Padded Armor, Silver Ring, Rusted Daggers
  • In the room beyond the tunnel, near the third lamp : Padded Armor, Silver Ring, Rusted Daggers

Second Level Underground : in the room with the third lamp and Skeleton Knights :

  • Northeastern end : Bronze Sallet, Silver Ring, Rusted Daggers
  • Southeast corner : Bronze Sallet, Silver Ring, Rusted Daggers

Second Level Underground : in the two-pillared chamber where the Ogre resides :

  • Northwest of the southern pillar : Padded Armor, Silver Ring, Rusted Daggers
  • East of the southern pillar : Padded Armor, Silver Ring, Rusted Daggers
  • Southeast of the northern pillar : Bronze Sallet, Silver Ring, Rusted Daggers
Lower Levels Map Chest Contents
17 Crescending Roar, Frozen Tomorrow, Scorched Pelta, Coin Purse of Charity, Monk’s Periapt, Salomet’s Secret, Light-Cure
18 Crimson Teeth



Hearthstone is a duchy or kingdom ruled by Grende Hearthstone of the House of Marten at the time of the third Gransys Dragon. Has an agreement or treaty of giving aid to countries attacked by the Dragon, which includes Gransys and Voldoa.


Meloire is a duchy or kingdom. The House of Biquard, descended from a cousin of Godking Leonart, is one of the noble houses of the region and described as a mesne lord in Meloire. Warriors of Meloire are regarded as being well skilled.


A duchy or kingdom, Liore, formed from a split of the Liogran Peninsula along roughly north–south lines with Liore in the west and Gransys to the east around 250 years before the coming of the third great dragon.


A duchy or kingdom, Voldoa is part of a reciprocal agreement or treaty to render aid to countries attacked by the Dragon. This treaty includes Gransys and Hearthstone.

Like Liore, Voldoa also borders Gransys to the west.


Gransys, a duchy or kingdom, and the setting of Dragon’s Dogma. Likely part of a relatively small island (around 3 miles across.), or peninsular created as a dukedom along with Liore around from a north–south split of the Liogran Peninsula, with Gransys forming the eastern part. Its capital is Gran Soren. Liore lies somewhere to the west of Gransys.

Gransys is ruled by Edmun Dragonsbane at the time of the coming of the Third Dragon; Edmun was Duke due to having been credited with the defeat of the Second Dragon. According to «Edmun’s Tale» Edmun became Duke on the death of the childless former Duke due to his own defeat of the dragon, however, Pawn testimony states that Edmun was crowned Duke on his triumphant return from slaying the Dragon, with no intermediate period mentioned.

Gransys covers the eastern part of a land mass — and is bounded by mountains to the west.  There are two forts guarding routes west through the mountains: The Shadow Fort to the southwest of Gran Soren and The Greatwall to the west. The climate varies from cold in the north, to fairly temperate in the south.

Lewes has heard that beyond the mountains, far to the north is a path that leads to the Mainland.

Gran Soren

Gran Soren is the capital of Gransys; a walled city divided into quarters by internal walls. An open Craftsman’s Quarter to the west, with gate house; a heavily built up Urban Quarter lies to the east, with a gate house; and the Noble Quarter, accessed through fortified gates from both the urban and craftsman’s quarters. The Duke’s Demesne is accessed via a guarded and fortified gate from the noble quarter and includes a central keep with dungeons, surrounded by gardens, and a separate turreted tower to the northeast rising in the sea bay and linked to the main castle by a high-level stone walkway. An Aqueduct runs through the urban quarter, with a sea outflow to the east; the aqueduct area is also the location of the Slums.

Gran Soren’s urban quarter was almost totally destroyed after the death of the third great dragon, when the Everfall opened up.  Most of the Venery and urban areas collapsed into the Everfall’s great pit.


Cassardis is a fishing village in the south east of Gransys, surrounded by a wall for protection.

Formerly autonomous. Became a protectorate under Gran Soren during the chiefdom of Adaro, at his bidding, for its greater safety.

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