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Method 7: Underclocking your memory or GPU

As a lot of users have hinted, this issue can also be related to your RAM. If you previously overclocked your memory, you might want to revert to the default settings or even slightly underclock them and see if the crash stops.

This behavior is frequently reported with RAM sticks that have a low frequency by default (800 MHz or 1000 MHz). If this scenario is applicable to you, underclock your RAM modules again and see if the crashes stop.

Since the process of overclocking your RAM is different based on your motherboard manufacturer, we can’t really offer you a definitive guide. However, these modifications are done from the BIOS settings. In the most popular BIOS settings menu, you modify your Memory frequencies by going to Advanced Chipset Features > FSB & Memory Config.

Accessing the Memory overclocking setting from BIOS settings

Keep in mind that some other users have managed to stop the crashes to the desktop by underclocking their GPU (removing ~50 MHZ from the clock speed). This is also reported to be a successful fix on GPUs that was factory overclocked.

Warning: If you never overclocked anything before, we strongly advise you against experimenting with different Memory or GPU frequencies.

Knight Enchanter Build

Spiritblade is the most elegant way to slice your enemies to ribbons

And lastly, the most popular build among the fandom. The Knight Enchanter build combines high Spirit damage abilities with the pleasure of protecting your allies, keeping them standing with the Knight Enchanter passives to enhance your Barrier Spell. The versatility in your pocket is insane, and you can form this build with either high damage or high support in mind. This way, both you and your allies become an unstoppable force of wild range, taking down any enemy you face with the ease of a well-seasoned Inquisition warrior.

What the Knight Enchanter Build Excels In

  • Spirit blade allows heavy melee damage
  • Can support as well as deal damage
  • Massive versatility in spells
  • Can either go for a more support build or pure damage

Method 1: Disable 3rd party antivirus protection

As per various user reports, the issue is likely to be caused by a third party antivirus (if you’re using one). It turns out that a lot of 3rd party AV solutions are overprotective and will block the outgoing connection of Dragon Age: Inquisition, causing the game to crash.

Most users report AVG as the culprit causing the issue, but it’s very likely that there are other AV clients that will produce the same problem.

Based on what most affected users reported, the issue can be resolved by uninstalling the 3rd party application completely, by adding a security exception to both the game and the Origin client or by disabling the antivirus.

Keep in mind that the process of adding an exception to your 3rd party AV will be different depending on which software you use. In AVG, you can add a security Exception by going to Options > Advanced settings. Then, click on Exceptions from the left-hand menu and click on Add Exception. Next, go ahead and add an exception to the game executable and another one to the Origin executable.

Adding an exclusion to AVG

Another solution is to uninstall your 3rd party AV completely. This is preferred if you’re using a 3rd party security suite that includes an external firewall – the security rules of a firewall will not be disabled if you disable the real-time protection of your AV. Instead, you can try on uninstalling every trace of your 3rd party antivirus.

If this method wasn’t applicable to your situation or it didn’t resolve the issue, move down to the next method below.

Method 9: Deleting the Game’s Cache

The cache is stored by DAI to reduce the load times and to optimize the overall launch of the game but it can sometimes be corrupted and the game might crash while trying to load the corrupted Cache. Luckily, the cache is automatically regenerated if it is deleted so we can get rid of this corrupted cache very easily. For that:

  1. Press “Windows” + “E” to launch the File Explorer and navigate to the following path.
    C:\Users\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age Inquisition\cache
  2. Once in this folder, press the “CTRL” + “A” keys on your keyboard and then press the “Shift” + “Delete” buttons.
  3. Confirm any prompts shown on your screen and the cache should be deleted.
  4. Launch your game and check to see if the Crashing issue is now fixed.

Note: Also, make sure that you set the Mantle to load on the lowest settings because high settings on the Mantle can cause crashes for a lot of users and putting them on the lowest ones fixes the issue for some.

Ultimate Tank Build

They call him Blackwall for a reason

This build is the closest you can come to becoming an invincible fighting machine. The Champion Specialization centers on defense and making yourself an immovable wall for your allies to hide behind, and if you only take Vanguard tree abilities the damage you take will be no more than a scratch on the shoulder. You can deal decent damage with this build, as well, and taunting enemies keeps them on you while you chip away, keeping your allies alive longer and watching them easily blast enemies from the side.

What the Ultimate Tank Build Excels In

  • Nearly invincible
  • High armor
  • Decent damage while taking all of the heat so your allies can attack from the side

Dragon Age: Origins


  • У Стража не было романов
  • Мабари принят в отряд
  • Логейн казнен Стражем
  • Убедил Преподобную Мать освободить Стэна
  • Стэн приянт в отряд
  • Страж не вернул Стэну его меч
  • Натаниэль жив и здоров
  • Зеврна принят в отряд
  • Зевран жив и здоров
  • ПВинн принята в отряд
  • Винн жива и здорова
  • Алистер стал королем
  • У Стража и Алистера не было романа
  • Лелиана жива и здорова
  • Морриган не беременна
  • Гримуар Флемет не был найден

Эрл Редклиффа

  • Страж помог Редклиффцам в бою
  • Страж помог Редклиффвцам подготовиться к бою
  • Коннор убит
  • Белла покинула Редклифф
  • Страж не помог найти Бевина
  • Валена убита
  • Изольда выжила

Природа Зверя

  • Между Эльфами и Оборотнями заключен мир
  • Страж не виделся с Камменом и Гейной
  • Страж не помог Элоре
  • Страж не сказал Атрасу о Даниэле
  • Страж не принес Железную Кору
  • Страж не нашел Дейгана


  • Страж уничтожил Наковальню
  • Белен стал королем
  • Страж не встречался с Дагной
  • Страж не встречался с Марди
  • Страж не проводил ночь с Марди
  • Страж не встречался с Фильдой
  • Страж не доказал принадлежность Легиона Мертвых к дворянству
  • Страж не нашел похищенную книгу
  • Страж не помог открыть Цервковь
  • Зерлинда осталась в Пыльном Городе
  • Страж не помог Рогеку
  • Страж не помог Орте


  • Сер Ландри жив
  • Страж не сказал банну Сигхарду о судьбе Освина
  • Страж не принес утерянные мемуары сестре Джустине
  • Страж не завершил задания Проныра Коулдри
  • Страж не выгнал Белых Соколов из Жемчужины
  • Страж не разобрался с Кровавыми Веслами
  • Страж не отдал Альфстане кольцо Иминрика
  • Страж не вернул Нищей ее амулет
  • Страж не нашел Голданну
  • Страж не нашел Марджолайн
  • Страж не выполнял задания Игнасио



Hawke has a lot of romance options. You might go for troubled rebel mage Anders and the cool glowy spirit that lives in him (male or female Hawkes); gravel-voiced elf-goth Fenris and his radical tattoos (male or female Hawkes); hilarious, treacherous pirate queen Isabela (male or female Hawkes); Thedas’ only adorable blood mage, Merrill (male or female Hawkes); or Sebastian, the prince-turned-priest who somehow manages to be the most boring man in Kirkwall (female only).

I kid. Sebastian’s alright. It’s just that literally everybody else is more fun.

Bethany and Carver’s fates

One of Hawke’s siblings will die at the beginning of the game as the family escapes Lothering. If Hawke is a warrior or a rogue, Carver dies. If Hawke is a mage, Bethany. This is because the universe course-corrects to ensure that the party always has a mage in it.

The fate of the surviving sibling depends on whether or not Hawke takes them on Bartrand’s expedition to the Deep Roads at the end of Act 1, and what they do there. If Bethany is left behind, she’ll be taken away to become a Circle mage. If Carver is left behind, he becomes a Templar.

If they’re taken to the Deep Roads, they will accidentally ingest darkspawn blood (see also: ‘don’t put that in your mouth, you moron’) and start dying from the corruption. If Anders isn’t in the party, they die there. If Anders is in the party, however, then either Carver or Bethany can be taken to become a Grey Warden.

Bethany’s fate (continued)

If Bethany becomes a Circle mage then it is possible for her to die in the final battle. If Hawke sides with the Templars and repeatedly refuses to reconcile with his sister, then she’ll be executed. Choose this option if your Hawke is an irredeemable dickhead, I guess.

Varric’s friendship

You can’t romance Varric, but did you have a bromance? How about a brovalry? I mean rivalry. ‘Brovalry’ isn’t a word, but should be.

Basically: do you like liars, chest hair, crossbows, Han Solo, and Doing The Right Thing, Consequences Be Damned? Varric is your guy. If not, he is your broval.

Bartrand’s fate

Varric’s brother abandons you both in the Deep Roads in Act 1 while he absconds with a totally-not-evil idol made of red lyrium. In Act 2 you track him down to discover that the idol has (surprise!) driven him to kill a whole bunch of people. Varric will be inclined to kill him, but a compassionate Hawke can talk him down and encourage him to send Bartrand to a sanitarium instead.

Investigate the haunting

In Act 3, Varric will ask you to investigate his brother’s mansion again. Vases are floating around on their own. Screams echo from empty corridors. Spectres run across your field of vision and vanish. The mansion looks exactly like at least four other locations in Kirkwall. At least three of these things are evidence of a haunting. If you went along, that is. You might not have done. This choice determines that.

Varric and the idol

Varric will start to covet a fragment of Bartrand’s red lyrium idol towards the end of his Act 3 mission. You can either let him keep it in the hope that it might help with Bartrand’s condition, or you can force him to snap out of it. Friends don’t let friends befriend creepy rocks, people — letting Varric hold onto the red lyrium is a risk you may not be inclined to take.


If Hawke determined that Isabella’s saucy jokes were entirely too saucy then it’s possible that she wasn’t recruited at all. If she was recruited, however, then the key moment in her relationship with Hawke comes when it is discovered that the artifact she’s been chasing is a sacred Qunari book whose absence is forcing the hostile occupiers to remain in the city.

This comes to a head at the end of Act 2, when Isabella retrieves the tome and flees the city — and Hawke. If her relationship with Hawke is strong enough, she’ll return at the climax to hand the tome back to the Qunari. This choice, then, depends on the relationship you established with the pirate queen.

Following this, the Qunari Arishok demands that Isabella be handed over to face justice. You can agree, in which case Isabella is lost from the party and the Arishok leaves peacefully, or disagree, in which case you duel him to the death. I presume that most players chose to fight because Isabella is one of the most fun characters in the game to have around, but a serious, no-fun Hawke might choose to give her up here.

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Method 6: Disabling the Lunge and Slash ability

If you’ve come this far without a result, there’s a chance that you’re experiencing this weird behavior due to a bug dubbed by the fans of the game as the Lunge bug. For some users, the crash to desktop with no error message is only occurring when the Effortless Lunge skill is enabled for the main character or any of the companions present in the party.

Although EA has been quiet about this issue, fans are speculating that the crashes have something to do with how the skill’s animation is processed by certain video cards.

If you’re still encountering these crashes after following all the methods above. See if you or any of your companions that you take in your party have the Effortless Lunge. If you have it, respec and avoid taking the Effortless Lunge – you can still use the Lunge and Slash by choosing the other upgrade.

If this method didn’t work or isn’t applicable to your character or your companions, move down to the next method below. But if you don’t want to disable this ability, you should not take the Effortless Lunge upgrade on either one of your characters so that you don’t have to give up the Lunge and Slash Ability.

Сила Инквизиции

Итак, в этом вся фишка игры. Стараться для Инквизиции, постоянно усиливать ее… и все для того, чтобы в финальном бою столкнутся с Корифеем практически 1 на 1! К чему тогда был весь этот цирк? И почему не сделали финал в зависимости от количества очков влияния Инквизиции? По моему это было бы справедливо, ведь их так тяжело зарабатывать! Ах да.. очки-очки.. тут все держится на “очках”. Очки влияния, уровень влияния.

Знамя Инквизиции над захваченной крепостью ^^

Очки влияния позволяют открывать новые локации в ставке командования Инквизиции. Все, больше они не для чего не нужны. Их сделали для того, потому что основной сюжет и его квесты – сами по себе, чрезвычайно коротки и мало того что ограничены по уровню, так еще и по количеству очков влияния для открытия этих самых квестов. Система сама по себе неплоха, ничего против не имею (тем более, что я все сюжетки специально откладывал в самый дальний “ящик”, расследования все локации и выполняя доп. квесты). Но… почему столько халявных способов получения этих очков? У меня под конец было 450, куда их девать? Бред.

Вообще, прокачать их не просто легко, а очень легко. Достаточно собирать каждый куст и и камушек, итого по одним только заявкам у интендантов можно “накрафтить” около 200 очков и более… (квесты рандомные и бессистемные). Или тупо купить их в магазине вместе с уровнем влияния (шикарно… где-то за 5 тысяч можно купить около 25 очков… норм так, чо). Какой смысл, неужели у разрабов проблемы с математикой? Ведь очков нужно не так уж и много для сюжета (около 100, возможно чуть больше). Неужели нельзя было как то более гармонично вписать эту систему в игровой процесс? В итоге складывается впечатление, что все пытается сделать только одно – задержать нас! Каждый куст задерживает нас в среднем на 3 секунды, а если их сотни и тысячи в игре? Все против нас. Кругом лентяи и бездельники, все приходится делать самому. Великий Инквизитор бегает по клумбам и собирает цветы. Идиллия!! Неужели нельзя было из того же SWTORа прикрутить кнопку, которая давала бы команду компаньонам бегать и собирать указанные ресы? Нагибатся, отбивать молотком, срезать кусты… а все стоят и смотрят. Ну почему такую мелочь нельзя было предусмотреть?

Итого, что бы мы не делали, Инквизиция становится самой могущественной организацией на Тедасе. Очки не на что не влияют, они не нужны. Насмешка, не правда ли?) Прокачка же уровня влияния – позволяет изучить некоторые “скилы” у советников. Например: новые варианты диалогов, скидки в магазинах, открытие крутых замков, доп. опыт за убийство монстров, увеличение общего количества банок, новые рецепты.. и прочее. Очень полезного среди всего этого не так уж и много, если хорошо разобраться. А еще меня вбило в ступор, почему уровень влияния ограничен 20-м уровнем и дальше не растет… меня он настиг задолго до финала даже 🙁

Setting Up World States

PC players can import save data to The Keep, but console players will need to create their world states from scratch. While this seems like a difficult process, it gives players a chance to relive their choices or even alter them to achieve a different outcome than they originally managed.

In the left hand toolbar, clicking on World States will launch all imported saves and tapestries that have been created. If there are no imported saves, players can create their own tapestries. To create a new world state, simply click on one of the empty slots and drag it into the central slot at the top. Choosing «Edit In Tapestry» from the right hand side allows users to modify choices from the default world state spanning Origins and Dragon Age 2, allowing players to create their own story.

Launching the Tapestry brings up all previous games, and players can edit each of the choices presented. These include companion choices and romances, prologue decisions and all actions taken throughout gameplay. Once all choices have been decided, the world state can be exported to be tracked in Inquisition.

The Arl of Redcliffe

The battle

Depending on your decision to take an active hand in the quests in the village, you either helped the villagers to fight (or not) and helped them to prepare (or not). This is a rather neutral decision, in terms of what it says about your Warden — unless you’re roleplaying as an absentee protector, in which case go for ‘not’.


You’re sent to find a missing child, Bevin, who is discovered cowering in a cupboard. Your options determine whether your Warden was intimidating or compassionate, and how they go about acquiring Bevin’s family sword (or not) determines their honour. Paying for it or returning it later are the signs of a trustworthy warden; promising to return it and keeping it signifies a douchebag.

Owen’s daugher

She’s found in Redcliffe Castle itself in the final part of this questline. Discovering her counts as rescuing her with few other choices of lasting significance to make. Another ‘did you do this?’ option.

Bella and the tavern

The fate of the tavern waitress, Bella, dependings on how you interact with both her and her boss. If you bully her boss into fighting for the village, he may die — in which case she takes ownership of the tavern. If the Warden is generous, she can be given money to leave and found her own business. Alternatively, she can be persuaded to leave or abandoned to die.


The Arl’s wife, Isolde, will offer to sacrifice her life if the Warden chooses to use blood magic to enter the Fade and kill the demon possessing her son, Connor. The only way to avoid this is if the Warden went to the Circle of Magi first and resolved the quest line there in favour of the mages, in which case they’ll be given the option to use lyrium instead. A diligent and compassionate Warden may take this option, while a less scrupulous (or rushed) Warden may end up taking Isolde’s life instead.


What the Warden then does inside the Fade determines Connor’s fate. He can be killed, if the Warden does not act, or the demon can be slain, sparing him from possession. Alternatively, a power-hungry Warden may make a deal to free the demon to return later.

Dual Wield Daggers Tempest Build

A quick one-two-shatter can take down your enemies in a flash

Dual Wield Rogues are good at quickly dealing out damage, and the Tempest specialization helps them maximize that. With the Flask of Fire upgrade that allows your abilities to have no cooldowns, you can zip around the field spamming your Deathblow and Twin Fangs to down enemies left and right. Flask of Lightening helps slow enemies, so you remain unscathed, but the real star is Flask of Frost. With this ability you swath yourself in ice and freeze the enemies you attack, allowing you to make constant shatter combos that stack the damage even higher.

What the Dual Wield Daggers Tempest Build Excels In

  • Increased ability duration
  • High damage
  • Shatter combos

Inquisition Choices

As the player makes choices during Inquisition, those choices will update in the game’s tapestry in The Keep. Each time the game saves through the EA server, important decisions that alter the world state for future Dragon Age games are logged, and the tapestry reflects those choices. Players can then go into The Keep and edit the tapestry if they wish, updating or altering choices to their preference.

One of the great things about The Keep is that it not only logs player choices and keeps everything tidy for future games in the franchise, but it displays information about all heroes the player has created, achievements logged during gameplay and explorable world lore. Though BioWare has only released limited information about Dragon Age 4, it is definitely coming. Getting The Keep primed with previous data ensures a world state that reflects a player’s personal game canon as they start a new adventure.

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Моя Инквизиция

Мой Инквизитор прикидывался и казался фанатично верующим, все это было сделано для того, чтобы захватить неограниченную власть. Все что он делал – делалось во благо и рост Инквизиции. Я облазил абсолютно все локации, сделал все дополнительные квесты, собрал все кустики и камни!) Будучи воином и недолюбливая магов на протяжении всех игр, я выбрал Храмовников. В итоге, чтобы лишить их орден власти и влияния, Орден Храмовников был мною расформирован… а его воины вошли в основу армии Инквизиции. Было очевидно, что после победы над Корифеем – Инквизиции нужно было не просто продержатся в новом миропорядке, но и стать его основной движущей силой.

Войска Инквизиции идут на штурм!

Я хотел, чтобы Инквизиция заменила и Орден Храмовников, и Круги Магов… и даже Церковь!) (увы, последнего не получилось)  Инквизитор столько трудился создавая Инквизицию по сути, из ничего… Было бы обидно дать кому-то все это перечеркнуть потом или перекроить по своему… поэтому, я не мог позволить кому-то посягнуть на власть Инквизиции. Сам по себе Инквизитор был беспощаден, но в то же время в высшей степени справедлив. В Орлее, встал на сторону Императрицы Селины – разоблачил Гаспара и Бриалу (они оба была казнены) и самолично казнил Флорианну в танцевальном зале. Таким образом, заручившись безоговорочной поддержкой Орлея, Инквизиция стала еще могущественнее. Несмотря на романсы с Жозефиной, а потом Кассандрой (да-да, и так можно) я не поддержал в открытую Кассандру (т.к. как не крути, она очень сильная личность… она бы воссоздала круги магов, орден храмовников и орден искателей – тем самым, обескровив бы Инквизицию), ни Вивьен (т.к. сильные круги магов мне тоже были не нужны). Итого, к власти пришла Лилиана… которая сделала именно то, что нужно. А именно, официально расформировала Круги Магов, объявила в открытую об поддержке Инквизиции и начала принимать в ряды церкви представителей других рас. Ясное дело, что в своем правлении она будет опираться на Инквизицию, как карающую длань и стража новой эпохи. Лелиана единственная их всех возможных Верховных Жриц – наиболее лояльна к Инквизиции (т.к. сама же Инквизиция это тоже ее же детище).

Итого мы имеем: Лелиана – Верховная Жрица Церкви, расформирован Орден Храмовников (после завершения игры, Храмовники решили остаться с Инквизицией и стали ее основой), расформированы Круги Магов, Орлей и Ферелден в союзе с Инквизицией. Сын Морриган лишен души древнего Бога, а сама Морриган – подвержена влиянию Митал. Инквизиция – самая могущественная организация в Тедасе, которая обеспечила свое комфортное существование в новом миропорядке.

Общее впечатление от игры

Игра очень сильно затягивает. Вы садитесь на часик, а встаете из компа через 5-6 часов.. так вот сильно. Со мной такого уже давно не было!)) Пожалуй, несколько лет.. классные впечатления. Игра по себе очень огромна, но я осилил абсолютно весь контент (облазил все локации вдоль и поперек, выполнил все дополнительные квесты, прокачал героев и Инквизицию до максимума). Интерес к самой игре я могу охарактеризовать как очень высокий, но постепенно спадающий к финалу. Глупо, но как вы не стараетесь (а у меня под конец игры было 450 свободных очков влияния) и не усиляете Инквизицию, но в финале ваши старания никак не учитываются… одинаковые пещеры из DA:2 тут заменены прекрасными, огромными локациями с вручную нарисованными подземельями. Уж что-что, а художники тут постарались на славу… в отличии от сценаристов. однако, обо всем этом позже. Не переживайте, игра хорошая!) Но, увы, у нее тоже есть свои изъяны.

Ideal Party Setup Builds

If you’re looking for specific builds to use for this party setup, check out the builds section. I especially recommend the , and the mage build.

Manual Control vs. AI

Manually controlling characters is always better, but most of us don’t want to pause the game every 2 seconds to issue new commands to every party member. AI refers to letting the game control a character, instead of having you issue all of the commands. In my own experience, I spend about 90% of the time controlling my Inquisitor character, so the other 3 party members are mostly controlled by AI.

AI is an important consideration when setting up a party because some specializations/builds work a lot better than others on AI. For example, the Artificer spec works poorly on AI because it requires you to go in and out of melee range constantly to make effective use of your skills.

As a final note, if you’re having trouble with your AI characters dealing low damage or being stupid, try changing their skill and target preferences. For example, setting certain skills to preferred (like Spirit Blade and Fade Cloak for Vivienne) and even disabling other skills can be helpful.

“Weak” Specializations

As you may have noticed there are several specializations/characters missing from this list. Here’s why:


The reason why I don’t recommend Artificer is that this spec requires manual control to work well – so you should only use it if you’re playing an Artificer as your Inquisitor, or are willing to constantly micro-manage Varric. Artificer can be played as either ranged or melee.

Rift Mage

Rift mage is an effective spec for fighting multiple enemies, but is weak against bosses, because they are immune to the weakness debuff and the Rift mage’s CC effects.


Necromancer is also a fun spec, but its damage output is noticeably lower than Knight-Enchanter, or even a non-specialized mage.


The Templar spec suffers from the fact that it doesn’t fit any of our 3 roles very well – it doesn’t tank well and is split between support and DPS. The only exception I would make to this rule is if you’re manually controlling a , which can fill the 2nd DPS spot.

Sword and Shield Reaver

With great power comes great sacrifice

Reaver is a tricky specialization to use, as it involves losing health to heal more damage. But with the Sword and Shield weapon choice, you have a bonus to defense that a Two-Handed weapon doesn’t have and managing your health to rain hurt on your enemies becomes less frightening than it looks. Being a Reaver means your goal is to deal as much damage as possible, so the Payback Strike and Shield Bash moves are an essential complement, and the War Cry ability can help build guard so you can stay alive long enough to rip your enemies to shreds.

What the Sword and Shield Reaver Build Excels In

  • Heavy, heavy damage boost while their health falls
  • Armor abilities help stay alive
  • Sword and Shield offers more defense than Two-Handed

Artificer Archer Build

Gadgets and gizmos aplenty

Artificer is a fun, varied class to play around with, and can give some massive bonuses to skill cooldowns when built correctly. With the Looked Like It Hurt ability, you can regain stamina with every critical hit, so with your rogue, you can soon enough have access to almost unlimited stamina. The Archery weapon choice is essential because it keeps you out of harm’s way while still dealing good damage. Leaping Shot, especially, can hit dozens of times when spammed, and with the Hook and Tackle ability from the Sabotage tree, you can easily zip back to the action and start it all over again.

What the Artificer Archer Build Excels In

  • Very little skill cooldowns if built properly
  • High stamina regeneration
  • Archery skills allow insane spam damage

The Champion of Kirkwall

Who were they?

Hawke is always human, so this is a choice of class and gender only. Hawke’s class has a much more pronounced affect on Dragon Age 2 than it does on Origins, so its worth considering carefully. Mages are integral to the plot, and if Hawke is a mage then their involvement is many significant events comes naturally — honestly, I’ve long felt that this is the way the game should be played. If Hawke is a warrior or rogue, however, they are afforded the opportunity to take a more neutral approach to Kirkwall’s politics — to the extent that their family obligations permit it.


You’re also asked to pick the approach that Hawke used most often in conversation. Compassionate and social-minded Hawkes are diplomatic; neutral and pragmatic Hawkes might be humorous; Hawkes that like to solve problems by exploding people are aggressive. If you’re filling out the Keep from scratch, your choice here should make several later decisions easier to make.

Importing World Saves to Inquisition

When launching Inquisition on PC or console, a prompt will appear asking the player to log into their EA account. Connecting to EA is essential for the game to access world states. Starting a new game walks players through the process of character creation, choosing their race, class and difficulty settings. Once those choices have been made, the game will ask to import a world state from The Keep. An Internet connection is required to do this, so be sure the system is connected.

Once the world state has been imported, double-check to make sure the timestamp on your state in The Keep matches the one on the imported save in-game. If the timestamps match, continue into the game and watch as the world state created unfolds in various scenes throughout the game.

Импорт сейвов, сервис Dragon Age: Keep

Все началась с моего знакомства с Keep (онлайн сервис для конвертации сейвов из предидущих частей игры). Зрелище довольно впечатляющее… глядя на все те плитки начинает казаться, будто буквально каждый ваш вздох имел значение. Не обольщайтесь. Большинство вопросов там (например, как вы накормили пленника в прологе) – откровенная чушь, которая не абсолютно никак не повлияет на события в Инквизиции. Буквально 80% описанных там решений, отобразятся максимум краткой записью в огромном кодексе, а то и вообще останутся не замеченными. События из первого DA практически не считаются… уничтоженный Амарантайн, живой Архитектор.

а ваша просьба монарху в конце игры (кульминация всех решений, самое важное), так вообще отсутствует в Keep. Но зато там есть вопросы о том, встретили ли вы собаку, нашли ли меч Стену… who cares? В общем, идея с Keep неплоха, но очевидно старый добрый конвертер через игру заменили на эту поделку только из-за жадности – чтобы заставить людей покупать игру, а не качать ее (уже взломанную, с супер крутой защитой Denuvo – которой хватило ровно на месяц)

Свою историю первых двух игр я приложу в текстовом файле. Вот он: DADF_history

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