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Бывшая звезда футбола, имел всё о чём можно было только мечтать, но эго Логана положило конец его светлому будущему. Приняв участие в безбашенной стритрейсерской гонке, которая обернулась трагическими последствиями, Логан не только убил молодую женщину — своего пассажира; он сломал колено, положив конец спортивной карьере. Его звезда неотвратимо закатится, и он погрузился в стремительную горечь и отчаяние. В попытке убежать от своих внутренних демонов, он принимает решение отправиться на Баной, чтобы ощутить его красоту.

(На экране выбора персонажа Логан говорит о том, что он недолго играл в канадской полу-профессиональной лиге).


Парна была офицером Сиднейского департамента полиции. После провала в карьере, когда она выстрелила в педофила (насиловавшего собственную 14-ти летнюю дочь, после чего девочка не выдержала и наложила на себя руки), который не был осуждён из-за его богатства и связей, Парна стала работать телохранителем для VIP-персон в опасных местах по всему миру. Они нанимают её не только за навыки, но и за внешний вид, потому что богатым нравится, когда такая женщина рядом. Парна испытывает ненависть к людям, чьи связи и деньги позволяют им оставаться безнаказанными, и желает прикончить педофила, из-за которого потеряла работу.


В общем, да. Если бы мне пришлось резюмировать эту статью меньшим количеством слов, это выглядело бы примерно так:

  • Логан = какаши
  • Пурна = Мурррррр, но она все еще плохая
  • Сэм Б = круто, но все же не так хорошо, как Сиань
  • Сиань = Сумасшедшая леди, режущая все на куски, классная и крутая!

Конечно, тебе не нужно меня слушать. Вам могут понравиться Логан или Пурна, я только что поделился своим честным мнением и анализом этих 4 персонажей, и все они по-своему полезны. Кроме того, попробуйте Dead Island, игра может быть немного старой, но играть в нее чертовски весело, особенно если вы играли в эту игру в детстве!

На сегодня все, ребята. See’ya и спасибо, что прочитали мою статью <3


Purna is a former officer of the Sydney Police department, and as such, she is an expert at firearms. After losing her career when she shot a child molester who could not be touched legally because of his wealth and connections, Purna then turned to working as a bodyguard for VIPs in dangerous places all over the world, contrary to her selection info. She is hired not just for her skills but her looks, as wealthy men did not mind showing up with Purna on their arm. She is still very bitter over losing her career, has a deep hatred of people with enough money to ignore legalities, keeps very much to herself, and wishes to finish off the child molester that caused her to lose her job.

Dead Island: The Book

In the book, he serves the same purpose but he’s very different. He’s far bolder, confronting the heroes as the typical shrewd, intelligent villain who knows all and sees all. However, the façade of ‘Kevin’ is quickly dropped and he turns real evil real quick. The heroes never find out his real identity in the game, whereas after they get gassed in the book, he outright tells them and handcuffs them. He reveals that he’s a part of a group called ‘The Organisation’ and he plans to auction off Yerema to the highest bidder when he gets her out, while he also reveals that he’s the cause of West’s death at the Lab after he had developed a cure by released the infected being held in the lab. He’s the real main villain and dictates the whole final fight and scene in the book, playing White through the whole book and keeping the heroes in handcuffs while on the roof.


Pistols are usually the second type of firearm found in Dead Island after revolvers, having a chance to appear in containers once the Hero has reached level 12. They become exceedingly common once the player reaches Moresby, and are the most common type of weapon carried by human enemies.

Pistols feature a higher clip size, faster fire rate, and quicker reload time than revolvers. However, pistols usually have a lower damage-per-shot than revolvers, especially Magnum revolvers.

In Dead Island: Riptide, pistols are encountered much later in the game, with Nail Guns and Harpoons serving as the game’s early firearms instead. Pistols remain largely unchanged from Dead Island, but deal more damage on critical hit than in the previous game. Pistols also have a built-in damage multiplier for head shots, dealing 400% damage against any enemy when the bullet strikes the enemy in the head.

Dead Island

The Royal Palms Disaster


During the GeoPharm executive summit at the Royal Palms Resort on Banoi, a terrorist called Charon unleashes a deadly virus which kills most of the attendees, including Emory Crown, and turns them into zombies. This assassination causes the first big zombie outbreak on the whole island. It marks the beginning of a journey of four immune survivors who fight their way through Banoi in order to escape the island; Sam B, Xian Mei, Logan and Purna.

Escaping Banoi


After defeating Ryder White, who mutated after using a vaccine, the survivors on Banoi escape by helicopter together with Charon. They didn’t know that their journey had just begun.

Armored Truck

Bank of Banoi armored truck


This huge armored truck was used for carrying cash by the Bank of Banoi. This truck is obtained during the main quest Born to Be Wild by taking it from the Royal Palms Resort garage. It is exclusive to the Resort area, though two trucks do make an appearance in the city.

After the Hero drives back to the Lifeguard Tower, it becomes temporarily unusable. The player eventually has to drive the truck again in the main quest Misery Wagon and take it to Earl at the Old Marina Workshop so that it can be reinforced. The Hero then drives to Moresby where it becomes unusable but it seen as a display in the Church’s parking lot. Eventually, the Hero has to drive back to the Lifeguard Tower and bring food to John Sinamoi and other . After the Hero first enters the Jungle, the truck is unavailable for the rest of the game; however, there have been reports of it still appearing.

It seems that with the Bloodbath Arena DLC, the van is available in front of the tunnel to be used in the area of the resort after all their missions (need confirmation)


  • In the Hotel during Born to Be Wild.
  • At the Lifeguard Tower during Misery Wagon.
  • Can be found in front of the Jungle Tunnel, but it is not drivable.


The Ram


Ram charging at the player

A Ram charging Xian Mei

Another Ram charging

A Ram charging Sam and Logan

Side view

Front view

The weak spot on its back

A Ram in the Supermarket

Purna throwing a Molotov at one

«Oh, no you don’t!»

The Ram charging at the player

A Ram in Dead Island Riptide

Ram near Sea Market.

Ram in Dead Island: Epidemic (open beta)

Elite Ram in Dead Island: Epidemic (open beta)

Massive Ram in Dead Island: Epidemic (open beta)

Kick Me sign on Massive Ram’s back (Dead Island: Epidemic)

Ram glitched into old town cinema fountain

A Ram in Moresby

Ram Icon

Another Ram

Ram in Henderson

Ram in Ryder DLC

The ram with the dead floater.


  • If you let Yerema tell her whole story by slowly accompanying her, instead of just running ahead to kill the zombies, she reveals the identity of her father, the man Purna had just killed to save Yerema, Koritoia Ope.
  • Yerema tells the Hero that the reason she can read and write is because she ran away to the city as a teenager. She was given away by her father to a man he owed money to, and that man made her his slave. She did not enjoy that lifestyle, which is her reason for running away.
  • The Dead Island novel explains that Yerema and her family are immune to the zombie virus. The virus is in them, but remains dormant, which makes them carriers. This is partially revealed in Ryder White’s campaign, accessed through DLC content, when Kevin is shown speaking with Robert West.
  • After the events with the HMAS Avenger, it is not known if she is alive or not. Frank Serpo mentions that she and Kevin were going to be moved to a different location.
  • Given that Yerema lied about the attempts on her life by Doctor Robert West, and seems to very happily hand out information, it may be possible she is a habitual liar, meaning much of what she has said may be fabricated or exaggerated.
  • In the novelization of the game, Yerema unintentionally created the first zombies on Banoi when her father ordered her to be ritualistically tortured and raped by several men of the tribe for her «evil deeds» in running away from her established fate. Her rapists caught the disease and became zombies — Walkers

    Ironically, she is tied more directly to the initial outbreak of zombies encountered by the Heroes in Dead Island: Riptide, where she infects soldiers through biting them in self-defense.

    , presumably — and she was sealed away inside the tomb to starve to death. The plague truly spread because Ope killed the «Immortals» and shared their brains out to his tribe in a cannibal feast, believing that they would become truly immortal. The game, by contrast, reveals that she carries the plague inside her, but doesn’t specify how she is tied to the zombies that Ope fed to his tribe.

  • In the novelization of the game, Yerema’s having been sold as a slave to pay off her father’s gambling debts is absent; instead, she left only because her father was insistent she followed the traditions of the tribe and became a home-maker, while she wanted to receive an education and learn about the world. It was because she learned that civilised people can come to understand each other, that she returned to the tribe, whereupon she learned just how primitive her father was. How and why she was sealed up inside the tombs is never explained in the game. However, it may have been a form of punishment.
  • The Hero may experience a glitch in which Yerema will get stuck somewhere along the path back to the laboratory. If this happens, the Hero must either reload from the last checkpoint, or fast travel to separate location (outside the current map). Doing so may allow Yerema to respawn somewhere along the path, but can cause Infected to spawn in the lab’s lobby.

Logan Carter


Logan Carter is the Throwing Weapons expert and the «Jack of all Trades» of the team. His Fury Skill allows him to throw an infinite amount of knives at nearby enemies.

Most of his skills are inclined towards improving his throwing ability and how he should be versatile in general. He gains skills that are unique to him such as being able to retrieve a thrown weapon without needing to pick it up again and inflicting damage on multiple targets with a single throw. He also has skills that make him more effective with both edged and blunt weapons. He also is the only Hero with the more reliable bonus from using alcohol. His greatest weakness is his low stamina which, despite hampering his ability to run and fight in melee, is somewhat meaningless since throwing does not consume stamina. 

Unlike the other Heroes, Logan is much better suited at using the developer items due to the fact that thrown weapons do not lose durability. He can use the Mindblowing Military Knife to pop five Walkers or Infected in a single throw with a chance for the weapon to boomerang back, allowing him to do it again without having to pick up the weapon. He can also use the Homerun Baseball Bat to knock away multiple targets which allows him to avoid being overwhelmed by large numbers of zombies.

If the player does not intend to use the developer items due to how they unfairly break the game drastically, they can still depend on the more natural weapons in game. Because of his skill with both blunt and edged weapons, he can use weapons such as Eviscerator for a damage dealing throwable, or a Sledgehammer with Tesla Mod for incapacitation. His options are almost limitless.


  • In the early parts of the game, the Heroes can be heard yelling whenever they kill zombies. For example, they can be heard exclaiming about zombies not staying down, showing remorse for the infected survivors they have killed. In later areas in the game, they stop yelling and instead become more sarcastic and confident in themselves, showing the psychological development of the Heroes.
  • The blood type of all the heroes is O- (O negative), which is what makes them immune to the kuru zombie prion. However, they can still be killed by wounds inflicted by the infected, and if an O- person is bitten by a zombie, they become a non-symptomatic carrier of the virus, and highly dangerous to people of other blood types.


Travelling around is mostly done via the wooden catwalks, usually accessible via either rooftops or guard towers. Very few enemies can reach you from up there and it allows for some reach across the area. Items like meat bait and other throwables are your best friend if you want to travel in quarantine. Because of the high concentration of zombies in the area, if you are not confident in fighting them, meat bait makes a great distraction to give you time to grab something or get away. Two handed weapons are a death sentence for someone travelling through quarantine, as the slow swing speed leaves you very vulnerable, especially to the constantly spawning Infected.

Travelling in groups is the best idea if you’re series about exploring quarantine. The more people you have, the more zombies you can kill and you can watch each other’s backs. There’s very little good loot in quarantine, so you should only really be travelling there if you’re on a quest or really want the drops from the Infected.


  • In Dead Island, Rams are tied with Butchers as the most abundant source of high-rarity loot, having a 10% chance of dropping Exceptional and Legendary items. In Dead Island: Riptide they are still the most abundant source, though only having a 3% chance to drop Exceptional and Legendary items.
  • There is an Achievement/Trophy for killing a Ram with Sam B’s tackle skill entitled «Oh, no you don’t!». This is achieved with relative ease by chipping away at the Ram’s hit points with a weapon that produces moderate damage, as long as the killing blow is delivered via Sam’s tackle move.
  • It is possible to avoid the Ram at the Town Hall when it is overrun by zombies; all you have to do is take another route to the balcony or alternatively, use a ranged attack on the Suicider that may spawn in the courtyard near the Ram. The resulting explosion will damage the Ram and may kill it outright.
  • There is a glitch where a Ram will keep coming back to the original spawn location where you encountered it. If you open a door and head just outside of the area, the Ram will move towards you, but if you close the door, it will go back to the spawn location, allowing you to get clear shots at the Ram’s back while it walks away. This can be exploited for easy kills.
  • Though it isn’t the primary attack, when the Ram is too close to charge, it will headbutt or kick. These attacks are similar to a Thug’s and will usually send you flying.
  • Concept gameplay screenshots show the Ram in the Resort near the Lighthouse and the Lighthouse Gas Station and other early screenshots show the Ram at the Golden Beach and in The Hotel where Infected chase the Hero during the prologue mission Chaos Overture. They were cut from these areas, likely because they were considered too challenging for starting players.
  • It is possible during development that a Ram was originally going to appear in the prologue instead of the Infected, and Rams were originally going to appear at the Resort too. It appears that later in development, the Ram was removed from the prologue and the resort area.
  • It is not possible to cut off any limb of the Ram, even if you give it a Headstomp or a swift blow, much like the Floater and Butcher.
  • There are a total of 12 Rams scattered around in Moresby, 2 or 3 in the Laboratory and 5 or 7 in the Prison. In Riptide they aren’t as common, since they can only be found in Henderson. There’s only 3 or 4 Rams in total, with one located at the Cinema courtyard and one at the Sea Market.
  • Sometimes Ram noises can be heard at Resort, Sewers, Mingende Jungle, Flooded jungle, and Palanai Ferry Station despite not appearing there.

Dead Island: Epidemic Zombies


Main article: Runner

Runners are a type of zombies featured in Dead Island: Epidemic and Dead Island 2. Their behaviour is similar to that of a normal zombie, except they are able to run at increasingly faster rates.

Super fast Infected type zombie that attacks in melee.

Unlike the Infected Runners are fast Walkers that will attack with there speed or melee combat.


Main article: Puller

The Puller is a new type of zombie featured in Dead Island: Epidemic. It moves on all fours, similar to that of a crab, and has an elongated tongue. Its tongue is used to grab survivors and pull them towards himself.


Сянь родилась и выросла в Китае. Её отец был главным инспектором в гонконгском отделе полиции, пока его не убил киллер из некой преступной организации «Во Шин Во» — на тот момент ей было всего 10 лет. Но ещё перед смертью он обучал её владению холодным оружием, и она продолжила тренироваться уже после его кончины. С отличием закончив университет, она поступила на службу в полицию, где попала в женский отряд по борьбе с преступностью. Вскоре Сянь поняла, что им не хотят выдавать серьёзные задание, не веря, что женщины могут служить так же хорошо, как мужчины. Они нужны лишь для «показухи».

Тогда её начальники решили отправить её на курорт Royal Palms, чтобы она шпионила за богатыми европейцами. Даже если её работа позорит память отца, она знает, что способна на нечто гораздо большее. Она хотела проявить себя… видимо, вспышка зомби-вируса даст ей именно такую возможность.

Её навыки и стиль ведения боя описываются как разбойничьи — с быстрыми ножевыми атаками. Дерево талантов Сянь Мэй делится на ветки «Ярость», «Бой» и «Выживание». Каждый талант в дереве имеет три уровня повышения. Она была представлена классом «Убийца».

В ночь перед массовым заражением Сянь Мэй можно обнаружить в одной из ванных комнат отеля. Она пытается помочь раненой женщине, лежащей на полу и, скорее всего, инфицированной вирусом.


  • Режущее (острое) оружие наносит наивысший урон, и умения Сянь очень сильно повышают данный параметр.
  • Одна, даже средняя, аптечка способна восстановить полный запас здоровья, если есть умение на повышение эффективности данного параметра в ветке выживания.
  • При определённом раскладе умений выносливость Сянь кажется бесконечной.
  • Наибольшее время и наилучший эффект яда и открытых ран.
  • Будет полезно выбирать умения на повышение опыта за отрезание конечностей.
  • Повышение урона сзади — наилучшая способность Сянь, которая часто применяется против определённых противников.
  • Здоровье Сянь не очень большое, будьте осторожны.
  • Режущее оружие быстрее портится, в отличие от дробящего.
  • К режущему оружию прилагаются весьма длинные модели, позволяющие бить сразу несколько врагов, даже на небольшом расстоянии.
  • Мгновенное убийство режущим оружием — с наивысшим шансом из всех героев (4,5 %). А поскольку данный тип оружия мы в бою применяем всегда, то полезность данного таланта будет на уровне.
  • Умело подбирайте умения в ветке выживания.
  • Сянь достаточно хороша для кооперативного прохождения, но в одиночном нужно владеть умениями этого персонажа, так как у неё меньше всего здоровья.


  • In Greek Mythology, Charon (also known as Kharon) was the ferryman that carried souls of the deceased across the river Styx. The explanation for this nickname was later confirmed by Kevin in Ryder White’s Campaign.
  • Kevin is actually the Voice, as revealed in Ryder White’s Campaign.
  • Charon has worked for many terrorist and criminal organizations, such as Al-Qaeda and the Yakuza.
  • It was initially unclear why Charon intended to increase the spread of the virus, but Escape Dead Island reveals his goals act as a twisted form of revenge over GeoPharm and the Palm Garden Order for their role in the death of his father.
  • Kevin’s secret identity as Charon was subtly implied during the ending when he smiled at the prospect of the world never being the same as he flew the helicopter.



  • Rage Machine in the Police Station has an Auto Rifle. They can also be found in the crate or lockers in the empty armory.
  • The two Looters named Zipper and Wolf in the Supermarket use rifles.
  • Florencio Morales may also sell a legendary single-shot rifle in the Warehouse in Moresby.

Ryder White’s Campaign

  • The punk leader at the police station carriers an auto rifle.
  • One more auto rifle is found in a crate at the police station, next to the quest explosives.
  • One is found on a dead body in the sewers.
  • The three punk leaders on the city bridge also have auto rifles.

The Jungle

  • Afran’s soldiers at his hideout in Act III

    Afran himself has an Auto Rifle.

    have a good chance of using these.

  • In the Jungle, there is a chance of seeing a survivor ambushed by several Jungle Muggers. At least one of them should have a rifle.
  • The guards in the Prison may spawn with these rifles.
  • During the main quest Chasing the White Rabbit, B.I.D.F. soldiers on the roof will be using these. There is also a rifle in a crate along with a large amount of ammunition and some grenades.


Single Shot Rifle (AR-15 Carbine)

A semi-automatic rifle with a medium fire rate, and high damage and accuracy. Best for long distance, suitable for medium distance, not quite suitable for short distance. Despite being in a single shot firing mode, rounds can be fired about as quickly as one can tap the trigger,

Burst Rifle (M16SP1)

Fires bursts of four rounds, with a high fire rate, medium damage, and the highest accuracy rating of all automatic firearms in the game. Best for short and medium distances, not quite suitable for long distance.

Sniper Rifle (Remington 700PSS)

Single shot fire, incredibly powerful, capable of taking out multiple zombies with one bullet with a reasonably fast reload. Also has a scope and can be fired across great distances. Can be found on top of a sniper’s perch near Pinai Ferry Station on Palanai. Green snipers can also be purchased from a weapons store near Fort Henderson. Here is a video guide showing how to get and where to buy a sniper rifle (Found only in Dead Island: Riptide). Bolt action snipers are extremely powerful. A white Bolt Action Sniper can kill most zombies in one headshot, and up to 3 headshots on a thug.

Semi auto sniper (Norinco NDM-86)

Massively high damage, single shot with a 5 round mag. it is so powerful it can one shot most special zombies with a headshot and normal with a body shot. It is also VERY loud so it is advised to turn down the game volume if using a headset or earphones.


  • The game was not released in Germany due to the amount of violence. Dead Island was sold in some German online stores such as Amazon Germany for a limited time. It was indexed in November 2011.
  • Sam B and Angel are the only characters in the game to call zombies by their actual names.
  • While zombies sometimes carry usable weapons, this does not appear to affect the amount of damage they do, although it may slightly increase their reach. When zombies throw their weapons at the player, it should be noted that they will not detonate propane tanks.
  • Despite the Infected being able to climb objects, they cannot climb on top of cars or onto roofs of buildings, and they appear to be unable to use ladders.
  • Zombies are never shown to eat the flesh of any live, moving victims (outside of the game’s trailer). They either wait until their victim is incapacitated or dead before consuming them.
  • Also, if the Hero is knocked down, zombies will not attack. They will patiently wait for the player to get up.
  • In the Tape Recording #08, it is mentioned that the car hit an infected orangutan. However, infected animals are never encountered in game.
  • There are no infected children in the game because rating systems like the ESRB disallow depictions of violence against children. Still, there are three examples of undead children mentioned, though they aren’t seen in game: the Daughter from the trailer, the ten-year-old boy Andrew Meisner had to kill in Ryder White’s Campaign DLC and a six-year-old girl mentioned in Tape Recording #06.
  • Zombies are susceptible to drowning. If a zombie’s head is submerged it will take damage over time, but will often not die unless heavily damaged. Fortunately, drowned zombies do not become Floaters or Drowners.
  • Zombies will almost always die when set aflame (apart from Floaters, which are fireproof). Even if the fire doesn’t kill them, they will be left with such little health that one hit from most weapons will finish them off.
  • Though officially unknown, it is speculated that the special infected came to be through existing genetic mutations interacting with their infection or as a result of the locations they were in at the time they were infected.


Jin offers the Storage service, allowing the Hero to store their excess inventory with her.

It is wise to remove all items on Jin in the prison prior to completing the game. The point in the game in which you should remove everything is just after waking up in the elevator cut-scene then heading to the roof. That will be the last time you’ll be able to interact with Jin in your current playthrough. (Note: If you have the Bloodbath Arena DLC, you can access your storage items from a crate near the trader.)

After completing the game, you will be able to start a New Game+. You will be able to interact with Jin upon finishing the quest Only the Strong Survive. All items from your previous playthrough are still there.


  • Jin’s storage service currently suffers from a serious bug; if the Hero tries to remove an item from Jin’s storage while their inventory is full, the item will vanish from the game… it does not appear on the ground or in the player’s already full inventory.
  • Storing too many items in Jin caused a serious bug to occur prior to patch 1.3. Unfortunately, the exact number is unknown, so store as few items in Jin as possible. The bug will cause your game to freeze upon reloading and for now there is no known way of recovering/fixing the file. At present, various sites report this occurring on all platforms.


  • It may be just a coincidence but the Wrestler’s design closely resembles a Charger from Left 4 Dead 2.
  • In the Definitive edition, the guts hanging from the Wrestler’s stomach now move around.
  • The Wrestler’s main slam attack animations had some slight change in the Definitive version; instead of slamming almost his whole arm to the ground, he strikes down fist first and the attack is fairly a bit quicker.
  • When you smash the Wrestler’s head as a final blow, the same as you would with a Walker, the Wrestler will also play the same animation of punching at the air before falling down if not interrupted. This is strange because the Wrestler doesn’t have a smashed head model like the other zombies. It’s also very illogical for it to punch with its mutated arm like the Walkers do when their heads are smashed.
  • A Wrestler body can be seen shortly into the tunnels, in a pile of glowing green chemicals.


  • Immediately take cover. They will shoot anything moving on sight, but they will make themselves known first.
  • You may want to take the first gun you find and arm it quickly. Head shots are fatal to them.
  • All armed survivors will attack the undead on sight, so take note of this diversion if you are low on ammo and weapons. Lure a Ram in to do your dirty work for you, and not only will you take care of the Punks, but you will probably take care of the Ram as well or at least shave off a chunk of its health.
  • Some Punks come running at you with various melee weapons. They are fairly adept at using weapons and dodge your attacks while performing combos on you. Be sure to kick them to give you some room before attacking.

Dead Island

On the streets of Moresby and inside the abandoned buildings, the player will encounter certain survivors armed with firearms and sometimes with melee weapons who are hostile and will try to kill the Hero. They are basically bandits, otherwise known by the locals of Banoi as Raskols or «Punks«. They’re the 2nd Human Enemies the Heroes encounter.

Because of their ruthless nature, they don’t care about other survivors outside of their gang. Instead, they shoot anything that moves, even if it happens to be an unarmed and uninfected human. Most Punks will only shoot the Hero, even if they’re up close and could also melee the player character; they’ll try and back off and shoot the Hero from a distance where they feel comfortable. Sometimes punks will fight zombies and infected that get too close. There are 2 versions of punks, those armed with ranged weapons (Pistols and the occasional gang leader armed with Auto Rifles) and melee punks, armed with a variety of blunt and sharp weapons.

With an exception of the Pump Station Punks, the Police Station Punks and Supermarket Punks, they will respawn a few minutes after the player kills them, or after leaving the area, like zombies.

Sniffer is the first Punk Leader the Heroes encounter he carries only a Pistol he can be found at the Pump Station.


Zipper is similar to Sniffer since they both wear masks to stop Headshots he can be found at the Supermarket with Wolf he carries a Auto Rifle he is the second Punk Leader.


Wolf is the third Punk Leader with Zipper unlike the last two Leaders he doesn’t wear a Mask he carries a Auto Rifle and located at the Supermarket.

Rage Machine

Rage Machine is the last Punk Leader the Heroes encounter he doesn’t wear a Mask like Wolf he can be found at the Police Station he carries a Auto Rifle he is also possibly the real Leader of the gang.

Jungle Punks

Jungle Punk

Jungle Muggers are Punks located in Mingende Jungle they don’t appear in any quests except the unmarked jungle quests. They’re also probably not allies with Afrans but they will help each other if the Player brings them to somewhere like the Antenna.


Looters are Punks found rarely in Dead Island they seem to be more armed with better weapons than the normal soldiers they can also be seen as guards for there Leaders.


The prison is made up of numerous cell blocks spanning the first few floors, with several offices on the upper stories which are used by the senior guards. Most of the inmates are holed up in the canteen, which is just a short distance from the building’s kitchen. An armoury is also located on one of the floors, which will need to be broken into during one of the missions for Titus Kabui. The prison is designed to be as self-sufficient as possible, with very limited access to the outside world in the form of boats which travel to the docks to drop off supplies to the prison or via helicopters which can land on the helipad on the roof.

Интересные факты

  • В кампании Райдера Уайта можно найти в разделе «Дополнительно» в главном меню, где игрок может сделать свою историю.
  • Его называют «полковником», но на его плече есть знак сержанта армии США (E-5).
  • Во время попытки спасти Эмили Райдер говорит солдату не инициировать «Исполнительный протокол 66», который даёт разрешение BIDF бомбить остров, уничтожая всех жителей. Это отсылка к Приказу 66 из «Звездных войн: Месть ситхов», который даёт приказ убить всех джедаев, независимо от любых других заданных команд или целей.
  • Во время беседы с «Райдером» в гостинице, он говорит, что является полковником B.I.DF. Когда Логан высказывает ему подозрение во время общения между ними в тюрьме, он утверждает, что является полковником B.D

    Интересно, что Логан наклоняет голову, как будто замечает ошибку. Скорее всего, Логан знает название организации, а Кевин (Голос) — нет.

    .I.F. Вероятно, это ошибка сценария.

  • В кампании Райдера Уайта

    Пистолет кажется пережитком оригинального сохранения игры, если в инвентаре игрока был модифицированный пистолет.

    можно заметить, что у Райдера иногда будет модифицированный пистолет, даже если у игрока нет доступа к модам основной игры.

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