Dark deception

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Bierce! Stay out of my room!

You’re both cheating!

– Agatha, after Bierce opens the door.

Throughout the game, Bierce will aid Doug in his quest to collect the Soul Shards to rebuild the Riddle of Heaven. This aid comes in the form of advice, unlocking powers for Doug and a radar to show him where the Soul Shards are. Bierce is rather confident in her abilities and her knowledge, shown in her cocky attitude. She is also able to influence certain events in the Nightmare Realms such as opening the doors after Agatha trapped the player in her room, and providing them with mallet to help them vanquish the Goliath Clowns.

Monsters & Mortals

This article contains information on a subject that isn’t considered canon in Dark Deception franchise.

Title Audio DLC Used Notes

Dark Deception Monsters & Mortals — Ascension (Main Theme)

N/A Main Menu theme. This track is slow, feature an intense drum beats, violin, male and female choir. When its goes to the middle, its speed up.
Shopping Therapy

Dark Deception- Monsters & Mortals — Shopping Therapy

During the shop. This track is much more chill than the rest of the other, its feature a xylophone, a beat and a few other instruments at the background.
Destined To Fight

Dark Deception- Monsters & Mortals — Destined To Fight

During the waiting for game’s beginning. This track feature an ominous female choir and a drum at the background.
Pizza Time!

Dark Deception- Monsters & Mortals- Pizza Time!

During the Chef Monkeys boss round in «Monkey Business». This track is a remix of the Neapolitan song «Funiculì, Funiculà», composed in 1880 by Luigi Denza. It features intense drum beats, an accordion and a male choir.
Lesson Learned (ABC Song)

Dark Deception- Monsters & Mortals — Lesson Learned (ABC Song)

During the The Alphabet Letters boss round in «Elementary Evil». This track is fast and feature a music box-like instrument and a chorus of kids, a male and a demon singing the alphabet song.
Doom & Despair

Dark Deception- Monsters & Mortals — Doom & Despair

During the Doom Ducky boss round in «Stranger Sewers». This track is similar to “Rising Terror” but even more suspenseful eerie and fast paced.
The Brute

Dark Deception Monsters & Mortals — The Brute

Monstrum During the Super Brutes boss round in «Monstrum Madness.». This track feature a dramatic beats and eerie noise. A male choir can also be heard.
Wandering Alone On A Ship At Night

Dark Deception Monsters & Mortals Wandering Alone On A Ship At Night (Monstrum DLC)

During the Brute’s level. This track feature an ominous vibe and eerie noise.

Dark Deception- Monsters & Mortals — Steamed (Monstrum DLC)

During the trap time in «Monstrum Madness.» This track feature a fast and rapid drum beats, and a violin, giving a dramatic vibe.
Claw Finger

Dark Deception- Monsters & Mortals — Claw Finger (Silent Hill DLC)

Silent Hill During the Silent Sacrifice level. This track is slow. Its has a very low ambience at the first few seconds then its switched to some beats, which is the original Claw Finger from the first Silent Hill.
Until Death

Dark Deception- Monsters & Mortals — Until Death (Silent Hill DLC)

During the Red Pyramid Things boss round in «Silent Sacrifice». This track has eerie, high-pitched noises and a chorus is heard in certain parts
Don’t Cry

Dark Deception- Monsters & Mortals — Don’t Cry (Silent Hill DLC)

During the trap time in «Silent Sacrifice». This track has constant high-pitched beats and metal sounds hitting in the background, other sounds are heard at low volume in some parts of the OST


  • According to Vince, the sewers to him are a place where the lost and forgotten are.
  • The Sewer is the first level that takes place underground.
  • References to Stephen King’s «IT

    The other references all involve a popular line. One is in one of the secret rooms, with graffiti saying «Float On» with a red balloon on the wall. The second is the achievement received titled «They Float». The final is when killed by Dread Duckies, or Doom Ducky, Bierce will say «Yes, your corpse will float too.» All being references to the book’s main antagonist, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the popular catchphrase is «You’ll float too.»

    » is present at this level. The biggest being the fact this is a sewer.


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  • A paper about a man named «Doug Houser» can be found in a secret room in Crazy Carnevil. This was later confirmed by Vince Livings to be the protagonist’s name.
  • Based on the opening monologue of Dark Deception, it is implied that Doug might be dead and Bierce’s Ballroom acts as a purgatory for him.
  • At the opening of «Monkey Business», Bierce asked Doug whether the Hotel brought back memories, suggesting that at some time in his life he did something major in a similar hotel. (Or its simply being meta about the same hotel in Dark Deception Alpha.)
  • During «Elementary Evil», in a secret room in Zone 1 of the School, a drawing depicting Agatha’s father murdering her, can be found. Since the words of hatred written in the same room seemed to be accusing Doug as well, he may have also committed a similar crime in his past-life. Doug even admits to having a daughter of similar age as Agatha later, who is revealed to be named Tammy Houser in a mysterious room in the Sewer.
  • In the pre-Alpha demo, Doug’s lives show up as police badges and he is shown to have a police badge on his belt, indicating that he was a police officer in the original story for the Alpha.
  • The old character model for Doug from the Alpha is now used for Detective Evans in Monsters and Mortals.
  • In the ballroom cutscene between Mascot Mayhem and Bearly Buried, Doug can be physically seen laying on the ground.


  • According to a note found in one of the secret rooms in Monkey Business

    Going by the theory suggesting that each nightmare portal is tied to one of Dante Alighieri’s Nine Layers of Hell and the monsters inside them are manifestations of sin, the Murder Monkeys may represent Violence since they were all murderers in real life and sacrificed their humanity to become monsters.

    , it is revealed that the Murder Monkeys are the twisted souls of humans who were violent murderers when they were alive, turned into destructive monkeys because in life they gave in to their animalistic urge to kill.

  • The Murder Monkeys themselves seem to represent how Doug murdered his own family (intentionally or otherwise), while the hotel seems to represent Doug’s infidelity to his wife, if his mistress’ mention of «monkey business in some hotel» is anything to go by.
  • While running around, a door may open, revealing a monkey peeking from behind it. These monkeys do not harm the player, however, and close the door shortly after.
  • In their original designs, the monkeys originally didn’t have an oversized head as they do in the current version, look less detailed, and had less bloody teeth, They also had an animation when turning the corner, as if sliding.
  • The monkeys have a walking animation. This animation can be barely seen slightly when using the Telepathy power in the level after unlocking it. The monkeys will only do this when they are a certain distance from the player as seen here.
  • The monkeys were inspired by the promo cover for a horror movie called «Monkey Shines,» when the creator of Dark Deception was young, they thought the movie was about a monkey similar to the Murder Monkeys themselves.
  • The Murder Monkeys are also mentioned in Chapter 2, appearing on posters, and hand drawings on the walls around the school. Agatha also mentions the Monkeys in one of her quotes.
  • The Murder Monkeys may represent Pithecophobia (fear of apes) and/or Robophobia (fear of robots). They may also represent ludilophobia, the fear of toys (similar to the Dread Duckies and the Trigger Teddies), and Aichmophobia (the fear of sharp things, including knives).
  • In the alpha, there were originally four Murder Monkeys in the hotel’s kitchen cutting up food. These have since been replaced by cardboard cutouts wearing chef outfits.
  • In the alpha version, the Murder Monkeys can spin their heads around in 360 degrees.
  • Unlike other enemies in Dark Deception, the Murder Monkeys’ ability to turn around are inferior compared to other enemies, since they will stop for a variable amount of time ‘glitching’ before turning around.
  • If the player is sandwiched by two monkeys and decides to teleport through one of them, the facing monkeys will be momentarily stuck as they cannot turn immediately. This only applies to a replay run after the player has acquired the Teleportation ability.
  • The Murder Monkeys might also be based on Cymbal Monkeys, also known as the Musical Jolly Clapping Chimp Monkey.
  • The Cardboard cutouts in the hotel are presumably supposed to be Murder Monkeys, but they lack the oversized head and bladed hands.
  • The Murder Monkeys have an idle animation. While rarely seen, this animation can be seen when:
    • When guarding the entrance portal for «Crazy Carnevil».
    • Being trapped in a cage alongside with a lifeless Dread Ducky in the same aforementioned level. It’s important to note that in both of these instances, the monkeys don’t seem to pose harm or react to the player aggressively.
    • Performing a glitch near the end of the level where lots of monkeys chase the player.
  • Like the other monsters, they can’t reach the player when inside of a secret room; they will just wait around outside the room.
  • Originally, as shown the old 2014 Kickstarter page for Dark Deception, the developers of Glowstick Games (Glowstick Entertainment’s old name) had stated that the backers for Dark Deception’s Kickstarter campaign could get a Murder Monkey plush as a reward.
  • So far, the Murder Monkeys, Malak, Gold Watchers, and the Clown Cars are the only enemies in Dark Deception that always know the whereabouts of the player’s location.
  • «Monkey Business» has a scrapped moment, where the Murder Monkey breaks through the door near the ring altar and runs towards the player, which could have likely been the early idea for the escape sequence of the level. This can be seen here.

Файлы, драйверы и библиотеки

Практически каждое устройство в компьютере требует набор специального программного обеспечения. Это драйверы, библиотеки и прочие файлы, которые обеспечивают правильную работу компьютера.

  • Скачать драйвер для видеокарты Nvidia GeForce
  • Скачать драйвер для видеокарты AMD Radeon

Driver Updater

  • загрузите Driver Updater и запустите программу;
  • произведите сканирование системы (обычно оно занимает не более пяти минут);
  • обновите устаревшие драйверы одним щелчком мыши.

существенно увеличить FPSAdvanced System Optimizer

  • загрузите Advanced System Optimizer и запустите программу;
  • произведите сканирование системы (обычно оно занимает не более пяти минут);
  • выполните все требуемые действия. Ваша система работает как новая!

Когда с драйверами закончено, можно заняться установкой актуальных библиотек — DirectX и .NET Framework. Они так или иначе используются практически во всех современных играх:

  • Скачать DirectX
  • Скачать Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Скачать Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • Скачать Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1
  • Скачать Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 (32-бит) (Скачать Service Pack 1)
  • Скачать Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 (64-бит) (Скачать Service Pack 1)
  • Скачать Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 (32-бит) (Скачать Service Pack 1)
  • Скачать Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 (64-бит) (Скачать Service Pack 1)
  • Скачать Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Update 4
  • Скачать Microsoft Visual C++ 2013

Monsters & Mortals

Эта статья содержит информацию по теме, которая не считается каноном во франшизе Dark Deception.

В игре Monsters & Mortals Осколки Душ служат основными собираемыми предметами игры, а также валютой внутриигрового магазина. Они бывают двух разных вариаций: фиолетовые и красные.


Фиолетовые осколки появляются в каждом режиме и служат главной целью в каждом матче. В конце матча собранные осколки останутся у игроков. Красные осколки встречаются реже, чем фиолетовые, и могут быть получены только путём победы в матче при определённых условиях.


Каждый режим в игре включает в себя сбор осколков душ.

Побег из Лабиринта

В «Побеге из Лабиринта» команда смертных должна удовлетворить квоту осколков душ к концу матча, избегая при этом команду монстров. Квота варьируется между каждой картой, самая низкая из которых составляет 450, а самая высокая — 850. Каждый раз, когда смертный умирает, будь то от монстра, босса или ловушки, команда смертных теряет осколки душ, количество которых зависит от класса умершего смертного. Скоростные смертные теряют больше всего осколков (50), а Мощные смертные теряют меньше всего (15). Осколки душ появляются по всей карте волнами, и их местоположение помечено на миникарте. После того, как пройдёт достаточно времени, начнётся новая волна, которая заменяет осколки предыдущей волны новой серией осколков. У команды смертных есть время до конца финальной волны, чтобы выполнить квоту и сбежать. Как только квота будет достигнута, портал сразу же появится в случайной части карты. Портал не исчезнет, если общая сумма осколков душ упадёт ниже квоты. Игроки могут продолжить сбор осколков ради получения большего количества валюты, если они решат не направляться к порталу сразу же. Предметы из Портального Ящика, такие как «Осколки Душ» или «Связка Душ», увеличат общее количество осколков на 10 и 25 соответственно, если их использует команда смертных, и уменьшат на ту же сумму, если их использует команда монстров.

Если монстру удастся предотвратить побег всех смертных до окончания финальной волны, он будет вознаграждён красным осколком. И наоборот, если выиграет команда смертных, то они все получат красный осколок в дополнение к фиолетовым осколкам, которые они собрали.

Осколочное Безумие

В «Осколочном Безумии» монстры должны участвовать в игре, где каждый сам за себя, чтобы собрать наибольшее количество осколков к концу матча. Как и в «Побеге из Лабиринта», осколки душ появляются по всей карте в волновой системе, причём матч заканчивается к концу последней волны. Игроки могут убивать и атаковать друг друга, как в «Побеге из Лабиринта», чтобы уменьшить общее количество осколков друг друга, а такие предметы, как «Осколки Душ» и «Связка Душ», увеличат количество осколков игрока на 10 и 25 соответственно. Удар по врагу заставит его потерять 1 осколок, а атакующий получит его. Убийство врага вознаградит вас процентом от их общего количества осколков.

В конце финальной волны побеждает игрок с наибольшим количеством осколков. В то время как собранные осколки остаются у всех игроков, победитель дополнительно получает красный осколок.

Сбор Душ

В «Сборе Душ» смертные должны участвовать в игре, где каждый сам за себя, чтобы собрать наибольшее количество осколков к концу матча точно так же, как в «Осколочном Безумии». Как и в двух других режимах, осколки душ появляются по всей карте в волновой системе, и матч заканчивается тогда, когда в финальной волне Фантом Малака убивает игрока, у которого меньше всего осколков. Игроки могут убивать и атаковать друг друга как и в «Осколочном Безумии», чтобы уменьшить общее количество осколков друг друга, а такие предметы, как «Осколки Душ» и «Связка Душ», увеличат количество осколков игрока на 10 и 25 соответственно.

В конце каждой волны появляется Фантом Малака, который мчится к игроку, у которого собрано меньше всего осколков, и убивает его. Игрок, убитый Фантомом Малака, становится Обезьяной-убийцей и должен будет убивать других оставшихся смертных. Матч заканчивается тогда, когда в живых остаётся только один смертный. В то время как собранные осколки остаются у всех игроков, победитель дополнительно получает красный осколок.

В магазине игроки могут использовать два автомата, каждый из которых принимает разную валюту осколков. Фиолетовый автомат принимает 3000 фиолетовых осколков, в то время как красный автомат принимает 15 красных осколков. Красные осколки вознаграждают игрока редкими скинами. Фиолетовые осколки вознаграждают игрока обычными скинами, концепт-артами и артами по игре.

Chapter 2: Into Madness

Title Audio Used Notes
Bierce’s Ballroom

Dark Deception — Bierce’s Ballroom

When Doug enters Bierce’s Ballroom for the first time in Chapter 2. The track is very different from the original version, featuring instruments like an ominous choir to instill a dramatic mood in the song.
Last Day of School

Dark Deception — Last Day of School

During the «Elementary Evil» level. This track is dramatic, albeit slower than the previous tracks. It features instruments such as a choir, a music box-like instrument and violins.
Scared of a Little Girl?

Dark Deception — Scared of a Little Girl?

  • During the chase and the final act in «Elementary Evil«.
  • And during the «Trap Time» of the level in Monsters & Mortals.
The track begins with a violin playing a very fast upward scale, then transitioning into a fast-paced and dramatic track. The female choir sings the same melody from Last Day of School, along with a different one.
Share Your Pain

Dark Deception — Share Your Pain

During the Agatha boss fight.
  • This track added with Dark Deception Enhanced.
  • Track, begins with a music box-like instrument, then its speed up with some intense beats.
The Golden Rule

Dark Deception — The Golden Rule

  • During the «Deadly Decadence» level, while in the Manor.
  • And while in the Hedge Maze in Monsters & Mortals.
The track starts off with an church-like organ playing ominous chords. The track gets more instrumentally complex as it goes on, with instruments like a choir chanting and a bass drum.
Mind Your Manors

Dark Deception — Mind Your Manors

  • When the Gold Watchers are nearby Doug in the Manor.
  • And during the Titan Watcher boss round and “Trap Time” of the level in Monsters & Mortals.
This fast-paced song features a harpsichord in the background with a male choir singing the same melody from «The Golden Rule».
Don’t Look Back

Dark Deception — Don’t Look Back

During the escape & boss fight sequence in «Deadly Decadence«. The track starts off with a drum beating repeatedly, with more instruments being added to the track, such as trumpets.

The Original History of Bierce

In the 1930s, Helen Bierce came from British descent, she came to Hollywood to become a popular actress, but was inexperienced so she married a rich man who had strong connections to the film industry, Edgar, but only for his money. Edgar stole movie costumes and performed fake satanic rituals with his friends for fun, eventually they invited a man from Hungary called Victor who came from a culture that strongly believed in dark magic. Bierce, running out of options on how to become a successful actress, turned to Victor for help.

Bierce thought Victor could teach her about dark magic to get what she wanted, so she convinced him to mentor her. Victor rented out a flat and mentored Bierce for months until he taught her about a ritual on how to summon a demon called Malak: Sacrifice a person’s daughter and he will come and grant you a wish, it will last several years until he comes to get your soul as payment. Bierce did the ritual by sacrificing the daughter of a maid for the ritual, Malak came and would make her a successful actress in exchange for her soul after 7 years and a day. Bierce agreed, and the next day all the film studios where calling her to be in their movies, Victor disappeared, and after becoming a successful actress and getting what she wanted, Bierce poisoned her husband and inherited his wealth.

Bierce didn’t plan to stick to her deal with Malak, so she looked for away to repel the demon. She learned of a ring called the Riddle of Heaven which could strip Malak s power away. She found it in a far away country, when Malak came to finish their deal, Bierce tried to suck away Malak’s power with the ring.

Bierce gained a bit of his power before he banished her between Heaven and Hell, but the ring created a pocket dimension which was in the middle of both after lives. The ring fell into Hell and Bierce was stuck in a Ballroom pocket dimension which became a purgatory for souls who did both good and bad in their life. Personal Hells opened up between pillars in the pocket dimension, along with a gate way to Hell.

The Riddle of Heaven appeared to be a giant alter which was shattered into pieces all over her personal Hells. She sent these souls into the portals to collect the shattered crystals (now being called «Soul Shards») to rebuild the alter to strip away what’s left of Malak’s power to become an actress and do whatever she wants. Malak created monsters to guard the Soul Shards which got most of the souls killed. However, Bierce’s luck would turn when she comes across Doug Houser.


Monkey Business

This level only has 2 secret files. When dying in the level you can get a Death Tip that states «There are a lot of doors in the Hotel, maybe some of them open?» This will help the player find them.

1 is located to the West of the Ring Altar. The other is to the South East of the Ring Altar. If you still have trouble finding them look at the mini map and look at it. You can see that there is some rooms you can enter. The player has to simply click on the door and run in to grab them.

Upon collecting the secret files you will have fan art of the Murder Monkeys and the level’s main OST.

Elementary Evil

Zone 1

Zone 2

This level has 4 secret files. 3 in zone one, 1 in zone two.

Like the last level you will need to open some doors to reveal them and they are revealed on the mini map as there is some bulges that can give them away. The closest one from the beginning of the level is next to the secret room that has writing on the walls and is inside a bathroom. The 2nd one is in a small hallway inside the closet. The 3rd is in the corner of zone 1 near the exit. Open the bathroom door and get it. The last one is in zone two. Take a left and check the corner like the 3rd secret.

Collecting all 4 will reward you with the chase theme of the level, fan art of Agatha, concept art for Agatha, and some more fan art of the Murder Monkey.

Deadly Decadence

Hedge Maze: Zone 1

Manor: Zone 2

This level has 4 secret files in it. 1 in zone one, 3 in zone two.

You will want to save the secret in zone 1 for last since there is a bug that will not count it, when it is fixed or changed this will be updated to reflect that. For now save it for later and remember it. In zone 2 the closest secret is to the left and is behind a wall that can be opened like a door. Check your mini map and you will find the room. The 2nd secret is in the corner of the map above the last secret. There is 2 walls that can be opened. Check your mini map to see them and grab it. The 3rd secret file requires more work than the other two. 1st you will need to find the lever in the zone above a spike trap in a hallway. After pulling it head upwards and now the gates will be open to a new area. This area is where the Gold Watchers are using the ring piece to create more of them. Head all the way to the back area and check the square corner to grab it. After you get the ring piece from the ring altar you need to escape. However, once you leave the manor go left first, open the gate and grab the last secret. Beware of the spike traps and the Gold Watcher that will spawn behind you when you get it.

If you get all 4 you will be rewarded with the level’s chase theme, concept art of the Gold Watchers, and concept art of Malak.

Stranger Sewers

Zone 1

Zone 2

This level has 4 secrets in it. 1 in the levels intro, 1 in zone one, 2 in zone two.

When the level begins look at your mini map and look to your left and open the door. Climb up the ladder and grab the secret file and climb back down. When you enter zone 1 keep an eye out for a . When you find it click on it and you will go down a secret elevator which will lead you to the secret file. Touch the number pad again to go back up. When you get into zone two the 2 secret files are just like the file in zone 1. Find 2 number pads and head down them to get the secret files.

When you get all 4 you will unlock the level’s chase theme, fan art of the Dread Ducky, and concept art of Stranger Sewers.

Crazy Carnevil

Zone 1 (Lower Floor)

Funhouse: Zone 2

This level has 4 secrets and they are all spread out. 1 is in the levels intro, 1 in zone one, 1 in between zone one & two, and 1 in zone two.

When the level begins before or after you pick up the mallet head to the left and climb up the ladder to get the first secret. When you enter zone one there is many teleporters that will lead you to the zones two floors. This secret is on the bottom floor. When you find the teleporter that is the zones exit head to the opposite side and use that one. It will teleport you to a small circular room with the secret file in it. After you beat zone 1 have your primal fear ready and save it. When the room is spinning keep an eye out, when the room of the secret file is revealed use primal fear on the Clown Gremlin to safely get it. When you enter zone two behind you on the track is the last secret in a hidden room. Just get onto track and beware of the roller coaster cart and get to the room and open it to nab your secret file.

When you nab all 4 secret files, you will be gifted the level’s chase theme, fan art, and concept art of the Clown Gremlin.

Chapter 3: Retribution

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Title Audio Used Notes
Darkness is Coming

Dark Deception — Darkness is Coming — Main Theme

Main Menu theme. The track is very eerie and ominous, featuring instruments like violins and choirs.
It’s Time To Leave

Dark Deception — It’s Time to Leave

  • When the Doom Ducky grab the player in the first encounter, during the chase and the escape sequence in «Stranger Sewers»
  • And during the «Trap Time» of the level in Monsters & Mortals.
The track is very dramatic and panic-inducing, using many instrumental screeches and a beating drum.
They’re Just Duckies

Dark Deception — They’re Just Duckies

During the «Stranger Sewers» level. This track, unlike the other ones, focuses on instilling a feeling of paranoia in the listener, with it mainly consisting of eerie ambient sounds.
Rising Terror

Dark Deception — Rising Terror

During the Doom Ducky boss fight. The track is very dramatic, using instrumental screeches and orchestra instruments playing ominous chords.
Departing Sanity

Dark Deception — Departing Sanity

Main chase theme in «Crazy Carnevil«. This track, like «Big Top Trouble», uses an organ for a circus-like song, though is much more panic-inducing with instrumental screeches.
Big Top Trouble

Dark Deception — Big Top Trouble

During the «Crazy Carnevil» level. The track sounds extremely demented and sounds like a song heard in a circus, using an organ to instill this effect.
Funhouse Folly

Dark Deception — Funhouse Folly

During the roller coaster ride in «Crazy Carnevil». Like the other tracks in Crazy Carnevil, this track sounds circus-like and demented, with a factory-like beat.
It’s Showtime

Dark Deception — It’s Showtime

During the Goliath Clowns battle in «Crazy Carnevil». The music initially has an ominous, dramatic feel, and then transitions into a fast-paced, intense carnival-like piece to match the intensity of the fight.

Геймплей Dark Deception

Но не только красивой картинкой подкупает новая игра, но и своим очень насыщенным геймплеем. Основательно проработана физика новой пародии на ФНаФ и система диалогов, повествующая о том, что же в игре происходит. Мы общаемся с игровыми персонажами и узнаем о новых заданиях, а также о том, как нужно действовать в определенные моменты. Полная версия игры Dark Deception будет включать до 10 глав, в каждой из которых какой-нибудь определенный новый тип чудищ будет вашим основным противником. Также меняется локация и ваши возможности на ней. Сейчас игра прошла этап предварительного тестирования и выпущена финальная версия с первой главой, где на игрока ожидают очень серьезные испытания.

Мы попадаем в настоящий лабиринт, которые образуют коридоры и комнаты гостиницы. В Dark Deception Chapter 1 на нас будут охотиться обезьяны убийцы. В последнем релизе их количество уменьшилось с 4 штук, до 3, но увеличился уровень интеллекта аниматроников. Они стали искать более подходящие пути движения, чтобы отрезать главному герою все пути к отступлению. Спасаясь бегством, мы также должны собирать специальные кристаллы, находящиеся во всех проходах.

В левом нижнем углу отображается мини-карта со структурой ближайших коридоров, а также с местами, где еще остались несобранные кристаллы и их количество, что еще необходимо собрать. Нам нужно забрать их все, а также по возможности отыскать тайные места на локации.

Главный герой передвигается не очень быстро, но способен ускоряться при переключении на режим бега. Но даже в таком режиме мы будем двигаться лишь немного быстрее кровожадных обезьян, поэтому следует старательно избегать их близости и оперативно прокладывать себе маршрут наперед.

Если нам удастся справиться с непростой задачей, то открывается доступ ко второй главе игры. В Dark Deception Chapter 2 мы перебираемся в школьные помещения, где обитает страшное чудовище девочки с длинными когтистыми руками. Она одна, но спастись будет еще сложнее. Выход второй части на ПК ожидается в ближайшее время, как только закончится тестирование и отладка геймплея и элементов графики.

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