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Book Simon

At random times throughout the co-op campaign, the screen will go black and white and a haunting ambience of what seems to be Simon screaming «I’m sick» and «Kill yourself» plays. During this, any door which would otherwise initiate a map change becomes mysteriously jammed, and a nightmarish version of Simon with a shotgun hunts the players. It is Book Simon, the last boss you face in the Cry of Fear SP Campaign (provided you went with Ending 4).

He has a overall bloody and grungy look to him like the other enemies in the game. Although he walks very slow, and is not very fast with his turning, he never misses with his shotgun and it deals around 10-20 damage with each shot. He can take a large amount of damage (somewhere around 2+ full Glock mags) before hitting a certain damage roof and disappearing, along with removing the black and white effect, ambiance and un-jamming the map transition doors. As of patch 1.3 Simon now has a health bar when he appears giving the officers an insight on how damaged he is.

Book Simon’s theme
Background theme that accompanies Book Simon’s appearance.


  • There are 3 sound files in the slower3 folder which are never used on the Slower3 in-game. They are called slower_alert10 up to slower_alert30. Although these alerts are heard in the beta of Cry of Fear also in the 11 minute co-op video.
  • The Slower and the Suicider both have a head texture that says «E.T.»
  • Slowers are the equivalent to Twitchers from Afraid of Monsters.
  • Slower 10-2 is modeled after the original slower design from the Beta-stage of Cry of Fear, with only a few subtle changes, such being the model’s head having no eyes, the clothes on the 10-2 variant are bloodier, and its skin is more of a apricot tan than a zombie pale.


Though the Sawrunner is frightening and extremely quick there are some tactics you may use to outsmart him:

  • Stay calm and simply walk; only sprint or dodge when he is right behind you. Players are likely to forget that he cannot hit you directly while you are moving. Players may be overcome with the music and the constant wailing, they sprint, tire Simon out and get killed by Sawrunner.
  • For players who have unlocked the Camera, you may use it to freeze Sawrunner to give yourself breathing room. Even when frozen, Sawrunner still has an insane amount of health, he will then serve simply as a roadblock rather than a hazard.
  • For the Forest encounter, it is simple to lose Sawrunner’s line of sight in the forests by simply turning right/left and running when you pick up the Doorknob.
  • He can’t hit you directly when you are moving.
  • Avoid dead ends.
  • The monster cannot be stunned like most of the enemies in the game so don’t waste your time trying. The best thing is to escape, quickly.


Biden warns you

This page contains spoilers you can avoid. Go back to the game, coward.

Simon is a 19 year old male and an individual plagued with anxiety and depression. Before the events of Cry of Fear (as seen in the first cutscene of the game), Simon was the victim of a hit and run wherein he was pinned to a building by a car whilst trying to help an injured man late at night. While he surprisingly survived the incident, he was crippled from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, subjecting him to further mental trauma which drove him into becoming reclusive and spiteful of his own life. Doctor Purnell was assigned as Simon’s psychiatrist following the accident, and using Cognitive Therapy, Simon was instructed to write a book about his emotions and anxiety to get all the trauma out of his head that he had suffered from «The Black Day» (the name Simon gave himself about the accident). 

Purnell talking with Simon about his treatment

Simon authored the book as instructed and the events of Cry of Fear begin — the events unfolding being a metaphorical depiction of Simon’s mind and his battle to purge his inner demons through writing, the actions taken during the game showing how well the therapy works. During the events of Cry of Fear, Simon is confronting his trauma directly by writing the events into the book, with each boss fight representing a major point in his life to where he has suffered some form of trauma, or the many metaphors in-game representing the state of his mind.

The Simon played as over the course of Cry of Fear is in fact a mental projection of Simon and what combats the trauma inside the real one’s mind. The fate of both Simons depends on what ending is unlocked due to the actions made during the game.

Ronald Street Sewers

Sewmo attack!

The Ronald Street sewers are the second sewer complex that Simon encounters. After navigating his way through the subways service tunnels, Simon encounters another door locked by the doctor. He is required to backtrack to pick up 2 fuses to open the door, and on the ground next to it lie a key and a battery for his phone. The key unlocks a previously locked door on Ronald Street, back at the start of the city map (bloody footprints have appeared since your last visit, making the path obvious). Unlocking this door grants Simon access to another sewer system. This system has 3 different levels, connected by drainage ditches and ladders that appear to flow into a massive central chamber chock full of SewMo enemies. This sewer section is a lot shorter than the previous one, and only covers one map, although it contains at least 8 enemies. Whether it is connected to the main sewer is unknown, however it appears to link the city and the apartments, making it likely that it is part of the city’s municipal water system. Like the other sewers, this area contains little natural or artificial light and is hard to navigate with a light source. The Glock tactical light is your friend here.

Depressed Simon

To get this Easter egg, you need to unlock the secret package first by getting ending 4. Once you have done this start a new game, and take the secret package from the secret room, and continue through the game as normal. Once you get inside the TL trading building, use the secret package on one of the doors on the top floor, and the door will be unlocked, but the secret package will be gone though. If you head inside you will find a small completely black room with a bench. Simon will be sitting on the bench with his hands on his eyes, and will not react to anything. The model used is the same one from the very first nightmare sequence in the game where he punches a mirror and was also one of the first Simon models created for Cry of Fear (which was also shown on one of the very first trailers of CoF as well as in this early gameplay footage)

Dead/My Life Ends Here (Bad Endings)

He Awaits…

Simon enters this nightmare if the player gets any of the bad endings. Simon finishes his book and commits suicide. The suicide is depicted as Book Simon entering another nightmare. The corridors twist and turn on their own, change positions, Hangers are everywhere, pages with the word SUICIDE are everywhere and the background sound is Simon screaming and cursing phrases such as «KILL YOURSELF», «I’M SICK» and «I’M SO F**KED UP». Simon must cross the corridors and climb through many books that serve as platforms to reach Sick Simon, the final boss of this nightmare.

The books used as platforms

Sick Simon is protected by several metal bars. The players must evade Sick Simon’s psychokinetic attacks and kill the hordes of Faceless that appear. One of them will drop a valve that must be used in the corners of the room where you’re fighting. Once every valve has been used, the metal bars will be lifted. Book Simon (the character you’ve controlled throughout the whole game) will go near Sick Simon, punch him repeatedly, knock him off his wheelchair and strangling him and killing him, finishing the game (which is a depiction of Simon’s suicide).

About the monster

Despite being named Slowers, they are not particularly slow; they vary between an erratic limping shuffle and a maddened, flailing dash with their head raised at the player from motion to motion, sometimes catching against objects in the environment to shuffle wildly, seemingly oblivious. When they do close the distance to the player, they will swing their hammer out from right to left or upward several times and while they are not the strongest foes, they are the most often encountered early, while Simon is armed with only a knife, making them particularly threatening in harder difficulty modes.

The Slowers are notable for their spasmodically moving heads, which makes aiming for headshots difficult. It’s advisable for players to dispatch them with body shots, or melee, while keeping mindful of their surroundings to avoid being backed into a corner. Early on, knife-fighting is the only option.

When Simon initially deals damage to a Slower, it will be stunned. This only seems to ever occur once per Slower. This offers the player the opportunity to make between three to four ‘safe’ knife stabs, while the creature recoils. Players on Hard and Nightmare difficulties should learn to exploit this behaviour early, in order to reduce the damage they take from the first few encounters with these foes.

Slowers exhibit a behaviour where they will enter an attack stance. When approached in this stance, they can very quickly retort with additional attacks, and get in hits even if you dodge backwards. Their animation will change to them holding out their hammer or ‘ducking’ (entirely cosmetic) when they do so. Avoid knifing them in the few seconds after you’ve provoked them to attack, or Simon will likely take a hit or two.

Simon over the process of Cry of Fear

Simon has changed a lot

Simon progressively changed over the process of Cry of Fear, his model and his bag. At the beginning of Cry of Fear, Simon had a model with less polygons as of now. He had a more emo-like appearance and had dry tears on his face. He didn’t have his bag at the time, even though the inventory was larger than now.

First Simon model, as seen in one of the first trailers released

The second model looks more like the actual Simon we all know of. He had his bag, better graphics, but he had a slight differ in appearance. He had sharp hair and looked very different on the face. Even though all models use ruMpel’s face, this one has less red/pink lips and the skin tone is more tanned than the one now.

Игровой процесс[]

Так как игра является модификацией Half-Life, игровой процесс, в основном, заимствован из неё. Cry of Fear также является шутером от первого лица, где игрок видит окружающий мир глазами главного героя.

В основном, как и в любом другом шутере, игроку предстоит сражаться с различными врагами. После победы в конце ставится ранг. В игре есть пять уровней сложности. В них есть только одно отличие: сила противников становится с каждым уровнем всё больше и больше, и труднее их победить.

Особое место в игре занимает освещение — Саймон практически всегда будет находится в местах, где освещение слабое (а в некоторых — вообще отсутствует). Большую часть игры вашим осветительным прибором будет ваш же сотовый телефон, а именно его фонарик. Но есть одно «но» — в таком состоянии Саймон не может использовать оружие (точнее, может, но не всё, и с ограничениями — см. ниже). Поэтому большую часть игры приходится выбирать — либо освещать путь, либо идти вооружённым. Подобный троп есть в игре Doom 3.

Так как по сюжету Саймон является наркоманом, предметом, восстанавливающим очки жизни, являются шприцы. Кроме шприцов, в игре есть баночки с таблетками обезболивающего (встречаются при прохождении секретной концовки): восстанавливают намного меньше, чем морфин, поскольку являются анальгетиком не наркотического вида, но благодаря этому не вызывают побочных (и опасных) эффектов при частом использовании. Один шприц восстанавливает примерно 80 % очков жизни

Стоит использовать осторожно.

После прохождения мода открывается сложность «Режим Доктора», где игроку даётся возможность поиграть за доктора Пурнелла. По сюжету персонаж должен предотвратить написание книги Саймоном, который начал создавать её по его рекомендациям. Игровой процесс остался идентичным, однако увеличилась сложность прохождения: на уровнях с доктором отсутствуют шприцы.

Второй кошмар[]

Саймон входит в этот кошмар после того, как он увидит галлюцинацию Незнакомца в коридоре с настольной лампой. Показывается кровавый коридор.

Идя по пути, Саймон замечает доски со словами, написанными кровью:






В конце находится дверь с окончательными словами: «I JUST WANT YOU TO DIE… JUST… DIE» (Я ПРОСТО ХОЧУ, ЧТОБЫ ТЫ УМЕР… ПРОСТО… УМЕР)

По пути будут воспроизводиться звуки, повторяющиеся снова и снова.

Когда Саймон войдёт в комнату, он окажется в другом коридоре, на сей раз с нормальными стенами. (не кровавыми, как раньше). Однако, когда Саймон продвинется дальше в кошмар, из пола вылезут руки, появятся крики, здоровье начнет медленно уменьшаться. Саймон должен добраться до двери, ведущей к выходу из этого кошмара как можно быстрее.


Stephano figurine

Initially, it was an Easter Egg only released for PewDiePie, but was later released for everyone who had the mod. To find it, after breaking the brick wall to reach the yellow doors, you must run straight and jump while pressing the action button to open the door in the ceiling. You’ll enter a room in which you’ll find a morphine syringe and the Stephano figurine on a table. If the players touches it, Simon will say «Stephano? What the fuck PewDiePie!» then the wall in front of him will collapse, revealing a Handcrab (an enemy from Afraid of Monsters which behaves exactly like a Headcrab from Half-Life) on another table which will immediately attack the player. The Handcrab is nicknamed «Ruben» by PewDiePie in his Afraid of Monsters Playthrough videos, which is (probably and highly likely) the reason of the Handcrab’s appearance for PewDiePie.

This Easter egg is available since Patch 1.2 or later version excluding 1.6. Since version 1.6 (standalone release), this Easter egg has been completely deleted.

Server problems

After the release of the Standalone version, players complained that there were no server available on the browser, which led them to think that Co-op wasn’t working correctly. Later, Team Psykskallar answered about this issue stating that the reason behind this was because Cry of Fear doesn’t have a Master Server. 

Too many cops… (this is the bug)

If you’re planning on playing some co-op with your friends, read this thread in order to learn how to host a server.

Also, there’s a bug that happens if a player connects to the co-op game after the introduction sequence of the first map. If a player connect to a server with 3 players after they passed the introduction sequence, the player along with 4 static models of the cops will appear outside of Simon’s house at the beginning. However, this doesn’t crash the game nor causes any other known issues.


The apartments represent a basic low to mid income European housing structure. The apartments have a worn and lived in feel, and appear to be a touch dilapidated with windows broken, flooding, and boarded up doors, the apartments also have items such as sofas, tables, and other such pieces of furniture blocking various stair passages and hallway doors, giving the apartments a rather oppressive and claustrophobic feel, the blocked up passages also force Simon into a taking a rather convoluted path through the building, essentially turning it into a concrete maze. From notes the player can find, it is evident a serial killer or pedophile lived in the apartments, and whose apartment contains many garbage bags plus the first appearance of the children among other enemies. When the player arrives however, the individual is not present. The apartments also contain a Roped Off Apartment with blood, police tape, and chains adorning it.

When Simon arrives into the apartment, he makes his way to the fourth floor by navigating around the various obstacles preventing him from taking the most linear route. After entering the landlord’s office, he obtains his second weapon, and unlocks a hall door that was previously inaccessible. When reaching the fourth floor, Simon finds the person he was trying to help, but the man had died before he arrived. He finds a key to the basement on his corpse, before being ambushed by Fasters.

After finding the dead body of the Unknown Caller, the apartments appear to shift and take on an even more sinister and oppressive feel. Sounds of tools being used can be heard through the Unknown Caller’s door, and once Simon escapes his flat and makes it back to the second floor, not only have bars appeared to block some of the landing doors (making Simon once again take a convoluted path through the building), the paint scheme of the Caretaker’s office changes and several apartments have piles of furniture and household goods that appear to be stacked in a manner that defies the laws of physics, with some objects appearing to float. Simon makes his way to the basement and finds a VHS tape containing the keycode for the maintenance elevator. When he takes the elevator, he enters a nightmare sequence in which he needs to kill a creature named Sawer. After this, he wakes up in the maintenance area of the basement.

The caretaker’s office and adjacent apartment as it appears before and after Simon discovers the body of the unknown caller

Later in the game, Simon has to find two fuses to power a door Doctor Purnell escaped through. One of these fuses is in the apartments, and Simon is forced to return to obtain it. In this iteration, there are a wider variety of enemies than previously, that are more dangerous to the player (the Flygare, Stranger, and Faceless can all deal large amounts of damage quickly), and the apartments are much more twisted in nature than before. Upon re-visiting the apartments the surrealism is ratcheted up even further, with clearly audible screams, moans, and knocking sounds seeming to emanate from the building itself.


Before the events of the game, Simon was walking around the city at night and spots a man lying on the ground, in trying to help the man, he was hit and crippled by a car driving into him and pinning him against a wall. This left Simon a paraplegic for life. Simon was already going through heavy depression before the accident, so him being in a crippled only worsened his mental health to an unimaginable degree.

His counseling doctor gives Simon the idea to write a book on his thoughts and inner demons as a method of going through cognitive therapy. This is what creates the monsters seen in the game, as the player sees the projection of his dark thoughts into the forms of these monsters.

During Simon’s encounters with Doctor Purnell, the doctor falsely explains that the monsters are a result of an outbreak. Simon even thinks that the doctor is responsible for most or all of the bizarre events and creatures seen throughout the game. This is due to — in the game’s «real world» — Simon feels that the doctor has made his mental state worse, despite the latter trying to help him.

Страницы из книги[]

  • Первую страницу можно получить после прохождения игры. Она объясняет, где можно найти остальные страницы.
  • Вторую страницу можно найти под синим грузовиком в Saxon Avenue. Там написана система классов.
  • Третью страницу можно найти в лесу в главе 6, на левой стороне поляны, где Бегун с бензопилой гоняется за вами после получения дверной ручки (ВОЗЬМИТЕ СТРАНИЦУ ДО ДВЕРНОЙ РУЧКИ). Она объясняет, как открыть секретные предметы.
  • Четвёртую страницу можно найти в главе 4 при прохождении вентиляционных ходов в метро (после получения фаеров). Добираемся до коридора, который имеет 3 вентилятора. Средний частично сломан. Пролезаем туда. Потом смотрим направо и проходим дальше. Страница объясняет, как открыть все костюмы.
  • Пятую страницу можно найти в главе 6 после поезда. Идите до конца моста. По правой стороне будет красный разбитый автомобиль с дверью сзади. Страница находится слева от двери. Она объясняет, как открыть секретное оружие.


Игра начинается за группу шведских полицейских, которые попадают в мир книги Саймона. Они пытаются изменить его будущее, остановив водителя и попутно пытаясь выжить.

Кооператив начинается в Кирквилле, ночью перед домом Саймона. Появляется большое количество монстров наряду с Великаном. Дороги заблокированы транспортом, таким образом вынуждая группу пройти через канализацию и другие подземные проходы, сталкиваясь с водными и другими монстрами на своём пути.

После выхода из канализации они должны пересечь озеро через мост, подвергаясь нападению Великанов, Сумасшедших бегунов и очень большим количеством Уэйтро. Также группа должна пересечь лес, проходя через заблокированные шоссе. Позже отряд встретит Бегуна с бензопилой, который должен быть убит, в конце концов они добираются до заброшенного поезда и едут туда, откуда он пришёл. В поезде группу атакуют Раскольники.

Группа снова прибывает в метро и подвергается нападению Самоубийц. Команда выходит из метро в город, борясь с ордами монстров на своём пути. Отряд входит в парк и может дополнительно разгадать головоломку, чтобы получить четыре снайперские винтовки и кувалду. Группа теперь должна пройти через ряд квартир, другую часть города и обратно в метро.

Когда группа выходит из метро, они сталкиваются с пустой улицей со зловеще щёлкающими пешеходными переходами. Потом мы видим Саймона, который идёт по улице и он останавливается, чтобы посмотреть на группу полицейских, арестовывающих водителя автомобиля, который должен был в будущем сбить Саймона. Один из полицейских говорит что им удалось предотвратить аварию с протагонистом и изменили его будущее. Они сражались и одержали победу над монстрами с помощью совместной работы.

Затем мы видим Саймона и Софи, идущими вместе и держась за руки. Экран становится чёрным и затем начинаются титры.

Сюжет компании Manhunt

Вы начинаете игру за группу шведских полицейских, теперь ваша цель — поймать Доктора. Вы бродите по улицам, преодолевая препятствия в виде монстров. По пути вам встретятся вентили. Вы должны взять хотя бы один.

После дальнейших прогулок по городу, вы заходите в метрополитен. Вы отбиваетесь от кучи Циталопрамов и бродите дальше. По пути, вылезая из вентиляции, вы встречаете Крейга. После расправы над ним, команда запрыгивает в люк, там она вставляет в одну из труб вентиль и перекрывает пар, который блокировал проход к двери.

Дальше, вы заходите в заправку, и замечаете там пикап. Машина не заправлена, но не беда. Группа обнаруживает в магазине запасы бензина, и заправляет автомобиль. Вы забираетесь на грузовую площадку и отбиваетесь от монстров. Позже, отряд прибывает в лес.

Бродя по нему, группа заходит в психушку и сражается с кучей опасных чудовищ, и в итоге чудом выбирается оттуда. Спустя некоторое время, вы уже находитесь рядом с домом Доктора. Вам нужно подняться и убить толпы водяных монстров (Сточу).

Казалось бы, конец. Но из дома Врача выходит Кошмар Саймона с топором и нападает на вас. Вы чудом выживаете, и вздыхаете с облегчением.

Группа заходит в дом и арестовывает Доктора…

Экран темнеет, и мы видим титры.


Глок 19, 9 мм.

Глок 19, 9 мм.

Первое огнестрельное оружие, которое Саймон находит в одиночной игре. Находит у трупа, свисающего с потолка, практически в самом начале уровня Квартира. Позже, Саймон столкнётся с Самоубийцей, вооружённый этим оружием. В Глок 19 вмещается 15 патронов.


  • Занимает второе место среди пистолетов по вместимости патронов.
  • Он может быть оснащён тактическим фонариком, избавляя игрока от необходимости к отдельному источнику света.
  • Умеренно низкая отдача.
  • Удобный прицел.
  • Очень много боеприпасов.
  • Если бить рукоятью врагов, можно сэкономить патроны.
  • Довольно полезное оружие.


  • Самый слабый пистолет в игре.
  • Долгая перезарядка делает игрока уязвимым.


VP70 — четвёртое огнестрельное оружие, с которым сталкивается Саймон. Он может быть найден в конце туннеля до университета в переулках главы 4. В VP70 вмещается 18 патронов.


  • Большая скорострельность.
  • Умеренно низкая отдача.
  • Стреляет очередью из трёх пуль.
  • Удобный прицел.
  • Имеет самую высокую вместимость патронов среди пистолетов.
  • Второй по урону пистолет.


  • Не может быть переключён в режим одиночной стрельбы.
  • Патроны встречаются редко.
  • Из-за отдачи не все три патрона за выстрел могут попасть в цель.

Ruger P345

Ruger P345 — очень мощный пистолет с очень малым разбросом боеприпасов к нему по локациям (боеприпасы к нему встречаются редко). Этот пистолет требует доктор Пернелл. Также, это первое огнестрельное оружие, доступное в кооперативе. В P345 вмещается 8 патронов.


  • Большой урон.
  • Удобный прицел.


  • Большая отдача.
  • Боеприпасы к нему встречаются редко.
  • Долго им не попользуешься, поскольку вы получаете его около конца одиночной игры.

Taurus .357 Magnum

Этот револьвер используется доктором Пурнеллом, чтобы выстрелить из него Саймону в плечо. Также этот пистолет используется в Доктор Моде.


  • Большой урон.
  • Высокая точность.
  • Удобный прицел.
  • Перезарядка может быть прервана.


  • Обладает самой низкой ёмкостью магазина из всех пистолетов (может вмещать только 5 патронов).
  • Медленная скорость перезарядки.
  • Трудно совершить фатальный выстрел на проворных врагах, которое может привести к напрасной растрате пуль.
  • Не доступен в течении длительного времени, из-за этого его можно получить только во второй половине одиночной игры.
  • В одиночной игре он может быть получен только путём отказа давать Пернеллу оружие, которое приводит к концовке 1 или 3.


Simon’s house appears to be a relatively standard Swedish bungalow, manufactured with concrete and decorated externally with a relatively stylish stained red wood exterior, and a standard tiled roof. This design appears to be relatively common in Kirkville, as there are several other bungalows of a similar design seen in the village. The house contains a relatively small bathroom, and an equally small kitchen / dining area, a reasonably spacious living room, and 2 bedrooms, one larger and one slightly smaller. The larger room appears to be his mother’s room, and the smaller room is evidently Simon’s room, as it matches with the room seen in the opening nightmare sequence with the camera. In the introductory nightmare sequence Simon’s room has a Half-life 2 poster on the wall, and a horror poster on the back of the door. When you visit the home again at the end of the game the horror poster is on the wall and the poster on the door cannot be seen. It’s unclear if this was merely an oversight, a joke from the developers, or a nod to Valve, however Simon’s room is otherwise small and relatively sparse.

Upon arrival at the house, in the four canon endings to the game, Simon will call out for his mother, asking where she is. If the player mailed the package earlier, the fifth ending will play out as soon as you enter the door, and you will be unable to explore the house. The player can explore most of the house (and there is a save point in the kitchen), however as soon as the player heads along the corridor towards Simon’s bedroom, the ending will play out and Simon’s fate will be revealed.


Slowers attacking the cops in the Suburbs

The game starts with a player or a group of them, playing as a team of Swedish police officers who have read and entered Simon’s Book. They aim to prevent the crash and change Simon’s future, while fighting his monsters.

The campaign starts in the Suburbs at night, in front of Simon’s house. The doors are locked and won’t budge. A large amount of Slowers and Flygares eventually appear, along with Tallers and the Sawcrazy. Roads are blocked by vehicles, thus forcing the team to go through the Sewers and other underground passes, encountering Sewmos and other monsters on their way.

After exiting the underground, they must cross the lake, which now has boardwalks, while being attacked by Tallers, Crazyrunners and a very large amount of Watros. The team must then traverse the Forest and Asylum, coming across a blocked highway and through another series of Forests. This is were the team will encounter the Sawrunner, who must be killed. The team eventually reach the abandoned train and proceed to ride it back to where it came from. While on the train, the team is attacked by Spitters and Twitchers.

The cops in the lake

The team arrive in the subway and are attacked by Suiciders. The team exit the subway into the City, fighting a large array of monsters on their way. The team enter the same park as Simon did and can optionally complete the puzzle to obtain four sniper rifles and a sledgehammer. The team must now go through a series of apartments, another part of the city and back into the subway.

When the team exits the subway, they come across an empty street with ominously clicking pedestrian crossings. When one of the team walks far enough up the street, a cutscene plays. We see Simon, walking down the street and stopping to see a group of officers arresting the driver of a car. One of the officers from the team performs a monologue, explaining that they managed to stop Simon from ever being hit and changed his future. They have fought and triumphed over waves of monsters, through the use of teamwork.

We then see Simon and Sophie walking together hand-in-hand. The screen goes black and the credits roll.

Roped Off Apartment

The corridor…

When Simon gets into the roped off apartment, he descends a ladder in the middle of the room. He then finds himself in a dark corridor, while hearing the doctor talking about his patient. He then finds a door that leads him to a room with a face (the same one from the first nightmare) spasming around. Once Simon defeats the enemies here, a cage in front of him will be opened, revealing a door. Simon reaches the door but Sawrunner appears in front of him. The floor collapses and Simon finds himself in a dark place. He runs toward the only light in the distance, which is a room. Simon enters this room and goes through the door ending the nightmare.


  • Although the house is exactly the same in all of the 4 canon endings, each ending does in fact have a different map (c_ending1 to c_ending 5). As the GoldSrc engine doesn’t have the capacity to store a complex amount of data about player choices in game, this allows the game to allow for the player’s in-game choices. In ending 5, the house cannot actually be explored.
  • Although the time spent in the house will be short, it is considered one of the key focal points of the game, as the game both starts and finishes in Simon’s bedroom.
  • Although in game this house is presented as Simon’s house, in reality it is more likely to be where Simon’s mother lives, and may have been his family home earlier in life, as the good ending actually depicts Simon living in an apartment very similar in appearance to the Roped Off Apartment in the Apartments. The fate of, and any specific details regarding Simon’s mother and the rest of his family are never mentioned in Cry Of Fear, as such his relationship with her and her importance to the story is left to the player’s imagination.


In this mode, the players take control of The Cops who, after investigating Simon’s case and his book, they get swallowed by Simon’s nightmare in the Book. The cops realize that if they want to escape the nightmare, they must prevent any of the Cry of Fear events from ever happening by preventing Simon’s accident from occurring. The cops must travel the whole SP Campaign backwards to find Simon and save him. You can have up to 4 players, but you can also play alone, as there are no parts that require two or more players.

In co-op, several features from the SP campaign are missing, like combining items, dual wielding, unlocks, and tape-recorder saving. However, all the players have a full-strength flashlight on their vest which never runs out of battery and can be used at any time by pressing F, plus players can revive each other at any time using CPR. Also, the ammo capacity for every weapon is more limited than in the SP Campaign (you can carry up to 3 handgun magazines).

A new Co-op campaign was released. It’s named Manhunt. The campaign’s main goal is to find and stop Doctor Purnell, who is responsible for suggesting Simon to write his book, thus creating the events in Cry of Fear.


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