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Strategic move adds depth in digital offering for clients; complements agency’s direction and culture

Have you ever found a missing piece to a puzzle? Felt the satisfaction of placing its necessary shape and image to complete your picture?

That feeling is why we are so thrilled to announce Core Creative has acquired GS Design, a Milwaukee-based digital services agency.

The combination of Core’s strength in branding and GS Design’s strength in digital will help propel our agency forward. Together, we will truly offer robust integrated marketing communications services for our clients.

This acquisition has already been welcomed news to our clients and both sets of our employees.

Core’s 45 talented strategic and creative professionals are being joined by 9 experts in user experience, digital creative direction, front-end development, software engineering and account management. With these additional internal resources to rely upon, our team is in an even better position to deliver the insights, ideas and metrics that matter most to our clients.

What makes this acquisition work is how we complete one another’s “picture.”

For nearly 25 years, Core Creative has concentrated its efforts on defining the purpose behind our clients’ missions, helping them both “say” and “live” their brand promise more effectively. And, practicing what we preach, our vision moving forward is to specialize in supporting brands that help people live healthier lives.

In effect, Core had the branding focus and positioning; what we needed was more digital firepower.

Built on similar values of putting its clients and employees first, GS Design operated its digital agency for nearly 30 years, producing award-winning work for a variety of clients ranging from motorsports to insurance to healthcare.

So, GS had the digital firepower; what they needed was the branding focus and positioning.

With so much synergy between our two agencies, the primary questions behind an acquisition (Do we share the same values and have a cultural fit? Are we fulfilling needs in one another’s businesses? Can we build something better together for our clients moving forward?) were all answered almost immediately with a resounding “yes.”

Our collective clients, now being served under the Core banner, should take heart in this message. The professionals at Core and GS (owners and employees) are like-minded and like-willed … and because of that, we are already functioning during our integration phase as a well-oiled machine.

At your disposal is even more capability – integrated together seamlessly from both the traditional and digital worlds – all under one, cool, sky-lighted roof. (GS has moved into Core’s offices in Walker’s Point across from the Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee. Come visit us! You won’t want to leave.)

So, on behalf of Marc Tebon and Jason Evans, principals at GS, and on behalf of the leadership team at Core Creative (Rich Vetrano, Jeff Speech, Patti Schauer, Beth Crivello-Wagner and Angi Krueger) allow me to make the announcement official: With GS Design onboard, Core Creative is truly better, stronger and more complete. 

It’s almost as if a missing piece had been filled into a puzzle.

Ward Alles is the President of Core Creative.

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