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D — Gyro Edit[]

This method is done using Levi’s skill.

Known Damage: 1500+

Difficulty: 7/10


1. Move in a left or right direction from your location while locking on a titan, then grapple on to its shoulders.

2. If possible, gain enough speed until you reach around 70 meters (shown in crosshair) near the titan. In this position, you should be around 45° from the direction of the titan (with 0° being the direction the titan is facing).

3. With the angle achieved, release the hook/s so that you’ll still continue going forward.

4. Quickly use Levi’s skill while passing the shoulders of the titan.

5. Levi’s grapple will immediately change your direction, from forward, to a circular motion. The spin attack will kill the titan instantly.

NOTE: Levi’s skill will not or may not work sometimes due to the wrong angle or speed (depending on your trajectory)

Frost Corps

Founder: Crystal

The Frost Corps is a small guild with 5 or so members mainly focused on training to get high amounts of damage. (1k and up) We usually start 1k servers to practice, otherwise, we are probably doing dumb stuff like titan racing, anti-gas, etc. We are also talking about other things like anime, gaming, and stuff. Contact for recruiting or if you’re just bored… (Logo WIP)

«These soldiers think their training will keep them alive. They break down doors and come through windows, weapons drawn. But it’s too late. They forgot the first rule of survival. A real hunter always watches where he steps.»— Kapkan

Reeling Out[]

Reeling out can be achieved by scrolling up, using the reel rebinding programs like the RC mod or any other reel rebind programs, to reel out with a reel rebinding program simply hold the assigned button to slowly move outwards. This can be used to correct your height, or just overall increase your chances of landing a hit. You may have noticed that if you perform any of the techniques below near the titan you almost never hit them. By reeling out and then reeling in for the attack you can perform feats you never thought were possible. A good example of this being used can be seen in the link below.

The Game Review

Attack on Titan Tribute game offers both single-player and multiplayer modes. In the single-player mode, players get to choose a specific character after which they are given a mission to clear the city by killing numerous titans. Players have the option to choose from a number of characters including:

  • Mikasa Ackerman,
  • Levi Ackerman,
  • Marco Bott,
  • Jean Kristen,
  • Petra Ral,
  • Eren Jaeger,
  • Sasha Blouse,
  • and Armin Arlert.

Each of these characters has special abilities which the players can use to defeat the titans. Mikasa has the ability to directly thrust her swords, killing everything that it touches. Levi can spin in the air, slicing everything that comes within his reach.

Marco has the power to directly attract all nearby titans, forcing them to come towards him. Jean’s special is a vertical chop which enables him to save himself from the clutches of any titan.

One of the most popular characters of the game, Eren, has an interesting ability to transform into a titan, giving him an extra boost of power and speed for a limited amount of time. Sasha’s unique ability gives her extra speed which is helpful in terms of both offense and defense.

Lastly, Armin’s ability to dance distracts the titans, giving him a chance to kill them directly by attack the nape. The game does very well to emulate the characters from the original anime by linking their characteristics to their special abilities in the game.

In the multiplayer mode, the players can either team up or compete against one another on a single map. The multiplayer mode has the option for players to choose between either the titans or humans.

Once the sides are chosen, a battle takes place between the antagonists and protagonists. The aim of the antagonists is to kill their opponents whereas the players who play the titans are required to grab and kill the antagonist character. The team with the highest points at the ends gets to win the battle.

Attack on Titan Tribute Game is very similar to another game based on the same anime series called Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom. Although the Tribute Game has very limited graphics capabilities compared to Wings of Freedom, both the games are built with the same mechanics which involves taking down titans.

Overall, Attack on Titan Tribute Game is a very addicting game to play at first. However, repetition of the same gameplay and pattern can cause the players to eventually lose interest. The ability to play as both the Titans and Human characters makes the game fun and competitive to play.

Attack On Titan Tribute Game
Attack on Titan Tribute Game is an action title inspired by a popular anime series. Download it and slay the giant titans.

Total Score

User Rating: 3 (6 %s votes)

The popular browser fan game for AoT

Attack on Titan Tribute Game is a free action video game that lets you experience taking down the monstrous Titans. Developed by Feng Lee, this is a 3D browser fan game based on the popular Attack on Titan series. However, you can’t play the original version anymore since the servers are gone. You can now only play its active mods and the final Beta version released since the developer is creating Attack on Titan Tribute Game 2.

The fight for humanity’s survival

Attack on Titan—also known as “Shingeki no Kyojin”— is a 2009 Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It follows the story of Eren Yeager, who becomes a member of the Scout Regiment of his nation to destroy all Titans—gigantic humanoid creatures that eat humans—after his mother is devoured by one. The popularity of the series helped spawn a successful anime adaptation in 2013 and the succeeding years. Additionally, several video games were based on it.

However, there wasn’t a lot of them during the first few years of the anime’s success. Thus, when Attack on Titan Tribute Game came out and can be freely played on web browsers, it became an instant hit with the fans. Its main glaring issue was the quality of the graphics and cheap-looking 3D models. For the fans who were still waiting for an official AoT game, though, that was hardly a real problem that could deter their enjoyment. 

The fan game’s main selling point was its gameplay with the use of the iconic 3D maneuver gear. With it, your character could jump to incredible heights, zip around in mid-air, perform amazing flying stunts and somersaults, and get close enough to Titans to easily take them out. The gameplay’s entire vibe was similar to that of the high-octane action portrayed in the anime adaptation so that added to the game’s popularity. 

Is Attack on Titan Tribute Game free?

That’s not the only selling point for this fan game. Another is that it’s completely free and can be played on browsers. However, after several years of no active development, its old servers have finally shut down. Plus, the Unity Web Browser plugin could no longer be downloaded. Only a few selected browsers can still support the game. The most stable version you can play is the Beta version that was the final release for AOTTG

This is technically an unfinished version of Attack on Titan Tribute Game as the developer started working on the sequel, Attack on Titan Tribute Game 2 or AOTTG2. Still, the Beta version can be played and had even included some features from the more popular and approved AOTTG mods like the RC Mod. It offers an in-game map editor, two new difficulty levels called Dummy and Easy, and some in-game Titan characters like the Female Titan.

A great inspiration

Attack on Titan Tribute Game has left a great legacy for the series’ fans. While it’s not the best in terms of visuals and even proper controls, the gameplay it offered provided fans the fun they were looking for in the early years of Attack on Titan’s fame. You can still play it but don’t expect any more major updates coming. Luckily, there are other games similar to this, like Attack on Quest for VR.


A crawler (15 meter high/long)

These kind of titans are also called abnormal titans, but since there are a few things that are different they are considered a separate class. The crawling titan is the rarest of the all the titan classes, it’s possible to play a game (Small chances of becoming one) without even meeting one. The crawling titan is extremely fast, and are able to air grab like the Abnormal/Deviant, it’s also the one with the furthest spotting range, and have the best overview of the player.

They also calculate you speed, and will kill you no matter how fast you go, unless you change direction midair or they hit something (a titan, a tree, a building) that ruins their aim. They will only jump if you are above about one heads height over the top of its head, meaning that smaller crawlers will jump easier and more frequently.

Because of their speed, they can climb angled walls. The smaller ones climb faster because their feet walks more frequently.

The crawlers are always crawling, it never get stand on to legs, which make it more difficult to kill since its weak point is not vertical, but horizontal. It is very easy to kill using Mikasa’s special.

Target: Female Titan (AHSS Gun) Edit[]

Known Damage: 700+ (Knee)

500+ (Nape)

Difficulty: 7/10


1. Build up as much speed as possible (similar to the sword technique) while maintaining distance.

2. Hit her ankle while your speeding up, with ONE (1) bullet.

3. If she falls, immediately reload your barrels then go to her behind.

4. Similar to the sword technique Get above her, but this time, around 70 meters.

5. Gas up until your completely aligned with her nape. While doing this, hold the right mouse button, and don’t release it just yet.

6. Quickly hook to her nape, and release the right mouse button when you are in range of her. But you must be very fast, or else you’ll lose the opportunity.


A Punk Titan is the most highly responsive type of Titan in the game, and one of the most dangerous, alongside Crawlers. A Punk can chase down a player indefinitely after spotting them just once. If they are a certain distance from the player, they will throw a rock at them. If close enough, a Punk will attack you as a normal titan, however, unlike the normal titans, they do not pound the ground after their second slap, and do not stop moving after each attack, giving the player no time to rest. If the player is behind them, they will sit down and cover the back of the neck with their hands, making killing them even more difficult. 


They can attack from afar.

The boulders are thrown according to your current trajectory, almost always guaranteeing a hit.

They can cover their napes, nullifying nearly all attacks.

They have a very dangerous air swat attack which can easily kill a player circling around or flying near them.

  • The combo they do when blinded stops abruptly after the second slap, and have no delay after the attack, enabling them to keep attacking repeatedly.
  • Due to the way their back arches when they run, it is harder to hit the nape from behind while they are running.


When throwing a boulder, they will not move until the boulder is thrown. This leaves them vulnerable for a very brief window which can be utilized more easily in multiplayer games.

  • When their boulders hit any titan (apart from bosses), the titan will be dazed for few seconds.
  • When they cover their nape, it is possible to cut through their defense, albeit to some extent of difficulty. The specific area unprotected by a punk’s hands is around the top of the nape. This is easier to execute on 4 meter punks.
  • Punk Titans sit down on the ground and doze if there are no players nearby. Sometimes they do not react quickly when a player arrives, which could give an opportunity to attack.
  • A few of the strengths depicted above are also the punks weakness. While the slap may be considered dangerous, it is also an opening as the punk is left open when he slaps. The key is to bait the punks into slapping the air and reeling in on the nape.
  • While the punks cover their nape their eyes are open to be hit. Correctly maneuvering after hitting it, you can cut its ankles, or get a good hook if you couldn’t before.
  • The AHSS also makes quick work of punks as you needn’t be as close as you do with blades. You can also shoot through his hands when he covers his nape.
  • In short, make the punk do what you want. Bait his animations and play him into your blades.

Bu titansların hala büyümek için zamana ihtiyacı var

Titan Tribute Oyunu Attack aynı adlı anime hayranları tarafından oluşturulan ücretsiz bir oyundur. Şu anda sadece bir demo, oyun gösterisi uyandırır ve hayranların sevdiği yüksek uçan kablo tabanlı savaş sadık bir sevimli chibi tarzı vardır.

Bu bir hayran projesi ve Kodansha Comics tarafından lisanssız.

Hala erken

Titan Tribute Oyunu Attack demo geliştirici için neyi amaçladığı hakkında iyi bir fikir sunuyor, ama hala geliştirme aşamasında çok erken. Şu anda, sadece büyük başlı chibi karakterleri, şekilleri ve tasarımları çok ilkel olan ortamlar ve titanslar ile herhangi bir ayrıntıya sahiptir. Ayrıca, karakterleri uygularken sevimli stil iyi iken, masif bej Jöle Bebekler gibi görünen titans üzerinde etkili değildir.

Gösteriden en sevdiğiniz karakterlerden (Eren, Levi, Mikasa ve şirket) oynayabilirsiniz. Bir kez seçildikten sonra, hepsini yok etmek için bir heyetle yükselen titanslara karşı savaşa gönderilirsiniz.

Tabii ki daha kolay olduğu söyleniyor. Bu devler etraflarındaki binaları bile cüceler ve sadece boynunun boynunda saygı görürler . Bu, ünlü Team Dimensional Manevralarını geride bırakmak için ustalaşmanız ve onları indirmenin umuduyla karşılaşmanız halinde bu zayıf noktayı kesmeniz gerektiği anlamına gelir.

İşareti eksik

Bununla birlikte, bunu yapmak, Titan Tribute Oyununun Saldırı Saldırısı Oyununun en büyük sorunu olan kontrolün altını çiziyor. Şovda olduğu gibi, karakterinin iki tane hoppa çenesi var. Bunları dünyadaki herhangi bir katı nesneye (titans dahil) fırlatmak, kahramanı havada gezdirmenizi sağlar. Gerçek bir hız artışı için her ipi tek tek veya bir kerede kontrol etmek mümkündür. Bu dinamik size gerçek bir vızıltı verebilir, ancak aynı anda hareket, kamera, atlama, dodge, kancaları kapma ve bir klavye ve fare kullanarak girişleri saldırıya geçirmeye çalışırken , kontrol etmeyi inanılmaz derecede zorlaştırır .

Titan Tribute Oyununa Saldırı’nın gamepad desteği olmadığı için, bir ped ile daha kolay olup olmayacağını söylemek zordur — ama aynı anda kullanılması gereken pek çok şeyin olması olası görünmemektedir.

Buna bir mizaçlı kamera ve sık sık onları vurmak için olduğu gibi dönecek olan titansları ekleyin (büyük ağzınızda uçmanıza neden olacak şekilde) ve bu demoyu kendinizden vazgeçerek kendinizi bu kadar beklemeyeceksiniz. biraz daha tamamen oluşmuş.

Titan Tribute Game demodaki saldırı bazı farklı alanları ve karakterleri denemenizi sağlar. Uyarmak; Hala çok basit görünüyor ve üç tane Haribo çuvalından sonra iki yaşından büyük bir yerindeymiş gibi kontrol edebiliyorsunuz. Bu, eğlenceli bir kavram kanıtı dedi.

Отсутствует DLL-файл или ошибка DLL



Ошибка d3dx9_43.dll, xinput1_2.dll,
x3daudio1_7.dll, xrsound.dll и др.

Все ошибки, в названии которых можно увидеть










лечатся одним и тем
же способом – воспользуйтесь

веб-установщиком исполняемых библиотек DirectX


MSVCR120.dll, VCRUNTIME140.dll, runtime-x32.dll и др.

Ошибки с названием




лечатся установкой
библиотек Microsoft Visual C++ (узнать, какая именно библиотека нужна можно в системных

Избавляемся от ошибки MSVCR140.dll / msvcr120.dll / MSVCR110.dll и
других DLL раз и навсегда

Очень часто стал замечать, что люди плачут об ошибках «запуск программы невозможен, так как
на компьютере отсутствует MSVCR120.dll». Это встречается…


Вам в игре не только нужно будет заниматься уничтожением таких коварных и злобных исполинов, вам еще нужно приложить максимум усилий, чтобы модернизировать свое оружие. Эти твари так и норовят вас истребить, поэтому, чем больше оружия в игре вы получите, тем больше шансов у вас будет уничтожить этих мерзких громадных созданий. Игра предусматривает лишь только одиночный режим прохождения, поэтому в ваших силах самому попытаться избавиться от целых орд кровожадных исполинов. Стена, которую создали ваши герои, вот-вот- может пасть, поэтому еще старайтесь находить как можно больше предметов для укрепления вашего оборонительного сооружения

В игре Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom, скачать торрент которой возможно бесплатно, посетив наш игровой сайт, есть еще много нюансов и фишек, на которые вы, как пользователь, должны обратить свое внимание

Vector Strike[]

This technique is used for when you coincidentally pass right below a titan. But you could always do it on purpose if you want.


1) Gas below the chest of the titan. Can either be left or right of course.

2) When successfully passing the titan, hook on to nape then reel in.

3) Let go of hooks to maintain momentum.


When executed perfectly at high speed, this technique can certainly give you 1000+.

Vector Strike:

The vector strike is one of the more commonly used techniques, and if used correctly is easily able to hit well over 1000+ and even 2000+. The vector strike is one of the oldest techniques in the game, and many newer players have been giving this move a new name. The vector strike is a combination of the so called critical reeling and timing. Vector along with equator are techniques (if performed right), that will keep the players momentum/speed and therefore increase the survivability of the player. A common mistake often made by newer players is to keep hooked onto the titan, and therefore lose the momentum/speed.


1) Be in air and approach a titan.

2) When within range of the titan (140-80 feet) (remember if in high speed your wire has more than 119 feet in range), hook onto the titan.

3) When hooked onto the titan don’t let go of gas since it stops you/slows you down.

4) Remember to press the A or D key depending on which way you go around the titan (push the key that leads out of the the circle, not towards the center). This is crucial to keep your movement and your speed steady.

5) When you pass around the shoulder, be ready to reel in with full force, as you get more acquainted with vectors you will be able to judge how much force you will need to roll your mouse wheel.

6) Now you should approach the titan with full speed and right toward the nape in a linear movement, and just before you are at the nape, unhook, fly by the nape, and hit the titan.

Blinding Spin | Blinding Shot[]

The Blinding Spin is a technique used to take down Large and Medium sized titans. This skill is used only by a few players, mostly beginners because it requires less practice and is easier to pull off. Formula 1 is a reliable way for beginners and veterans to kill titans due to the ease of use of Levi’s special. However, using Levi’s skill may fail due to the required precise timing.

Formula Level: Beginners and Veterans

Blinding Spin Formula 1 (Levi’s Skill) (Step By Step) (80% Guaranteed Hit)

  1. Hook right to the titans eyes
  2. Use Levi’s special skill
  3. Wait for the titan to protect it’s eyes
  4. Hook really fast to the back
  5. Wait for the titan to do it’s normal attack
  6. After its normal attack Levi’s skill will have regenerated. Hook really fast right to the titans nape and use Levi’s Special to take it down.

Sometimes you can press F for the chosen character to become steady when hitting the titan’s nape.

Blinding Spin Formula 2 (Any Skill) (Step By Step)

  1. Hook right to the titans eyes
  2. Hit the titans eyes right it the middle
  3. Wait for the titan to touch it’s eyes
  4. Hook really fast at the back
  5. Wait for the titan to do it’s normal attack
  6. After it’s normal attack really fast hook right to the titans nape and use the normal human attack to take it down

Hydra Strike[]

A technique that functions similar to the vector strike. Can work on titan of all sizes, just depends on how you use it.

Known Damage: 4000+

Difficulty: 5-7/10
(All depends on players ability)


  1. Approach the titan with a good amount of speed in the air
  2. Hook the titan’s chin or the neck (best)
  3. Hold your attack and wait for an opening
  4. Reel in and release your attack
  5. You can either keep your hook on the titan, adjusting your directions, or immediately release and move on to the next unfortunate target.

Tip: Although this doesn’t require a reel rebind program, it can be encouraged as it increasing your chances of landing

It is also recommended that you fly flat when executing this, however it can still be landed with proper hook adjustment. Sometimes, you must to adapt to the situation at hand. If cannot find an opening, you can reel in and immediately release. This is only to be used in desperate conditions. If you find that you cannot land a cut, you can use it’s second variation.

Accelerated Spiral Strike

Executed when you miss a hydra strike, but can be used intentionally for very high damage.(credit to AbesAOTTG)

Known Damage: 6000+(If performed at ridiculously high speeds)

Difficulty: 9.5/10


1.(from 4 of the Hydra Strike tutorial) When missed, circle the titan once more

2. Look for an opening

3. Reel in again once more attacking

4. Repeat until you hit the nape

This technique however, is hard to perform as if you miss by too far and travel too fast, your chance of landing it are VERY slim if you can’t do a flat spin or be close to a flat spin.

Звук в Attack on Titan Tribute Game (AoTTG) отсутствует или пропадает в заставках

  • В трее нажмите ПКМ по значку динамика;
  • В открывшемся меню необходимо выбрать пункт


  • Следом необходимо выбрать устройство (это могут быть либо динамики, либо наушники) и
    нажать на


  • Перейти на соседнюю вкладку


  • Отыщите меню под названием

    «Формат по умолчанию»

    , чтобы задать значение, но
    оно должно быть ниже текущего;
  • Нажмите


    , откройте Attack on Titan Tribute Game (AoTTG) и проверьте результат проделанной
  • Вновь в трее ПКМ по значку динамика;
  • В меню отыщите функцию под названием

    «Пространственный звук»

    , чтобы
  • Остаётся лишь перезапустить Attack on Titan Tribute Game (AoTTG) и проверить результат.


Founder: Phineas_

Jaegerbomb is a large guild with a lot of skilled players. They ascended from the pits of dank spitting bars like a mad rap group from the 90’s. The guild was founded on December 29th, 2013 making it one of the oldest guilds. They are known for their dank memes and their damage, having the only player to legitimately hit a 10k, the best yoyo-ers and non-yoyo-ers in the world, and some of the best damage combo players. They are also known for restarting games and choking. Eventually drama fear of Nazi invasion leads the guild to remove their leader and make a council. Currently, the council members are Lito, Niko, Omega, Tako, Fedda, Hieu, and Martin. You can contact them by adding tranny97 on Skype; he’s very friendly so don’t be shy.

Появляется чёрный экран в Attack on Titan Tribute Game (AoTTG)

  • Драйверы установлены/обновлены, но Attack on Titan Tribute Game (AoTTG) всё равно отказывается работать
    нормально? Тогда нужно проверить ПО, установлены ли вообще необходимые библиотеки? В
    первую очередь проверьте наличие библиотек

    Microsoft Visual C++



    , а также наличие «свежего»


  • Если ничего из вышеописанного не дало нужного результата, тогда пора прибегнуть к
    радикальному способу решения проблемы: запускаете Attack on Titan Tribute Game (AoTTG) и при появлении
    чёрного экрана нажимаете сочетание клавиш «Alt+Enter», чтобы игра переключилась на
    оконный режим. Так, возможно, откроется главное меню игры и удастся определить
    проблема в игре или нет. Если удалось перейти в оконный режим, тогда переходите в
    игровые настройки Attack on Titan Tribute Game (AoTTG) и меняйте разрешение (часто получается так, что
    несоответствие разрешения игры и рабочего стола приводит к конфликту, из-за которого
    появляется чёрный экран).
  • Причиной этой ошибки также могут послужить различные программы, предназначенные для
    захвата видео и другие приложения, связанные с видеоэффектами. А причина простая –
    появляются конфликты.
  • И напоследок – проблема, вероятнее всего, может быть связана с технической
    составляющей «железа». Видеоадаптер может перегреваться, как и мосты на материнской
    плате, что влечёт за собой уменьшенное энергопотребление видеокарты. Мы не будем
    вдаваться в детальные технические подробности, поэтому просто рекомендуем в
    обязательном порядке почистить свою машину от пыли и также поменять термопасту!

Die Titane brauchen noch Zeit, zum wachsen

Das Attacke auf Titan Tribute-Game ist ein kostenloses Spiel, das von Fans der Anime des gleichen Namens erfunden wurde. Zur Zeit nur als Demo vorhanden hat das Spiel einen niedlichen Chibi-Stil, getreu dem hochfliegenden Kabel-involvierten Kampf, den Fans so lieben.

Es ist ein Fan-Projekt und lizenzfrei von Kodansha Comics.

Noch früh

Das Demo von Attacke auf Titane Tribute-Game bietet eine gute Vorstellung auf das, was der Herausgeber beabsichtigt, aber es ist definitiv sehr früh in der Entwicklung. Momentan sind nur die großköpfigen Chibi Charaktere detailgetreu hergestellt und die Umgebung und die Titane sehen im Bezug auf ihre Form und das Design noch sehr primitiv aus. Auch ist der niedliche Stil sehr passend für die Charaktere, aber nicht sehr effektiv für die Titane, die wie riesengroße beigefarbene Jelly Beans aussehen.

Du kannst einen deiner Lieblingscharaktere spielen (Eren, Levi, Mikasa, und andere) und dann geht es in die Schlacht gegen die großen Titane, in einer Mission, sie alle zu vernichten.

Dies ist natürlich leichter gesagt als getan. Diese Riesen sind sogar größer als die Gebäude um sie herum und sind nur verwundbar im Genick. Das bedeutet, dass Du das bekannte Team-Dimension-Manöver beherrschen musst, um hinter sie zu gelangen. So kannst du ihre Schwachstelle treffen und so hoffen zu gewinnen.

Das Ziel verpassen

Dies jedoch zu tun, bringt die größte Schwachstelle von Attacke auf Titan Tribute-Game hervor, und dies ist Kontrolle. Wie in der Show hat Dein Charakter zwei Enterhaken. Wenn diese auf ein Objekt schießen (einschließlich Titane), kann sich Dein Hero durch die Luft schleudern. Es ist möglich jede Schlinge einzeln zu kontrollieren, oder für einen wahren Tempoanstieg beide gleichzeitig. Diese Dynamik kann richtig begeistern, aber macht es unglaublich hart, die Kontrolle gleichzeitig für Streitbewegungen, Kamera, Springen, Tricks, Enterhaken und Attacken zu behalten, die mit der Tastatur und der Maus gelenkt werden.

Da Attacke auf Titane Tribute-Game keine Gamepad-Unterstützung hat, ist es hart zu sagen, ob es einfacher mit einem Gamepad wäre — aber da so viele Dinge auf einmal benutzt werden müssen, ist es eher unwahrscheinlich.

Besitzt man zudem noch eine etwas temperamentvolle Kamera, und Titane die sich genau dann umdrehen, wenn Du sie schlagen willst (was darin resultiert, dass Du genau in ihrem Mund landest), gibst Du schnell mit diesem Demo auf und wartest auf eine Version, die etwas besser entwickelt ist.

Das Demo des Attacke auf Titan Tribute-Game lässt Dich verschiedene Gegenden und Charaktere ausprobieren. Sei gewarnt; es sieht sehr einfach aus, aber gibt dir etwa genauso viel Kontrolle wie über ein 2-jähriges Kind nach 3 Tüten Haribo. 

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